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AM Politics: Self-Interest is Uppermost

Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 23:09:41 -0000 To: AM-GLOBAL From: J.Young Subject: AM Politics: Self-Interest is Uppermost Baba "Apa'r ananta tumi ki va' ja'ni a'mi, toma'r krpa'y mor din cale ja'y..." -2147 Purport: O' Parama Purusa, You are endless and infinite, but how can I understand this fact when I myself am not merged in that-- when I myself am not infinite and vast. O' Lord, even then my days are passing only by Your grace. Baba, by taking Your name and singing Your song, I am moving along on Your divine path according to Your desire. My existence moves on in Your flow. Baba, I love You-- by singing Your name, I laugh and cry, by Your grace. Baba, for Your work, I come onto this earth again and again. The way You want my life to proceed, I will go on making it like that, according to Your desire. The discussion of scripture, philosophy, and science-- these things do not reach up to You. They cannot get any clue about You, indeed not any trace. Always these approaches fall far short of the mark, far below Your divine stature. Baba, according to Your desire everything happens. Everything happens due to Your karuna', due to Your immense compassion. O' Parama Purusa, O' Baba, You are infinite, beginningless, and endless. And by singing Your name and chanting Your song, my whole life is passing according to Your direction...
Namaskar, On the eve of the start of the week-long NY sectorial summer retreat, it is time once again to have a look at the driving force behind AM politics in this present era. We should examine the modus operendi of all the groups across the globe, and apply that to the hot-bed of activity going on now in AM. Along the way it is also worth making a short case-study of the factional antics currently going on in NY. Here then begins the journey.
Since time immemorial various clans, castes, communities, and groups have existed on this earth-- each with their own set of values and outlooks. Some wanted their land areas extended; some wanted to impose their language on others; some wanted to preach their beliefs to all; and, some wanted their man to be king etc. Each and every faction had their selfish goal of what they wanted to accomplish. That was the very binding quality of their group: Self-interest. All this Baba has described thoroughly in various discourses related with Prout and neo-humanism.
Not surprisingly then, when groupism took root in AMPS in the post 1990 period, self-interest was the name of the game. One faction was pushing for their cultural superiority and to that end they even printed "Translated from the Original Bengali" on each and every AM book, irregardless of which language Baba delivered the discourses. Such was the height of their fanatical approach. And others rode along on that factional train for some years-- hoodwinking and bootlicking here and there-- until they got their Purodhaship, money, name, & fame etc. And when their self-interest could no longer be served by that ruling regime, they formed their own group to satisfy their selfish desires. By that way they got more power and control etc. And in this manner groupism spread: One became two; two became four, etc, etc. Baba says, "One human society is divided into different nations, and one nation is divided into different religions; religions also have different castes, and caste also have different sub-castes – what kind of situation is this? We have only learned how to divide and subdivide humanity, and we never learned how to unite the people. This is all due to the defective teachings of dogmas." (PNS-9) Here the point is that only so long as their selfish desires were met would those Dadas remain in a particular group. And when their interest was no longer served, then it was time to form their own group. Until finally groupism spread throughout the entire upper echelon of our acarya ranks and even overflowed into certain select family acaryas and margiis also. Who is who, and what is what, everyone is already aware. So there is no need to mention names here. The main thing at this point is to recognise the modus-operendi, or selfish-interest.
