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Critical Point in Today's World

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 15:37:16 -0000
Subject: Critical Point in Today's World

"Ka'che na'hi a'so kabhu, e ki toma'r bha'laba'sa'..." (PS 486)


  Baba, You are my dearest One. You have deeply linked Yourself with my
whole existence. By Your grace my each and every thought & movement is
centering around You. Baba, You are the focal point of my life. You are
my Goal. Baba, I love You so much. Even then You never come close to me.
You are always keeping Yourself far away and distant. Baba, what type of
love is this of Yours. I have so much heart-felt feeling for You, yet
You are not regularly manifesting Yourself to me. You are not even
occasionally visiting me.
  Baba, by Your grace Your divine image immediately appears in my mind
whenever I come in contact with the sweet smell of flowers. When that
flower fragrance permeates the air I always feel Your presence. In that
blissful moment, I always think of You. It is Your grace. Baba, whenever
I feel happy, then suddenly You advent and shower Yourself in my mind
and heart. Baba, by Your grace in that instance You always come close.
Baba, You are the warmth of my heart-- the vitality of my being. Baba,
all the hopes and aspirations of my life are revolving around You.
   Baba, when I am not getting You in the deep core of my heart, then I
feel totally lost and restless. In that desperate situation, I just cry
& cry-- weeping bitterly for hours on end. Baba, all my desires and
longings depend exclusively on You.   Baba, You are so gracious; You are
my closest One. By Your grace You have filled my life and my whole
existence with Your divine effulgence & love. Baba, You are my
everything. Baba, I have only one longing: To be in Your close
proximity. Please be gracious...


As the global issues emerge in more serious ways, as technology
speeds up life, as so many things come to a head in this transitional
period, we have to be aware of Baba's guidelines for keeping mental balance.

                  GAINING SUCCESS IN LIFE

In this world we have so many duties and responsibilities, so many
things to do. Especially being Ananda Margiis our works are countless--
endless, or so it seems. Society needs help in all the directions, in
all the realms, and by Baba's grace He has given us the pathway how to
proceed. So there is much to be done.

But one thing for us all to remember is Baba's timeless teaching that to
successfully do anything in this life it demands having a free mind-- a
balanced mind. That is, the mind should be free from all complexes.

Baba says, "To attain complete success in life, the fourth principle is
samata'bha'va, that is, mental equipoise, mental balance. There must not
be any complex in the mind -- neither superiority complex nor
inferiority complex." (Ananda Vacanamrtam, part 30)



Here Baba further points out the negative nature of complexes and He
simultaneously directs us to keep samata'bha'va, mental balance.

Baba says, "Complex of any sort - superiority or inferiority - is a
psychic malady, a mental disease. You must maintain a psychic balance."
(Kolkata Dec 2 '79)

Thus mental balance is one central target in life. We should aim for
this in all circumstances. And once we have it, & by His grace can keep
it, then that is one of the best attributes a human being can have.

Baba says, "Maintaining a balanced mind is one of the greatest virtues.
There are no complexes in a balanced mind. One neither feels inferior
nor superior to others; one never fears anybody nor ever gets perturbed.
One maintains a mental balance." (AV-5)

So by striving for and achieving mental balance, then so many other plus
points come along with it. Then the mind will be complex-free, enabling
us to generate positive relations with one and all. Because when we do
not feel that we are better or worse than the next person, then it
becomes easy to establish a heart-felt connection. So that is one
distinct benefit.

In addition, Baba tell us that when one is in a state of samata'bha'va,
they will neither be fearful nor full of anxiety. They will remain in a
natural state of ease and contentment-- not burdened by any negative
tendencies of the mind.

All these positive outcomes are a tremendous boon for human existence.

                        LEADING A LIFE OF SEVA

Without question, one of the top-most results of having a balanced mind
is that then one will be able to maximally help and serve others.
Because when we can feel their joys and sorrows and understand their
problems then we can also present them with the solutions. In that case,
by Baba's grace, they can progress.

So with a balanced mind-- with samata'bha'va-- we can best lead a life
of seva, i.e. helping one and all to advance. And that is the dharma of
human beings: To make one's own self great and make others great also--
" lead others along the path of righteousness".

                        WHEN SAMATA'BHA'VA IS LOST

In contrast when due to lack of sadhana we are unable to attain a state
of equipoise or if we lose that stance of mental balance, then that
invites numerous problems for oneself and for others also.

In that case we are unable to weigh the pros and cons of life and end up
making poor decisions-- lowering our own position and misleading others
as well.

For example suppose Ram or Shyam prematurely forms an opinion about
others, a conclusion which is totally wrong or off-base. Then that
invariably leads to problems and harms others. In that case, in the
future nobody will want to listen to Ram or Shyam's words. Then that Ram
or Shyam will lose all their social prestige and respect. All these
pitfalls come from lack of mental balance.

That is why-- among other things-- Baba warns to stay balanced and not
proceed hastily.

