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Ghastly Behaviour by DSL Towards Children


Jaipur DSL is notoriously infamous for harassing and beating the young kids in her children's home. Didi has been in Jaipur running this children's home for close to one decade. And you may be shocked to hear this but she mercilessly beats those kids on an ongoing basis. Didiji has no control over her rage.

Recently Didiji pinned down a small, 11 yr old girl on her back and Didi sat on her chest and punched her in the face - like a boxer punches (closed-fisted). Didi punched the girl again and again. Blood was strewn everywhere. Didi punched the child so hard in the face so forcefully that she actually knocked a few teeth loose, and one tooth completely fell out. Such was the rage and fury of Didiji's attack on that poor girl.

Seeing this unfold in front of their eyes, all the kids became scared. As they live in a children's home, some have parents but many do not. One child called their parents on the neighbour's phone and said, "I am not going to stay here." Hearing this, the parents left immediately to get their child.

When the parents reached to the children's home, then Didi refused to hand over their child. Then the police got involved because Didi was not releasing the child.

Most people in the civilised world cannot think to inflict such torturous attack upon a poor, defenseless child. Indeed, even the worst cases of police brutality pale in comparison to what Didiji did. Only a psycho-path can do something like this to a small child. And that is what Didji is.

Tragically, this is not an isolated incident. Didiji pushed another child down the stairs - 5 steps - and then beat that child. This Didi can do anything. She is a veritable terror to the kids, and  has a long and violent history running this children's home.

Through it all, Centre keeps quiet. Centre feels impotent to do anything because Didiji gives them money and thus warms the pocket of her bosses. For this reason, Centre has not taken action against Didi. About this, more will soon be written. 

Now, it is the duty of all margiis to raise their voice against this injustice. Keeping quiet is not the quality of a sadhaka / dharmika. Where there is injustice, we must speak out. Not doing that which should be done is pratyavaya - i.e. worse than doing a sinful deed.

Finally, I should close by adding that certainly not all Didis are doing like this. There are many very good Didis around the globe, such as Bikaner DSL who is very loving and nurturing - just the opposite of this psycho-path.

in Him,
Arpana Jain

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