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We Do Not Salute Any Human Being

Date: 27 Feb 2009 22:09:02 -0000 From: "K Lingappa" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: We Do Not Salute Any Human Being Baba "Ka'ra'r kapa't' a'gha'te bha'ungiya' a'lo niye ele ke go atithi..." (P.S. 4305) Purport: Which Divine Guest has come and pulverized the prison gate by His strong blow and freed everyone from the dungeon. Which Entity has come and brought such divine effulgence. O' Ajana Pathik, Parama Purusa, it is Your grace that You have come and removed the Cimmerian darkness. You have removed the fear of staticity, dogma, and disaster. By Your grace You have given the voice to those who did not have a way to speak. Previously, they could not express any of their desires and problems. But with Your infinite compassion You have graced them. These downtrodden people could not raise the protest against their sufferings & tortures. They were facing those injustices silently without so much as saying a word. Their throats were choked. But now all that has changed. O' Parama Purusa, thinking about their suffering and pain, You took up the Gandiiva bow in Your hand and You have made everyone listen to the song of life. You have made everyone's life blissful by removing all sorts of suppressions, repressions, and depressions. Baba, You have graced one and all...
Namaskar, In our Ananda Marga, our entire outlook and life is spiritually based-- focused completely on Parama Purusa, revolving only around Baba. Our each and every thought, word, and action is aimed towards Him. From morning till night, our existence is centered around the Divine Entity: When we awaken, we meditate on Him; when we serve others or feed a beggar, we feel that we are serving or feeding Him. When we receive anything from anyone, we feel we have gotten a gift from Parama Purusa. When we talk to our children, we feel that Parama Purusa is expressing Himself in the form of these children, i.e. that He is in front of us in the form of these young boys and girls. In this beautiful way the day passes-- ensconced in His thought & ideation. And our namaskar salutation is part and parcel of this flow: It is one of our daily activities that is related with Parama Purusa. Because as we all know, when we do namaskar we are not saluting any particular individual like Ram, Shyam, Tom, Dick, or Harry, but rather recognizing the presence of the Infinite Supreme Consciousness within that person.
Our namaskar salutation, therefore, is to be done to all. Because it has nothing to do with one's seniority, social stature, post, age, or any other relative factor. Because when we do our namaskar mudra we are not bowing down to any individual per se. Rather we are paying salutation to the presence of the Divine within that person. Baba says, "Namaska'ra...It can be done to all regardless of their age, because this mode of salutation is used with the ideation that everyone is the manifestation of the Supreme Being." (CC-1, Chapter 7) Thus part and parcel of our namaskar practice is seeing the Divine within all. That is the essence of doing namaskar. For that reason even the senior-most people in society should do namaskar to little babies, and top-level workers should do namaskar to newly initiated persons. And fellow classmates should do namaskar to each other. So namaskar is to be done by one and all to one and all. There should not be any shyness or feelings of superiority that inhibits this process. Because the sweet ideation behind it all is that when doing namaskar we are honoring the presence of the Supreme within that individual. Hence, we should always be ready to do namaskar to anyone.
Secondly, side by side Baba's guidelines is that we should be the first to do namaskar. Baba says, "You should always make an effort to do namaskar to others first." (AMIWL-11) So these are two of Baba's fundamental teachings about Namaskar: (1) That it is to be done to all, and (2) that one should be enthusiastic to do namaskar first. These are two fundamentals aspects of our namaskar practice. Reason being that namaskar is an acknowledgement or salutation to Parama Purusa in the form of that human being. It is not the act of bowing down to a particular individual. So we should readily do namaskar to everyone-- first.
Unfortunately, some have forgotten this divine formula. And for that reason certain dogmatic ideas about the meaning of namaskar have crept into our Marga. Chiefly, some have the wrong idea that when doing namaskar they are saluting another human being. When in fact the truth is we are saluting the Divinity within that human being. But due to their dogmatic understanding, some big Dadas are hesitant to do namaskar to those who are their juniors. Those Dadas think that, 'I am more senior and more respected than him, so why should I salute or bow down to such & such person'. Hence with their dogmatic understanding, those big Dadas refrain from doing namaskar when seeing others. This is the common occurrence, especially at retreats. At the same time, Baba guides us that we should always to namaskar to others first. And if those Dadas understood that by doing namaskar they are honoring the Supreme and not bowing down to some human being, then they would surely follow Baba's guideline: They would be the first to do namaskar. But since they have the dogmatic view that by doing namaskar they are bowing down to some human being, then they do not like to do namaskar. And that is exactly what happens when big Dadas go to any public gathering or retreat. They expect the entire campus to do namaskar to them, but unto others they refrain, or at best do namaskar in reply. But again, this entire situation can be averted if everyone becomes more aware about the real nature of our namaskar practice.
