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My Heart Goes Out to Kinshuk

From: "Phanindra Deva"
Date: Thu, 12 May 2011 21:35:28 -0700
Subject:  My Heart Goes Out to Kinshuk


                       == MY HEART GOES OUT TO KINSHUK ==

These days there are repeated reports that respected Kinshuk ji is very frustrated, depressed and suffering from serious mental and physiological problems since taking the post of PP. In the last few weeks his condition has worsened. This is of concern to all.

                                           WHY FRUSTRATION

Frustration and depression do not come in the face of difficulties when your whole heart and mind are fully committed to a particular endeavour. Things like victory and defeat are not the cause of depression. Frustration and depression result when your heart and mind are not fully dedicated to a certain task or project and serious difficulties arise. Then one will be totally disturbed.

                                KINSHUK'S EXPERIENCE IN DHYANA

As you may recall it was reported that Kinshuk only decided to accept the post of PP after he said that Baba came in dhyana:

During meditation that morning, Baba lovingly said to him: “When I wanted to adopt you as my laukik son, you did not think for a moment and unhesitatingly left your
birth-parents in a fizzy. And when now Dharma needs you, the Dharmika people want to ‘adopt’ you as their leader, why this hesitation?

After this "experience" Kinshuk agreed to accept the position of PP. So we have to think...

In that case why is Kinshuk getting frustrated and depressed. Such feelings are not going hand in hand with Kinshuk's experience in dhyana. Because no matter how tough situation is, there is no need for frustration when Baba has given him the duty directly. Then one should be able to carry on in the face of any and all difficulties.

After all, when the communists attacked our Dadas in 1967, then they faced dire, life and death circumstances, but even then they never got frustrated. Why? Because they were commited to the task at hand and they had great reverence and faith in Baba. So they never faced any frustration or depression.

If on the other hand they thought that they were had been befooled and brought to Ananda Nagar just to get killed or for petty reasons, then they would have been psychically paralyzed. That is what happened with US soldiers in Afghanistan. In spite of having all kinds of weapons and technology, 70% of the US soldiers are depressed and forlorn. In their troubled state they sit and wonder how they got cheated and duped. Their heart and mind do not believe in what they are doing.


Suppose a father told his son to take up boxing and the son was beaten up badly, then that son will become frustrated, discouraged, and depressed and blame his father for putting him in that situation.

But if a son began boxing with his own inner inspiration then he would not get depressed. Nor would he get depressed if he had 100% trust in his father's judgment. So long as he thought, "Whatever my father does is for my welfare", then he would not get depressed.

It is only if he thinks that his father put him in serious trouble on purpose that he will get depressed. Or if he thinks and that despite his own belief that boxing was not good, he was forced into it and got beat, then he will surely be depressed.

Or suppose a mother forced her son to go out and do night sadhana and the son got bit by many mosquitoes, then the son will become upset and angry at his mom for forcing him to do that.

In contrast if the son decided to go out for night sadhana on his own accord and faced that same swarm of mosquitoes, then he would not be mentally disturbed.

It is only if the son thinks that the mom purposely put him in harm's way - and forced him to do something he did not wish to do - that he will feel mentally frustrated and depressed.

Here the point is that when one gets involved in something that they do not want to do then frustration and anxiety are certain if serious problem comes.

                                       BACK TO KINSHUK'S PLIGHT

Now let's return back to Kinshuk's situation...

Given the claim that Kinshuk ji accepted the post of PP because of his "experience with Baba in dhyana" and given the fact that now Kinshuk is terribly frustrated and depressed, there are only two possible reasons for this:

#1: Kinshuk did not tell the truth that time and he did not have that experience in dhyana.

#2: Kinshuk does not have the requisite faith and trust in Baba so when a problem comes then he becomes frustrated and depressed. By thinking about his current problem, he thinks that Baba put him in trouble.

Indeed, Kinshuk might be thinking that, "I have a wife and child to care for but now I am engrossed in this horrible situation. This is at all not good. How did this happen - how did I get embroiled in this mess?"

In contrast, if Kinshukji has strong faith that no matter whatever difficulty may come, things will be fine. Because then the outlook is: "When Baba has put me in this situation then He will certainly give me the courage and strength to solve the matter." If Kinshuk had this mentality then he would not have gotten depressed.

