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30 Day Kiirtan By Ranchi: Be Prepared

From: jytoirmaya4Him@horizons...
Date: 16 Nov 2012 18:27:49 -0000
Subject: 30 Day Kiirtan By Ranchi: Be Prepared



As you may have heard, there is going to be a 30-day Vishva Shanti (world peace) kiirtan in Ananda Nagar starting 02 Dec 2012 to quell any and all calamities. That is how they are advertising the program.

"There are fears and rumours that world may face enormous natural calamities at the end of 2012 as per “Mayan” Predictions and also as per scientist’s Pole Shift conception. Hence SEVA’ DHARMA MISSION is organising in ANANDANAGAR Kiirtan Mandap, Pundag, Purulia, W. B., 30 days non stop every day all 24 hours singing the mantra “BA’BA’ NA’M KEVALAM” starting on 2nd December 2012 and will conclude on 1st January 2013." (Ranchi AMPS Team Email)

By the above published statement, there are a few things to be aware about.

1. The 30-day kiirtan has been arranged to save the earth from shattering into pieces etc;
2. The organisers of the kiirtan give way to the Hindu doomsday dogma of pralaya - or destruction of the earth;
3. The organisers of the kiirtan give credence to the "Mayan prophesy" of the end of the world;
4. The organisers of the kiirtan seem to be exploiting public sentiment, by introducing fear and paranoia in order to maximise margii attendance at their kiirtan function.

The above points are quite apparent just by reading their invitation.

Even then that is not all. Behind the scenes something else is happening. First read this excerpt from Baba's story about the kingdom of ghosts.


The chief ghost replied, “My dear brother, have you already forgotten the name of this kingdom? This is the Kingdom of Hypocrisy.”

That evening Tarun Kumar and the chief ghost decided to stay in the leader’s house to observe his behaviour. You must have realized that he was not a man but a ghost, like all the others. His feet were twisted around like any other ghost.

During the evening some visitors arrived at the house to conduct a secret meeting. Before starting they closed their eyes and chanted the name of “bhut” (“ghost”) with deep reverence and then smoked some intoxicating herbs.

The first visitor said, “Sir, the speech you delivered today was truly unique and has created considerable agitation and unrest among the students.”

The second visitor said, “I’ve never heard such a speech before in my entire life. It will certainly ensure your election victory. Moreover, the students will organize your publicity campaign.”

The third visitor said, “I think we should have called the election by now to take advantage of the students’ present sentiments.”

The leader said, “Don’t worry about that. We shall organize a huge procession a few days before the election. After exciting the students with rousing speeches we shall put them with the ladies at the front of the procession. If the police start using force to control the unruly mob, we shall announce that our opponents have killed women. And even if the ladies flee away in fear of the police, all those students who were roused by my speech will remain. They will surely not run away. If one or two students die at the hands of the police, we shall raise the slogan that the police have killed innocent students. This slogan will help our work; the students will labour heartily for our cause.”

Tarun said to the chief ghost, “Friend, what are all these terrible things I’m hearing?”

The chief ghost replied, “There’s no need to be so alarmed. Always remember the name of this kingdom, brother, always keep it in mind.”

“We couldn’t even imagine such atrocities in our Kingdom of Light,” said Tarun. “By the way, those leader ghosts also have sons and daughters. Won’t they also be killed by the bullets?”

“Don’t you know,” said the chief ghost, “that those with children studying in schools and colleges would never excite the students in such a way. And even if they did, they would keep them safely at home.”

Tarun muttered, “Oh, I see...” (Under the Fathomless Depths of the Blue Sea)


Ranchi wanted to have their DMS at Ananda Nagar on Dec 30, 31, & Jan 1.

But the local government administration ruled that there will be two sets of dates for winter DMS: (a) Dec 28 - 30, and (b) Jan 1 - 3. It was further ruled that no one will use Dec 31. That will be a day of transition.

The Ranchi group countered that if they are not awarded Dec 30 - Jan 1, there will be a civil problem and public unrest. The local governmental administration told that, "If so, we will be ready to tackle the situation."

All along B group has chosen Jan 1 - 3, 2013 for their DMS.

Seeing that the Ranchi organised kiirtan ends on 01 January 2013, there is bound to be overlap between the two factions. Not only that, insiders say that the Ranchi faction is hoping there will be fighting with the Kolkata faction. Some top Ranchi dadas have strategized that it would be good for their cause if a few margiis are killed in the clash with B group. Ranchi organisers think that will sway the situation in their favour.

How then is Ranchi's approach different from that of the ghosts in the kingdom of darkness? The ghosts hope for some innocent students to be killed by the police as that will aide their cause. Similarly, Ranchi is plotting that if a few margiis are killed at the hands of B group (or the police) then that will bring things in their favour. See then how Ranchi's outlook is a mirror image of what those ghosts planned in the kingdom of darkness.


Here none should think that B group is wholly innocent. Who can forget how B group cadres mercilessly murdered and attacked our own avadhutas on the fateful afternoon in Ananda Nagar on 18 September 2003 at 5:30pm.

That was the horrific and unforgettable moment when Ac. Abhipremananda Avt was murdered by Kolkata group workers. Not only did B group cadres murder Ac Abhipremananda in cold blood with lathis & sticks, but they also brutally beat many unarmed dadas, who were just attending to their normal duties at the time.