Surely groupism exists in all the sectors. It is not that one particular sector is basking in 100% dharma and only the other sectors are affected. To some or more degree every sector is riddled with groupism. It comes in ebbs and flows, and right now NY is pumping and jumping in groupism. So let us take a look. The "official" SS designated by the Ranchi camp is Vimalananda; yet the renegade SS Tiirthananda has most of the ACB type of margiis in his pocket. So for the first time in NY history, someone (i.e. Tiirthananda) was able to get the so-called leading margiis of the sector to make a break from the main branch of AMPS. How did Tiirthananda achieve this feat? Did he use a special mantra? Does he have a grand display of hocus-pocus? No, no, no, of course not. All Tiirthananda did was appeal to the self-interest of those ACB types. He said, 'You want the power, then take it; don't follow "Centre"; make your own chain of separate sovereignty; change the by-laws of NY and turn the sector into your own organisational island; take control and rule over your own selves.' This was the pep rally type of speech Tiirthananda made-- and it worked. Because it appealed to the self-interest of those power hungry ACB members. Indeed, the ACB types of NY followed strictly. They changed the governing papers of NY and immediately declared themselves the kings and queens of camp NY. This is what the various NY ACB members did with full energy and vigor. And in the process Tiirthananda became their godfather & native son. All because he appealed to their self-interest. Hence, NY ACB snapped away and became another group. Thus, Vimalananda or any other ananda who came as the designated SS had no chance. Because the very existence of any "official SS" would infringe upon the very power that the ACB had seemingly inherited. And just like a greedy thief does not want to give back 5 dollars of the money he stole, drunk in their lust for control the NY core group has no intention of relinquishing any wee-bit of power that they siphoned. All along they are simply maintaining their "allegiance" with their adored Tiirthananda. Because he gave them what no other did: selfish power.
It might look like magic, but really there is no mystery or great trick at all regarding what Tiirthananda has done in order to get the undying loyalty of the ACB core group in NY. To make the matter more clear, picture this: If one cowherd grabs a bucket of warm, sweet milk and starts walking around where the cats live and he begins giving some milk here and there, then naturally those cats will begin to 'meow' & 'mew' and follow that shepherd wherever he goes. Because that tasty sweet, creamy milk directly appeals to the taste buds of those cats. So they will walk and prance behind that shepherd hoping to get another drop whenever they can get it. ADD: In about para tell how some thought it was hocus pocus because they did not know that shepherd had milk hidden in bag etc... Similarly the thought of getting more power and position is a tantalizing treat for those NY-ACB margiis. So when Tiirthananda gave the suggestion to take over the sector and break from the ruling camp, then naturally the core group of the NY ACB became hitched. Their taste buds became excited and they danced in that direction-- and still they are dancing: Totally delighted to have a bit more power and post etc. So we can see that there is no magic involved. Make an offer according to someone's self-interest and a groupist following will be formed-- whether they be ally cats or ACB core group members. That is the great groupist game being played in NY. And it neatly follows the pattern of any group which has ever been informed in the history of mankind: Made and molded on the basis of the selfish-interest.
Being the all-knowing Taraka Brahma, Baba was well aware that humans tend to chase after their selfish desires and split apart. While physically present, under His command He benevolently kept everyone together. Yet He knew that in future, groupist tendencies would seep into the minds as it appeals to one's selfish desires. And anyone not completely linked with AM ideology would easily get hooked on groupism. All this Baba knew well. That is why in each and every corner of AM literature and in each and every list of AM conduct rules etc, Baba has given the teaching of 'unity'. It appears again and again and again.
Here in quite graphic language, Baba describes how groupism unfolds in the human psyche. And tragically this has come to dominate the field of AM politics. Baba says, "Those guided by group psychology are like ravenous tigers. Of all the different types of flesh, human flesh is said to be the most delicious. That's why the tiger that has once tasted human flesh will raid a village if it cannot get human flesh in the jungles. If it happens to see human beings nearby, it will immediately attack them without bothering about domestic cattle. Where the [grouipist] approach is ingrained in people's social psychology, separatist tendencies flow through their bones, blood and marrow. Such people become extremely avaricious for human flesh. That's why those who...are guided by group psychology have accepted separatism as a political creed." (AFPS-8) Thus once one tastes the warm blood of groupism their appetite wets for more and more power. It thirsts for groupist control. And that has become the driving force behind every group in AMPS these days: Selfish lust for power. So it is no wonder that the NY ACB has fallen into the palm of Tiirthananda. Because he is the first and only ananda to openly proclaim to them: 'Come and enjoy the riches of this world; grab control and seize your sector and reap the rewards. Become your own master and rule your land; it is yours for the taking.' This type of selfish proposal, this spark of self-interest set NY ablaze in groupist & separatist tendencies. That is how Tiirthananda led the NY ACB on their merry march and that is the root of their "allegiance" to Tiirthananda. And indeed, where groupism is on the rise, this defective psychology is predominant.
