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Dhya'na: Fearful to Fearless

Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 12:17:48 -0000 To: Subject: Dhya'na: Fearful to Fearless From: RB_MAURYA@ecectronic... Baba "Ba'ndhan chinr'e beriye elum kave keno ke ja'ne..." (PS 3526) Purport: Baba, by Your grace You have done everything. You have shattered all my bondages, brought me out of that magical net of maya, and lifted me up onto Your divine lap. Amazingly, You released me from the otherwise insurmountable grip of maya. Baba, it is impossible for me to understand exactly how You did it. But by Your grace, You have smashed all the bondages and brought me out. You graced me and attracted my entire mental flow towards You so I did not get pulled towards the magical allurement of avidya maya. Baba this is Your causeless grace on me. How it happened I do not know-- but now, by Your infinite compassion I am in Your eternal shelter. Baba, the moment You brought me under Your shelter and made me deeply attracted towards You, then from that very time You became my everything. After that no longer did I did pay heed to any obstacles-- or any crude worldly attraction. Instead by Your grace I moved swiftly towards You. By seeing this situation, some concluded that I was imbalanced, mad, and crazy. In their own way they tried to pull me back into their negative way of living. But by Your divine attraction I did not pay any heed to their call; nor did I get affected by the useless comments of those ignorant people. Baba, by Your grace now I am safe under Your shelter. Baba, by Your Supreme direction You have taught me what is important in this life. By Your fathomless grace, You changed my mind: by Your grace You have made me a member of Hari Pari Mandal*. You graced me and showed me how to offer my entire unit being at Your alter. In this magnificent display, You brought me under Your divine shelter and I got You. Baba, by Your grace, You made all those crude desires drift away from my mind and by Your grace now I am blissfully floating in the high tide of Your eternal form of divinity. Baba, each second of my life is like a divine oblation-- giving the flowers of my heart and mind. Each and every moment I am offering everything to You in the form of Guru Puja. Baba, by Your grace my whole existence surrenders at Your lotus feet... * Hari Pari Mandal= Literally means 'circle of devotees'. In the deeper sense it is that highly devotional state of mind where all one's longing and desires are racing towards His Supreme Self, towards Baba. When by His grace one has accepted Parama Purusa as the only Goal of their life then each and everything they do is done to please Him. In that blissful atmosphere, the bhakta is just closely revolving around His Cosmic Nucleus-- not at all distracted by anything else in this created universe. So when one is in that deeply devotional flow of Hari Pari Mandal by Baba's grace they are totally ensconced in Him and moving in His divine flow.
Namaskar, In many places Baba guides us that that dhya'na is our highest practice which has no comparison. Baba says, "Dhyana is the unbroken flow of the mind-stuff, or citta, in one continuous stream, like the flow of oil, where all the propensities of the mind are fixed on the Goal." (CC-1, pg 11) Baba says, "Dhya'na yoga which elevates human beings through constant self-analysis, obliterates the very existence of the non-spiritual, and expedites one's elevation into the supreme spiritual stance." (MVNS, p.92-3) By these sadhana teachings it is clear that dhya'na is that distinct practice which leads us unto Him.
In this following passage Baba vividly tells us that sadhana-- dhya'na- is the process of yojana't-- whereby we move from the stage of fearful love to fearless love for Him. Baba says, "Yojana means unicity with Him. The final goal of a Sa'dhaka is to become one with Him....The spirit of sa'dhana' is to get oneself unified with the hub of this universal wheel, not united but unified." "Now this sa'dhana' which is sa'dhana' for complete merger, for unification, starts with fearful love. Love must be there. Unless and until there is love, there can not be unification. So love must be there but it starts with fearful love and ends in fearless love : and the space between fearful love and fearless love is the space of sa'dhana'. What is sa'dhana'? Sadhana' is transformation of fearful love into fearless love." "When this attraction is for any non-integral entity, or for any small entity this is called ka'ma. When that attraction is for that integral entity, and the integral entity is only one and that one is Parama Purus'a -- it is called Prema." "Yojana't starts with fearful love and ends in fearless love and the process of transformation of fearful love into fearless love is called sa'dhana' (Intuitional Practice)." "Sa'dhana' starts with fearful love:..One name of God is Bhiis'an'a because everybody is afraid of Him. Everybody starts their sa'dhana' with fearful love but that sa'dhana' ends in fearless love -because unless and until one becomes fearless one cannot become one with Him." (SS-18; Salem, Madras, D.M.C. 9-12-64) Namaskar, Rambabu
****************************************** For those who are soon-to-be mother:
Parama Purusa BABA says, "Foods which are highly acidic, such as acidic citrus fruits, overripe pineapples, overripe jam, cottonseed flour and spicy pickles, should be carefully avoided as they may harm the fetus." (SC-20)

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