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Good News: 50% Is Done

From: "Girish Nath Biswas"
Subject: Good News: 50% Is Done
Date: Sat 13 Nov 2010 04:28:37 +0530


== GOOD NEWS: 50% IS DONE ==

Very good news - progress has been made!

Many have been quite concerned about the wrong use of Baba's divine photo on the cover of one recently published book. Good margiis from all over voiced their objection.

One margii has given this report.

Now we see that steps are being taken - half the battle has been won. See here below.

1. It is very good that the photo has been removed from the Google Books site:

2. Now we just need to get the photo off from the Amazon site:

3. Here is the original posting on this topic:

Everyone should continue to raise this matter with our Publications Dept, with the writer, and with all those who associated themselves with the wrong placement of Baba's photo on this book. Keep up the good work!!


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