Despite the bloody mess of groupism dripping in all directions, none should lose hope. Because Baba has given us all the tools to develop a rational intellect and once attained that rationality will never allow one to fall into the depths of this or that sentiment, a.k.a. groupist tendency. Rather one will be bronzed in AM ideology. Baba says, "Keep your conscience ever-vigilant. Develop a firm rationalistic mentality, and no one will be able to deceive you by false geo-sentiment. This rationalistic mentality will provide you with sufficient inspiration and strength to fight against socio-sentiment, ordinary humanistic sentiment, and pseudo-humanistic strategy. You will not only gain vocal strength, but become strong in all respects." (NH-LOI, Discourse 8) So by following 16 points, doing all sadhana lessons, and studying His ideological principles, each and every Ananda Margii will develop the requisite rationality to overcome any groupist tendencies within them as well as wage a victorious campaign against the groupist parties in the social sphere. By this way, groupism will meet its match in AMPS and unity based on ideology will be established.
By Baba's grace the day is not far when those ideologically-minded sadhakas will lead our AMPS and the entire globe onto the path of universal humanism. [Add: Because Am ideology does not tolerate groupism it is NH and spirituality based on universalism so those groupists will be exposed and groupism will be tossed out and ideology established and create that golden era] Baba says, "In the history of the world, you will see that against this type of spiritual aspirants who make spiritual progress with the grace of Parama Purus'a, all the degrading and degenerating forces will easily concede defeat. You too should keep moving forward, and you will also attain victory after victory - there is no doubt about it. Therefore continue your efforts tirelessly, do your duty and you will surely be crowned with success." (SS-18) Namaskar, Jagatmitra
When neither camp-- neither Vimalananda's or Tiirthananda's-- is standing for the great cause of dharma, then how is one to determine which group is better. Each are guided by their own defective and selfish ways, even then one side is comparatively better than the other. To uncover this, the only way is to reference Baba's teaching from neo-humanism where he tells that a group that represents the interests of more people is more broad-minded. So when Tiirthananda's renegade crew of NY ACB core group members is only interested in their own sectorial affairs-- that is the limited extent of their I-feeling-- then they come in second place in comparison to Vimalananda's ways since his selfish interest is concerned with groups of people in various sectors. Hence, both are defective mentalities but Vimalananda's ways are comparatively better. Surely everyone got the point but if anyone is confused or unable to comprehend this matter, then it means it is time for a good, crisp study of Baba's teachings from "Neo-Humanism-- Liberation of Intellect".
By adhering to Baba's divine formula, we are sure to bring unity in our AMPS very soon. Baba says, "To establish unity, the society will have to select an ideology which remains unassailed by any spatial, temporal or personal differences. That is why only Cosmic ideology will have to be adopted as the polestar of life." (POD #37)
*************************************** Remedy Of Disappointment & Frustration
Baba says, "Very often people become victims of disappointment for the sole reason that they forget their goal in life. If they look towards their goal, then their disappointments and frustrations will cease. Whenever a human being is created, they come within the Cosmic Mind. So when the microcosms move towards Macrocosmic Consciousness, Parama Purusa is watching-- Parama Purusa is with them holding their hands. It is the humans who do not look towards Him-- this is their misfortune." (SS-12, p.5)

...Dreamland: 'I Follow Dharma...' - Part II

Date: 05 Jun 2007 23:15:19 -0000 From: "Manoj" To: Subject: ...Dreamland: 'I Follow Dharma...' - Part II Baba "Mor maner katha't'i tumi ja'n..." (P.S. 4902) Purport: Baba, with Your vast Cosmic mind You know each and everything about me. Not only what I do, but what I think-- that also You know. While hiding in my heart and in my mind, You go on playing Your divine flute, non-stop. O' my dearmost, O' my Beloved, You are the jewel of my mind. You never remain forgetful about me. All the time You are along with me; and You are always taking care also. This is my only desire and my only request: That You please remain eternally effulgent in my mind with Your sweet attraction. Always I desire to have Your sweet form in my mind. Baba, You are my innermost, You know everything...
