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Day When Baba Saved the Universe

Date: 11 Feb 2008 23:34:04 -0000 From: "Satyanarayan Mishra" To: Subject: Day When Baba Saved the Universe Baba "Tumi sudha'taraunge khelicho raunge saba'r saunge niyato..." (PS 700) Purport: Baba, You have been playing Your divine game since eternity. It is filled with the vibration of colour and nectar. You are playing with one and all. You never get tired; You never stop; You go on working day and night. Your liila is eternal. Even when there was no creation, no planets, stars or galaxies, and also there was no existence of the vast sky, that time there was nothing. In that great void since eternity You were ever-present, remaining alone. Even before and prior to the beginning of the creation You were there, emanating with Your divine vibration. Baba Your liila cannot be expressed in words and language. Since eternity You have been present and You will remain forever. You are the Nucleus of this whole cosmic cycle...
Namaskar, This story is about the "Niila Kantha". It is a famous and important story of deep significance for all Ananda Margiis. And this has been written about in numerous places. And the main theme is the meaning behind the name-- "Niila Kantha". Hence, how has the name come. Why do we call Baba as a "Niila Kantha". What is the meaning, and how did it happen.
There is a reason behind the name, calling this 12th February as a Niilakantha Divas. The reason behind that very day as an event, is well known. As this was the day Baba Himself swallowed the poison while in jail. But there is also a reason behind the term "Niila Kantha". Why the name Niila Kantha? That, some persons may not know. Niila Kantha is a Samskrta term. "Niila" means blue; "Kantha" means throat. This is the literal meaning of Niila Kantha: Blue throat. And divas means day. So the entire meaning of Niila Kantha Divas is "blue throat day".
There is one mythological story related with this term "Niila Kantha". To save the society from the poisonous effect of deadly poison or "Kal Ku't'", Lord Shiva Himself swallowed, that entire poison. In that mythological story, the churning of the ocean was arranged. The ocean took the form of a bowl or mortar, as from 'mortar and pestle'. And in the ocean one big mountain was placed as pestle, to churn the ocean. And the mythological cobra Shes' Na'g, was tied as a rope around the mountain. On one side of the mountain a party of demons were holding one end of the rope-like cobra. And on the other side of the mountain a party of devatas were holding the other end of the cobra. --With which to move the mountain back and forth. These two parties were involved by that way in using the mountain to churn the ocean. And then various things emerged from the ocean in the course of churning. One of them was, the deadly poison "Kal Kut'". And it was so deadly, if it would have remained there. Then with its natural spreading quality it would have spread all around. And destroyed everything. So to save the society, Lord Shiva swallowed that. Although we don't believe on these mythological stories. But there is one teaching behind this story. For that reason, I wrote this. And the teaching is that, to save the society, Lord Shiva swallowed the poison and controlled and digested it. So this is one great thing. Wherein serving the society even by swallowing poison, this type of meaning is expressed in this mythological story. Because of all this inner meaning, Baba chose the term "Niila Kantha". And He declared 12th February as a "Niila Kantha Divas". There is a literal meaning and an inner meaning. The literal meaning is blue throat day. The real inner meaning is, 'digesting poison to save humanity day'.
Here I will add something further in connection with the story about Lord Shiva. For that lends also deeper understanding about what occurred with Baba. Seeing the situation with the deadly poison, Lord Shiva took it upon Himself to swallow it. Otherwise, that very 'vish' (poison, or "Kal Ku't'") would have annihilated a huge population. So Lord Shiva saved the society by swallowing poison. He swallowed it and with His divine play, the poison remained in Lord Shiva's throat permanently. And with its effect, the poison created a blue mark all around Lord Shiva's neck. So permanently His neck became blue. And yet it did not affect anything more than that, on the body of Lord Shiva. So that's why one of the names of Lord Shiva is "Niila Kantha". --Blue throat. So this was the greatness of Lord Shiva that He swallowed the deadly poison, with the only purpose to save the society from the disastrous effect of that deadly poison, "Kal Ku't'". Saving the society was the only motive. Nothing else.
