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Colourful Stories from GT Sector & Much More

From: "Daniel Guttirez" To: Subject: Colourful Stories from GT Sector & Much More Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 08:27:53 +0000 Baba "Maneri gahane tumi a'cho, a'cho prabhu sada' jege a'cho..." (4380) Purport: Baba, You are always remaining in the depths of my mind-- You never leave me. You always remain awake. You go on working day and night, beyond the time. You never stop. Baba, whatever You want to do, You go on doing. This whole expressed universe is Your eternal game. You are ever-present: beginningless and endless. You are ever intoxicated in Your divine flow. You are the Goal of everyone-- everyone wants You. You are remaining with one and all. Those who are trying to come close to You by their virtuous deeds and shravan, manan, nididhyasana, & dhyana, only they are able to come to You. Only they are able to realise You and have Your grace and proximity. Baba, You are grace Personified...
Namaskar, In this day and age, one thing is sure: Groupism is groupism is groupism. Wherever it casts its ugly net, misdeeds and misconduct are sure to follow. That is why the only way to bring about the real Ananda Marga is to get rid of all groupism entirely. Here below are the true tales of some of the events occurring in GT sector and beyond. None should read this report and then conclude that GT sector is bad. Such things are going on in all the sectors. Are we then going to conclude that every sector is very bad. The sectors are fine - they can all be properly developed in the spirit of AM. Most of the margiis and workers in each sector are good. The main problem which we must remember again and again is that wherever groupism surfaces, then hellish activities are bound to arise. So when the very top leaders are plunged in factional enterprises, then they will send their agents to all the four corners - to all the sectors. Tragically, that is what we see happening today. The greater awareness we all have, the sooner we can unite by rallying around the ideals of AM and eradicate the nasty epidemic of groupism from our Marga. Keeping all this in mind, here is a confirmed report of recent events from GT sector. My deepest namaskar to all the margiis & wts there & everywhere.
Each group will always overlook if not condone misdeeds in their own fold, yet quickly yell and scream about misconduct by competing groups. This is the very nature of groupism. That is why, certain factions may cut and paste this very letter into pieces so it may serve their own interest. That which is about their own group they will cut; and those parts about other groups they will paste and email all around. This is their humorous way of expressing themselves. Do they really think that by cutting and pasting they can keep their own crimes hidden from others. Are they really that blind and ignorant - do they not understand the ways of dharma and prakrti. Anyway, if you are not receiving this directly from the AM-GLOBAL mailing list and there is no part of the letter that is pointing out the defects of EC, then you know it was sent to you by EC personnel who trimmed this posting to their own liking. Similarly, if there is no news about Ranchi side, then you know, you got it from the Ranchi team. And if there is no line about all the scriptural distortions done by B group, then you received this letter from that faction. To make sure you got this letter in its entirely, please visit our blog:
For your information and review, here is some background material about the situation in GT:
One of the ills of groupism, is that when juniors pay off their seniors, then they are given a free pass to do as they please. This is the case in Ranchi's various factions, as well as with B group and EC.
Here then is sampling of events involving all the major players and factions in GT sector. Please write in with your thoughts and other news you may have.
1. As many will recall, Dada Ramashryananda has a long history of loose conduct with females but he keeps himself above water by paying big money to his bosses in Ranchi. In turn, they give him the green light to do as he pleases. So long as Dada gives them money, he will live under the protection and shelter of his groupist leaders. 2. As you may know, Ramashyrananda was recently transferred from the Cordoba master unit (Argentina) and in that process Ramashryananda secretly sold part of the MU land, kept the money, and bought himself a big house in Cordoba city. Ramashyrananda was not punished at all for this since he gave a big chunk of money to Ranchi admin. Plus Ramashyrananda used some of his "earnings" to augment his already huge personal bank account in India.
3. Selling master unit land in this deceitful manner is totally against the values of AM. Baba was very strict that AM land should not be sold at all, let alone sold secretly by one tricky Dada who keeps the money for himself. But when groupism abounds, then all the rules and regulations of dharma are lost.
4. As we speak, so-called Dada Ramashryananda is sitting with his lover in Oran, a small city outside of Cordoba (Argentina). There is no man in the house, other than "Dadaji". So it is just our Dada, his lover, and the lover's mother - no one else. To keep everyone happy and his sex life active, this degenerated Dada brought lots of exotic gifts from India for his lover and her mother. They were quite honoured by being lavished in this way. In turn, this young lady is pleasing him in all kinds of ways and escorting him around town. Unfortunately, nobody can question Ramashryananda with any authority because Ranchi Admin is in his hand. So this so-called Dada is just going everywhere with her, arm-in arm. And he has the blessings of his bosses. No margii can complain in any direction. Such is how groupism spoils things.
