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Sinner's Psychology

Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2006 22:39:57 To: From: "Pavitra" pwKlauss@springnet... Subject: Sinner's Psychology Baba "Tumi ga'n go ka'ha'r tare badhir kare rekhe dhara're..." (P.S. 1972) Purport: Baba, in this cosmic play of Yours, You go on singing Your divine songs to attract devotees. Even then I do not know for whom You are singing. Baba, Your divine songs are pervading throughout this entire vast cosmos; Your songs are permeating each and every loka. Baba, nothing else is audible except Your divine song. O' Baba, by Your melodious call You have made everyone deaf. Baba, You come and go; and You smile and lovingly look upon one and all with Your infinite compassion. But unfortunately nobody can see You. Baba, because of Your songs, the whole world is melodic. With Your tune, rhythm, & melody, You saturate this entire universe with divine nectar. Everyone is immersed in Your music. Baba, when You come close then You shower Your grace abundantly. In spite of that it is impossible for me to become one with You-- because of my own faults & shortcomings. Baba, You are completely captivating: Your coming and going in dhyana, Your sweet smile, and Your charming look-- all this deeply touches my heart. Baba, You are most attractive. O' Parama Purusa You are the universal mind (Vishvama'nas); You destroy and wipe away all cimmerian darkness and staticity; and You shower Your divine effulgence. Baba, You lovingly hold each and every atom and molecule in Your heart. Baba, everything resides within You. Baba, with Your divine song You have captivated this entire universe. It is Your causeless grace... Note: Parama Purusa attracts devotees in various ways-- such as through the song of His divine flute. And that is what has been expressed in the above song.
Namaskar, Nowadays in this present era we are seeing a drastic rise in top-down security measures, especially in the "developed" western nations. As each and every day passes, the so-called leaders muster more and more suspicion toward the common people. Indeed this type of in-bred distrust has been growing exponentially since the materialistic philosophies "came of age" in the back-half of the 20th century. And now today in the height of this vaeshyan era it is step by step becoming intolerable. So this big commotion is going on-- especially in the west-- where political leaders are getting more and more nervous and paranoid; and the regular citizens are feeling more and more frustrated and suffocated. Hence neither side is happy; neither side has peace of mind. Both are suffering. Yet no one knows the root cause behind this tragic scenario development. Nor do they have an alternative. By Baba's causeless grace He has both identified the problem and given the solution. Thus the magic answers and their clear explanations are all within the easy grasp of each and every Margii. And by this way-- by understanding Baba's teachings-- our AM will lead the society forward.
As Baba guides us the root cause behind the negative suspicion which is spreading around the globe is-- Materialism. In any materialistic or matter-centered philosophy-- whether that be communism or capitalism-- there will always be terrible distrust and suspicion. The point being that matter itself is limited and the greedy leaders are intent on hoarding that finite supply of wealth. Thus in their avarice, the leaders become more and more restless since their sucking up of all the physical resources creates tension and shortage among the masses. By that way, sooner or later they-- the innocent and suffering masses-- are bound to rise up in revolt. To prevent such an occurrence, the crafty & worried leaders tighten down the hatches by applying more and more deceitful and invasive security measures. So nowadays hypocrite leaders like President Bush illegally and secretly spy on all innocent people-- and when caught he justifies his nefarious ploys like wire tapping in front of everyone. This is the wicked mind-set which takes root in the minds of those capitalistic leaders.
So while communism has basically already crumbled, capitalism is reaching more and more to its peak-- in which case we will witness how the sick capitalist vaeshyas will far outdo the chaos and harm caused by communism. Now they are wire tapping the phones and frisking everyone in the airports, and soon one will need an I.D. card just to leave their house to go to work. And indeed the suspicions in society will become so extreme that cameras will be planted all around until finally even while urinating everyone will be "on film". This type of extreme distrust is an inevitable outcome of the nasty capitalistic frame of mind. Hence as bad and as evil as communism was, and as much terror as it unleashed on the innocent people, this destruction will pale in comparison to the disastrous net which capitalism is spreading. Because of all this-- i.e. the paranoia of the leaders, the exploitation of resources, and the hoarding of wealth-- we see a horrible distrust growing more and more wherever capitalism exists.
So the overall equation is quite simple: Where materialistic philosophies like capitalism exist there is an increase in suspicion & mistrust; and where the grip of capitalism is less then there greater trust and good-feeling among the people. And this awful capitalistic scenario exists not just between the political leaders and the common people but also within each and every family, marriage, and relation. Where even blood brothers bicker and fight over inheritances and where husband and wife keep separate bank accounts-- hiding their money from one another. Indeed the human spirit gets totally distorted by the grip of capitalism. That is why the selfish materialistic ways of capitalism spells disaster for the entire society. Unfortunately it is only spreading more and more around the entire globe.
