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Early Catching is Good

Date: 14 Aug 2009 11:53:02-0000 From: "Liiladhar Karn" To: Subject: Early Catching is Good Baba "Saba're kari a'hva'n saba'i a'ma'r pra'n'..." - P.S. 2945 Purport: Here goes the clarion call to one and all. Everyone is my own; everyone is my pra'n'a; everyone is close to my heart. We are all collectively singing the song in unison and moving towards the Goal-- Parama Purus'a. Nobody should remain left behind. We should carefully see that nobody should cry in the society, remaining as downtrodden or as neglected one. We are all singing the marching song of life collectively, with one tune and one melody. There is no difference between one human being and another. Everyone's desires, hopes, and inspirations are the same. We are all moving on one path with the inspiration of the great ideology, which will lead towards greatness...
Namaskar, Each and every one of us is prone to falling into bad habits or bad ways. This is a fact of life - not just some theory but the practical reality for everyone. That is Baba's stated warning. The bad habit might be something like overeating or oversleeping, or it might be something like deceit or theft. Everybody has something. We all face it - in one way or another. So we should learn Baba's direct remedy for curing ourselves of such tendencies or ills, lest they grow and consume us.
To bring this point to light, Baba makes a clear-cut analogy from the Ra'ma'yan'a to show how every human being is prone to depraving propensities. Baba says, "And what is Ra'van'a? In the Ra'ma'yan'a there is something regarding Ra'van'a. (The Ra'ma'yan'a is a mythological book, it is not history.) Ra'van'a means a ten-faced demon. That is, Ra'van'a represents the extroverted human mind moving, functioning, in ten directions – moving towards crudeness, away from the Nucleus – being drifted away by the centrifugal force." (AV-1) Thus whenever the mind loses its internal flow and allows things like lethargy, jealousy, greed, or other degenerating forces to grab hold of us, it means that we have been influenced by our inner Ravana, that degrading tendency of mind. Here Baba explains the situation in greater detail: Baba says, "What is Ra'van'a? You know human mind has got both the subtle and debasing propensities. As subtler propensities are directed towards the Self, there is no question of their extroversial expressions. Only the debasing propensities of human mind are expressed in ten directions - east, west, north, south, north-east, north-west, south-east, south-west, above and below. The pu'rva, pashcima, uttar, daks'in'a, urdhva, and adhah are known as “Pradisha” in Sanskrit and Isha'na, Va'yu. Agni and Naert – these four corners are known as An'udisha. Six Pradisha and four An'udisha taken together are the ten directions in which microcosms express debasing propensities. As they are directed towards the mundane objects, the microcosm goaded with debasing propensities is called Ra'van'a." (SS-18) Thus within us we have both Rama - i.e. uplifting tendencies - and Ravana - i.e. debasing propensities. The aspect of Rama guides us within towards our internal Goal, whereas the degrading tendencies of Ravana lead us astray toward so many mundane attractions and bad habits.
Again, this dramatic rift between Ra'ma and Ra'van'a is an everyday reality for us all. When we get inspiration to quickly rise from our bed and do spiritual practice, that is due to the helping force of Rama. And when we decide to turn off our alarm clock and go back to sleep, that is the crudifying tendency of Ravana. And if we think further we can see how this applies to so many daily events in our life. For instance, do we express patience with others or do we quickly become frustrated any angry? Do we take time everyday to do svadhyaya or just spend time watching pop-culture youtube videos etc? Nearly each and every moment we are either being goaded in one direction or another. And unfortunately, much of the time for most people, Ravana is the dominant force. In this era of kali yuga - extreme materialism - much of our human population is rushing headlong towards crudity, and as Ananda Margiis we also get affected by that flow. Then of course there is the matter that even within our Marga population, within each and everyone one of us Ravana can grow and strike. So vigilance and awareness is needed.