Baba says, "Do not judge anyone to be good or bad hastily, nor express your
opinion." (CC-2, 'Society' chapter, pt #41)

As we can feel, Baba's specific guideline is that with a cool mind-- a
balanced mind-- we should view all the things in life, otherwise
countless problems will crop up.

                           BABA'S FINAL WORD

Considering all the angles, by Baba's grace it is clear that
samata'bha'va is one key point for human existence because with a
balanced mind we can help ourselves and help others. And that is the
greatest utilisation of this human life.
Hence as long as we are alive this should be our approach. Here
following is Baba's dharmic mandate.

Baba says, "You should remain in this world and do your duty with a
balanced mind." (SS-21, 'Jaeva Dharma & Bhagavata Dharma')

By Baba's grace may we all get success in this grand endeavour.



Here Baba supplies us with the special formula for keeping mental
balance and not succumbing to any type of superiority complex.

Baba says, "People must always bear in mind that 'Whatever I have
acquired is all by the grace of Parama Purus'a. If He decides that I
should not possess wealth [or any other quality etc], He will take it
away at any moment He wishes.' So no one should feel pride about
anything under any circumstances." (AV-16)

By seeing everything as Baba's fathomless grace then we will not get
puffed up with vanity and instead will be able to maintain mental
balance at all times.


In His below teaching Baba teaches us how to keep mental balance and not
fall into the depths of an inferiority complex.

Baba says, "What about the inferiority complex, that makes you think of
yourself as inferior to others? You must have noticed that the minds of
those who are less educated become a bit diffident: 'We don't have much
learning.' Again, those who are poor suffer from a similar diffidence.
'We are so poor, and have no one to turn to.' But what causes such
diffidence? [They forget that] everyone on this earth is a child of
Parama Purus'a; no one is big or small. All are related as brothers and
sisters.' (DKG)

By remembering we are all the beautiful expressions of that Divine
Entity Parama Purusa, then no inferiority complex can creep into the
mind. Then we will keep our mental balance.


Baba says, "When samata'bha'va is lost, then one begins feeling that
there is a group of people far inferior to oneself. Such a pattern is to
be observed in the case of people who have come to the city from the
village. They say that they don't feel like returning to the village, as
the villagers are illiterate and under-developed. This feeling is very
dangerous. And if such feelings creep into the mind as a result of
having acquired a little intellectual knowledge, the chances of
developing this complex are much greater in the realm of spirituality,
when a sa'dhaka begins feeling somewhat elevated with the development of
some occult powers and the feeling of a little bliss. In the second
stage of spiritual practice every sa'dhaka faces this test. One must be
very, very cautious, so that vanity may not develop." ('Dialogue of
Shiva and Parvatii- 3')


Baba says, "The third fundamental of education is that teachers and
students should have a balanced mind." (PNS-18, 'Talks On Education')

In His above teaching Baba guides us that mental balance is needed in
order to both guide and learn from others.


Baba says, "In order to have a balanced mind and to progress
spiritually, human beings will have to pay attention to the qualities of
the food they eat. The idea that 'I will just do my sa'dhana' and eat
any food, proper or improper' will not do." (YP)

Note 6:                      BABA'S BLESSING

Baba says, "Your duty is to utilise totally and properly this physical
body and mind. By thinking always of Him and talking of Him psychic
elevation takes place. Go on moving towards Him. In Him alone lies Your
individual good and social good. You have come with human body, human
intellect. Your human life will become fruitful. By His grace you have a
human body and human mind and you should also bear in mind that by His
grace alone you have to move ahead in life. By His grace alone He is to
be attained. You will attain Him -- certainly you will attain Him." (AV-22)

                                 Brave Persons

Baba says, "Do not remain worried about your individual problems at all.
Be prepared to carry your own burden and be prepared also to carry the
burdens f others. Then alone are you brave. Be dagdhabiija. Everyone has
their own individual problems. Do not try to pass them on to others. On
the contrary, bear the burdens of others. No one is your enemy. Be ready
to bear the burdens of others." (AV-30, p.4)

Story: When Logic Fails, Hypocrite Gurus...

Date: 30 Mar 2011 06:22:54
From: "Indrajit  Deva"
Subject:  Story: When Logic Fails, Hypocrite Gurus...



We should all be critically aware about this piece of news / story that is floating around.

"As a result of continuous telephonic
pressures from Ranchi and also the ultimate legal threatening by Ranchi,
Kimshuk Da almost made up his mind to retrace his steps and disembark
himself from the arduous task ahead. But during meditation that morning,
Baba lovingly said to him: “When I wanted to adopt you as my laukik
son, you did not think for a moment and unhesitatingly left your
birth-parents in a fizzy. And when now Dharma needs you, the Dharmika
people want to ‘adopt’ you as their leader, why this hesitation?"

This type of thing has happened in all the religions. The preachers of Christian dogma, Islamic dogma, and today's terrorists etc have all done the same thing. When they knew well that their words and ideas were garbage and that the public would not accept their false notions, then such religious preachers put forth the pitch that, "These are the words of God and I am merely the messenger". This is the way that the dogmatic religions have functioned. Almost all dogmatic religions did like this. In the past and still today, such dogmatic preachers and fake gurus did not have the courage to claim those words as their own, so they said that they got such words directly from God. But no longer can rational people accept such dogma.

