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Important News About Summer DMS

From: "A. Roy" To: Subject: Important News About Summer DMS Date: Wed May 5 2010 23:05 +0530 Baba 'Before the Advent' PS Intro: This below song describes the scene of that pre-1920 era before the divine advent of Parama Purusa. In that time, the people were completely distraught and feeling helpless; they were pained by witnessing all the suffering of their brothers and sisters. Those days the whole humanity was being exploited, tortured, and choked. In response, various great devotees tried to solve the situation but they could not get victory over those wicked, demonic forces. That is why they began desperately calling for that Divine Entity-- Parama Purusa- to come immediately and rescue them from those the cruel rulers and restore harmony and peace throughout the society. So this song is the expression of the heart of those devotees from that era when they were desperately crying for His divine help. And upon hearing their call, by His sweet will Parama Purusa Baba advented Himself as the Taraka Brahma; and by His grace He created a tremendous psycho-spiritual vibration whereby all the problems were solved-- completely. And in the very near future, in the coming hours and days, we will see those divine solutions manifest in the physical sphere. "Manavta' a'ja dhu'la'y lut'a'y, tumi keno du're royecho..." (PS 2815) Purport: Baba, the whole humanity is wallowing in the dust. People have lost their dharma and have fallen into sin and the suffocating noose of materialism. There is hatred, war, and destruction all around. Human beings are behaving like animals. Baba, why are You not listening; why are You remaining far; why are You allowing this degradation to take place. Baba, all the sweet softness has turned into an abrasive roughness. Love and compassion have turned into animosity and cruelty. The sweet devotional feeling has gotten completely dried up. Now crudity, materialism and lust are the rule of the day. Baba, seeing this terrible circumstance is Your heart not moved. Do You not understand what is happening, why are You not showering Your grace. Baba, by Your grace please come. In this present era, the fragrant flower pollen has lost its sweet aroma and has now become stale and dry. And the sandalwood has lost its aromatic fragrance and become crude and static-- like a demon body. Morality and devotion have become relics of the past; they are completely absent in the world nowadays. Baba, why have You allowed noxious poison to spread throughout the flower garden. Why are You letting the whole society to become overrun by the crudeness of materialism and religious dogmas. Baba, why are You not coming in the inner core of my heart. Baba, the great virtue of generations and generations of sadhana has become lost. Humanity's benevolent brilliance and compassionate endeavours are long gone. All the dharmic teachings of those great rishis and yogis has faded away. Instead all the people have fallen into the depths of degeneration and sin. Everything sweet and pure in this world has gotten crushed by the hell-bent ways of materialism and communism etc. Mundane and superficial things have become the goal of life. Negative forces have taken over as demons in human form are ruling-- doing their hellish dance of war and destruction. O' Lord, O' my Dearmost Baba, please be gracious and advent Yourself...
Namaskar, As of right now the main summer DMS is scheduled to start Friday May 28, 2010 at Ananda Nagar. It is a mere 3 weeks away. But there remains one serious problem. There is no water. All the wells and rivers are stone dry right now. Ananda Nagar is totally dry. So there is a big debate going on amongst Wts whether to delay the start of DMS a week or more - it all depends if it rain or not. At present though, the situation is not looking good. This dire situation reminds us of Baba's longtime recommendation and warning to create an extensive system of small ponds in Ananda Nagar. This is also discussed in this letter. So what should be done - should we plan on going to DMS or not.
Basically, rain is needed very soon in order to hold DMS. Because once it rains it will still take 3 - 4 days for the water to get filtered through the ground and become potable. It will take some days after the first rain before the wells fill. That's why water is needed soon. Right now as it stands, the people at Ananda Nagar are facing a serious water shortage, if not water crisis. They cannot get the basic amount of drinking water that is needed. In that case an large influx of people for DMS could potentially be disastrous, even dangerous. There is no water for everyone. In an attempt to remedy the situation, locals at Ananda Nagar actually dug two more wells in hopes of getting water. But they dug and dug and their hole was bone dry. The situation is that bad.
The next question then is why is all this not being stated publicly by AMPS authorities. As you might expect, a few insiders privy to talks tell how the DMS organisers are hungry to get a big turnout to support their faction, so they do not want to hinder that outcome by making a big announcement about the water crisis. They are more concerned about getting group support at DMS than the public health and safety of Ananda Margiis. That is the tragedy. For this reason they have not said anything yet about the severe water crisis at Ananda Nagar. The organisers think and hope that maybe the rains will come soon, in which case they will hold DMS as is. In that case they have wrongly concluded: What is the need to warn people about the extreme drought. That is their delusional approach. They do not want people to refrain from buying train tickets or making plans etc. So they are going to wait until the very last minute to tell about the water crisis and announce whether DMS is delayed or not. However, that is a highly questionable road for our leaders to take. Many field workers wish for the margiis to be alerted immediately, but the big Dadas are not so inclined. Because they are in it for post and power - not the well-being of general margiis.
What then should be our approach. How will we know whether we should plan to go to this summer's DMS. Best is to get whatever information you can from people you know. Use your phone and email and find out first-hand what is going on. Do not wait for the organisers to alert you. The drought is so bad that bringing a liter or two of water is not going to be at all helpful. Each person will need far more water than they could possible carry. Of course we all hope that the big rains come soon, but if not then we all need to know how to respond. The main thing is that it must rain by May 26 because it will take a few days for the wells to fill, by that time the water will get filtered by the ground. If it rains later than that, the water will be dirty, i.e. not properly filtered in time for DMS. So, if possible, those thinking to attend should refrain from purchasing travel tickets until we are sure that Ananda Nagar can safely accommodate everyone. Without the arrival of the big rains, do not attend DMS - it is a question of your safety and well-being.