When we witness one involved in dark deeds, often we think, "That can't happen to me." Yet we must remember that those in jail and those who have fallen were not born into such a condition. It happened to them little by little, as the tendencies of Ra'van'a were further encouraged within their own self. Similarly, we are constantly faced with troubling tendencies of mind, and if we do not recognise them and be vigilant to fend them off, then those things will grow. In the beginning Ravana is small - only we know about it. Only we know what lesser thoughts crop up in our mind, others do not know. And it is at this initial period that we must face and conquer those aspects of Ravana. We must have that much honesty and strength. Plus we must know the technique of how to destroy Ravana. Because if we do not catch it and destroy it early on, then what was once our little personal secret will become a whole pile of dirty laundry for the entire society to see. Any bad thought or tendency can and will multiply into a publicly humiliating event if we do not catch it early on. Once we become captured by Ravana then everyone will know about it. No business executive thinks that one day his name will be splashed all over the front page of the Wall Street Journal for fraud. Yet it happens daily. No store manager thinks that one day he will be fired from his job for looking at porn sites. Yet it happens daily. No politician thinks that one day he will be holding a news conference with the whole world watching as he admits to have fallen into utter disgrace. But it happens every day. Similarly, none of our Wts think that one day they may fall or be forced to hide in shame due to cases of misconduct etc. Yet, tragically, this too happens. What was once a seemingly innocuous thought within - unnoticed by anyone else - can erupt into a volcano of scandal if we are not vigilant and do not use Baba's technique. And it is not just these "big examples" - Ravana comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If we are not vigilant we will turn into the "margii" who is the last one to wake up at the retreat, or who gained 15 lbs in the past year, or who regularly skips their asanas and dances, or who does not raise their arms in kiirtan, or who no longer volunteers for service projects, or who has lost faith in Baba etc. There are so many ways that Ra'van'a sprouts and ultimately destroys us. One lapse or one moment of Ra'van'a is enough to ruin one's life. So we must recognise the issue, be vigilant in addressing the matter, and know the proper technique for gaining victory.
No matter how big or how small Ra'van'a is in our life, there is one and only one solution. There is a singular way to escape from the ill effects of Ra'van'a. Baba says, "Now how can you kill, how can you destroy this Ra'van'a? This depraving force, this degenerating force is “Ra'van'a.” How can you destroy the Ra'van'a? You can destroy this Ra'van'a only when you take shelter in Parama Purus'a. So “Ra'van'asya maran'am Ra'mah” here “Ra'ma” means “Parama Purus'a”. Without the help of Parama Purus'a one cannot destroy this ten-faced demon." (AV-12) Baba says, "How can one be saved from crudification? Ra'van'a can be defeated, can be destroyed, only when one takes shelter in Ra'ma. That’s why He is Ra'van'asya maran'am: when one takes shelter in Parama Purus'a, Ra'van'a automatically dies." (AV-1) So the only real solution to overcoming the degrading and harmful ways of Ra'van'a is to wholeheartedly ideate on Baba. As soon as any crude idea comes in the mind, by His grace we should have the presence of mind to think of Him. Then everything will be fine. Then the problem will not manifest in the physical sphere, and we will avoid exposing ourselves in front of all. If however, one tries to defeat Ra'van'a by analysing that particular defect, then that will not help - rather it may hurt because by this way one is further reinforcing that negative idea. It is only when we think of Baba, then by His grace, all crude ways of thinking get eliminated totally as the mind is cent-per-cent involved in Him.
By Baba's grace, He has given the solutions to all problems - including the solution to overcoming the degrading aspects of mind known a Ra'van'a. The sooner we recognise a negative tendency in the mind and eliminate it by thinking of Him, then we will always be saved from all kinds of difficulties and ruination. So catching the problem early is good. And then we will certainly reach up to Him, by His grace. Baba says, 'Now, what is the duty of a sa'dhaka for spiritual enlightenment. The sa'dhaka will have to fight against Ra'van'a, against those debasing propensities which are the causes of illusion and cloud the spiritual vision of mankind. So to be established in Parama Purus'a, one will have to crucify Ra'van'a." (SS-18) Namaskar, Liiladhar
****************************************** Kiirtan and Gandharva Loka
Baba says, "The following describes how and to what degree human beings are aware about their own unit consciousness (Shiva'tma). As well as how they come in contact with their shiva'tma." "For example, it is just like when one looks in the mirror then one does not see their real self, but rather a reflection of that. Or it is similar to when one awakens from a deep sleep then they can recall only part of their dream, and some aspects of their dream they cannot remember. Or perhaps, more precisely, they can only remember a reflection of their dream-- and not the dream itself." "In contrast, there are other occasions where one looks at their own reflection in the water and they can clearly see their reflected image. But still that is not one's entire being. It remains but a reflection. Just like if one sees a reflection of a mango in the water then that is just a reflection and not the real mango." "In reality only we come in contact with our unit consciousness when we sing kiirtan and some bliss comes. Then we come in contact with our shiva'tma." "So in the spiritual field one comes in contact with their own unit consciousness after singing spiritually vibrated music like kiirtan or bhajans. For this reason, such type of devotional chanting or singing is highly essential in the life of a sadhaka. And when one comes in momentary contact with their own unit consciousness while singing kiirtan this is known as Ghandharva loka. One can only feel the bliss of kiirtan when their mind reaches into Ghandharva loka." (SC-26)

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