Here following then is Baba's special explanation about the meaning of namaskar. In various discourses, Baba has explained that: (a) The prefix 'namah' means 'I salute'; (b) The root 'kr' means 'do'; and, (c) 'Ghain' is simply a standard Sanskrit suffix. (d) So: Namah - kr + ghain = Namaska'r Hence the full meaning of 'namaskar' is 'I salute'. So the term 'namaskar' is grammatically vague: It does not literally qualify to whom one is saluting. It just means 'I salute' or 'I pay my salutations'. Beyond that it has no further literal meaning. Why is it like that? Why did the rs'is of old create the word in that way? Because by this way 'namaskar' indirectly refers to Parama Purusa. That is why it is fitting to use the term 'namaskar' when addressing other jiivas-- other human beings. Because the term 'namaskar' recognises those humans as being expressions of Cosmic Consciousness.
We should not forget that no human being should salute any other human being. Ours is not like that of the military or some dogmatic regime. Rather one should always salute Parama Purusa. Because why should we bow down to any human being? That is the spirit and this is the uniqueness of our AM philosophy. In the various religions this supreme idea is totally absent. They salute human beings, but we don't.
So 'namaskar' means: O' Mr Ramesh or O' Mr Manoranjain, I salute the Divine which is residing within you. That is the true spirit of doing namaskar. But if Ramesh or Manoranjan is ignorant and foolish, they will think that they are being saluted. And if the one doing namaskar is foolish, he will think that he is saluting Ramesh or Manoranjain etc. Those who do namaskar in this misguided way, they commit a mistake which is commonly done in the general society-- and unfortunately in our Marga as well. So this false manner should be stopped. In the real sense, with the term 'namaskar' (literally meaning 'I salute'), we are paying our salutations to the Divine in an indirect way. Because we seeing 'Ramesh' or 'Manoranjan' or 'Tom', 'Dick', or 'Harry', as being manifestations of the Supreme. Thus the word 'namaskar' recognises the Divine within them; it is an indirect reference to Parama Purusa That is the way it works. Thus none should get confused and think that by saying 'namaskar' we are saluting another human being or that someone else is saluting us. It is not like that.
Unfortunately, here again let it be said that some in AMPS are confused and they think that by saying namaskar they are saluting another human being. That is why you might have seen how some Dadas do not like to say namaskar to juniors or new margiis etc. Because they think that they themselves are someone high, worthy of respect, and that it would be unfitting to address someone younger or less senior with the term namaskar. But unto them, those same Dadas want all to quickly come and say namaskar. Because they think by this way they are getting the respect and praise of others. So their misunderstanding works in two faulty directions. Certain top Dadas do not want to say namaskar to others as they think it diminishes their own stature. That is the first half of their dogma. Secondly, they think by having others say namaskar to them then they are getting huge honor and respect. And that is the second half of their dogma. They do not know they are saluting the Divine when they do namaskar to others, and they do not know that the next persons is saluting God by doing namaskar to them. So that is their blindness. This type of misdealing is all due to their misunderstanding of the term namaskar. Theirs is a dogmatic type of meaning that is wrongly based on social status and prestige. That is why some top Dadas do not like to address others by saying 'namaskar' and that is why they want the entire world to come to them and say 'namaskar'. Such is the confusion and deep rooted dogma that has infested their minds. And that is why they cannot get the spiritual benefit of using the namaskar term-- because they fail to realise that by saying namaskar they are indirectly paying their respects to Baba as they have come in form of next. For this reason one should always be zealous to do namaskar to others first. But in general, mostly people do not know this secret so they desire that others should do namaskar to them first.
Lastly, any discussion about namaskar would be incomplete if one fails to discuss the accompanying mudra as well. As we all know, when we say namaskar, first we raise our palms together and touch the trikuti point with our thumbs. By this we are recognising the center of the mind which is at the ajina cakra. And then we lower our palms to the heart or the anahata cakra. By this way we are acknowledging the feeling of heart, which is one of the subcenters of the mind as it is responsible for feelings of love, affection, dedication, and respect. So when we do namaskar, we are paying our deepest salutations to Parama Purusa with the totality of our mind and heart. And when doing the mudra we say, 'namaskar'. This everybody understands. By this manner we are saluting the Divine Entity inside the next person and by this way our entire mind & heart gets spiritualised. Because doing the mudra is very helpful for inculcating the proper ideation. It is just like if you try doing sastaunga pranam from a standing position then it does not work nearly as well as when you do sastaunga pranam while lying on the ground in the proper mudra. Here the whole point is that the mudra supports the ideational flow in the mind since when we do any mudra then it brings the mind and body into one parallel position, which ultimately reinforces the idea in the mind. That is the specialty of our namaskar mudra.
We can see that throughout this entire world there are hundreds of ways to salute someone, but the way in AM is totally unique and divine. That is why we must propagate this unique practice all around. All should understand the true meaning of this salutation and follow it-- in body, heart, and mind.
