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Kundalinii Should Be at the Knee...

From: "Omprakash Rai" To: Subject: Kundalinii Should Be at the Knee Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 06:49:53 +0530 Baba "Ye a'guna jva'liye gele saba'r mane liila'chale..." - P.S. #4087 Purport: Baba, the fire of devotion which You have ignited with Your divine play will never extinguish. By Your grace it burns brightly in each and everyone's heart. It will burn and resonate across all space and time & beyond. Baba, the tune of the song which You are singing and the song in which You are loving everyone, that is saturated in each and every molecule of this earth. In the firm foundation of sama-samaj-tattva (Principle of Social Equality), the equality and straightforwardness which You have given will go on pouring sweetness during this entire yuga and beyond, in this animate and inanimate world, & up to eternity. O' my dearmost Baba, Your attributions are infinite-- You are gunatiita [1]. On the one side You are shapeless and on the other side You are glorifying Yourself in Your own form. Baba, You have come on this earth with Your own samkalpa. You Yourself are the ever-perfect Controller of everything. Baba, Your liila is unfathomable and beyond the description and capacity of words... NOTES TO PRABHAT SAMGIITA #4087: [1] Gun'a'tiita: One of the infinite characteristics of Parama Purusa is that He is beyond the gun'as, beyond all the binding principles like sa'ttvagun'a, rajogun'a, and tamogun'a. Baba says, "Why is He beyond the scope of all attributions [binding principles]? There are two reasons. One is that He is the creator of everything, so He is the creator of qualifications also, attributions also. So how can He be within the binding scope of those principles, of those qualifications? And certainly He is beyond the reach of these qualifications. In Sam'skrta, qualification or attribution is called “gun'a”, and He is called “Gun'a'tiita”, that is, beyond the bondage of any gun'a." (AV-12)
Namaskar, By reading the below, you will clearly understand what is meant by the joke, "their kundalinii is at the knee." This is one of the more humorous things floating around this time of year. Though there is a serious side to it as well. So go ahead, read the below and share your views.
In the stage of sa'lokya - the lowest stage of realisation - the sadhaka feels that they and their Lord are in the same world, i.e. the same loka. The aspirant thinks, 'Both I am here and Parama Purus'a is also here in this world.' (Reference NKS, Disc: 3) The moment the kundalinii awakens from its dormant state in the muladhara cakra, one gets this basic feeling of spirituality, that "I and my Lord are in this world together." That is the stage of sa'lokya, the lowest stage of realisation. The irony is that the dogmatic mahaprayan program dictates that Parama Purusa is gone - He is not in this world - He is living in some far distant place, not here. Thus the entire premise of so-called mahaprayan is below the lowest stage of realisation. It is below sa'lokya. Sa'lokya states that Baba is here, and the dogmatic mahaprayan program states that Baba is gone. It is well known that at the dogmatic mahaprayan program the crude chant is repeated that, "Oh Lord, You have gone to some distant world, You are not living here with me, please grace me from Your far distant place." This is the lowly dogmatic feeling of the mahaprayan program. That is why many say that those who attend the dogmatic mahaprayan program do not even have the most basic feeling of spirituality - they are not even at the level of salokya. Their kundalinii has not even awakened to that small degree at the base cakra - or they ignore that feeling. Baba is with us, but their mahaprayan program states that Baba is gone. So the running joke is that to enjoy the dogma of mahaprayan, one's kundalinii must even below the muladhara cakra, their kundalinii must be at the level of the knee(!), i.e. way below the lowest cakra. Many have been laughing about this. Only when the mind is sunk in that darkened state - with their kundalinii at the knee - can one attend & enjoy the so-called mahaprayan program. That is the on-going & hilarious joke. On the one hand it is humorous and on the other hand it is pitiful that some of our brothers and sisters are suffering in this extreme ignorance. In contrast, if one has even the lowest level of realisation, sa'lokya, then they will be above the standard of the dogmatic mahaprayan. In that case, they will not go rushing off to attend that crude event. Then their kundalinii will not longer be at the level of their knees.