Baba says, "You know that religions are based on dogmas...They have always declared, “I am not speaking with my own voice, I am speaking with the voice of heaven. I am the messenger of God. Don’t take these words to be mine – they are the message of God, and so you will have to accept them. You must not question whether they are right or wrong; to question is a sin. If you question, your tongue will fall off!” They have tightened the noose of dogma around the people, so that they fear to take a single step over the line, thinking, “How terrible! If I do so I will be burnt in hellfire for eternity!"" (NH-LOI, Disc: 7)

When those fake gurus and religious opportunists have no logic or reasoning, then they proclaim that, "My God told me to do like this." That is their special trick and now the handlers of Kinshukji are resorting to this same strategy.

Here I am not giving my judgment whether this PP election should have happened or not. I am only commenting on this particular type of claim and how this dogma was injected into some margiis' minds. This type of thing will pave the way towards hell. No sane person should do like this.

The very idea that Baba came in Kinshukji's dream and told like this runs 100% contrary to Baba's written scriptures. No authority should resort to such a dogmatic and silly notion. All past and current dogmatic religious leaders have been exploiting the society with this very tool. We must not appreiciate this type of proclamation.

If we do not oppose this type of irrational approach, AM will surely turn into dogma. If this is allowed to go on, then tomorrow someone will claim: "Baba has come in my dhyana and he told that from now on avadhutas should get married." Or he will tell that, "Baba told me that meat-eating should be allowed then more and more people will join AM." Such opportunists   will start this nasty method and then it will be very easy to do all kinds of nonsense.

Rudrananda is an A-grade hypocrite but even then he could not reach this top height of hypocrisy. Rudrananda never claimed that Baba told him to do what he is doing. And those criminal Dadas who were involved in the murder of Abhipremananda in Ananda Nagar, even they did not proclaim that, "Baba told us to kill him."

Attached below is a top-notch reply to this situation. Dada Abhidevananda has done a wonderful job in attacking this dogma. He has nipped this dogma in the bud. So I appreciate his letter very much and have pasted it here for all to see.

If we do not oppose this dogma, then every Ram, Shyam, Tom, Dick and Harry will say, "Baba came and told me xyz and now we have to follow it - or else!". If we allow this type of defective mentality to grow and fester then what about Baba's teachings. Should they just be ignored and overruled. 

Here is another example from Baba where He is warning against such type of nefarious activity.

Baba says, "In the Middle Ages some selfish people proclaimed to the backward masses, “I am the messenger of God. Whatever I say is a revelation from God,” just to inject fear and terror into people’s minds. Was it beneficial for humanity to have such doctrines imposed on them in this way?" (HS-1)


Note: Now please read this letter below from Dada Abhidevananda.

Subject: Kinshuk's Sadhana?
Date:Mon, 28 Mar 2011 07:08:33 +0200
From: Acarya Abhidevananda Avadhuta
Organization:  Ananda Marga
To:  Ananda Marga
CC: MargiiMail


Namaskar all,

Re: Kinshuk's Sadhana

There are some people, particularly vocal revolutionaries, who glibly
speak many high-sounding words. Through these high-sounding words,
they sway the weak and sensitive parts of the mind. For instance, they
say: "My native land is like this, like that"... "We are such-and-such
race"... "We are a race of heroes and heroines." This is how they
sentimentalize people. And, caught up in these geo-sentiments, the
people become devoid of rationality and also shout to the same tune.
At that time, they do not realize that their shouting is inspired by
false information.

Awakened Conscience (Discourse 9)
Published in: The Liberation of Intellect: Neohumanism
Another story told by Kinshuk to his followers purports to be a
meeting with Baba during Kinshuk's sadhana. The following story is
highly reminiscent of the stories that Muhammad used to tell his
followers - a combination of humble brag and manipulative sentiments.


As a result of continuous telephonic pressures from Ranchi and also
the ultimate legal threatening by Ranchi, Kimshuk Da almost made up
his mind to retrace his steps and disembark himself from the arduous
task ahead. But during meditation that morning, Baba lovingly said to
him: "When I wanted to adopt you as my laukik son, you did not think
for a moment and unhesitatingly left your birth-parents in a fizzy.
And when now Dharma needs you, the Dharmika people want to '*adopt*'
you as their leader, why this hesitation?

Pretending that it is Baba speaking, Kinshuk once again reminds his
followers that Baba selected him as His legal heir. And, as Kinshuk
tells it (pretending that it is Baba's words), Kinshuk was kind enough
to accept Baba's desire... in the froth of a carbonated drink. :)

Then this treacherous fellow announces that Baba declared his
undisciplined, anti-ideological and anti-organizational actions to be
dharma. And not only that, Kinshuk tells us that Baba also described
those who follow him - none of them Hindi and most of them completely
unknown to Kinshuk - as the "dharmika people". What a hypocrite! What
a nasty chap!


Abhidevananda Avadhuta

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