By Baba's grace, He has blessed as with a salutation system that brings one closer to Him. Because when we do namaskar we are not saluting any human being, rather we are distinctly paying our salutations to Him-- drawing ourselves closer to Him, by His grace. That is one special aspect of doing namaskar. Baba says, "The only goal of living beings is to attain Parama Purus´a. This singular goal should permeate the major portion of the activities of ideal human beings. You should always remember that from the moment you get up until the moment you go to sleep, Parama Purus´a is your supreme Goal. Whatever you do, you should do keeping your vision fixed on that Goal." (SS-12) Namaskar Karun
As we all now know, the term namaskar is derived from the root 'namah' meaning 'I salute - 'kr' meaning 'do' + 'ghain', which is one of the many traditional suffixes in Sanskrit. For those interested, on page 1413 of Baba's Sanskrit Grammar Book, He outlines many words that employ the suffix ghain:
yuinj + ghain = yoga div + ghain = deva rainj + ghain = ra'ga kr + ghain= ka'r
So ghain is a commonly used suffix in Sanskrit and is also used in the formation of the term 'namaskar'. For more about this linguistic science or to learn more about the use of the ghain suffix, then please refer to Baba's Sanskrit Grammar Book.
According to Baba, there are numerous benefits to always doing namaskar first. And Baba furthermore guides us that He always does namaskar first in order to teach others. Baba says, "As ideal human beings you should not wait to give namaskar after another has greeted you: you should rather take the first opportunity to greet others. When someone greets you, it is merely common courtesy for you to salute back; you do not become an ideal human being thereby. Rather one who seizes the first opportunity to salute others is the ideal. So you should always make an effort to do namaskar to others first: you should not care whether the person whom you greet will greet you in return or not. (When people come to me during personal contact, I greet them first whether they salute me or not.) By giving honour to others you will not be belittled, you will rather enhance your prestige." (AMIWL-11) By Baba's above guideline we can understand that those who do namaskar first are better than those who wait to do namaskar in response. Unfortunately, those who are unaware about this do not do namaskar first, they think they should wait for namaskar. But by this way they just cheat themselves and deprive themselves of becoming ideal human beings. That is Baba's specific teaching.

Story: Baba has Gone in Your Heart

From: "Ramanuj Subramanyan" To: Subject: Story: Baba has Gone in Your Heart Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 23:18:22 Baba "Tamasa' ka't'iche bihag d'akiche, purva toran'e khuliche dva'r..." (P.S. 4647) Purport: By His grace, today in the eastern horizon the sun has come, the birds are chirping with full joy, the darkness has gone. The crimson dawn is rising-- everything is beautiful; everything is charming. The door of a new era has opened. O' my brothers and sisters, everyone get ready. Do not remain drowsy and in a state of slumber-- Arise, awake. O' children, boys, and girls of the world, break the jail of dogma and staticity and come out. Now it is our duty to fulfill those great tasks which were started by sages in the past. We have to remain vigilant and keep the lamp of neo-humanism effulgent forever. By Baba's grace today all the darkness and staticity has gone; a new brilliant era has come….
Namaskar, As every A'nanda Ma'rgii knows, when Baba was living in Madhu Malainca, i.e. the Baba's Quarter (BQ) residence in Lake Gardens, Kolkata, then He would occasionally go to the Tiljala compound and remain there for a day, 3 days, or however long He wished. This was part of Baba's regular program those days. Furthermore, at each and every BQ, one Dada is posted as the caretaker and he attends to the various duties regarding the maintenance and upkeep of the BQ. Once, what happened, one time in the late 1980's, Baba went to Tiljala and after a few days He came back. And according to the system or protocol, many margiis, including the caretaker Dada, received Baba by singing Prabhat Samgiita when He returned back to Madhu Malainca (Lake Gardens). When coming out from His car, after receiving a mala from the caretaker, in a very gracious and jolly mood, Baba smiled and softly asked, "While I was away, when anyone asked you, 'Where has Baba gone', what did you tell them?". "Baba, I told them that, 'Baba has gone to Tiljala'", the caretaker replied. "And when I go to Ananda Nagar then what do you say when anyone asks you, 'Where has Baba gone'", Baba asked. "Then I tell them that, 'Baba has gone to Ananda Nagar'", the caretaker responded. Hearing this Baba started smiling and asked another question. "What if I go somewhere and I do not tell you where I have gone, in that situation what will you say to people when they ask you, 'Where has Baba gone?'". Then the caretaker kept quiet. He was now in a fix as he had no idea how to respond to Baba's query. Rather he was thinking that he would reply, 'I do not know'. Seeing this, Baba Himself gave the answer, "If I go somewhere and I do not tell you where I have gone, in that situation when anyone asks you, 'Where has Baba gone?, in that case you should tell them that, 'Baba has gone in your heart'". Baba then inquired, "Do you understand?". "Yes Baba", the caretaker said.