Here are the names of those who were badly beaten and tortured in that attack by B group.

Ac. Shyamananda Avt.: is paralysed; Ac. Raganugananda Avt.: lost one eye; Ac. Jyotiprakashananda Avt.: both arms and legs broken;
Ac. Susmitananda Avt.: broken arms and legs; Ac. Dayashekharananda Avt., Ac. Ciradiipananda Avt., Ac. Punyadhiishananda Avt., Ac. Raghavananda Avt.: multiple fractures.

Some of these dadas were so petrified and terrified that they literally jumped out of the building to "save" themselves. There was blood and screaming going on as B group dadas savagely stormed the building and carried out their ruthless attack.

Once again, this incident took place on 18 September 2003 at 5:30 pm at Ananda Marga Institute of Technology (AMIT) in Ananda Nagar. These below listed persons are considered to have been involved in that crime:

Dada Mahidevananda, Dada Devapranananda, Dada Krtamayananda, Dada Krteshananda, Dada Mahidevananda, Dada Mayatiitananda,  Dada
Satyasvarupananda, Dada Sucirananda, Dada Sunandananda, Dada Sureshananda, Dada Raviishananda, Dada Tapasnigdhananda, Dada Vasudevananda, and Dada Viitamohananda.

None should think that such a ghastly scene could never be repeated. At present, Ac Vratiishvarananda is a B group in-charge. This dada is a hardened criminal and has a brutal history of attacks and killings. With him as an in-charge, a murder could easily be carried out at the coming winter DMS in Ananda Nagar. Do not forget that this dada is a long-time offender and was VSS chief during the 1995 Arms Drop. So he knows what to do and how to do it - should he wish to authorise an attack.


Everyone should be aware of the situation ahead of time. There should not be any loss of life and this group clash must be resolved - permanently. One should not fall prey to any fear tactics nor group sentiment.

Baba says, "The various differences which split society must be removed in the interest of collective welfare. In order to do that, one must look for the common link, the points of affinity, in the multifarious lifestyles and diverse expressions of life. The points of affinity have got to be encouraged by all means and the differences must be discouraged. If the various differences such as customs, manners, food, dress, language etc. are given undue importance, the clashes and conflicts will increase. And if those differences are made to unite forcibly, that involves risk. That’s why we will have to adopt a positive approach rather than a negative one. Thus, our policy should be, “Aspects of unity should be encouraged and aspects of disunity should be discouraged.” If this principle is strictly followed there will be an increase in human unity and a corresponding decrease in the degree of disunity. I have already said that no difference lasts long. So if the aspects of disunity are discouraged, the human society will gradually find a universally acceptable link through mutual association and attraction. One should always remember that in the interest of social welfare and unity, fissiparous tendencies should never be encouraged." (A Few Problems Solved - 2, Human Society Is One and Indivisible – 2)

So we should encourage points of unity and not give way to factional interest. As we all know, unity in Ananda Marga means ideological unity, nothing else.

Baba says, "Human unity is purely an ideological unity, which means unity in the psychic sphere. Where there is psychic unity, physical unity will also occur. In the realm of unity, unity is always psychic – ideological unity means unity in the subtlest level of the mind. However, psychic or ideological unity may be affected if we encourage the exploitation of one group by another. So to avoid this there should not be any scope for exploitation in society. And to ensure this we have to start a new order to safeguard the interests of the exploited masses." (Prout Nutshell - 15, Talks on Prout)

Jyotirmaya Deva


Baba says, "Some philosophers, quoting the scriptures, say that a day of final doom will darken the Earth when the dead will rise from the grave. Others predict that a doomsday (pralayá in Saḿskrta – “pra” means “complete” and thus pralaya means “complete destruction”) will obliterate all forms of life. One should laugh at such illogical doctrines. According to Ánanda Márga philosophy, this doomsday or pralaya will never occur. On the one hand, the flow of creation will continue and on the other, there will be jadasphota [gradual or instantaneous disintegration]. There will never be a complete thermal death. of the universe. Thus, predictions of an imminent doomsday should be of no concern to you. It is nonsense; pralaya will never occur." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 7, The Divine Drama)


"Tumi saba'r pra'n'era priyo, toma'r na'hi tulana'..." (PS 905)


Baba, You are so gracious: You are the dearest One of everyone's heart. Baba,  You Yourself have no comparison; Your divine love has no parallel. Baba, Your grace knows no logic or reasoning. You do not differentiate between the virtuous and the sinners; You do not consider the righteous from the wrongdoers. Baba, You shower Your grace equally on one and all. Baba, You love each and every being of this expressed universe; You pour Your infinite compassion on all. Baba, Your unending grace is causeless.

Baba, You are so sweet. You are hiding in the depths of everyone's mind - everyone's heart. By Your cosmic grace, whatever is best to be done for others You do. You take care of everything for everyone. Baba, You have given everything without anyone even asking. Baba, still today You are constantly drenching everyone with Your divine inspiration so they can move on the path of divinity-- on the path towards You.

Baba, in the sky of my heart You are ever sparkling; Baba, You are the hope of effulgence in my hopeless heart. You fill my entire being with Your sweet smile. Baba, on the path of this journey towards divinity You go on pouring the white, brilliant effulgence of Your divine grace and upon all You ceaselessly shower Your blessing-- Your varabhaya mudra.

Baba You are Kalyansundaram...

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