Namaskar, Nowadays, so many are coming forward proclaiming to be dharmikas, and so much censure, abuse, and even some praise is launched all around, that it can be difficult to know who is who. In that quagmire, some pious people may be branded as being groupist and some self-deluded groupists may go on and on falsely thinking theirs is the path of dharma. Plus some good people may remain idle and decide not to come forward-- worried that if they do so then others will brand them as being groupist. But such people should hold no such concern. By Baba's grace, He has given the precise method to sort all this out and identify who is following dharma and who is not. Let us then address the situation point by point.
Firstly, regarding the matter that veritable dharmikas may be branded as groupists, Baba's guideline is that such ideologists should adhere to the path of righteousness-- no matter what. They should not worry about names others call them etc.
Nindantu niitinpun'a'h yadi va' stuvantu...
Baba says, "The sha'stras say that a person must stick to his ideals irrespective of whether he receives praise or abuse, whether wealth comes or wealth goes, whether he lives a thousand years or suffers death the next moment. Such a person is called 'dhiira'. My direction to you is to be dhiira. You must stick to your ideals in spite of everything. In this lies your spiritual growth." (AV-1) Furthermore in a very similar vain, in explaining this same shloka of 'nindantu...', Baba has given the following. Baba says, "If I am too concerned with those who praise or censure me, I will not find time to do my real work. As I have come to this world only for a short period, my only concern should be to keep on doing the duty the Lord has assigned to me. And while doing this allotted duty, I should remember that I belong to Parama Purus'a. I have come form Him, and I will have to return to Him-- and to do that, I must complete my allotted duty." (SS-12) According to Baba's supreme tenet of 'nindantu...', those dharmikas should remain unperturbed by any irrational criticism and just advance along the path of righteousness. That should be the movement of one's life. Hence, if any sadhaka is raising the dharmic flag that Baba's discourses must not be distorted, and if they get criticised for saying as such, then those sadhakas should remain unperturbed and stick to their stand. Because if one is being true to AM ideology and they get criticised by others, then those dharmikas should not care-- they should not pay heed to that abuse. That is Baba's teaching of 'nindantu...'.
The only point of consideration is that those sadhakas-- when criticised-- should do introspection and honestly evaluate if they are adhering to cardinal human principles and bhagavad dharma. And if the answer is "yes"-- i.e. my actions are ideological and are not tainted by any selfish desire"-- then those sadhakas should not be concerned about being abused. Because, Baba's guideline of 'nindantu...' is that one should stick to their dharmic ideals-- in all circumstances. Therefore, if anyone is raising the ideological slogans that: (a) The original Bhukti Pradhan guidelines must be reinstated; (b) Fake Ananda Vaniis should NOT be created; (c) The weapon of expulsion should not be used; or that (d) Baba's discourses should be printed "as is" etc; Then such a person should stick to their ideals, even if others are attacking them. Reason being, in the above scenarios, one is raising dharmic points that represent the ideals of AM. In that case, such dharmikas should not be worried about any slanderous claims against them-- they should not care; just they should maintain their ideological position in the face of all adversity. This is Baba's special teaching of 'nindantu...'. And by this way, those sadhakas will get success and others will one day recognise that they are following dharma.
Here the key point is that when one is criticised and abused by others, then that person should sincerely evaluate if what they are doing is truly dharmic or if they are involved in something selfish. For example, if one says that Baba's divine discourses like AM Revolution should be printed "as is", or if one raises the matter that the dogmatic phrase "Translated from the original Bengali" should NOT be printed on the cover page of every AM book, then such sadhakas should not care if others abuse them. Because their stand is dharmic. There is not a hint of selfishness in their approach. On the contrary, if one steals an automobile or robs someone's house and others criticise their action, yet all along that thief thinks, 'I do not care, I will stick to my path'-- this type of selfish and blind outlook is not at all good. Rather it is total misuse of Baba's guideline of 'nindantu...'. Likewise, regarding the AM Revolution discourse, if some groupists plan that, 'We should just tell the margiis that we archived it; we need not worry about correcting it-- just let the matter die out'. This type of thinking is also against the spirit of 'nindantu...'. Because such factional Dadas know they are hiding something and just duplicitously think, 'I do not care...I will stick to this agenda and maintain our wt superiority'. So they are just involved in self-deception, not 'nindantu...'. Always then in the face of any criticism or censure, one must view the situation and ensure that their stand is dharmic. And if so, if what they are doing is wholly consistent with the ideals of neo-humanism, then they must not waver but rather firmly maintain their ideological stance. This is the right and proper spirit of Baba's guideline of 'nindantu...', i.e. 'not caring about criticism' and 'sticking to one's ideals'.