Although it is a very simple story, but at the same time it is very mysterious also. This story is quite popular, but some understand and some not-- still today even. That is why it is mysterious. On the one hand, some take it lightly and think that Baba was just making a joke and there is nothing more to the story than that. Whereas some bhaktas think that Guru's every word has a very deep meaning. And especially since this above story happened in the late 80's, they understood that through this story Baba was giving a hint about the forthcoming situation. Afterwards some understood in this way. But at the time nobody could fathom what was to come. Here the point is that later on some people understood that Baba's comment-- "If I go somewhere and I do not tell you where I have gone, in that situation when anyone asks you, 'Where has Baba gone?, in that case you should tell them that, 'Baba has gone in your heart'"-- was related with the fact that on 21 October 1990 Baba did not tell where He was going. The meaning is then that since Baba did not tell where He was going on that very occasion of 21 Oct 1990, then margiis understood that the answer to the question, 'Where has Baba gone', is that Baba has gone in your heart.
When Baba as the Mahasambhuti was in physical form, then He was living both inside the heart of His devotees as well as in external physical world. He was residing in both of the places. . And when He withdrew His physical manifestation, then still He continues to remain in the heart-- to this very day. That is the way to look at the situation. So all along He was in the heart of His devotees and still He remains there, only now He no longer is in external form.
Once again, the mystery is that Baba was giving the hint that He is not going anywhere other than, "residing in your heart". But those not understanding took it very lightly and thought that it is a joke. Unfortunately, by this way they drowned themselves in the dungeon of dogma. And they forcibly closed their own eyes to this very simple and divine teaching: That Baba always remains in the heart. It is rightly said that to understand Guru's word is not easy. It can only happen with His grace alone. Baba your liila is unfathomable.
By His grace, in Prabhat Samgiita #4425, Baba has given the line, "Vrnda'vanam parityajya pa'damekam na gaccha'mi..." "I am always eternally present in Vrindavan, in the hearts of devotees. That is Guru cakra. I do not go even a little away from that. I am eternally present along with my devotees in their heart." Namaskar, Ramanuj Note 1: This above story was told by Dada Keshavananda, a longtime PA (Personal Attendant) to Baba.
By all of the above, we can easily understand that Baba was foreshadowing what we should say and think when He is no longer physically present on this earth. That time Baba was graciously infusing the idea that when we do not know where He has gone then we should think that Baba has gone our heart. That is Baba's meaningful guideline. And indeed it applies perfectly to His physical disappearance from this earth. Unfortunately, some could not understand Baba's above teaching-- even today. In that way, each year on 21 October 1990 they organise their dogmatic program of Mahaprayan-- 'the so-called great departure', which means that Baba is gone forever. But from Baba's above story, we can understand that there is no such thing as Mahaprayan. Rather, October 1990 signifies the time when Baba remains exclusively in the hearts of His devotees. However, various self-serving groupists are determined to make their so-called Mahaprayan festival as one great gathering in hopes of bringing huge money into their pocket. Basically, their intention is to turn Kolkata into one dogmatic tiirtha on the basis of "Mahaprayan". This has been their self-serving plan. But little by little that plan is eroding more and more. Because Ananda Margiis-- the devotees of Baba-- are not at all attracted to the Mahaprayan program as it unceremoniously declares that 'Baba is gone-- forever'. And no devotee likes to think in this way. Nor is it true. By Baba's grace, in the above story, He has given the perfect response: "If I go somewhere and I do not tell you where I have gone, in that situation when anyone asks you, 'Where has Baba gone?, in that case you should tell them that, 'Baba has gone in your heart'". That is His divine guideline and that is what we should follow and realise in this life.
*************************************************** Remedy
Baba says, "On imbibing cosmic ideation all kinds of ailments will be cured." (PNS-8, p.19)

The Building Blocks of Dhyana

Date: 25 Feb 2009 22:08:01 -0000 From: "Bhavanath Rajpal" To: Subject: The Building Blocks of Dhyana Baba "Tumi du're theke balo bha'loba'so, keno dhara'chonya'r ma'jhe na'hi a'so..." (P.S. 4470) Purport: Baba keeping Yourself distant You tell that You love me-- but how can it be possible. Then why are You not coming within my grasp so that I can touch You and hold You. Baba, You always remain sitting distant and smile from there. Sometimes You appear in my mind, in some far distant way like the moon in the sky. Baba You are unknown; it is not easy for me to recognise Your magnanimity. But You are that most beautiful, most glittering, most shining One-- full of effulgence. Even then You do not understand the yearning and cry of the heart of those who have longing for You. Just You spread Your sweet smile on Your most attractive lips-- all the while keeping Yourself distant. O' Liilamaya, I do not understand how You go on playing Your liila. Because I do not recognise or understand Your qualities, that is why I call You karunamaya, karuna* personified. Baba, the manner in which I feel and realise You in the practice of shravan, manan, and dhyan, in that same intimate way please keep me close and remove all the burdens of my reactive momenta. So that I can become permanently close and finally become one with You. Baba please come close within my reach-- within the proximity of my touch and embrace. Baba please grace me...
