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In-Born Instinct of Humans

Date: 01 Jun 2012 22:36:21 -0000
From: "Gurmurti Deva"
Subject: In-Born Instinct of Humans


"A'ndhar hiya'y tumi a'lo, na'sho ka'lo..." (PS 2655)


Baba, You are Love Personified; You are ever-gracious. You are the divine effulgence of the dark heart. You are the sweetness in my dry heart; You are the bliss of the sunken heart. With Your infinite compassion You obliterate all darkness [1]. Baba, You make everyone's heart enlightened with devotion. The heart which is like the dry, barren desert, by Your grace You make that heart luscious and green by pouring the nectar and fragrance of devotion. You are ever-gracious. Baba, You can do anything and everything. By Your causeless grace, You have made the dry heart overflowing with devotion and love for You.  

Baba, everything takes shelter under Your divine umbrella. To the creeper vine that is dried up, You provide them Your sweet, loving touch. And to the young flower buds that withered and fell to the ground, You shower them with Your soothing balm. And to all those plants and vegetation who lost their beauty due to the burning heat, You grace them with a cool, refreshing breeze. With Your infinite love, You relieve everyone of their troubles and agonies with Your blissful presence. And to those who have lost all their hope in life and have no language to express their pain, You are their closest Companion and the nearest and dearest One of their heart. To those who have no stamina to move ahead and are just depressed and downtrodden, by Your grace, You fill their entire existence with Your divine nectar. Baba, You are the well-wisher and Companion of all; You help everyone in their hour of need by showering them with Your divine compassion.
Baba, You are the most Merciful One. Even the degenerated and degraded sinners, pa'takiis and maha'pa'takiis [2] seek Your grace. Because they know that You will save them. That is why not just devotees but sinners also run towards You. Everyone takes shelter in You. Baba, You do not hate anyone - You love all, even the terrible sinners. Baba, knowingly or unknowingly all run towards You. In the core of their heart all are seeking You - Your infinite bliss. The way in which the honey bee comes to the flower with the hope of getting honey, in the same manner all sadhakas come to You. Baba, You are the Sweetest of the sweet and the abode of all happiness and eternal bliss. O' my dearmost, You are the Greatest of the great.
O' Baba, ever adorable One, I do sastuanga pranam to You infinite times. Please shower a wee-bit of Your grace on me...


[1] Na'sho ka'lo: Na'sho literally means vanish or destroy and ka'lo means darkness. Thus Baba destroys or wipes away all the darkness. This is very similar to what is expressed in the second stanza of our Guru Puja mantra where Guru removes all the black stains (ainjana) from the sadhaka's mind by applying the ointment of spiritual realisation.

Ajina'natimira'ndhasya jina'nainjana shala'kaya'

Baba says, "You know that an eye ointment is applied with a stick (shala'ka' means 'stick'). Now, all the microcosms are parts of that Noumenal Entity, all are actually parts and particles of that Supreme Entity, but due to ignorance, due to the darkness of ignorance, they cannot see what is what and which is which. That is why they require the ointment of spiritual knowledge. Guru (with a stick) applies the ointment of spiritual knowledge to their eyes." (Ananda Vacanamrtam-3)

[2] Maha'pa'takis: Here below Baba describes the various types of sinners including the maha'pa'takis - the worst type of sinners.

Baba says, "What is pa'pa? That which should not be done, if done, is called "pa'pa". That which should be done, if not done, is called "pratyava'ya." The collective name of pa'pa and pratyava'ya is "pa'taka." The sins committed by a pa'takii are not of very serious nature. The redemption of a pa´takii is possible if one, forgetting whatever has been done, takes to the path of spirituality. The second form of a pa'takii is atipa'takii. This is one who has done permanent physical or mental damage to a particular person. Then the third type is maha'pa'takii. The sins committed by a maha'pa'takii are of recurring nature. The best course for an atipa'takii is to sacrifice his individual pleasure and involve himself in the welfare of humanity. But of course the mahapa'takii has to sacrifice his life for the welfare of mankind. In addition to that, he will have to do something which will be of permanent benefit for human beings." (Ananda Vacanmrtam - 1)



Baba says, "Parama Purusa will be pleased when you serve His creation. Human beings understand this. For that reason, serving others is an inborn instinct of all human beings. And this service to others includes not only human beings but also plants, animals, and the rest of creation. That is, bhuta yajina, pitr yajina, and nr yajina are to be performed. Those who have this feeling are in the real sense of the term human beings. (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 3, p.58)

1. The above paragraph was poor translated by the Publications Department. The discourse was originally given in Hindi but the English translation does not carry the full idea of the original discourse. For example, the sentence - "Human beings understand this" - is totally missing from the English edition.

