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History of Those who Fought for Margii Rights

Date: 9 Oct 2008 23:13:18 -0000 From: "Chandramohan Jha" To: Subject: History of Those who Fought for Margi Rights BABA "Toma're besechi je bha'lo, a'r ki bhulite pa'ri..." (PS # 917) Purport: Baba, by Your grace I am completely ensconced in Your love. How can I forget Your divine attraction in any moment. All my hopes, longings, and inspirations are revolving around Your thoughts. They are floating around You, all the time. Baba, by Your grace, I have intense desire for You. Due to this, everywhere I look I see only you. Flowers are there in the garden, but I do not see them. When I look in their direction, instead with intense desire I see only You. Baba everything in this universe has become Tumimae*. Indeed, in the flower garden there are no flowers. These flowers just have turned into You. Everything has become one with You. All the nectar of the flowers has been collected for You. All their existence is because of You. Baba, in the sky of my heart, whatever longing I have-- everything is focusing on You. You are the full moon of the sky of my heart. Every single ounce of effulgence and brightness in my heart is being used to search for You. Each and every iota of my existence is dancing in Your rhythm. Baba, You are my Polestar. You are my everything... *Tumimae= This is the state when everything in the world becomes the personification of the Supreme Divine Entity-- Baba. Due to intense longing, the bhakta contemplates, 'Wherever I look in this world, I see only You'. It is just like if someone has lost a large amount of money, then no matter where they are-- even if they are in one spectacular garden full of flowers--they can only think about and see that money which they lost. Because the mind is so fixated on that. In a similar way, when any devotee has intense desire for Baba, then they experience and see Him wherever they look. And that deeply devotional state is known as Tumimae.
Namaskar, These days group clash is at its peak. Groupist people are busy pouring money at the feet of police and lawyers, to purchase the justice in their favor. By that merit or capital they are dreaming that they are going to rule over the margis as crude dictators had dream to rule around the globe. But ultimately, dharma always gets victorious. In this critical juncture, it is the duty of all balanced margis to see the pros and cons, and not get swayed by the sentiment of groupism. Until any culprit feels repentant, nobody has the right to forgive their social crimes. Same is true for those groupists in AM: What they did by harming and damaging Ananda Marga social structure, margi rights, and scriptures. Here are some glimpses of the historical examples which give emphasis on analyzing the situation. These are tales which reveal how those who stood up for the main ideological issues at stake-- such as margi rights, scriptural distortion, and BP rights. Those who have stood for these issues and pointed out problems, they have been tortured, beaten, and expelled or worse.
For example when B group was ruling then Ac Lokottarananda Avt was tortured and terrorised by Sarvatmanand and Mantreshvaranand, GS and ES respectively that very time. And one week after DMS in 1994 then Dada Lokottaranandji committed suicide and he wrote one letter about how he was tortured by these two dadas. That is a long and painful story. All around India margiis know this travesty.
Dr Vidya Jain from Bhopal, is a very respected & dedicated long term senior margii. Dr Vidya Jain was the doctor who (a) worked as Baba's personal medical attendant staying in Tiljala main campus in 1990 for several months; (b) She was also working as very dedicated & qualified as one of the main doctors of AN hospital. But because Dr Vidya Jain wrote a circular against groupism and alteration of scriptures, and because that circular she distributed amongst margiis. Then when she came to attend AN DMS that very time in 1996-97 and she was staying at the Farm in her own room which she constructed by donation*. When that very respected dedicated margii Dr Vidya Jain was seen by Bengali Dadas, means those who were ruling that time in 1996/7. Then all those Dadas became very furious and they brought VSS and beat Dr Vidya Jain mercilessly. And she was crying to break her fast which she did just the day before. She was not allowed. In a very inhuman way she was pushed into one jeep of VSS forcibly, along with her luggage. On the top VSS gave her innumerable punches. Remember that her only "mistake" was she wrote circular against groupism, distortion of scripture, and curtailment of BP rights etc. Due to this "crime", under the direction of Sarvatmanandji some B group Dadas and Didis together forcibly took her to Pundag railway station and in daytime there was no train to go anywhere. Then she was kept guarded there for several hours and when the local train came then VSS chased and pushed her up to Muri railway station. Dr. Vidya Jain was desperately crying that she had a reservation for the next day and she should be allowed to live somewhere in AN. But those days merciless Central Dadas and Didis of B group did not listen anything. Once again I want to remind all that this is not just some fairytale. Still Dr. Vidya Jain is living in Bhopal at this address- Dr Vidya Jain, Moti Masjid, Bhopal India. Anybody can confirm.
Around the same time as Dr. Vidya Jain's case above, Sister Mainjula, and brothers Dayananda (bonafide Samaj Secretary of Kannada samaj) and Ganesh Bhat from South India wrote open letters protesting scriptural distortions. All the above mentioned three persons were global ACB members. Ruthlessly their posts were taken away and they were thrown out by B group leadership. The sense is they were harassed, threatened, and psychically tortured. There are countless such cases in which Margiis were terrorised when they raised their voice against injustice. That time B group relentlessly terrorized and suppressed the margiis.
