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Owl's Birthday

Date: Mon, 05 Oct 2009 11:46:12 +0530 To: From: Matt Ornbecker Subject: Owl's Birthday Baba "D'eke ja'i sa'r'a' na' pa'i, e ki kat'hin hrdaya..." (P.S. 3184) Purport: Baba, I go on calling You, but I never get any response. Your heart is tough. You do not care about my longing; that is why You never respond. Sometimes You come close and sometimes You go on smiling, keeping Yourself distant. What type of drama or divine play is this. With the melody and rhythm of the dance, You go on floating like a tidal wave in the ocean. In all the ups and downs of Your various vibrations I always feel Your sweetness. Baba, in all the ages You are; You remain all the time; You never get lost. You are also present in those memories which have already faded away. There also You are. You are ever-present in the nucleus of everything, manifested or not manifested. Everything is saturated with Your love, Your grace. Baba, You love me and You want to listen to my call again and again, that is why You do not respond. This is one way of Your loving expression. Baba, I surrender everything unto You...
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Namaskar, A critical event and recurring issue demands our full attention, especially in the wake of recent events. We all understand that everything Baba has given is sacred, including our WT system and His divine collection of Prabhat Samgiita. Yet now, in recurring birthday bashes, both of these gifts are being misused, nay abused. Please read the following; see what is going on; and find out which acaryas are involved. Collectively, by raising awareness, together we can put a stop to such shenanigans that undermine the sanctity of Baba's ideological teachings and devotional treasures.
Since a number of Wts have jumped on the birthday party bandwagon, we need to examine the issue from various aspects. First off, let's just make it clear that no Wt or avadhuta should be involved in celebrating their own birthday. That is Baba's strict rule. Many will recall that in the early 1970's when Nirmohanananda celebrated his own birthday in Daltonganj, then Baba reprimanded Dada severely. Out of His great love, Baba wanted to set the record straight regarding proper WT conduct. So He sent a strong message by rebuking Nirmohanananda, in front of everyone. Seeing this all workers immediately understood that they have not come on this earth to party and celebrate their own crude birthday. That is not what Baba wants. Our wholetimers are to think about Him and focus on the Goal.
Tadekam' smara'mah...Tadekam' nidha'nam'
Baba says, "That Cosmic Entity alone should be created in your mind and no other object...He is the terminating point. He is the Supreme Desideratum." (AV-2)
Indeed, celebrating one's own birthday leads to the degeneration of mind. Because by thinking of oneself the mind gets smaller and smaller. And when thinking of oneself in a glorified way by allowing an entire gathering of people to hold a party in your honour and sing happy birthday to you by distorting Baba's compositions of Prabhat Samgiita - which is what some of our acaryas are doing - then this goes against all codes of Wt conduct and etiquette. Indeed this flies in the face of being an Ananda Margii and disciple of the Sadguru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji. Such a scene will certainly lead to one's degeneration. Baba says, "Vanity harms the mind in three ways...The second [way] is gaorava, self-aggrandizement or boasting – projecting oneself as a great personality.... Is this really something great of which human beings can feel proud? And what is the result of this self-glorification? Raorava means the seventh hell." (AMIWL-11) Thus when some of our Wts are having the entire room sing happy birthday to them - by manipulating Baba's Prabhat Samgiita which is meant for the arrival of Parama Purusa - and when those acaryas themselves are the guest of honor, and when everyone is there to celebrate them, then the entire event is just about puffing up their petty I-feeling. In that case,their degeneration is sure. As Baba warns, their destiny is the depths of hell.
Now lets critically examine how some of our Wt's are manipulating and entwining Baba's divine songs of Prabhat Samgiita into their misguided birthday bashes (i.e. parties). First, our workers are not supposed to be celebrating their own crude birthday. They have come onto this earth for something else. That is now well understood. Second, such Wt's are organising birthday parties for themselves and one another and then singing Baba's special Prabhat Samgiita, Janmadine... #135, in the honour of that worker. When in fact that song is meant to be sung to Baba and Baba only during our Ananda Purnima celebrations. That's right, you read the above paragraph properly. Your eyes are not deceiving you. On not one, but rather on multiples occasions, certain WTs have directed Baba's beloved Prabhat Samgiita toward themselves, as if they are so great and their mundane birthday is so special. Such is their audacity. That entire Prabhat Samgiit, Janmadine...#135, is all about celebrating the grand arrival of Parama Purusa, yet some of our workers have the gall to redirect this divine song unto themselves. And they stand there and smile as a whole crowd of people are singing that divine Prabhat Samgiita in their honour. Can you imagine such a thing? Such is the lowly standard to which a few of our workers have fallen. Of course, there are many disciplined workers who would never stoop to such degrading activities, so we are not talking about all Wts. The tragedy is that some of our senior and top workers are involved in this birthday scandal. A few of their names are mentioned below.