Namaskar, Baba says, "The man who is intelligent should from his very childhood move along this path of psycho-spirituality. The sooner a man starts or moves along this path of psycho-spirituality, the better it is. He is the blessed one." (AV-34, p. 73) Baba says, "With the practice of dhyana, the mind and the whole existence becomes one-pointed and ultimately becomes one with intuition. That is, the mind becomes completely pin-pointed and the entire personality becomes one. No longer will that jiiva have a balkanised personality." "With the practice of dhyana the memory power of a sadhaka increases, his courage also increases...if all the propensities of the human being become concentrated on one point and merge into the I-feeling, then that very human becomes a devata (god) in human form. This is not an impossible task. This thing is easily achieved with the practice of dhyana yoga. "You boys and you girls who have not yet learned dhyana yoga should learn as soon as possible from the acaryas. Because in dhyana yoga many qualities are there. With the practice of dhyana yoga you can become one with Parama Purusa." (26 July 1980, Udaipur) All of us are aware that sadhana is a very significant thing in the life. In our day to day existence, we practice sadhana. Here following is some meaningful discussion which is directly related with our practice of sadhana-- what to do and what not to do etc.
During our session, one margii from the unit commented, 'I do not have time for doing different lessons so I just do 10 minutes of dhyan. Because dhyan is the top most lesson. That is the best one. So I only do that lesson with what time I have'. We all looked towards Acaryaji to hear his response. Acaryaji said, 'In the Ananda Marga system of meditation, each and every lesson of sadhana has its own value and significance. Certain lessons focus on purifying the lower cakras and of course dhyana is related with the higher cakra, sahasra'ra. But one thing is sure: In order to do proper dhyana and progress spiritually it is necessary to practice all the lessons because they strengthen the lower cakras'. Acaryaji continued, 'On this point all sadhakas should be aware of Baba's following direction'. Baba says, "In order to advance spiritually, one has to first establish control over these lower cakras, then finally over the sahasra'ra cakra." (AV-17: 14 Jan 1980)
Then one other sadhaka in the unit asked, 'Dadaji what will happen if someone only practices 6th lesson, dhyan, and neglects doing the other lessons of sadhana?'. Acaryaji replied, 'Remember the various lessons of AM sadhana are important building blocks for doing 6th lesson. So if those lessons are neglected then the corresponding cakras remain dirty in which case dhyan will be adversely affected. The point is, if the lower cakras are not properly controlled then such an approach of only doing dhyan [sahasra'ra cakra] will be impeded'. Acaryaji added, 'Again here it is important to take serious note of Baba's guideline'. Baba says, "If one, conversely, tries to control the sahasra'ra first while the other cakras remain uncontrolled, spiritual practice on the sahasra'ra may be hampered." (AV-17: 14 Jan 1980)
Another Margii asked, 'Excuse me Acaryaji, but is there anything more we should know in this regard?' Then respected Acaryaji replied, 'One should not underestimate the importance of strengthening the lower cakras by sincerely practicing all the lessons of AM sadhana. Because even if one can manage dhyana or 6th lesson and bring the mind to the sahasrara cakra, still if the lower cakras are not properly controlled then the outcome will not be desirable'. Again Acaryaji noted, 'We should refer to Baba's following teaching'. Baba says, "Not only that, even if the sahasra'ra cakra can be brought under control, the final result will not be good if the subsidiary cakras are not brought under control." (AV-17) Looking around I could see that everyone present was mentally absorbed in the discussion. Then our unit secretary, brother Pradiip asked, Acaryaji, can you share with us any other sadhana guidelines which Baba has given'. Then Dadaji said, 'Certainly, in the very same discourse Baba discusses the deep link between body and mind. And that keeping the body tranquil and still during meditation enables the mind to focus better'. Baba says, "If the body is restless, the mind will also be restless. That is why during spiritual practice, the body should be kept motionless. One must practise seated in a certain posture, because if the body becomes calm and motionless the mind also tends to become calm and concentrated." (AV-17)
Acaryaji added, 'That is why in our AM system sadhakas are taught to do sadhana in postures like padmasana or siddhasana. This very science is not known to the religions like Christianity and Islam. That is why in their prayers they move about. Sometimes standing, then kneeling, then sitting, then placing their hands on their head etc. But all these movements are distracting to the mind. And that is what Baba is explaining here'. Baba says, "If someone is constantly thinking that he will have to sit down at a certain time, stand up at a certain time, catch hold of one's nose or ears at a certain time, the mind will automatically tend to become restless. Such is the intimate relation between the body and the mind." (AVM 17) Some margiis who do not understand this idea, they unknowingly do something which is improper. This is described in note 1 below. Acaryaji said, 'In such type of ritualistic prayers when the body is moving hither and thither, then the mind also gets restless. So altogether the idea is that the body should be motionless while doing sadhana. And in that condition naturally sadhana will be better.'
