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He Must Be Dirty...

Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 22:58:41 -0400 To: From: Miguel Subject: He Must Be Dirty... Baba
Namaskar, Here is clear-cut proof that by His divine vibration Baba's ideas are spreading and getting implemented on this dusty earth. We all know that Baba's teaching is to wash with water after urination and defecation. That is part and parcel of our Sixteen Points. All sincere margiis adhere to this tenet. Ans now we see how the general public is moving in this direction as well. For years in the west and especially in the US, toilet paper was king. But now there is a movement away from toilet paper. Those in so-called developing nations have been using water to wash for centuries, but now they are trying to emulate the US's style of toilet paper. Those nations should reconsider since water is far better. They should not get caught up in the dirty ways of the west, i.e. toilet paper. Before reading these below articles, it should be noted that while in AM we appreciate washing with water, we do not 100% support the system outlined below, i.e. a bidet which shoots water from underneath. We prefer to pour water from above. That is better hygiene. When using a bidet, there is the possibility that the dirty water can fall back down into the bidet and get the entire water supply contaminated. To prevent this they have put a new valve on the bidet. Even then the tip of the bidet might get stained by dirty water. So while we espouse the virtues of washing with water over the use of toilet paper, as that is Baba's system, we do not fully agree with the bidet. The purpose of the below articles is to show how in the so-called developed west, they are now moving towards using water and not toilet paper. Anyone using toilet paper is considered to be dirty. Kindly review the three following articles. Namaskar, Mantreshvar
Wiping is Washed Up By Andrew Romano | NEWSWEEK
Deep down, Americans have always known that wiping their rears with dry paper is ineffective; a classic survey showed that half of TP users spend their days with "fecal contamination"—anything from "wasp-colored" stains to "frank massive feces"—in their underpants. And yet we continue to mock the bidet, the Frenchest of innovations, as froufrou, risqué, de trop. But while personal hygiene is one thing, the future of the planet is another. The average American uses 57 sheets of toilet paper a day; collectively, we burn through 36.5 billion rolls each year. Tossing all the TP in America would save 15 million trees, 17.3 terawatts of electricity, and more than 473 billion gallons of water annually; the environmental impact of bidets is minimal in comparison. No wonder the Japanese bidet behemoth Toto is gearing up for a massive sales push in the States. When it's hip to be green, ditching the Charmin could -actually make a difference. And not only in our (dirty) drawers.
Bidet Health Benefits
They have been around for 300 years and the health benefits from using a Bidet are numerous and even if you don’t have health issues, they will keep you clean and help you prevent health problems. The big secret of using a Bidet Toilet Seat is very simple… they keep you clean! Can you imagine only using a dry paper towel and no water to clean your hands? That’s what you’re doing every day when you use toilet paper to clean yourself after going to the bathroom. Water is a very natural way to clean your bottom and most people around the world use a bidet everyday and live a healthier lifestyle. You owe it to yourself to give it a try!
Hemorrhoids And Itching
These horribly painful afflictions are actually veins beneath the rectum and/or surrounding the anus that have become swollen. They often arise when pressure is applied to the rectal area repetitiously. This pressure makes defecating difficult and is what can cause people, especially men, to strain excessively when attempting to pass bowel movements. One is at higher risk for acquiring hemorrhoids if constipated, not consuming enough fiber, pregnant, obese or works at a job that requires continual sitting or standing. Statistics show that nearly 75% of Americans will get them at some point during their lifetime. The best way to relieve the bleeding, itching and pain associated with them is to maintain good hygiene. Once again, the flowing jet stream of warm water from a bidet makes this easy by cleansing the area without aggravating the inflamed tissues. The warm water stream helps reduce swelling of the affected membranes, which reduces irritation and stops bleeding. This can often eliminate the need for suppositories and messy creams that are awkward to apply and often ineffective. Doctors recommend this less invasive form of treatment over using traditional moist pads, as they can sometimes produce an allergic reaction actually exacerbating the problem.
Feminine Hygiene
According to many physicians, feminine cleaning products that contain chemicals such as deodorants and moist cloth towelettes can be potentially harmful by irritating the delicate tissues of the urinary tract and breeding infection. Using pure water from a bidet toilet seat is a much more natural, effective and safe way to achieve cleanliness.
Pregnancy and Postpartum Hygiene
When a woman becomes pregnant, her body’s various systems go on overdrive, especially the ones producing bodily fluids. This is a time when the need for a bidet toilet seat increases ten-fold. Regular flushing with fresh water will keep the expectant mother soothed, cleansed and smelling fresh all throughout her pregnancy.
This affliction is extremely common and no fun for men and women alike. The gentle water jet produced by the bidet toilet seat actually helps stimulate bowel movements by relaxing the sphincter muscles that control the anus. In this way, using the bidet makes relieving oneself a much more pleasant, painless process, especially if the water jet is applied for about 10 seconds prior to defecating. Another handy feature of the bidet seat is its adjustable water pressure setting for when things become extra clogged. Increasing the water pressure, essentially simulating an enema, encourages a more comfortable elimination. Using the bidet on a daily basis teaches the user’s body to relax and relieves constipation by instilling a habit that becomes instinctive. This prevents constant straining which can lead to an extremely uncomfortable hemorrhoids, our next topic.
Elderly and Physically Challenged
As we age, life’s wear and tear on our bodies makes daily tasks more difficult to complete. This reality can cause elderly people to feel incapable and helpless. Installing a bidet toilet seat can restore a sense of independence to the user because it does all the work for them. This can be helpful for physically challenged people as well. The bidet can replace the need to have a person aid them when going to the bathroom, giving the user more mobility and privacy. In turn, this often helps strengthen confidence and build an overall sense of well-being.
Diarrhea and Dysentery
Both of these debilitating ailments have several things in common. They demand frequent trips to the toilet followed by excessive wiping with scratchy toilet paper. The friction created by the toilet paper only increases discomfort, especially for young children. Also the amount of bodily fluids excreted when suffering from diarrhea or dysentery increases, irritating the rectum due to their high acidity. Having cool or warm water spray over the area cleanses these toxic fluids from the body and using the air drying feature afterwards keeps the area dry and prevents infection. In all of these scenarios the bidet provides much needed relief when finding comfort is of utmost importance.
Bidet valve United States Patent 6035458
North American plumbing codes typically require a vacuum breaker, i.e. a pressure relief valve, be installed in the water supply lines to the bidet to obviate reverse siphoning and back-flow of contaminated water from the bidet bowl to the water supply lines.

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