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Limited, or Boundless & Great...

Date: 26 Jul 2005 22:55:39 -0000 From: "K Lingappa" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Limited, or Boundless & Great... Baba "Toma'y ceye toma'y bheve din ye cale ja'y a'ma'r..." PS 2107 Purport: Baba, O' my dearmost, my days are passing just thinking about You and looking towards You; in this way my life is passing me by, under Your divine shelter. Baba it is so painful that You do not look towards me-- nor do You listen to the feeling of my heart. Baba, in this terrible situation please tell me what can I do to get You. Please grace me. Baba, by Your grace at any cost I will surely get You. Baba, You are my polestar. Since the beginning-- since the origin-- of my life I have been Yours; and up to eternity I will be Yours. Baba, by Your grace I will surely get You. Even when I was sunk in cimmerian darkness my heart was filled with Your love. During that hopeless period, by Your grace I was also thinking at I am Yours. Baba, although the lotus is a just little flower, even then it loves the vast sun. In spite of its meagre-self, the little lotus loves that big entity, the sun. In the same way I love You with my full heart. And now my heart is burning with the fire of longing for You. Indeed, remaining away from You is unbearable for me. Baba, please grace me and come close...
Namaskar, By moving here and there within our organisation, still from time to time I hear a few Dadas raise their old slogan that "Baba has merged Himself into AMPS". Of course right away dharmic margiis oppose the matter and raise many ideological points. Even though everyone is understanding that this "merger" quote is just one dogma, still a few Dadas are trying to convince margiis otherwise. Hence for the awareness of all here are some of the key points surrounding this issue. We all know that Baba is that infinite, all-encompassing Entity Parama Purusa. He is boundless and beyond description. So those who are trying to limit or bind Baba by claiming that He has merged into AMPS are just revealing their own shallow understanding. Because here following Baba guides us that He cannot be tied down in that way. Baba says, "If you try to say anything about Him you will be vainly trying to bring Him within the scope of so many limitations and bindings".
'Asitagirisamam syat kajjalam sindhupatre.....'
"If we use the Himalayas as an ink-tablet, the largest ocean as the ink pot, the branch of the biggest forest tree of heaven as a pen and the entire lithosphere as paper, and with this paper, ink and pen if the goddess of learning writes for an indefinite period even then it would not be possible to write all the attributes that He possesses." (Ananda Vacanamrtam) The central idea is that the infinite, divine qualities of Parama Purusa go far beyond the limited capacity of worldly description. And here again Baba guides us that He cannot be bound or limited in any way. Baba says, "Sahasra Shiirs'ha Purusah Sahasra Aksha Sahasra Pa't.." Meaning: 'He has infinite heads and He has infinite eyes, He is seeing everything. And He has infinite hands, infinite feet. He is everywhere. Parama Purusa is Everywhere.' The grand idea is that Baba is that all-expansive Entity Who is beyond all relative description and Who cannot be limited within the crude, mundane sphere. Yet some Dadas are trying to do this by claiming 'Baba merged into AMPS'. So how can Baba become one with AMPS when AMPS itself is just one mundane structure. And indeed Baba Himself warns us, how all such organisations are transitory in nature. Baba says, "I have often repeated that in this material world no structure can be maintained for long." (NSS, 95 Edn, p. 193) So anyone who claims that Baba has merged into AMPS, they are just exposing their own silly logic. Because in countless ways and approaches, directly and indirectly, Baba has told us that He is that unchangeable eternal entity. And all devotees know and feel this way in their heart-- that Baba is that eternal Entity. Thus since Baba is great & since Baba is infinite, then we should not say that HE has merged into something finite and limited like the AMPS organisation. The organisation has its own limited arena reach. For example, it has only 9 sectors around this tiny earth whereas Parama Purusa is infinite: All the galaxies and nebulae, everything resides within Him. Not just the 9 tiny sectors of AMPS. Or look at the issue in this way. He is the entity upon whom I am meditating. And in Prabhat Samgiita Baba reveals the following:
"Tumi amar dhyaner dhyeya, Tumi amar pranera priya". (PS 1017)
"Dhyaner dhyeyo" means goal of my meditation; "pranero priyo" means my heart's beloved. So aboiut that divine and vast Cosmic Entity who is my Dhyanera Dhyeyo & my Pranero Priyo, about that infinite Entity I cannot tolerate anyone claiming that He has merged into AMPS. Who can think that Parama Purusa has become own with this crude material entity-- i.e. AMPS. This is unacceptable. Parama Purusa cannot be bound like that. He is everywhere. In Subhasita Samgraha Baba clearly explains that Parama Purusa is infinite. So those who are spreading this dogma about Baba merging into AMPS, they do not have any understanding. Earlier Hindu priests, Muslim mullahs, and Catholic bishops were creating such dogmas, but now a few "great" people in AMPS are trying to create their own dogma that Baba merged into the organisation. The sense is that Baba cannot be bound in any way. Rather than confining Him it is the duty of Ananda Margiis to realise and propagate His infinite glory.