Acaryaji added, 'I have seen in various units that in dharmacakra when sadhana starts some margiis start yawning and some in half sleep start waving back and forth. And others are hunched over and then they straighten their backs and then again they become hunched over. But all these types of movements are not good'. Acaryaji also reminded us of one incident where in dharmacakra he was doing sadhana and all of a sudden the front side of one Dada's head hit him squarely on the back. Acaryaji was startled by this and then he saw that the Dada whose head hit him got awakened by this and then again that Dada straightened himself and made his back straight.
In conclusion Acaryaji said, 'Sadhana is very important. And in the following teachings Baba is giving emphasis and importance to sadhana, our spiritual practice'. Baba says, "Those human beings who do not perform spiritual practice are under the influence Prakrti...I have said before that there can be no progress either in the realm of physicality or in the realm of intellectuality. Those who are hankering for progress in these fields are indulging in a self-cheating business. Whether they admit it or not, they know that they know nothing. Ask them whether they are getting pleasure in the realm of physicality. They will admit that they are not. Ask a good business man whether he is earning good profits. His reply will be, 'What profit? I am incurring losses'. This will be his reply whether you belong to Income Tax Department or not! To run after progress in the realm of physicality and intellectuality is utter foolishness, a waste of time, as there is no progress in these fields." (SS part 10) Baba says, "When you come in close contact with the Supreme Entity, you will find that you have no wealth superior to devotion. All worldly possessions will prove of no avail. Only devotion enables you to come into close contact with Him. This is the goal of human life. This is true progress. You have been wandering through the labyrinth of a myriad of lives. You have been ever advancing toward this stage. Knowingly or unknowingly, you are being drawn unto Him. This is the summum bonum of life. As long as you have not realized Him, there is no siddhi in your life." (SS-10)
Here in this next series of quotes Baba guides us that we are do sadhana in the prime of our life. Baba says, "Some people consider that one should start intuitional practice in old age when a person has more leisure." (AMEP '92, p. 134) Baba continues, "Whoever is born is bound to die and one is constantly approaching death, not knowing when it will come. It is never certain if one will live to grow old. Yet people reserve the most important work of practising sa'dhana' for the time when the body has become completely enfeebled and the fatuous mind of old age." (AMEP) Baba concludes, "There is no value in remembering God in old age, when it is not possible to concentrate the mind due to the weakness and disease of the body and its preoccupation with the reactions (sam'ska'ras) of the deeds of this life. The mind then is caught up in the infirmities of the body, in the diseases of old age, impending death, and most of all, in memories of past incidents, and it is impossible to concentrate the mind. For these reasons one is incapable of intuitional practice. (AMEP) At His lotus feet, Bhavanath Note 1: During sadhana some margiis keep their cats or dogs or their pets on their lap and in that way they do sadhana-- but that should not be treated as real sadhana, but rather as a show of sadhana. One of my known margiis was even keeping his two little monkeys on both his legs during meditation. But as I say this is not at all proper. Now please return to the main part of the letter as it will discuss more about Christianity and Islamic prayers and how the mind gets distracted by movement of the body.
************************************************ For Our Day to Day Life
Baba says, "They [Yaksa microvita] are instrumental in arousing the propensity to accumulate more and more wealth...In most cases, this psychic ailment aroused by yaks'as is more fatal than the diseases called "yaks'ma'" (such as tuberculosis or consumption). It has produced extremely fissiparous tendencies in human society, and has lead to the exploitation of one group of human beings by another group who feel elated to hear the lamentations of others. The overwhelming urge to acquire wealth-- the urge for capitalism and the capitalist structure-- is based on this psychic ailment. It gives rise to the all-consuming and insatiable greed of capitalists. The collective name of the microvita which produce this disease in the human mind, in the human psyche, is called "yaks'a". When a person devoid of any ideology becomes engrossed in the thought of accumulating wealth, yaks'as begin their frenetic dance in his mind...Ultimately, the structure of those minds will be crudified, and through dogma they reach the nadir point of crudification." (MVNS, p.13-14) Note: In the above teaching Baba is guiding us that we should not run blindly after money and crude wealth. Those doing so face a terrible fate. They will turn into negative microvita-- yaks'a. Thus they will become completely crudified; they will become one lifeless currency note, just paper. Now is the crucial time when this teaching is needed because in this capitalist era the majority of the population is getting misguided. They think money is the be-all and end-all of life. So if they will not get proper guidance their fate will be gloomy and dark. Hence Baba's teaching and warning is timely-- that we should not be influenced by negative microvita and not run blindly after money.. This is His timely guideline. However on this point Dada Tapeshvaranandaji is confused because in his book he is telling that Baba has not given this teaching for today, but that after 400 years it will be useful. In this way Dadaji wants to deprive the common people of Baba's divine teachiing which is highly needed now in our day to day life. Hence, in such a circumstance, our duty is to correct Dadaji on this vital point so that he will not mislead others any longer. Best is if Dadaji will update and correct his book.