Many in the Marga know well that Baba discussed in great detail the water problem of Ananda Nagar. His discourse, "Water Conservation" discusses the topic very clearly. Basically due to deforestation, the patter of cloud formation changes, in which case the rain will not fall on an area that used to get a healthy amount of rain. Plus there are many other angles to the problem which Baba has noted. Baba delivered discourses on this and talked indepthly about this to AMURT workers and activists. Baba raised the matter not to warn us of impending doom, but rather to help our AMURT teams best prepare and serve others.
So the fact that now in 2010 our Ananda Nagar land is facing a most serious drought is not a total surprise from an ecological or environmental perspective. That is what happens when an area is deforested. What is a bit surprising is that the organisers are keeping mum. It is too grave a situation to keep margiis in the dark. Whatever may be, Baba has given the solution for such droughts: canal and small ponds. Indeed, in the 80's Baba ordered for the construction of 500 ponds at Ananda Nagar. This was a big production and Baba went on inspection. But here is what the Dadas did those days. Wherever there was a dip in the ground they employed laborers to lay down down huge tarps and called in big water truck to dump water in those regions. Plus they brought plants and put them in the water to make the ponds look very real. In sum, though, they made a whole bunch of fake ponds. Those ponds were not just man-made, but totally fake. And everyone knew it. Baba, being the all-knowing Taraka Brahma certainly knew. But when He went around for inspection then He smiled, nodded His head, and said "Very good, my boys and girls have built the ponds." And He even distributed prizes for all involved. This was just His grand liila. Why did He do like that - well many say the reasons is becuse He was satisfied that we all understood that making real ponds was the answer. The fact that they did not have the time and resources to make such ponds for reporting was secondary. The greater idea is that all understood that ponds were necessary for proper water at Ananda Nagar. This would then become a model for the rest of the world to see and emulate. And indeed, today there is hardly a margii who is not aware about Baba's stated strategy that ponds are the answer to prevent droughts. Baba says, "How should the surface water potentiality in this region be utilized? The rainfall in this area is very meagre – rain only falls part of the year, and the rest of the year it is dry. Well irrigation is underdeveloped, and there is hardly any lift or shift irrigation. Sixty-five percent of the land is rocky and sandy, and traditionally only coarse grain is grown there. So in Rarh (Ananda Nagar) we have to do two things – construct many new small-scale ponds, dams and lakes, and undertake large-scale afforestation on the banks of all water systems." (PNS-17)
Even though Baba has given all the answers for all kinds of environmental problems like droughts and severe water shortages, groupists are always the last to pay heed to His ideological teachings. So it is not at all surprising that from 1990 - 2010, not a thing was done about the water situation. Rather Ananda Nagar fell into disrepair and destruction as they have been more concerned about their group fight for power than implementing Baba's divine guidelines. None then can say that Baba did not adequately warn us or give us the solution. Rather He told everything and all understood. But when our organisation has been hijacked by groupists for two decades, nothing could get done. That is why all should be cent-per-cent careful before traveling to Ananda Nagar for summer DMS. If the big rains come, then of course we should all be there and sing kiirtan etc. But if those rains do not come, then we will all have to stay in our local areas. The way things are at present in Ananda Nagar there is no way that we can host a DMS. Water has become totally scarce. So that is the situation today and all should keep abreast of any and all changes. More can be written about Baba's stated solutions for preventing and dealing with droughts - both at Ananda Nagar and all over. We should all read His guidelines and discuss the matter in greater detail. This letter's chief aim is to raise awareness about the current water crisis at Ananda Nagar so margiis can plan accordingly.
By Baba's grace, we should all consider the present circumstance and know that the the problem ailing Ananda Nagar will soon be a severe global issue. There is going to be a water crisis. If we can implement Baba's teachings at Ananda Nagar, that will be a perfect model to show to the world - it will help millions and billions of people better the water situation in their area. Till that time, we should all be prudent and watch for the rains before committing ourselves to attending the upcoming summer DMS program. It is a matter of our health and safety. That is the important news about the upcoming DMS. Baba says, "The inner spirit of our water conservation programme is that the amount of existing surface water should be immediately doubled. But it is preferable if it is increased tenfold. This can best be done by a decentralized approach to water management which increases the depth, the area, or both, of water storage systems. The first step is to increase the depth of those ponds, tanks, dams, lakes, rivers and reservoirs which are already being used for storing water. The second step is to increase the area of these storage facilities, while the third step is to increase the plantations around them. How can these plantations be increased by a factor of ten? By increasing the number of rows of plants around each water storage system five times, and by reducing the distance between each plant by half. In addition to this, many new small-scale ponds, tanks, dams, lakes and reservoirs should also be constructed. As a general rule, surface water should always be utilized in preference to subterranean water." "You must prepare yourselves. The sphere of knowledge, the span of knowledge and the expansion of knowledge starts with the self. Humanity is waiting for you. You know what you are and what the world expects from you. You have to solve all the problems in the world today. You should prepare detailed plans and programmes and act accordingly. You must be the vanguard." (PE) Namaskar, Amoghasiddhi
**************************************** Slowly Moving Towards Cemetery
Baba says, "Human beings often attached less importance to the spiritual aspect of nitya karma and more importance to the physical aspect. This is detrimental because one should not forget that human life is short while act is long. From the very moment of birth one slowly and steadily advances towards death with every passing moment of time. This short period of time from birth to death is human life. Human beings have come from the world of invisibility and at the end of this short span of time will return to the land of invisibility. Those people can be called intelligent who utilised every moment of their short life engaged in spiritual practice." (APH-4, p. 251)

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