Here is the next point that relates with the dogma of mahaprayan. Baba recounts how long ago in Bengal, a family would marry their daughters when they were just 2 or 3 years old, and sometimes even before they were born. And then if the husband died young, which was quite common in those days as there were many childhood diseases, then the girl would have to suffer and live her entire life as a widow, undergoing all kinds of penance. Even on the hottest days of the year, during ekadashii the girl could not take water. The entire family would be eating and drinking to their heart's content but the girl had to suffer and fast without water. If it was so hot, then they would pour a few drops of water into the girl's ear. This was the cruel and inhumane treatment going on those days - all due to the darkness of ignorance. It was all baseless, devoid of any logic and rationality. But people did it because their minds were sunk in total dogma. And here is another irrational dogma that was propagated in Bengal. In AV 9-10, Baba describes how any woman who heard the vedic chants would get punished by having molten lead poured into her ears. Thus, by not using their brain, they just pushed the whole society toward destruction. And now in that same land of Bengal, they are championing the dogma of mahaprayan. This is their irrational and illogical approach. They are not understanding that Parama Purusa resides in the heart. Instead, year after year, they are proclaiming and observing the false notion that Parama Purusa is gone. But this cannot last - just as later on the those in Bengal discussed the matter and used their rational mind and stopped the mistreatment of young widows in Bengal, similarly sadhakas in Bengal will one day rationally review and reject the dogma of mahaprayan. And they will feel ashamed that how all theses years this meaningless and anti-devotional program was held in their locale. It will not be long before the so-called mahaprayan is totally a thing of the past, just some relic that people look at and think, "I can't believe people would actually attend and participate in the MPD dogma that Baba is gone." Due to the very narrow sentiments of a few, this mahaprayan dogma is still hanging on by a thread. With the fresh air of rationality, the dogma of MPD that Baba is gone will be totally removed from this earth. Why? Because ultimately people do not like to follow dogma. People want to rejoice and bask in the presence of Parama Purusa and not get bogged down in the lowly dogma that Baba is gone.
It is with love and affection that the above is written - to help open the eyes and mind of those who unfortunately got stuck in the dogma of mahaprayan. They do not realise that they are going against Baba's wish. He did not forget anything nor is Baba's philosophy incomplete. By celebrating the dogma of mahaprayan, those worshipers are charge-sheeting Parama Purusa that He forgot to give this program in Caryacarya. So they added it. When in fact He has given everything. What He did not give was not meant to be. Such should be that status of the mahaprayan dogma, i.e. gone.
By Baba's grace we should awaken all, especially other Ananda Margiis, to the divine truth that Parama Purusa is in their heart. Those involved in the dogma of mahaprayan should not be left to suffer in their lowly state, where their kundalinii is stuck at their knees, or they are not using their rational brain. It is the unfortunate situation that to understand, attend, and enjoy the dogma of mahaprayan, one's mind should be in total darkness, devoid of an iota of rationality and realisation. Let spirituality and rationality reign in our Marga, and by His grace we will all realise the divine truth that Baba is always with us. Baba says, "He actually resides in the heart of a devotee." (DT-2, 'Yoga & Tantra') Baba says, "When you attain awareness of Him, you find that He was all along with you in your search. He was seated in your heart." (AV-23, 'God Is With You', 23 May 1971, Ranchi) Namaskar, Omprakash
*************************************************** Deciding Factor of Beauty
Baba says, "The notion of what is beautiful or ugly, or good or bad in human beings changes from age to age, and in different environments. Those who are black-complexioned will say, `How beautiful black is. Why is that man so white? Has he contracted leukoderma, i.e. white leprosy? How repulsive, how utterly repulsive!' That is, human judgement is relative; it changes according to time, place and person. In one particular country of the world, people decompose small fishes, make a sauce out of them and then bury it in the ground. After three months, when the sauce is so rotten that its odour can be smelled even a mile away, they dig it up and eat it with rice and pulses. `Oh how delicious,' they exclaim. But if we were to eat it we would complain, `How obnoxious, how repulsive!' In that same country, a gentleman was frying luci [puffed, unleavened bread] in cow's ghee. The village chief came up to him, saying, `Can you please go and cook your food in some other place, far away from here? We have no idea what you're cooking, but whatever it is, it smells terrible. We can't stand it any more.' It means they do not like the smell of pure cow's ghee, which, for us, is a very nice smell." (AV-8, p.9-10)

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