5. Ramashryananda even went to Didi's place without her permission. When Didi opposed, then he threatened her to kick her out. He said, "The margiis are in my hand and if I tell them to kick you out, they will do it!". Didi was afraid because she knows Centre is with him. But she knows the acarya conduct rules also, so she is aware that this Dada is totally adharmic. Ramashyrananda fails to follow so many of Baba's dictates for Wts. Baba says, "One should not look at the face of the opposite sex except at the time of nursing." ('37 Workers Rules', Point #15) Baba says, "A'vadhuta shall treat every woman of the world, including his ex-wife, as mother." ('32 Rules for Avadhuta, Point #11) Baba says, "A'vadhuta must not remain in lonely place with any female." ('32 Rules for Avadhuta, Point #13) Baba says, "A'vadhuta should not initiate any female." ('32 Rules for Avadhuta, Point #14) Didiji knew what was going on was wrong; she understood that Ramashrayananda was not an acarya in the true sense of the word, but she was concerned since Ranchi supports him 100%, regardless of his behavior. 6. So she left the house morning and came back evening. She had to be on the road whole day. It seems like when the Kaoravas were in the power they did not have any respect of women. What a pitiful time. These days are no better it seems. Our very own Didi had to run away from her own place in order to protect herself from this wild Dada. Is this not awful?
7. Now another long-time overseas worker has come to GT sector as SOS. His name is Dada Vidyananda (German origin), and he is already quite (in)famous for his conduct and character. All who know him know how he is. It just goes to show you how Ranchi is desperate to increase the size of their group. They will take anyone - they do not care about quality. So long as a Dada will follow a few orders and give some money, that Dada can be a star player in the Ranchi faction. Indeed all the groups maintain this same policy; they all function in this manner. They will accept anyone and overlook any and all misconduct in order to increase the size of their groupist army. Anyway, as soon this Dada Vidyananda arrived in Brazil, he was extremely happy because he could see how easy it would be to fulfill his crude longings with all the beautiful ladies. He could see there would be no restrictions because already so many other local so-called acaryas are fulfilling their sensual desires Dada Vidyananda literally found himself to be "in heaven". The first day he was caught getting a massage from one beautiful lady in his yoga center. Dada had no clothes on his body - he was stark naked. He quickly justified that, "This is also part of yoga, so you can give me massage." Since the yoga center / sectorial office is a public place, people are coming and going all the time. Some senior margiis saw this sensual scene of Dada being naked and getting a massage and they were astonished - flabbergasted - by Vidyananda's behavior because they know this is not right. Now the big joke around town is: We understand now how SOS GT will take care of his office. Tragically, when groupism is in vogue, there is little scope to inform bosses of such poor conduct. Because either the bosses are doing the same thing or collecting tithes (religious taxes) from their subordinates.
8. Siddhesvaraananda GT SS recently returned from India but the margiis did not allow SS Dada to enter sectorial office (Sao Paulo, Brasil). Thus far Ranchi Centre has been supporting all the ills and notorious acts of this SS, but as Dadaji is finding out, that does not mean that the whole universe will pardon him. Prakrti and courageous margiis are not going to sit quietly and watch. 9. Even then Dadaji is making all efforts to keep that post and recover his office. To rectify the situation, SS Dada is bringing Dada Nigmananda ji to Brazil to protect him. He thinks Dada Nigamanadaji can protect him and restore his power. Though just recently there has been talk that Nigmananda ji is sick so he may not go to GT. What none of these groupist Dadas understand - whether they are part of B, H, or EC - is that nature does not play favorites. Their groupist bodyguard or boss may protect them, but nature will not spare them for their insidious antics. 10. Finally, SS Dada is putting pressure on Didi Tapasuddha to take charge of SWWS. She has denied to do that. So Ranchi Admin is torturing her, using all kinds of threats and tools. How long will this torture against Didis continue - it seems to be an unending tale.
11. While the above is primarily about Ranchi activities in GT sector, none should think that the other groups are innocent. Whenever, any group gets scope to play their game and pursue their agenda they do it. B group is constantly involved in this arena, and now below you will see what EC is doing.