Bhaktavatsalamji of Salem Tamil Nadu is a very senior and veteran margii of Jamalpur time. He is Tamil Samaj Secretary and all senior margiis and WTs know that Bhaktavatsalamji was Baba's representative for world tour pracara work-- those days in old times when Wt's were not posted outside India. When Bhaktavatsalamji protested about the Armsdrop case, then he was terrorised by B group under the direction of Sarvatmanand. Then Pranavatmakanand was the main terrifying agent. It is a long tale. Anybody can confirm about this. Bhaktavatsalam is Tamil Samaj Secretary, and he can be contacted there in Salem, Tamil Nadu. In this way, innumerable cases are there in which Margis have come forward on such critical matters as margi rights, BP rights, scriptural distortion in AM A Revolution and the so-called "original Bengali" retranslation distortions**. As well as when margis have come forward on serious immoral activities and conduct, then also such tortures against them have occurred. And WTs who have come forward, they suffered beating, psychic torture, and forced suicide under the heavy hand of B group tyranny. So I invite that you should write your own experience on these matters. Brotherly Yours at HIS lotus feet, Chandramohan * Dada Asiimanandaji requested all the margiis if they can donate money for the room and then when they will come to attend the DMC / DMS that room will be reserved for them. In this way many margiis made their own rooms at Ananda Nagar. And when they go to AN they live there. **Translated from the original Bengali: If you open Ananda Vacanamrtam (AVM), Subhasita Samgraha (SS) or so many other books which were printed after 1990, then you will see that in many of the books on the publisher's page it is written "Translated from the original Bengali". When in fact there are innumerable discourses in those books which were given in Hindi and English. Means even when Baba spoke in Hindi or English, then even in those instances they were manipulating the situation by writing "translated from the original Bengali". Thus in many, many places it is wrongly marked as being translated from the original Bengali when it came in printed form in the Ananda Vacanamrtam and Subhasita Samgraha books. All done for group power and to wrongly propagate the idea that Baba is Bengali, and that Bengali culture is highest. Note: Following are further points of B group travesty. When Margis and WTs have stood and pointed out these sinful acts, then they have suffered psychic as well as physical torture at the hands of B group controllers. Here below are further examples of the sort of sins against society committed by B group, which margis protested against and exposed at risk of their own personal lives: A) Ruined Prabhat Samgiita: They have turned Baba's devotional treasure of Prabhat Samgiita into one money-making venture where for the sake of profits they have thrown our Prabhat Samgiita into the hands of the degraded film industry. Since 1990 all this nonsense is going on where female filmy singers glossed in lipstick and shiny hair are pasted all over the cassette covers and like this so many things are done which contravene the ethics and sanctity of Prabhat Samgiita. When from the very outset Baba sternly warned that His Prabhat Samgiita should not be ruined by being played on the radio and thereby get exposed to the evils of degenerated pop culture. But tragically that is exactly what is has happened. B) Bangalistan: Falsely heralding Bengal as the greatest land and wrongly painting Amra Bengali samaj as being the top-most, all such things were done in the name of the Bangalistan groupist agenda. Means their crooked goal was to present Bengal as the #1 group by pushing down and suppressing the voice of those around them. When in fact such things go against the very spirit of Baba's samaj system. C) At DMC they only translated the Bengali section of the discourse: During DMC Baba would speak in three languages but by checking with Margiis notebooks it is becoming more and more proved that what Baba spoke in English and Hindi never reached the pages of His books. Certain persons gave the order not to include them, only the Bangla section was used as if what Baba spoke in the other languages was negligible or not worthy of being printed. And just the Bangla portion should be kept, printed, and treated as the original. D) No Freedom of Speech: The most harshest period of repression of ideas and communication happened right away in the early 1990s. Those days the groupist rulers strangled everyone's voice. Either through victimisation and expulsion or by declaring no email and shutting down and outlawing countless networks. Baba has instilled freedom of speech / expression within AM, but that got shut down and closed off by that ruling WT group. And since then this thing has been in vogue to one or another degree. E) Bengali discourses in Prout and excluded others: In many books but most specifically in these two editions of Prout Nutshell-- PNS 19 & 20-- there are 8 full discourses dedicated to Bengal. While the many other samajas of India were discarded entirely; or like Bihar if they got place then very little space was given in comparison to Bengal. And for overseas samajas, the condition is the same. Either they were completely discarded or given very little place. This shows how the partiality against other samaj than those samaj's of the Bengalistan area since a few groupist Dadas were involved in printing those in 1991 etc.. F) Expulsion: This pet tool termed as expulsion was invented to keep everything quiet so that groupist leaders in power could continue to exploit the scene. Over the last 14 years countless innocent margiis and Wt's have been ruthlessly squeezed out in this manner-- because they courageously opposed injustices done by the then ruling group. So expulsion is nothing more than one weapon used by power hungry leaders to keep their authority and position by forcing margiis into exile.
*************************************** Answer of Groupism
Baba says, "It is the duty of every human being to practise Dharma in each sector, in each stratum of life, and then to organize the entire human society with Dharma as its base." "Dharmic people love all because to them everyone is the progeny of Parama Purus'a and this cosmos is His creation. That is why it is verily the duty of every Dharmic person to establish a relationship of love and affection with each being created by Him and to express that love by serving society." "You shall always remember that you have come into this world for the practice of Dharma and to generate friendship, love and affection in the human society." (Karma Sannya'sa in a Nutshell, p.54) Note: Those who are indulged in group fight and creating differences in AM society, they are not proper, dharmic people. They have fallen from the path of dharma. By their conduct it is proved that they are not strict in 16 points. Because of all these, they are trying to subjugate, exploit others by taking their rights. The solution is in the aforesaid Baba's teaching.

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