Are You a Sadhaka

Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 22:39:59 -0500 From: Sudarshan To: Subject: Are You a Sadhaka Baba "Tumi a'ma'y hrdaya ma'jhe eso go priyo madhurata' ma'khi..." (P.S. 747) Purport: Baba, please come in my heart and saturate my entire being with the showering of Your sweetness, O' my dear most. Baba please remove my all impurities and negative samskaras-- and whatever other things I have that got accumulated over the ages. Please inundate my entire existence with the showering of Your love and divine grace. Baba, this entire universe, these seven lokas, nothing is beyond Your reach. Everything is within You. And because everything resides in You, that is why You know all my merits and demerits-- whatever I have. By Your Grace today I am surrendering whatever that is mine unto You. With the only desire that You please look towards me with Your compassionate eye, eyes full of karuna'. This wee-bit of grace I long from You. Baba, since ages, since many lives, I have been crossing through the negative path, path of dogma. But today by Your grace, this is the first time in my entire life when You awakened my samvit and now I understood my mistakes. And I rectified them by Your grace. Baba, all my actions, my entire being, my whole heart, everything I offer at Your lotus feet. I do not want to keep anything as my own from henceforth onward. With this pointed mind I am doing sastaunga pranam to You. Please accept it...
Namaskar, While there are many ways to determine if one is a sadhaka of the proper standard or not. This following letter clearly delineates one major aspect of the mind-set needed to be a true sadhaka. With the utter pervasiveness of materialism, we should all be vigilant on this point. Everyone should read the below and then be honest with themselves.
In this current social era, in front of Ananda Margiis 2 ideas are floating side by side. One is from the environmental factor, i.e. the worldly society, and the second one is from Baba's ideological guidelines & teaching. Theses days due to a lack of high motivation and not focusing the mind to Ista and Adarsha, the common public is self-engrossed, thinking about themselves. Naturally their periphery of mind then gets smaller and smaller. Because the characteristic of mind is- 'As you think so shall you become'. So by thinking about the unit self, then the dimensions of one's mind gets smaller and smaller. And the consequence is psychic disease: frustration, melancholia, and so on and so forth. So many diseases will come. In addition, such persons are hungry for someone's praise. They always harbour the deep desire that someone should come forward and praise them. Not only every day but every minute, otherwise they feel depressed. This is the pitiful situation of general people these days.
But the standard of margiis is quite high. Because the mind is focused on Ista (BABA), Adarsha, proper ideation, social service and God-hood. So the mind does not have the opportunity to think about the self. In which case then the periphery of the mind is getting bigger and bigger and in due course it becomes infinite. And finally in one golden dawn it becomes so vast and that it merges into Parama Purusa, and reaches its Goal.
However, those who think about themselves most of the time they feel frustrated; and sometimes when they get praised by others then they feel arrogant. And then they foolishly forget that whatever little strength they have is just the gift of Parama Purusa. Devoid of this thinking they feel egoistic and are full of vanity. And in result they invite their ruination.
"Aham'ka'rah patanasya mu'lam" (Shivokti no. 6) Meaning: Pride goeth before a fall
So this malady has come from the offshoot of materialism. Mostly materialistic minded people, those whose be-all and end-all of life is matter, they suffer from such types of diseases. And they need day-long appreciation by others. Otherwise frustration and depression comes in their day to day life. Such an unfortunate episode is very common. Now this is the time we should analyse how far Baba appreciates this self-praise. Or the habit to enjoy self-praise. How far does this selfishness have any value in the life of true human beings. We should see carefully whether this self-aggrandizement is something meaningful or detrimental.
But one thing is for certain. Our scriptures say that those who are great persons, in their life, they never get recognised. And in the society they always get abused. About such great people's mentality Baba says:
"Nindantu niitinipun'a'h yadi va' stuvantu laks' dhiira'h."
"Let those well versed in ethics criticize or praise me, if they so like. The goddess of wealth may be gracious enough to stay in my house or she may go wherever she likes. Death may visit me today or decades later - it makes little difference to me. Wise people will never withdraw from the path of rectitude the path which they accept as their ideal." (NKS) in Him, Sudarshan
In Prabhat Samgiita, Baba guides us that the Divine realm is far beyond that of criticism and adulation. Therefore those involved in their own reputation and self-aggrandizement will never reach to BABA. Baba says, "Ninda-stutira u'rdhva jagate toma'r a'san jyotirmaya" (PS #1280) Meaning: Baba, Your abode is beyond the censure and praise
Here below Baba is describing the poor mental condition of those people who hanker after and paint their existence with their own praise. Baba says, "Why on earth should anyone indulge in self-publicity? To whom will he publicise himself? Such acts are the antics of common, avaricious people with beggar-like mentality." (SS, part 2, p.49)
As Ananda Margiis we should be fully aware of and always remember this golden teaching of Baba: That the vanguards of society are never praised in their age.' Baba says, "You should always remember that those who are the vanguard of society are always in a minority, but they are the ones who will ultimately be victorious. Those who opposed, are opposing and will oppose the pioneers will one day say, `Now we're driving along the roads made by our pioneers after they cleared the jungles'. That is, they will certainly give you due recognition in the future. They never give any recognition when something new is started: this is the rule." (AVM) (D) So the whole point is that those who are atheist or self seeking they are involved in their own self-glorification, but our philosophy is not like that. We should think about God. This is our approach. Hence engaging in self-praise is not at all proper for a sadhaka-- rather it is unfit to do so.
