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The Divine Communication

From: "Manindra  Singh"
Date: 14 Sep 2011 21:47:08 -0000
Subject: The Divine Communication



As every Ananda Margii knows, Baba first began composing Prabhat Samgiita
in Deoghar on September 14, 1982. That was when His divine songs first took
expression. Today is once again a celebration and remembrance of that occasion. It marks a deeply devotional gift for all sadhakas of the Marga

                       MILK-MAN STORY

And actually that time a few people asked Baba why this was not done
earlier. That it would have been good if Prabhat Samgiita had been given
sooner. Then Baba gave His reply via analogy. He told that just as the
milkman does not milch the cow prematurely, similarly in order to give
Prabhat Samgiita first He had to wait for sadhakas to reach the proper
standard. Thus it took many years and when Ananda Margiis were finally
ready, then Prabhat Samgiita was given. So as soon as the moment was ripe,
as soon as that auspicious time arrived, then Baba graciously started
composing Prabhat Samgiita.


Prior to Prabhat Samgiita, among other things all Ananda Margiis were
encouraged to write and sing their own bhajans. So people were doing just
that; & others were searching for songs in various places. At the same time
though it was a regular occurrence for Baba to be displeased by many of
these bhajans, as they were of dogmatic type. Of course no one was singing
or writing those songs to displease Him, but often the meaning of those
songs were inconsistent with our AM devotional cult. Even such bhajans were
negative style.

For example in the common society at various religious gatherings they sing
songs about dogmatic themes like "heaven and hell", or "Oh Lord I am
sinner and You are great..." etc. And in those earlier days margiis
directly came from those very religions. So they innocently brought those
dogmatic bhajans and they were singing those songs in their mother tongue
at AM programs.

In particular at one DMC, it may have been Patna 1st January DMC, one
religious-based negative bhajan was going on. The song was like this--

         "Majadha'r me par'a' hu'm...Koii nahin saha'ra'".

Meaning: "Baba, I am in a wild whirlpool. And caught up in that.  Huge
amount of uncontrolled water. And floating away. Going to die. I do not
have any hope, that anyone will save me. I am shelterless...." Etc, etc

So when Baba heard this, then He became furious and He sharply interjected
& loudly spoke, "You are not shelterless! Stop this song." Immediately then
Dadas interrupted and the song was stopped. So like that the situation got
managed and other margiis started singing.

So all this was going on for the months and years prior to September 1982--
so Prabhat Samgiita did not just suddenly appear out of the blue.

Because all along Baba had made everyone understand that AM teachings
should be exemplified in all the ways-- including our bhajans or devotional
songs. So with full sincerity margiis, dadas, and didis were trying write
or find songs that were properly linking with Baba's teachings, but they
could not manage.

So Baba had given all sorts of opportunities until finally when the stage
was set, and the moment was right then by Baba's grace Prabhat Samgiita was


And being the Taraka Brahma Baba has to make such a contribution. Because
from Prout to Neo-Humanism to Microvita to spiritual science to Dhya'na
etc, and from subjective approach to objective adjustment in all the realms
everything He has given. So in that case how He can lag behind and overlook
the field of aesthetic science. How can He not guide in that realm when it
was the very need to establish a perfect example in aesthetic science--
when this is the linking point from the subtler mind to higher self.


As we know crude people do not appreciate finer things; and that is why
Muslims and other such types do not participate in devotional songs. But
when the sweetness of the heart is there and devotees are singing and
dancing etc then that is everything.

Thus by giving Prabhat Samgiita, Baba has beautifully filled one missing
link. Because after half-bath and preparing oneself in the physico-psychic
way, then one link is needed before starting kiirtan. The intimate sharing
of one's personal devotional feeling is needed.


Kiirtan itself is the expression of one idea: Highlighting the glory of
Parama Purus'a. So we are blessed to have our Baba-Nam-Kevalam kiirtan.

But sadhakas are not satisfied with just the singing of kiirtan. Because
every devotee also wants to express some personal, devotional, sentimental
feeling of the heart to their most loving Parama Purusa. Because He is the
Dearest One of the heart, the Heart of hearts, and the Soul of souls.

So it is natural that a sadhaka wants to pour or open their whole heart.
And this can only be done by sitting in a lonely place and singing to Him
directly and talking to Him. And in this way Prabhat Samgiita is the
perfect medium.