Even so-called monks are not out of the picture. Because if their mind is stained with materialism then without any second thought they will fight over property and kill members of the opposite party. Lost in that fog of suspicion and greed, they will forget their dedication and ideology-- because their mind is totally affected by the disease of materialism.
A few crazy goody-goodies will still stand up and claim that capitalism and materialism is okay and that the grave problems causing suspicion will all get healed. They will tell, 'Just let capitalism continue'. But this is nothing but their insanity. It is just like allowing sheep and wolves to live together in the same house. One will swallow the other whole. Of course someone will come forward and say that from now on everything will be alright and there will not be any further problems-- let the wolves and sheep live together. And they will just try to appease and pacify the matter. But we know that that is just their nonsense and that anyone speaking like that is either totally foolish or they have their hidden agenda in mind. That is, they are one of those wolves. Likewise capitalists will try to console others but none should get taken by their tall talk.
Here Baba perfectly tells all-- showing how cheating, distrust, and sinner's psychology have taken root in the minds of those capitalist exploiters. Baba says, "All created beings have a natural tendency to move along a straight path. Out of cowardice, selfishness or sinful propensities, humans and other creatures may resort to a crooked path, not only in the material world, but also in the mental world. That is, cowardliness, selfishness and sinful tendencies bring about curvatures in the world of thoughts. These curvatures breed mutual suspicion. Even innocent people are taught to think wrongly." "Sometimes people grow suspicious of innocent people and mistreat them. Those who still have some amount of benevolent intellect feel pained and ashamed when they realize that they should not have suspected those innocent people. But those who are devoid of benevolent intellect do not feel at all ashamed of their conduct. Rather they think and also say publicly that it is better to suspect others first, and then gradually remove those suspicions later. This is the main characteristic of a sinner's psychology." "Individuals or groups or communities guided by this sinner's psychology, become involved in various inhuman activities out of unjustified suspicion. Ultimately there comes a time when they no longer repent. Those doctrines and philosophies which teach people to suspect their fellow citizens, which teach people to treat their fellow humans as enemies, have done enormous harm to the world in the past, and if not restrained and controlled, will do so in the future also." "The situation may come to such a pass that detectives may be employed against every person. Again, another set of detective personnel may be employed to watch whether each detective is functioning properly or not. Thus a vicious atmosphere of intelligence and counter-intelligence will be rampant in the society. And the dangerous consequence is this -- that all human treasures having been poisoned, human existence itself will become meaningless. People will grow cynical, or will be forced to leave their country or their society to escape this venomous atmosphere." "The matter does not end here. The wickedness, the deceit, that pollutes human society first moves along a crooked path like its masters, and finally ends up by annihilating its masters themselves. The wicked persons at the helm of affairs, who are now out to liquidate others, will one day themselves be liquidated and erased from history by their own followers. Sinful persons, by following the crooked path, contaminate the atmosphere of the universe, but ultimately that sinful conduct, in a similar crooked way, will recoil like a boomerang on the sinners themselves." (NSS, Shivokti-10)
So what is the way out? What is the answer? Only spirituality can provide that soothing balm to humanity where once again friendliness, trust, and amity emanates from the human mind and heart. But such a benevolent, humane, and healthy environment cannot grow in the dastardly fields of capitalism. As A'nanda Ma'rgiis, by His grace we can understand what Baba wants for the humanity and that it is time to bring forth a new system to the people. It is our duty to make the common public aware about the situation. And in this way by Baba's grace we can bring forth the socio-spiritual philosophy of Prout.
Baba says, "Today or tomorrow the entire world will accept PROUT as the only panacea for all of the world's mundane and supramundane ailments. There is no alternative." (PNS-17, p.30) Namaskar, Pavitra
Various people may cast their own awkward guess or hazy idea about what sinner's psychology is, but they will surely fall off the mark. In His own divinely unique way Baba pointedly reveals the dark mind-set behind sinner's psychology and clearly demonstrates how that is unfolding more and more in this present vaeshyan era. Once again, according to Baba, sinner's psychology occurs when crooked leaders falsely rationalise that they are correct in first accusing and being suspicious of others-- and that this is that natural flow of human life. Such corrupt leaders and liars never worry one second about all their own cheating and misdealings. Just they try to befool others and justify their nasty, distrustful outlook. Such capitalistic heathens have no remorse and they are drowned in sinner's psychology.
The days of capitalism are numbered and a great new awakening is on the near horizon. Baba says, "Neo-humanism will be permanently established and human beings will be ensconced in the joy of freedom forever." (NH-LOI, '87, p. 102)
***************************************** MISUNDERSTANDING WIPED AWAY
Baba says, "When they [sadhakas] reach a very subtle stage of elevation, their concentrated mind-stuff speeds towards Him with the one-pointedness of an arrow. Such a mentality is called Ra'dha'." (NKS, '97 Edn, p. 53-4) Note: Some ignorant people think that Radha is a female of Vrindaban. But that is not true. 'A-grade' devotees are Radha.

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