Unfortunately, various groupists take the whole thing in the wrong direction. They involve in various selfish ploys and then if anyone criticises them, they think, 'I do not care' and just go on indulging in their party politics etc. This is their self-cheating methodology. Self-cheating in that it robs them of following the path of dharma. That is the way it works. For example, during the time of the Mahabharata, the Kaurovas also thought that what they are doing is dharmic. The wicked Duryodhana was so blinded by his avarice and greed that he thought that his was the dharmic position and he did not care about any abuse that he received. But we all know what happened to him. Similarly, nowadays in AMPS, various groupists fall into the same category-- they fall prey to the same defective ways. What they are doing is not dharmic yet in the face of any and all censure they maintain their agenda. So they should also be careful lest they meet a similar fate.
For example, those involved in creating Fake Ananda Vaniis get pointed out for their wrongdoing each and every time, but due to their groupist and selfish agenda, they just ignore that criticism and think 'I do not care what others say, this self-styled Ananda Vanii is in the favour of my group interest. I need not change it or give up my ways. So I will ignore what others say as this habit of making Ananda Vaniis suits me fine.' Such is their way of thinking. But this type of selfish approach has nothing to do with Baba's sacred teaching of 'nindantu...' Similarly, those groupists who murdered Abhipremananda do not pay heed to any criticism. They think that that, 'What I did was fine. The need of the day was to capture the AMIT building in Ananda Nagar. If in that process Abhipremananda was killed then what can be done. I am not at fault and I need not worry or care if anyone criticises my actions. What I did was good for me and my group-- and there is nothing that I would change or do differently.' In the end, such persons just blindly stick to their groupist ways and cheat themselves out of following dharma. Hence their type of selfish thinking also has nothing to do with Baba's sacred teaching of 'nindantu...' Likewise, those factional leaders who want to make money by creating dogmatic tiirtha sites in either Tiljala or Jamalpur, have their own justifications. They think, 'This tiirtha is needed for my faction to thrive. We need to have a constant source of outside income and this tiirtha is the perfect way. So why should I worry or care if some criticise me. Baba has given the teaching of nindantu so I should just move on in my strategy and get that tiirtha established, irregardless if anyone criticises me or not.' This type of selfish thinking also has nothing to do with Baba's sacred teaching of 'nindantu...' Similarly, when courageous margiis point out the distortion done to the AM Revolution discourse, then if any Wt thinks, 'This altered paragraph goes in my interest so let it remain like that. Actually the prestige of all wt's is at stake here so my supervisors will support me. Thus I need not care what those margiis say. I need not listen to their point. That distortion goes in my favour-- let it remain like that, end of story'. If any Wt adopts such an approach then who can say it is dharmic. Rather, once again, this type of selfish approach has nothing to do with Baba's sacred teaching of 'nindantu...' And like that there are thousands of examples going on every day in our AMPS where factional leaders curtail BP rights, expel innocent people, make dogmatic events like Mahaprayan, create Fake Ananda Vaniis, destroy the ACB, etc etc, and in the face of any criticism they just self-indulgently proclaim. 'I do not care'. However, groupists souls are just living in their own dreamland that 'I am following dharma' and their reply that 'I do not care what others say' has absolutely zero to do with Baba's divine teaching of 'nindantu...'. Unfortunately, this is the common phenomenon these days in AMPS-- for the time being.