12. The leader of EC, Tiirthananda (the former Nirgunananda of years and years ago and former SS of GT sector) went to South America in January 2009 for the retreat. He brought Didi Ananda U's'a' with him as she is native to Brasil and she is one of his main allies. The retreat was in Porto Alegre, a large city in southern Brasil. Very quickly, Tiirthananda took over the whole retreat with Ananda U's'a'. They even did not allow local acaryas to talk. So much for Didi Ananda U's'a' and her declaration that she is not in any group and that she is working with WWD. Obviously, that just is not true - her groupist actions speak otherwise. She and her company are aligned with Tiirthananda / EC. Tiirthananda has one quality. He is very familiar with the psychology of sisters / ladies. He knows how to use them. That's what he is doing all the time. Tiirthananda is only hailed as a hero because he is able to befool women and keep them in his hand. He knew that he will not be able to achieve his goal of creating distractions at the retreat all by himself. So He brought his lady disciple, Ananda U's'a'. Then he kept himself quiet and to the side and directed Ananda U's'a' how to manage in the retreat. They did their EC meetings secretly every day. They destroyed the minds of many innocent and good margiis with their tall talks. After they left, many margii had been brainwashed and changed their behaviour and outlook toward those acaryas who are following different groups like EC.
13. What some forget to ask is from where this money is coming. EC Dadas have huge bank accounts of unlabeled funds and travel from place to place planting seeds of dissension. Is there any account or financial records that they maintain? No. That is why this is called black money in our acarya conduct rules. It is unaccounted money used in inappropriate ways. Such EC Dadas are roaming around everywhere and putting poison in margiis' mind.
14. One more thing to mention - which is not well known - is that Tiirthananda is extremely clever & savvy in multiple ways. Tiirthananda has his planted people working in Ranchi and they inform him of all activities regarding Ranchi administration. But Ranchi Central people are so blind and busy with their own fight that cannot realise this fact. For example, in NY sector, Dada Shubhacetanananda is posted in the US and he is the laukika brother of Udayananda who is in Berlin sector in Copenhagen. Udayananda was PU global but has recently tranfered from Ranchi, but he is not leaving the place. Anyway, listen to this: Dada Shubhacetanananda is acting as if he is a strong follower of Ranchi. But this is not at all true - it is just one facade. Instead he is a spy for Tiirthananda.
15. Let's dig a little deeper. Shubhacetananda's brother is Udayananda and it is well known to everybody that Udayananada and Tiirthananda are extremely close friends. People even joke that Udayananda is so close to Tiirthananda that he could be a substitute or replace Tiirthannada, with regards to Tiirthananda's close link with An. Sumantrita. And Sumantrita would not recognise the difference. That is the ongoing joke and that is how close Tiirthananda and Udayananda are. And let us not forget that Shubhacetanananda is the laokik brother of Udayananda. I think you get the picture how they are all linked.
16. So Tiirthananda has played one very cunning and crooked game. He and Shubhacetanananda have an agreement that Shubhacetanananda will pretend to follow Ranchi, but actually he will pass all news to him, i.e. Tiirthananda. That's what Shubhacetanananda is doing: He licks out all the inner secrets to Tiirthananda so Tiirthananda is always alert about what Ranchi is doing. But who can put this truth in the mind of Ranchi people, because Ranchi people trust their stooge.
17. In return, Tiirthananda is giving all kind of support to Shubhacetanananda. For instance, do you know that Shubhacetanananda has also been attending university for the last three years in Dallas, Texas. Who do you think is financially supporting his study? We all know how outrageously expensive it is to study in the US. That's right: Tiirthananda is paying all for him because Shubhacetanananda is working for him. That is one of the perks for being an EC spy - one gets all kinds of financial rewards and paybacks from the deep pockets of EC leaders.
Here are more cases of improper use of money for acaryas. 18. Didi Ananda Anuradha who is working in Costa Rica is completely out of track. She is earning millions of dollars from her business, but she is spending thousands of dollars by going to the beauty parlor. In her view, she feels she has to look presentable to the people. Certainly she should be clean and neat, but her view of presentable means using all kinds of cosmetic make-up, fancy potions and creams, and having all professional people clean her hair and do her nails etc. It is all the misguided viewpoint of materialism that the ladies should look like dolls. Didiji has fallen into this trap. We should ask ourselves: Can a true sannyasi use make-up and go to the beauty parlor? Is this appropriate? There is a huge crises in the world: People are dying of hunger and the so-called saviours of those society are throwing away thousands and thousands of dollars on their own superficial beauty. Such is the irony. How can this be justified. How can she honestly look in the eye of those hungry souls and justify her beauty parlor visits. 19. Another case is that of SOS of NY sector. Every month he flies to France to finish his MBA degree. He is not only sanyasii, but he is also a Purodha. Then what an kind of poor example he is giving to his Juniors. Many Acaryas valiantly left their laokik home with half-finished education in order to dedicate themselves to the cause of dharma. And Baba has taken them on His lap - as they are - and they are doing for dharma. Shall we now send all those dedicated wholetimers to university so they can finish their degree. Is that where the path of dharma lies - apparently so according to the Purodha Dada and SOS of NY. This is all totally misguided - see here below for Baba's true teaching.
