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Cremation of PP Dada

Subject: Cremation of PP dada From: Date:10/17/2008 04:10 AM To: AM-GLOBAL Namaskar, Cremation of Rev PP dada is over. He has been cremated at Ananda Sheela (Near Ranchi). GS dada Dhruvananda lit the pyre at 11.42 am. As per earlier decision, he was to be cremated in Ananda Nagar. Due to some unavoidable reason, they changed the decision at 4 pm yesterday and decided to do it at Ananda Sheela. Many margiis from Bihar, Jharkhand, etc arrived there to attend the cremation. Many WT from Kolkata group and Unity group also attended the cremation of our Rev PP dada. It has been decided that Shraddhanusthana (Death ceremony) will be held on 19th October in Ranchi. It is expected to select new PP on 19th October after "Death ceremony" in Ranchi. In Him

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