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Dada Sarvatmanandji's Sickness




Please see this following report:

Acarya Sarvatmananda Avt was delivering a speech and after a few minutes, he unexpectedly collapsed on the mic stand. He fell forward on the mic like a cut tree. Dadaji was lying unconscious. He was brought to his senses after sprinkling some water and giving him massage, etc. He was served glucose. He could not drink on his own. He was unable to stand on his own. He was then sent to the hospital for further treatment.

It looks like the era of Ac Sarvatmanandji is over. He is now clearly not involved in any present decision of Kolkata group. His memory power is now weak. He is now unable to recall many incidents that happened with Baba.

This is very bad news - it is painful to hear. We are saddened to learn of Ac Sarvatmanandji's fragile state of health. We hope that he will be cured fully and regain his health. Our deepest sympathies.

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