20. Our Sadguru Baba - the Dharma Guru - has clearly directed us about the education of our Wts. If somebody ever asks about a sannyasii's education, then they are to tell that a sannyasii is not known or measured by their worldly education, money, or any other mundane or laokik things. Our Wts are to be known by their morality, spirituality, and devotion - by their service and by their conduct. So it is such a shame that one Purodha in NY is running off to a distant land to satisfy his mundane longing of having a fancy education and getting a prestigious degree. This is all the poisonous effects of materialism - nothing more. There is no dharma in this, rather it is a pathetic and unfortunate display as it undermines his dedication to being a wholetimer of Ananda Marga. And on the top, we can all ask the question: From where is the money coming? Oh let me guess, is this SOS Dada also in the pocket of EC? One can only wonder.
21. The final segment of this mailing focuses on the condition of our Women's Welfare Department, i.e. the Didis' side of the organisation. Here is one letter of background that will give you more information. At present, CWWD is going to everybody and telling her sad story. Even though she is CWWD, she has no ability or power to take any decision for her department. She is always forced to follow what Ananda Dyotana says. Ananda Dyotana uses Dada Nigamanandaji as tool to do apply force on CWWD. Why does Nigamananda do like this. Because he is obliged to Didi Ananda Dyotana. She gives huge, huge money to Dada Nigamananda. Ananda Dyotona goes around the globe collecting money in the name of AM children's homes etc. So this money is really for all those children who are sponsored by margiis in another sector. But none of that donated money goes to any children. Not on penny. Rather it all money goes to Nigamananda and in turn Didi uses him as a tool. Or, because of this, Nigamananda supports her in her agenda to get more power and control. Now Ananda Dyotona has taken Didi Ananda Praveda, the Berlin SWWS in her favour. Ananda Praveda comes to India to torture CWWD on behalf of Ananda Dyotana. This last time also she came to India and stayed for many days. And all the time she put CWWD in the room and yells and screams at her. She said to CWWD that she does not have brain so she should not decide any anything. Rather I, Ananda Dyotana, should do everything on her behalf. CWWD went to Rudrananda to tell her agony. But Rudranandasaid to her that, " I cannot help because already Nigamananda is trying to destroy me, i.e. Rudrananda. So please you handle your problem yourself. That was Rudrananda's reply." Thus in which court should CWWD go? Where she can get justice? It is a big crises. All SS's favour Didi Ananda Dyotana she has the support of Nigamananda. CWWD is all alone.
This is a long letter with lots of news. But the theme remains the same. Where groupism crops us, ideology wanes, and our AMPS just becomes one degraded club. The final outcome is that good margiis and wts suffer and AM ideals are lost. All the groups - EC, Ranchi, B - are responsible for this undoing. They are all at fault. And the worst part is that B group plays innocent yet they are the ones doing direct distortion to Baba's books, discourses etc. The other groups are primarily chasing after power, but B group has a deeper plan of changing Baba's teachings to the tune of Bangalisation and Wt supremacy. The whole situation is very unfortunate and getting worse so long as these groups are in existence on this earth.
By Baba's Grace, He - our Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji - is that infinite Eternal Entity. So long as one is involved in groupism they are going away from Baba and falling into negative karma. Their fate is bleak. By remembering Him and following His ideals, soon good sadhakas will be running our AMPS, and everything will be done for serving and pleasing Him, not any group agenda. Baba says, "The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma (Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living beings-- That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has revealed Brahmavidya (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the name and form of Anandamurtijii." (Caryacarya-2, p.1, point #1) Namaskar, Dinesh
*************************************************** PROPER THINKING
Baba says, "Sadhakas should always maintain the spirit of prapatti (surrender) and they will never develop any sort of pride in their minds...'Whatever qualities I possess is all due to the His grace. Parama Purusa is the Lord of everything; He is the machineman and I am simply a machine'." (31/05/87, AN-DMC)

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