2. In today's materialistic societies, 'selfishness' not 'service' is the theme of the day. People are only running after their selfish pleasures and in the name of service they are actually doing business. That is why their minds are contracting and they feel huge tension and fear in their lives.

3. If such persons follow Baba's above guideline then they will become happy, healthy human beings. Because service is a natural component of human life.

4. However, in materialistic countries, people rarely do service. And when they do engage in "philanthropic actions", it is done with such pomp and show that it is evident that people are doing this just for their own name and fame. Some do this overtly and others in a more discreet fashion. Regardless, when the motivating factor is selfish pleasure, there is not an iota of service motive in this approach. And the moment they fail to feel self-satisfaction from their so-called service, they will discontinue their work.

5. So this type of selfish approach is totally against one's basic human characteristics. It is a against bhagavata dharma since the third aspect of bhagavata dharma is 'seva' or service. So those who fail to serve others should be careful as they are going against their innate human quality. In which case dharma will not spare them.

6. Some people are of the opinion that animals can to great service. In truth, however, Baba guides us that animals have no capacity to serve others. They are just guided by their own basic instincts. Thus horses, dogs, camels, and bullocks etc have no inherent ability to serve. They just do for themselves. It is only that human beings have forced and guided such animals to aid humans. Otherwise on their own animals have no such feeling. For example, a mother dog will feed her puppies out of her own motherly instinct. But as soon as those puppies grow old then that mother will fight with those dogs over food.

7. Thus only human beings have the inherent characteristic to serve others. Only humans have the requisite compassion to feel others' pains and difficulties and offer a helping hand in order to solve those problems. This is the uniqueness of the human heart and the greatness of the human character: Born with the desire to help others. That is our human dharma.

Gurumurti Deva


Re: Read & Laugh

Subject: Re: Read & Laugh
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2012 13:48:33 +0530
From: tr sukul


== Re: READ & LAUGH ==

The humorous questionnaire (below) forces one to think why this tragic state of affairs is unfolding in AM. In "Namah Shivay Shantay",  Rev. BABA has clearly explained that 300 years after the death of Lord Buddha his followers divided into two and then three branches to satisfy their worldly pleasure (name, fame, prestige, post, power etc).

Baba says, "Buddhism, three hundred years after the death of Buddha, was clearly divided into two groups, (1) Mahásaḿghik, and (2) Sthavirvádii or Theravádii. Some time afterwards one more branch, [3] Sammitiiya, was created, but it did not last long." (Namah Shivaya Shantaya, The Pervasive Influence of Shiva (Discourse 4))

Similar was the case with the of followers of various religions - what to say of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva.

The philosophy of AM is totally unique and new, firmly based on Samgacchadhvam - the mantra of the Rk veda. Rev. Gurudev has proven Himself as the personification of His perfect philosophy.

So, in my opinion, those whose goal is to attain Baba have firm faith that He is watching them every moment and therefore His strong philosophy will tightly attach them with Him.

Whereas those whose desire is worldly pleasure - power, name and fame etc - will certainly quarrel with each other and break up the structure into various groups based on different selfish sentiments.

Since sentiments are always changing from one person to the next, the various groups will also suffer changes according to time, space, and person, and finally come to prove their hypocrisy.

Let Baba remove their ignorance of avidya maya and bring about their mental purification; then and only then will they return back to the true treasure of Ananda Marga ideology.

Namaskar ,
Dr TR Shukla

On 05/28/2012 08:18 AM, AM-GLOBAL wrote:
Respected Readers,

Namaskar. The following Ananda Marga Questionnaire comes to us by way of Shrii Amrit Laloo - a longtime and dedicated Ananda Margii.
AM-GLOBAL Moderators

ANANDA MARGA QUESTIONAIRE - Read on! If you find the questionnaire funny, laugh out loud. If not, laugh anyway.
Several possible options are given to the questions below. Choose the option/s that you think are the correct one/s.

Who is the boss ? At present there are 2 PPs.  Which of the two PPs, Calcutta or Ranchi PP, was elected  / selected in accordance with the Caryacarya guidelines given by Baba ?
a) Ranchi PP
b) Calcutta PP
c) Who’s the boss ?

How many AM factions have come into being after 1990?
a)      two
b)      three
c)       too many to count

As per Neo-Humanism, which  is now the new super race ?
a) Bengalii
b) Hindii
c) German
d) Neo-humanism- what is this ?