Because Kiirtan is more of a collective approach, or we can say that it is
even a little higher because only one idea is there-- that Baba's glory is
everything. That is the one central idea of our kiirtan.

But, as we know, in devotional life all kinds of personal ideas are there
and the mind needs to be able to goad those feelings towards Him. So this
is the essential difference between bhajans and kiirtan. Because so many
sentimental feelings and so many tales of the heart cannot get expressed in
the collective flow. Because everybody has their own feeling; all the
devotees like to share in their own way; and it depends on everyone's
standard. Some devotees have a special type of relation with Parama Purusa
and some have a different type of relation with Parama Purusa.


So Baba has given Prabhat Samgiita as it is an intimate link. Although
every devotee will admit that 'Parama Purusa, You are infinite'; but at the
same time they will say "Toma're ca'i ye ekante...", I want to have You in
an isolated place. O' infinite Parama Purusa I want to have You in a very
personal way. In an isolated place so I can open my heart, and You are mine
and mine alone.

Hence although Parama Purusa is infinite, but true devotees do not feel
that He is infinite. They feel that: 'He is mine and mine alone'.

So in that case there is a deep need to communicate their inner feeling,
otherwise how can there be intimacy. And without intimacy, nobody can
develop in sadhana, because that is devotion. And that only comes with the
pouring of the heart to Him-- He who is most close.

In that case without bhajan type of songs, and especially without
Prabhat Samgiita, there is nothing like that. So that is why this missing
link of heart-felt intimacy was there but Baba has fulfilled that gap in
1982 with the birth of Prabhat Samgiita.

                     BABA'S FIRST SONGS

Thus as Baba began composing songs that intimacy got expressed. And that
depth of personal feeling has gotten deeper and deeper since that starting

As we all know initially Baba started with the song: "Bandhu he niye calo..."
Meaning: O' Parama Purusa, lead me on towards the fountain of effulgence.
O' my Lord, please grace me and take me along with You--on Your path. I want
to move along with You...

So Baba's holy creation of Prabhat Samgiita is from darkness to effulgence.
Where the devotee says, O' Baba lead me on this very path.
Then in the second song-- "E ga'n a'ma'r a'lor jharn'a' dha'ra'-- the
devotee is saying that this is my song of effulgence.

And on and on they go...


So each and every song of Prabhat Samgiita has its own unique beauty. And
the speciality is that the entire philosophy is contained within this plus
the feeling of the heart is expressed directly to Parama Purusa. In this
way they are all very personalized.

Thus in true sense Prabhat Samgiita is not for collective singing like
kiirtan etc. Certainly there are a few songs like that no doubt. But all in
all mostly they are personal songs that are completely intimate. And that
is why Baba Himself has written songs such as #463 and #3189 which
essentially say that-- O' Parama Purusa, those songs which I sing with
others in public, those songs are not my favourite; they do not carry the
inner feeling of my heart. Only when I sing in a private and secluded
place, only then in an intimate way can I express the true feeling of my
heart. Only then can I sing my favourite and most intimate songs.

In contrast, that type of inner talking and sharing of the heart with
Parama Purusa is not there in the kiirtan. When in fact the human mind
itself is dominated with various devotional sentiments. It likes to say
something-- listen something and have some special feeling. And except for
Prabhat Samgiita, this cannot get expressed in any other way.

So that is why in each and every devotee's life Prabhat Samgiita has a
special place. Of course each and every teaching of Baba has a special
place. Some in the realm of philosophy, some in social science, etc-- but
Prabhat Samgiita this is a very close affair that is between me and Parama
Purusa. And like this Baba has guided that in this way you can say all
these things.

                          SHOWING THE WAY

So before Prabhat Samgiita, people were unaware how they could proceed
in their devotional relation with Baba. They were unsure as to whether they
should accuse Parama Purusa about His heartlessness-- that He is not
responding to my calling. Or whether they should tell Him that, O' Parama
Purusa, You are so cruel and You do not care about me that how I am crying'.
And not just now but all these feelings were coming earlier also. But
devotees were unaware whether this is proper or improper to say like that.

But in Prabhat Samgiita, Baba has addressed all these things and given the

                   NO BARRIERS OR COMPLEXES

So in Prabhat Samgiita, Baba guides us that between Parama Purus'a and
devotees there should not be any barriers. Barriers are not good as they
only create nahimnabodh, difference of duality, and feelings of high and low.