In either case - if he did not tell the truth or if he lacks faith - the situation is not good. Here below is a proposal for how to solve the problem at hand, and improve Kinshukji's condition.

                                    WHAT KINSHUKJI SHOULD DO

It is obvious that when a person not deeply involved in organisational politics for the last 21 years takes on the role of PP, then he may not know what the position entails. Kinshukji was naive in thinking it was just like a sweet potato.

Now however he is finding himself to be a tough situation - just like the Hindi proverb of a snake with a mole, i.e. sa'np chachundar. On occasion, a snake may catch a mole yet these moles are very dirty and poisonous. So if the snake eats the mole the snake is going to die of poison. Plus even if that snake does not eat the mole the snake will suffer from other poisons from the mole and become blind. In either case the snake is in trouble.

In English the proverb is, stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Tragically, today that is Kinshukji's state: he is in a pathetic situation. He cannot leave the post as he will forever be known as a coward; and he cannot remain in the post as he will be tortured to death. See his precarious position.

Ultimately there is no option. Due to his poor state of health physically and mentally, he should not be in such a tenuous position. Kinshuk ji should not remain in post of PP one second longer; after all his life is far more important than the post of PP.

It is my request to all good and kind-hearted margiis to suggest Kinshuk Da to give up the post and save his life.

Dying in the chair is not good; Kinshuk ji is not a sannyasi. He is a family man. Indeed he has to take care of two families: the universal family and his personal family. Kinshuk must not ignore his personal family otherwise he is going against the fundamentals and principles of AM. Due to the severe pressures of being PP, Kinshuk should not leave this world in an untimely way and make his wife a widow and his child an orphan. 

Best is that Kinshuk should leave the chair and regain his health for the sake of his family. Those who care about Kinshuk and wish for his welfare will certainly understand this plea.

Ultimately, my heart goes out to Kinshuk.



For those who want more background about this, please reference this letter.

                               PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"Tumi bha'lor bha'lo saba'r mukh ceye..."   - P.S. 3392


 Baba, among all the beauties You are the most beautiful. Baba, You look
after and care for everyone. You have lovingly brought the divine
effulgence-- taking trouble to cross the cimmerian darkness to reach here.
Baba, smiling blissfully in the rhythm and tune and showering Your divine
love, You go on fighting against innumerable obstacles in order to save the
devotees. Baba, You saturate everyone's heart with Your divine love.
Baba, everyone is Your very close and intimate relation; no one is alien
for You. Everyone is most dear to You; everyone is the jewel of Your eyes.
Baba, by Your grace, You go on thinking and caring about one and all. Baba,
keeping everyone along with You, You go on moving forward on Your divine

Baba You are ever-present with everyone. You saturate everything and
everyone with Your divine love and grace. Whether it be on those sadhakas
who are calling out to You while undergoing penance on the dark amavasya
night of the nil moon, or on those suppressed people undergoing untold
suffering that was never spoken about. You fill everyone's heart with the
soothing balm. Baba, You have graciously lifted & lovingly placed those
downtrodden people-- who were lying in the dust-- on Your divine lap.
Baba You are most beautiful and You grace everyone immensely. Baba, Your
glory cannot be explained...

                           Why Kiirtan

Baba says, "Now the question is, does Parama Purus'a really want people to
sing His glories? He never tells anyone to do kiirtana for Him: then why
should people do kiirtana?...Kiirtana was first invented by devotees to
give joy to Parama Purus'a, and in the process of pleasing and delighting
Parama Purus'a, the devotees lost themselves. Thus kiirtana belongs to the
category of supraaesthetic science...So of all the branches of music,
kiirtana is the best. And since music is the composite of song, dance and
instrumental music, kiirtana is not only song--it also includes
instrumental music. These three aspects of music when combined together
create such an unblemished, heavenly environment that people completely
forget themselves. This is the charm, the excellence, of kiirtana. So those
who are truly intelligent should certainly do kiirtana. So those who are
truly intelligent should certainly do kiirtana either in public, or if they
feel rather shy -- in private." (AFPS-4, 'Supra-Aesthetic Science & Music')

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