 It is a well known fact that Ac. Rudrananda Avt. is power mad and Ac. Sarvatmananda Avt. has influenced the Bengalization of AM. After their demise (mahaprayan), which of the two will have have a longer lasting negative effect on AM ?
a) Rudrananda
b) Sarvatmananda
c) both

 All the existing factions have posted SS's to all the sectors to influence the activities, capture projects and also to create divisions  among the margiis.  At this moment which Sector has the most number of SS's?
a) New York Sector –US$$$$$
b) Nairobi sector (too poor)
c) Berlin Sector
d) Delhi sector

 After 1990, which narrow sentiment has surfaced within the ranks of AM with serious consequences?
a) language sentiment ( Bengalii group and Hindii Group) very funny
b) geo- sentiment ( Bangla samaj –most important samaj in the world)
c) socio-sentiment
d) all of the above

 The slogan "one human society" does not apply to groupist members of AMPS because
a) Present groupist AM members do not constitute a society
b) Present groupist members are not Ananda Margiis as they don’t follow 16 points
c) The present leadership in AM do not belong the human society
d) The leadership are not human- they are demigods
e) none of the above

 In India for which of the guru's "Mahaprayan " is celebrated annually?
a) Lord Krishna
b) Lord Shiva
c) Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii- Ananda Marga
d) Guru Nanak- Sikhism
e) Shrila Prabhupadha -ISCON
f ) Ramakrishna Paramhansa- Rama-Krishna Mission

 Who is the greatest pseudo-intellectual in AM ?
a)      Ac. Bhaskarananda Avdt.
b)      Ac. Kritiishivananda Avdt. (new entry)
          c)    c. Abhidevananda Avdt.
          d)  Ac Narada from Suva Sector
e)      All of the above

The “Mahaprayan” festival  is held every year in Tiljala because
a)      Tiljala is an important Tiirtha – liberation is a sure gaurantee- no need for sadhana
         b)   Baba has  given “Mahaprayan” as an official function in CaryaCarya
         c)   The big-wigs want to re- affirm annually that Parama Purusa is dead
d)      We can do whatever we please because Baba is not watching us -Mahaprayan confirms this to be the case.

 Which function is most prestigious ?
a)                  Ananda Purnima (Baba’s advent on earth)
b)                 DMS
c)                  “Mahaprayan”

 Who is the major decision maker in AM affairs?
a)              “AMPS –Calcutta”
b)              “AMPS –Ranchi”
c)               The Legal Court

Which Ananda Vanii should be taken as the authentic Vanii?
a)              Calcutta Vanii
b)              Ranchi Vanii
c)               Baba’s original vaniis
d)     anyone can create a vanii-just extract one from Baba’s books-it’s official

Ananda Marga has a solution to curb unemployment in the world. By the division of AMPS, they created more vacancies: Like two PPs instead of one, and more than 18 sectorial secretaries instead of nine.
a)              this is ground-breaking- in accordance with PROUT
b)              it has been done before by other organisations
c)               More divisions of AMPS would create more vacancies
d)              a ridiculous situation

 Which DMS has the larger attendance ? The competition is on. Power is the name of the game.
a)                  Ranchi DMS
b)                 Calcutta DMS
c)                  Joke (sooo funny)

 In which sector are the board members being sued for the sum of US$ 400,000?
a)                  Nairobi sector ( too poor)
b)                 Berlin Sector
c)                  New York Sector USD $$$$$$$$$

Are some or our power-drunk, so-called leaders behaving like
a)                  capitalists
b)                 communists
c)                  definitely not Proutists
d)                 All of the above

The last rites for Ac. Nigimananda Avdt. was given high profile coverage.  Avadhutas should be given a state funeral because
a)                  they are renunciates
b)                 they have surrendered their all to Baba
c)                  they do not subscribe to pomp
d)                 they don’t seek glory
e)                  they will be recognised by the greater civil society after their demise

 Memorials must not be constructed for Baba because
a)                  it is a waste of resources
b)                 Baba did not approve of memorials
c)                  Baba is not “dead”
d)      Memorials are done for human beings, not for God
e)                 All of the above

 Which is the most important tiirtha (place of pilgrimage) for Ananda Margiis? Visit the tiirtha at least once in your life-time –no need for meditation
a)                 Jamalpur
b)                 Ranchi
c)                  Cremation place (Tiljala) liberation is a sure guarantee
d)                 All of the above
e)                 Baba did not approve of any tiirtha

 Which of the following best describes the Ranchi Adm ?
a)                  self-righteous
b)                 hard-headed
c)                  Conceited
d)                 arrogant
e)                 open-minded but anti-Bengalii

 What is the driving force behind the Calcutta Adm ?
a)                  superiority complex- Bengaliis are spiritually elevated and organisationally advanced
b)                 Bengali sentiment
c)                  Baba chose them to lead
d)                 Bihariis (housekeepers of Bengaliis) and other language groups are inferior
e)                 Groupism – all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.

If you think this questionaire is funny laugh out loud. If you think it has substance ponder deeply. Enjoy.
If you have more jokes please share with us.

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