Whereas with Parama Purusa we have a unique relation as He is our most
close One. In that manner, Baba has given a new way of thinking about
Parama Purusa that to what extent He can be close.

Because in all those dogmatic religions, like Christianity etc, it is even
a sin to have some sort of loving feeling towards Parama Purusa. Rather one
has to keep distance from the God as He is very cold and distant like some


But since the time of Lord Krsna this sweet & loving relation with Parama
Purusa has started. And across all the lands devotees from far and wide are
moving ahead in this way. Plus in certain countries it is there. For
example in India certainly it is there-- because in general people have
love for Parama Purusa. But in Christianity and Islam, there is no such a
feeling of love. Rather people are afraid and fearful that otherwise God
will not tolerate and we will be beaten. So two different feelings are
there side by side.

According to Baba, this loving feeling was introduced 3500 years ago and
now it has matured, since all these years. So for those who have that very
good samskara or for the common general public-- about which the standard
is far higher now-- now each and every Ananda Margii can understand that
loving relation with Parama Purus'a, to some or more degree. That is why in
all the discourses Baba says that one should love Parama Purusa. Because
that love is the ultimate way towards realisation-- and that love is devotion.

                  AM IS THE DEVOTIONAL PATH

So Ananda Marga is the devotional path, the loving path, and this is the
way & all the steps. The practical way He has given. Because by theory
alone how much can one understand. By theory alone the heart does not get

Thus the heart does not get fulfilled or satiated by theory. But when the
devotional link is there then the heart gets satiated. Indeed this is the
first step that how one can make Parama Purusa their own and establish a
personal link with Him.

And in that way more closeness and more closeness and then higher lessons
and other things come. But when this basic link is missing then everything
is dry.

Just like when you sow the seed if moisture is not there then in spite of
all the qualities, that seed will never grow. Similarly Prabhat Samgiita
infuses moisture in the heart; it infuses sweetness, so that devotion can


So this is the beginning link that by infusing the Ista mantra, this will
make more closeness. But for all this there needs to be one link. That who
is Parama Purusa, who is mine, what type of relation do I have, what way I
can express to Him, how far I can open my heart to Him-- how far I have the
liberty to do all these things.

And about this Baba openly talks in various songs. So each and every
Prabhat Samgiita expresses its own unique qualities. Those who are not
understanding Prabhat Samgiita think that all these songs are common-- that
all are the same. But it is not like that. Each and every song has its own
way of expression and its own beauty. It needs that those understanding
should deeply know this very thing. So Prabhat Samgiita is a unique gift of
Parama Purusa and that day started in 1982.


So by His divine grace Baba Himself has been preparing the sadhaka's minds
for a  long time. And this was the need; thus when Baba thought that it was
the opportune time to impart this lesson then He gave it. And when He did
that that was the right time.

So nobody should think that it took too long to make Prabhat Samgiita or
that it got very delayed, or it got started late. It is not at all like that.

                    BABA'S DIVINE WAY

Everything which Baba has done is perfectly on time. So in 1982 when
finally the time came and people became qualified; or Baba made it that
this is the time when people will be ready to understand those highly
devotional things. All that is perfect planning and execution.
Because if Baba had given it earlier then many people would not have
understood the internal beauty of Prabhat Samgiita. And for the common
people He has brought this very gift.

In the individual existence all these things can take shape because Parama
Purusa sits in the heart of each and every devotee and He guides them in
His own way. But in the collective life it is comparatively more difficult.
The timing has to be right. Thus in 1982 the conditions were ripe for the
delivery or divine gift of Prabhat Samgiita and those divine songs will
continue to guide devotees and the entire humanity from now up to eternity.

                       BABA'S BLESSING

Baba says, "All are bound by the ties of fraternity. We will have to move
forward, shoulder to shoulder, together with all." (PNS-21)


"Ke go tumi a'ji bhare nile sa'ji na' baliya' mor phulavane..."  (PS 2111)


  O' Divine Entity, who are You who has come today in the flower garden of
my mind & without my awareness filled up Your basket by plucking all my
flowers. Which Divine Personality are You who has done like this.
  Baba, neither did I ask You to come, nor did I ask You to please sit--
indeed I could not receive You properly in the canopy of my mental flower
   O' Baba, Your grace is unimaginable. When I call You, then You do not
come; and now without any invitation You have blessed me by coming-- it is
Your grace. And You are silently looking at everything in the flower garden
of my mind and You are not telling anything-- just You smiled and got
involved in plucking the flowers. Baba, Your liila is unique.
  O Parama Purusa, I do not have the capacity to understand what type of
liila' You are playing. Why do You go on playing with my mind. In my mental
garden, without my awareness, You go on swaying Your love. And You go on
creating vibrations there without my awareness. And You fill my mind with
Your divine attraction and love. Baba, O' the Divine Entity, You have
graced me by coming...