A similar thing happened, with Baba. We know that Taraka Brahma, when He descends on this earth as Mahasambhuti. Superficially it looks like He is human, but in reality, it is not. Because Mahasambhuti cannot be just one human being, which is full of shortcomings and limitations. So Mahasambhuti is capable to do anything which He likes. So it is with Baba. To save the society from the disastrous effect of much deadly poison or many deadly and destructive weapons He Himself knowingly, deliberately swallowed the poison. --To save the humanity from the deadly effect of the poison of the society. And that is what happened symbolically in the jail. While AMPS was not banned, most of the WTs and Margis were outside the jail. Then Baba took upon Himself the trouble of the entire organization. And not only that, the entire society.
Not only demon Indira Gandhi, but all demonic political groups like communists. Those who were spreading their claws to grip the entire society in their hold. Like serpents, they do. Because communism was most ghastly in those days. So these demonic leaders' full attention turned towards Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii. By that way, they gave poison in the jail. And Baba swallowed that.
If Baba would not have done so, Indira Gandhi and communist Russia would have done more ghastly things and killings. To Ananda Margii and general society both. And they would have wreaked disaster on the earth. But because Baba eliminated their negative plan. So everything was controlled and everyone was saved. And the outcome we see as later on, everyone saw that Indira Gandhi also declared martial law in India. And that was not as ghastly as it would have been. AMPS got banned. But those who are aware about Baba's divine play, they know this truth that if Baba would not have taken the poison, then Indira Gandhi would have brought more disaster on the country. Or communists would have destroyed many more things in the entire globe. And Indira Gandhi would have poisoned or killed many WTs and Margis. But she could not do anything. Rather every one of us, those who were in jail, they saw that Baba controlled the situation. And jail was very comfortable in many regards. He changed thorns, turned into flowers. All trouble He took on Himself. And digested everything. To save us. So those who do not have deeper understanding, they think that Baba was poisoned in the jail, etc. And those who know the inner truth, and Baba's way of playing His divine play, they know that by swallowing poison, He saved the entire society from the deadly effect of various negative things. These things while remaining in jail, Baba disclosed to many devotees. He revealed the truth. On that very basis, I wrote here the above section related with poisoning and saving the society.
So this "Niila Kantha" term and "Niilakantha Divas", has deep meaning behind that. And as we know that "Niila Kantha" means blue throat. And the 'blue throat' appeared because of swallowing the poison. And this name Niila Kantha was related with Lord Shiva. And a similar thing happened with Lord Anandamurtiji. That's why one of the names of Lord Anandamurtiji is also Niila Kantha. Means, on 12 February day, since then Baba became "Niila Kantha". He swallowed the poison, and saved the earth. Namaskar, Vidyasagar
Reverence should be given to Guru. In so many places Baba in His teaching says, "...Trtiiyam' Gurupu'janam". This third point of success is 'reverence to Guru'. That's why we don't shake hands with Guru or do just simple Namaskar. Or not even pranam by touching feet. But rather, disciples always give very high, heartfelt reverence by doing sastaunga pranam. That means, such type of reverence which cannot be given to anyone else. Sastaunga pranam is only for Guru, and Guru alone. No one else. So we can see that how much greatness, Guru has. That's why we see in Caryacarya 2nd part, the beginning point, Baba has given very meaningful teaching. That is of one unparalleled type, related with Guru. Please see-- Baba says, "The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma (Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living beings-- That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has revealed Brahmavidya (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the name and form of Anandamurtijii. Unit beings must be made to appreciate Its majesty." (CC II p.1) [point 1a] And in Ananda Sutram, one sutra Baba has given:
3-9 "Brahmaeva gururekah na'parah"
That means, Guru is Brahma. He is everything.
*************************************** Where are we?
Baba says, "For the self-centered there is no place for feelings of mercy, sympathy or camaraderie. The railway stations and market places are full of half-clad beggars and lepers desperately stretching out their begging bowls, earning their livelihood in the only way they know. They are fortunate if anyone contemptuously flings them a copper coin. The old blind beggars sitting all day long on the steps of a bridge automatically lift their bowls whenever anyone walks past. But their hungry pleas fall on deaf ears. On the other side of society, sumptuous dishes are being prepared to entertain the rich dignitaries. These contrasts expose the hypocrisy of the present society." (PNS-7, p. 56) Note: Unfortunately a similar disparity is also continuing in our AM. When so-called "big Dadas" visit then their subordinates-- post holding margiis & Wts-- hover around to please and gratify them. But on the other side there are countless cases of very poor Wts, yet rarely does anyone ask about their welfare and needs, even in their sickness and destitute condition. Indeed, there are innumerable examples around the globe where such WTs died without proper care. ***************************************

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