"Toma'r ma'jha're kato maha'vishva nihit..." (P.S. 4742)
Purport: Baba, You are so vast; so many great cosmos are situated within You. Outside You there is nothing-- I cannot find anything. Baba in Your vibration, in Your waves, in Your exalted position, I search and find everything within You. From the blade of grass up to the Creator Himself, everything lies within the periphery of Your playing field. Whether in the external world or in the core of my heart, whichever direction I look, I get You. Baba, You are the Supreme shelter of one and all; yet You Yourself do not need any shelter. With the vibration of the heart You are remaining eternally through Your ota and prota yoga. In the rhythm of life You express Yourself via song and dance. Baba, You are equally present in the burning fire and at the same time You are in my heart. Baba, one can get Your divine proximity only by loving You. Only in that way can You be held. O' my dearmost Baba, so many great universes lie within You and also revolve around You. Baba, without You nothing can exist. Baba, You are everything... Namaskar, Karun
Here is the fake quote that is wrongly attributed to Baba. When in fact all margiis are understanding this fact that one or two infamous WT group leaders invented & started propagandising this fake quote in 1990 in order to increase their own power:
"I am not this physical body. This physical body is not me. If you want to know me, work for my Mission, because I have merged myself with the Mission." (Fake Quote
Note 2: IT IS JUST LIKE...
The whole situation of this "merger" quote is similar to this following scenario: If you are walking by some pasture land then some sheep may be talking that, 'oh look at that peculiar looking sheep. That is some long type.' So due to their shallow understanding those sheep could not begin to contemplate about the qualities of human beings. So in their feeble-mindedness they think that you are just one animal-- one sheep. Or it is just like if you are passing by the bushes, then some mosquitoes may discuss amongst themselves that 'look at this odd looking mosquito'. Those mosquitoes will comment like this because they do not know anything more their own limited existence. Their minds are crude and dull. Similarly those who are of a very low standard and do not know anything-- nor do they care to read Baba's guideline that who Baba is-- such persons have their own shallow, superficial understanding. And that way they talk. They just end up saying that 'Baba merged into AMPS'. So this type of crude expression is just the result of their low devotional standard.
See the absurd logic of those persons whose dream is to spread this dogmatic merger quote: (1) The Goal of human beings is Baba. So first, all the created beings merge into Baba; (2) And then, according to this dogmatic merger quote, then Baba merges into the organisation; (3) In which case the organisation then becomes the center of the entire cosmos; (4) Thus, the final result is that all merge into the pocket of Sarvatmanandaji & Rudranandaji since they have been ruling AMPS since 1990. So those few Wts who are foolishly propagating this "merger" quote, their logic is just like drunkard's gossip.
*************************************************** Remedy
Baba says, "On imbibing cosmic ideation all kinds of ailments will be cured." (PNS-8, p.19)

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