As true Ananda Margii will recognise, in Prabhat Samgiita #135, Janmadine ei shubha ks'an'e, the entire song is directed towards Parama Purusa. It is His holy arrival that is being celebrated, not one Dada's mundane birthday. In the song, due to the grand arrival of Taraka Brahma, devotees are losing themselves in bliss - that is what is meant by the line, "Khusiite vibhora a'panha'ra'. Plus, the devotees are expressing the love and joy of their heart for Parama Purusa and no one else. That is what is meant by the line, "Udvela hiya' toma'rei la'giya'". Each and every syllable, line, and stanza of the song is about the grandeur of Parama Purusa and how He makes everyone's heart dance in bliss, and how His arrival creates a new spiritual vibration that transforms the whole world, and how He has come to remain close to me. Thus Prabhat Samgiita #135 is a very personal and devotional song that reflects a bhakta's joy in having Parama Purusa in the mind and heart and how His arrival is totally blissful. Thus to sing this song in honour of one Dada's crude birthday goes against all ethics of devotional life. To speak frankly, according to our standard of Ananda Marga, such an act is not only misguided but criminal. After all, we are not talking about a primary school student. We are talking about our esteemed acaryas who have been on the path for decades and been in hundreds of reporting sessions with Baba. These Dadas are not innocent babies. They have been educated and trained about AM and Baba's teachings. They should know better and set a better example to others. So it is absolutely shocking that they could even think to use Baba's divine Prabhat Samgiita in honour of their own mundane birthday - as if they are the Saviour of this universe. Either such a Dada is just plain ignorant, dumb, and devotionally blind, or they have an ego the size of the Himalayas. In either case the situation is not at all good - and their future is not at all bright.
Here Baba is clearly warning that human beings, let alone our esteemed acaryas, must not be involved in self-glorification by holding birthday parties and singing songs of their own greatness. One must not do such things. Baba says, "Kiirtana should be done on Hari and on no other entity. One should not praise oneself or any other person. There are many people who are very fond of praising themselves by telling everyone what wonderful things they have done, but, as mentioned in this sloka, kiirtana is not for one’s own self but for Hari. Even though people are taught to do kiirtana for Hari, they still make the mistake of praising themselves too much. Sometimes their self-praise is so intense that others are obliged to say, “Please stop praising yourself so much.” They forget that their self-applause is rather boring for others. Human beings should realize that no one likes to hear the self-praise of others." (AV-8) Even though a few degraded workers may enjoy the crude display of their own petty glory, such ostentatious displays are not received well in the society. This will tarnish the image of all workers who have come on this earth to selflessly serve others, not glorify themselves.
By Baba's grace we are to become great by our spiritual and selfless conduct, not by the pomp and show of our birthday bashes. Baba says, "It is action that makes a person great. Be great by your sa'dhana', by your service, by your sacrifice." For a Wt to celebrate their own birthday using Prabhat Samgiitas is nothing but of a function of their own blindness. That is why many say this is just one owl's birthday. Namaskar, Mahendra
Regarding birthdays, it has to be mentioned that our present life is nothing but a part life. It is not a full life. Our life began when our consciousness first emanated from the Cosmic Hub. Since that time we have undergone incarnation after incarnation. Baba says, " After millions of animal lives, a created being attains the human form..." (Ananda Va'nii #33) Baba says, "In Sanskrit, dvi means “two” and ja means “born”, so dvija means “twice born”...the first birth was the physical birth, and the second birth was the spiritual birth, during initiation." (AV-30) Thus, one should not think that when the spermatoza fertilised the egg that led to this particular birth is one grand birthday event. Our life is spiritual oriented, not goaded toward the mundane. Thus, every sadhaka in the Marga should think twice about how far they should celebrate their "birthday". For workers, there is no question of celebrating as they have given up everything of their unit existence for Baba. But all sadhakas in the Marga should take a moment and consider the points in this letter and see if really they feel it appropriate and beneficial to celebrate their own birthday. Of course with young kids it is a different matter - they should celebrate - but advanced sadhakas should rethink this issue with regards to themselves. Already, probably many do not celebrate as they are more interested in Parama Purusa.
In Caryacarya, Baba has given all kinds of ceremonies for the general society, including birthday celebrations (without Prabhat Samgiita of course!). But no acarya should blindly think that therefore that birthday celebration is for them anymore than they should think that the marriage ceremony is for them. Those types of things in Caryacarya are for the general society, not our esteemed acaryas.
On 29 August 2009, in Jharsguda (Orissa, India), there was a big birthday party event held in honour of Dada Priyakrsnananda. For those not aware, Dada Priyakrsnananda has years and years of experience in AM and even in his early years in the Marga he was a Central Worker who lived close to Baba. Thus he should really know better. Perhaps most surprising is that there were many, many senior workers on hand for this birthday gala event and in one big round, they all sang Prabhat Samgiita #135, "Janma dine...", in order to celebrate Priyakrsnananda's birthday. This type of dogmatic thing is totally against the ethics of our Marga and it sets a very negative example. Because, as we all know, dogma spreads. Not surprisingly then, more recently in SUVA sector, the very senior Dada Paramatmananda and Didi Ananda Shamiita organised two birthday parties. And once again, they both insisted that PS #135, "Janma dine...", be sung. Thus with printed song sheets etc that Dada and Didi made sure that the birthday event was celebrated with Prabhat Samgiita. So this ugly trend is quickly making its way around the world. It is such a tragedy that even our senior most workers do not understand basic principles about AM and Prabhat Samgiita. It is amazing how quickly they have forgotten Guru's teachings and guidelines.
Here is a letter about a past birthday events regarding our acaryas. These letters are filled with stories, explanations, and insights about this critical issue.
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Baba says, "A'pashcavishvabhes'ajii-- that is 'water is medicine for all diseases'. Truly, all types of disease can be relieved if one knows how to use water properly. To maintain the internal functions of the body without hindrance and to maintain the internal liquid balance, everyone should drink a sufficient quantity of water every day. A healthy person can consume three or four seers of water a day, a sick person four or five seers, and a person suffering from skin disease, five or six seers. These amounts of water help cure disease to a great extent." "Drinking water is good, but water with a little lemon and a little salt is still better." "Drinking a lot of water at a time is harmful, especially for heart patients." (YT, '96, p. 93) Note: During meals if people drink water or juice etc then the saliva gets diluted thus adversely affecting digestion and inviting many diseases.

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