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Beneficial for All

Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2012 20:16:52 -0000
From: Umesh
Subject: Beneficial for All


PS: In this below song, Prabhat Samgiita #2684, Baba is talking about the song of omnkara (muralii dhvani) and how the whole universe is filled with this divine music.

"Ga'ne bhara' ei vasudha'y kon aja'na'y man bhese ja'y..." (PS 2684)


Baba, by Your Cosmic grace, this whole universe is resonating in Your divine song - the sound of omnkara. Because of Your infinite charm, my mind is floating in one unknown divine land. Baba, I am completely ensconced in Your divine flow, by Your grace. Because of Your divine attraction, my mind does not pay heed to any crude, worldly allurements. Baba, because of Your divine call I am not enamoured by the fleeting pleasures of this mundane world. By Your grace, my entire being is rushing headlong in an uncontrolled manner towards Your divine Self. [1]

Baba, from the divine land -from Your Supreme Stance, the cosmic trumpet sounds; it is calling me. Baba, due to Your divine love and attraction my heart is restless. Because of the sonorous music of Your eternal omnkara, everyone's heart is throbbing with ecstasy. O' my Dearmost, due to Your divine sound everyone has forgotten their differences. Now, all are moving forward in unison in the spirit of samgacchadhvam towards that One goal: Parama Purusa. Baba due to Your infinite compassion, everyone is deeply concerned with the welfare of one and all.

Baba, because of the divine resonance of Your muralii dhvani, I am ensconced in Your love. My mind has forgotten about all worldly losses and gains; they have become immaterial. Today, by Your grace, my mind only likes to rush after You - the Divine Entity, the sweetest One. With the resonance of Your song, the divine feeling is permeating all around; it benevolently tells me what I should do and what I should think. O' Baba, from morning till night and from birth to death, Your divine sound guides me each and every moment. Baba, because of Your eternal song, with Your blessing, You are showering Your causeless grace and pulling me towards You. Baba, You are doing everything...


[1] In these below quotes Baba is describing how a sadhaka gets pulled headlong towards Him once they hear that divine sound. It is all due to the grace of the Supreme.
Baba says, "The spiritual aspirant hears the various sounds of onm'ka'ra or pran'ava At various stages, during deep sa'dhana', during sweet sa'dhana'. The sound is called Krs'n'a's muraliidhvani. The sa'dhaka becomes mad because of this sound and goes deeper and attains Ra'dha' bha'va more and more, and rushes headlong forward."

Chot'e ye jan ba'nshiir t'a'ne
Se ki ta'ka'y pather pa'ne?

"At that time one does not think at all about what people will say. One knows only that 'I and my Is't'a exist'." (DKG, 15 January 1980, Kolkata)

Baba says, "Thus human beings advanced and moved on. How do people progress? They progress according to the vibrational waves and inspiration emanating from the mind of the Boundless Entity, and this reaches the inner cores of their minds and souls. These billowing waves drive the jiivas [living beings] forward and bring them into close proximity to the Boundless Entity. That is to say, the music emanating from Krs'n'a's flute shook the minds of the sa'dhakas, causing them to echo and vibrate 'The way He is calling me I am to move accordingly'. This state of mind is one of the sweetest states, the madhura gun'a [sweet quality] of prapattiva'da. 'I am rushing ahead due to the sweet call of His flute and entering into His sweet and blissful environment'." (Namami Krsnasundaram, Disc: 4)



Baba says, "There are people who avoid intuitional practice (sa'dhana') for fear of giving up all the pleasures and enjoyments of the world. This fear deters them from pursuing intuitional practice, although their fear has no logical basis. It was explained earlier that the objects of earthly enjoyment are created under the influence of the static principle of prakrti, and one regards them as real due to the dominance of avidya'ma'ya', which also makes people enjoy these earthly objects. Intuitional practice gradually reduces the dominance of Avidya'ma'ya', and then the mind is also diverted towards subtle things. Crude worldly pleasures and enjoyments lose their attraction. The longing for worldly objects (ka'ma), the attraction for them (moha), and avarice (lobha) -- the three principles of avidya'ma'ya' -- make these seem desirable, but with the waning of the influence of these three, the mind will no longer desire them. Ordinarily the mind delights in the enjoyment of worldly pleasures and regards giving them up a torture, but when the mind no longer likes them, the question of giving them up does not arise. At that time the mind will try to run away from them, and feels relieved to be without them, instead of being tormented by their absence..."

"On careful analysis, the fears that hold one back from practising sa'dhana' appear to be without any foundation. To avoid intuitional practice (sa'dhana'), which is the fundamental duty of everyone, out of baseless fear, only shows one's ignorance. It is, therefore, urged that no one avoid sa'dhana' out of unfounded fears, but rather through sa'dhana' realize themselves and know themselves as the Infinite Supreme Entity." (Ananda Marga Elementary Philosophy, '98 Edn, p. 132-134)


Re: Dharmic Warning to PP Dada #2

Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2012 09:32:54
From: "Krpamaya" kpmaya@forensics...
Subject: Re: Dharmic Warning to PP Dada #2



~ Part 2 ~

(Note: This is the second letter in this series; a link to the first letter is appended below. - Eds)


Baba says, "You are to attend Dharmacakra weekly. These are all codes of discipline as prescribed by Bhágavata Dharma. You must follow these codes. There cannot be any concession in this respect, rather concession is dangerous...One may be a king or may be a very poor man, but the code of dharma is equally applicable to all. In this matter, nobody can claim any special concession or favour." (Subhasita Samgraha - 24, Jaeva Dharma and Bhágavata Dharma)

"Sadly, due to not following the dharmic code of attending dharmacakra, PP Dada fell. Since his demise, Shraddhanandji has certainly been facing negative pratisaincara - that is Baba's warning: If you do not follow dharmic principles like attending dharmacakra, then you are not going to get human life, let alone mukti or moksa.

So the tragedy is that now Shraddhananda must have been reborn as an animal. Emotionally, we may not like to think and talk in this manner, but prakrti does not care about our emotions. Prakrti follows the rule made by Parama Purusa. Whether we like to consider it or not, but Shraddhananda must have been reborn as an animal. Today, he must be struggling for survival in the animal kingdom. Why? Because on points of dharma there must not be any compromise or concession, yet PP made concessions and departed from the code of dharma by not attending dharmacakra."

You have raised a very, very important point. I think that Rudrananda and Sarvatmananda will face the same consequences because they misled PP into not following dharma. I do not know why you ignored their fate. Prakrti will not spare them.

What Sarvatmananda and Rudrananda did is both papa (i.e. doing wrong or sin of commission) and pratyavaya (i.e. not doing what one should do, or sin of omission). They should have guided PP to follow dharma but instead they misguided him into following so many dogmas. They led PP down the wrong track and failed to show him the right path.

It is entirely possible that Rudrananda and Sarvatmanadna thought that by this way PP should fall into the depths of negative pratisaincara.

Whatever may be, it is quite evident that both Rudrananda and Sarvatmananda have buried themselves in negative samskaras. They will face the grave consequences in their next life. They will be reborn as lower creatures for pulling PP & others off the dharmic path and misleading them onto the depraved path. Plus they created nasty dogmas.

Such is the unfortunate - yet inevitable - fate of Rudrananda and Sarvatmananda. Any rational margii who thinks in an unbiased manner will easily reach this conclusion.



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