                Wealth and Sin Live Side by Side

Baba says, "The person who cannot cheat others cannot become a millionaire
overnight. You know as I told many times the goddess of wealth is
established in sin. Only the person who is a terrible sinner and knows how
to cheat others as quickly as possible, only they can be come a
millionaire. The goddess of wealth is the goddess of sin." (Discourse:
'Introduction of Various local Gods and Goddesses', AV-11 [H] pg 7)

Re: Baba Story: Power of Kiirtan

Subject: Re: Baba Story: Power of Kiirtan
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2011 07:01:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ananda Mayii



I read the two recent posts, "History of Kiirtan" and "Baba Story: Power of Kiirtan", that wonderfully describe when Baba first gave kiirtan in Amjhariya on 08 October 1970.

Here are some of my thoughts on the those two kiirtan stories.


The whole story of how Baba first created kiirtan was not known to me, so it was really wonderful to read how He prepared for it and took the occasion away from the Organisational WT vibration, to the devotee margiis area in a remote place. So subtle and beautiful this very thing seems to me, and meaningful.

The way the story is told by the young LFT who took his home children along with him to that place is full of meaning too. Those young participants will always carry that experience in their hearts and influence many others to sing and dance this new Mantra. To sing it in their homes and villages and towns throughout their lives.

To realise the siddhis Baba bestowed in this kiirtan mantra and the effect of that singing on the people, the environment, and other beings on that occasion, helps one to realise Baba's awe inspiring powers to bring a new wave of spiritual vibration to the planet through the singing and dancing of this Baba Nam Kevalam mantra. How it could uplift the minds of anyone and everyone.


I am sure that every Margi has stories to tell where they have experienced this. I certainly have several such stories from the days when Baba was in jail and where I lived, a group of us used to go to the city to do kiirtan through the streets at lunchtime amongst all the people, or at evening when people were leaving their work to catch buses home, we would be in a park with our Ananda Marga banner, and they used to gather mesmerised, and many would join in. 

One time while engaged in singing and dancing, I opened my eyes and saw that everything, the bricks in a big building some distance away that was within my vision, seemed to be vibrating in the rhythm, and the trees nearby, were moving also in this mystic rhythm, somehow pulsating with our flow as we moved round and round. I can never forget seeing  this phenomena, though i kept it to myself at the time.  It seemed too difficult to describe this thing in a way people could catch the experience I had felt.

Another time we had a pracar stall at an education Fair and some of us went upstairs to this big empty room in this very old building and started up a strong kiirtan. Our singing attracted many people to come up and see what was going on.  After an hour or so of this, I looked around and their were hundreds of people singing and dancing and looking so blissed out, and more and more people kept coming until the huge space was full, and the whole building started to sway to the rhythm and the mood became so ecstatic. I doubt any of those people there that day, total strangers, would ever forget that experience. That would have been in the mid seventies, when His blissful vibration was extremely intense in the world and many were attracted, but didn't know what to make of it at the time. Some stayed and some went on with their lives, but were affected somehow.


In your story about making their way home after the time with Baba and discovering the bliss of kiirtan, in the part about the bridge being flooded on the way home, I had the feeling that under ordinary circumstances it would be simply madness to attempt such a crossing, having seen the absolute power of a river in flood, but under the spell of that kiirtan vibration the feeling came that while thinking of Baba and His Love, absolutely everything is possible, and with surrender to Him our own fears disappear, not because we expect miracles , but having full trust in Him, we can proceed unafraid. It is simply Baba's grace.

in His ever blissful kiirtan flow,
Ananda Mayii


History of Kiirtan

Baba Story: Power of Kiirtan


I find the articles are very much more clear in their purpose and expression.  I appreciate this very much, because your content is so important and helpful to think about, and in my case, i feel this is where my own thinking gets some clarification and confirmation and i get ideological education, i really long for. Such discussions add so much to my own thinking processes as i know i need to understand so much more of Baba's intentions for us all through our Ananda Marga if we are to carry it forward in our life time.

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