However, none should lose faith or give-up hope. Because, everyday in AMPS more and more margiis and field workers are rallying around Baba's ideological teachings, in which case there is an underground current of resurgence happening in our Marga. Because such noble minded people are standing for AM ideals-- keeping Baba's scripture "as is", recognising margii rights, not allowing punishment postings, implementing Baba's BP guidelines etc. And when any criticism comes, if anyone falsely tries to brand them as being groupist, then those ideological warriors will move on their designated path, totally unperturbed by those empty words. That is the spirit of 'nindantu…'. In this way, each and every day, AM ideology is getting more and more established in our Marga as those sadhakas will not back down in the face of adversity, by Baba's grace.
"Nindantu niitinipun'ah yad va' stavantu..."
Baba says, "What am I going to do regarding the mission of life? If logicians and philosophers condemn me, saying, 'That is a very bad man,' let them say this. Or if, due to my movement towards my goal, a certain portion of society appreciates my action, let them appreciate it - it won't affect me. I won't be assailed by such appreciations. And if, due to my action, Laks'mii (Laks'mii is the mythological goddess of riches) comes and resides in my house, it is good. If Laks'mii says, 'No, I will quit you forever, I won't remain with you.' that is, you will have to suffer from poverty, let Laks'mii quit my house: And if, due to my course of action, due to my ideology, Pluto, that is, the god of death, comes and says, 'I'll take you,' let Pluto do it! I don't care! Or if, due to my course of action, due to my ideology, I am forced to live here for an indefinite period, I am ready to live here. You know life becomes boring if one lives for a long period, but I am ready to undergo that boredom, that monotony, for the sake of my ideology." (AV-12) Namaskar, Manoj
A few days back on one public forum, the concern was raised that even if some come forward in a pious and dharmic way to bring unity and welfare to all, then still such persons will be branded as being groupist. Here is what that well-intentioned person wrote: > But if a number of strong "spiritual moralists" unite to try to solve the crisis >in AM, will they not be branded as "groupists" having their own "groupist agenda"? >This is the usual method to discredit anyone's attempts at changeing the statis quo. However, now we all know that one should not worry about such things. If anyone tries to discredit any dharmika by branding them as being groupist, then two things will inevitably happen. #1. Those dharmikas will valiantly stick to their ideological principles and ultimately get success. That is Baba's teaching of 'nindantu...'. #2. Anyone criticising those dharmikas will be exposed as being an enemy of the Marga and should they fail to mend their ways their future is bleak. By Baba's divine grace AM ideology will soon be established in our Marga. There is not an iota of doubt about that.
By His grace, in the near future, the whole human society be marching on the path of dharma due to the courage and insight of those noble dharmikas who led the way. Baba says, "You should build a new human society at the earliest possible moment. Regarding those who are likely to create obstacles in your path - let them do so. You should remember that those who are the actual pioneers, the real vanguard of the society, are always a microscopic minority, but it is they who are destined to be victorious. Those who once opposed, or are now opposing or will oppose in the future, will in the future admit: "Yes, we are now driving our vehicle safely and comfortably along the very path which that vanguard once opened by clearing the jungle." This means that those who cleared the obstacles in the beginning will later be recognized as pioneers. The funny thing is this, that people do not give recognition at the time it is due. This is the natural law. And at the same time you should also remember this simple truth: that in a jungle the number of tigers and lions is always few; the jackals far outnumber them. Yet in the jungle the tigers and lions reign supreme, not the jackals. The jackals are sure to howl, that is their nature; but the tigers and lions will not be frightened." (AV-6) Baba says, "We should always respect our ideology if we are to become true human beings. The ideologist is a man who always acts according to his ideology. If by following the ideology, the older people become unhappy or condemn me, I will not care. If by following an ideology I die and die again, let it be. I will not care. I will stick to my ideology." (23 November 1971 DMC, Purnea)
****************************************** Ultravarious to Ideology
Baba says, "You should remember that a situation will never arise in this world which will give you cause for fear. It has been said that Parama Purusa is the fear of fear. That is, fear is as afraid of Parama Purusa as humans are afraid of fear." "Ananda Marga is essentially Tantra-orientated, it too, has a few special features of its own. As I have said previously, our ideology maintains that no-one need be afraid of anything under any circumstances. If anyone does get afraid, it should be understood that he is doing something ultravarious to our ideology." (Kolkata, 14 November 1978)

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