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Baba's Golden Guideline

Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2012 22 :05:20 -0000
Subject: Baba's Golden Guideline
From: "Iishvara"


"Aungane mor na'hi ele yadi, maner mukure bha'sio..." (PS 3019)


Baba, since You have not come in my courtyard - my home, then please be gracious and blossom in my mental mirror. Baba, since You have not come within the scope of my perception, then please come in my ideation. Baba, please come in the depths of my sadhana. O' my dearmost You are ever-gracious; You have come. For me, You are everything; whatever You want to do is blissful for me. Baba, if You do not want to say anything, then just remain here with me smiling sweetly. Your sweet smile satiates my heart. O' my dearmost You are so gracious.

Baba, in search of You, I spent so much time doing so many practices - shravan, manan, and nidhidhyasana - but alas I could not get You. O' Baba, so many ages passed doing tapasya - trying to get You. Finally, by Your sweet touch the long, dark amavasya night has finished. Gone are the days when sadhana was just an ongoing struggle and it was difficult to move ahead. Now, by Your grace, I am advancing on the path of divinity - the long, dark night of amavasya has finished. Baba, today in this effulgent crimson morning, please grace me by removing that final layer of cimmerian darkness from my mind. Baba, please remove the shadows of avidya maya from my inner abode and shower me in Your divine effulgence and make me Yours. Baba, now all that is left is this one final request that You shower Your grace me on so I can attain that eternal stance of divine enlightenment.

Baba, I have a deep desire to have You. You are so gracious: You have made me understand that by singing and chanting Your name, and by ideating on You, I can get You. You have told me that sadhana, kiirtan, japa, dhyana, and ideating on You is not futile. As one thinks, so one becomes. By thinking about You I will get You. That is why I go on doing all these devotional practices - in order to get You and quench my eternal thirst. Baba, please shower Your causeless grace and sweet flow of Your divine compassion, and keep me eternally under Your loving shelter. Since eternity I have yearned for that divine love; please fulfill my eternal longing.
Baba, with my own merits and qualities I cannot get You. Please shower Your grace, keeping me always at Your lotus feet...



Baba says, "You know human beings engage in worldly work. Because of this when they sit in sadhana then worldly thoughts come in their mind. It is quite natural. That is why I have given the the rule that everyone should do sadhana twice daily. First sadhana should be done in the morning and thereafter people can involve in their worldly work-- until invariable they are so much caught up in the worldly work that so many mundane worries an anxieties enter their mind. After this, it is needed to again sit in sadhana. Through this effort of doing sadhana the mind gets elevated. So human beings should do sadhana as much as possible on a day to day basis. But at minimum one must do sadhana twice daily...Do not worry you have learned sadhana and I am always ready to help and serve you." (22 Nov 1971,
Purnea, Bihar)

In the above quote Baba is teaching us that worldly works crudify the mind-- making it dirty, sad, depressed, and dry. So to cleanse the mind and make it proper again one should do sadhana more frequently. But those who cannot do increase the frequency of their sadhana must at least adhere to the quota of 2 times daily at minimum. By this way the mind will become clean and spotless. 

But those who want to maximise the speed of their spriitual progress prefer to do  sadhana more than twice daily. They might do sadhana 3, 4, 5, or even 10 times over the course of the entire 24hrs. Some of their sadhana sessions might be very short such as for only 2 min or 5 min etc. Yet these frequent sittings make the mind more concentrated. The reason being that worldly thoughts quickly make the mind dirty. So as soon as one gets even a little opportunity, if they do even a few minutes sadhana then the mind gets quickly cleaned again. By this way the quality and quantity of sadhana will be improved and life will be blissful. Everyone should try from this very moment.

When any sadhaka sits for one of their main sadhana sessions then that session should be of sufficient length to properly do all the lessons.

Another thing is that one should have Baba's mudra photo with them and utilise it when doing sadhana.  


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