Unfortunately it is often noticed that those who go to this or that groupist convention or "peace meeting" hanker after running there not because they wish to bring idealogy into the Marga, but because they want to be seen, noticed, and appreciated. Such is the shallow mentality of those in attendance. This is not the case with all, but one cannot say that it is entirely uncommon either.
*************************************** Unruly Free Mixing between Males and Females?
Parama Purusa Baba says, "It does not require the harnessing of any elaborate logic or reasoning to convince people that the final outcome of permissiveness is not healthy. But it is also true that the result of free mixing in society, without self-control, is bad...Hence, along with the recognition of the freedom of the two sexes, a well-judged code of self-control will also have to be associated with their mutual mixing." (HS-1, p.35)

Please think on this

Date: 23 Feb 2009 21:46:20 -0000 From: Raganii To: Subject: Please think on this BABA "This life is for Him, This mind is for Him, This soul is for Him, His universe we will serve in coordinating team... Undaunted in smiling face His grace we will sing." (P.S. 5009) {The above Prabhat Samgiita was given by Baba in English. Write me if you want entire song.}
Namaskar, Dear margiis, from time to time, I read the letters where a few make some serious question about Baba's veracity. Such letters are highly objectionable. A few think confused souls think that Baba did not establish dharma. Here is the clear-cut reply. The functioning of dharma is not easily visible: Baba says, "Dharmasya su'ks'ma' gatih... The dynamicity of dharma functions mainly in the subtle sphere." (NSS, p.156) So to recognise whether or not dharma is established on this earth is not an easy matter. It needs a particular type of mind to understand, otherwise common people are always confused. It is just like how there are many things going on in the physical body but people are not able to recognise them. So in order to identify those things they go to the diagnostic center to find out what is happening in their own body.
Similarly in the society, people do not realise or understand what is happening. Let me try to explain more by this following example. During the time of the Mahabharata battle, a hero like Arjuna could not understand prior to the Mahabharata that already Lord Krsna had established dharma. So Lord Krsna revealed His vishvarupa and showed the figures of all the dead bodies of various warriors, only then Arjuna could believe-- otherwise not. This all happened just prior to the starting of the Mahabharata War. And after that everything manifested and got expressed in the physical sphere. So really it was only that time after the war that Arjuna could believe 100% that dharma was established. And it was only then that all the citizens also believed. But far earlier Lord Krsna had established dharma-- even prior to the Mahabharata; but, nobody was ready to believe or understand at that time.
Similar is the situation today also. Because when Parama Purusa advents on this earth then dharma takes the upper hand and His mission gets established. Baba says: Yada' yada' hi dharmasya gla'nirbhavati Bha'rata; Ca'bhyuttha'namadharmasya tada'tma'nam' srja'mya'ham. Paritra'n'a'ya sa'dhu'na'm' vina'sha'ya ca dus'krta'm; Dharmasam'stha'pana'rtha'ya sambhava'mi yuge yuge. "Whenever the decline of dharma sets in...Parama Purus'a, assuming a quinquelemental body, descends on earth...The mission of Parama Purus'a is to restore dharma. He fulfills this mission yuga after yuga." (DKG) When Parama Purusa advents on this earth, His advent has some purpose. And that purpose is to establish dharma at its proper place. And when dharma is established, then He leaves His physical form. But eternally He resides in the hearts of devotees. Those who have a little devotion, they understand this fact that dharma has already been established on this earth. That's why not only in Ananda Marg but all around, we can see it clearly -- that sinners are getting annihilated one after another. And they are exposed. In the distant past, it was not like that. Negative elements were exploiting the whole society mercilessly. Nobody could dare to oppose. It was the case of most of the countries and areas of the past. But now, the whole vibration has been changed. In common general society, as well as in Ananda Marga. We should not forget that Mahasambhuti takes the human form, after several thousand years' gap. And this time Baba wants to give the special teaching to the world. That, in the absence of the human body of Mahasambhuti, His vibration is everything to generate and give a spiritual blow to adharmic people. And establish sadvipra society on this planet.
In the time of Lord Shiva, society was so primitive. So, everywhere He Himself fought, to prove "God is with you". And at the time of Lord Krsna, society was only a little developed. So even people were not believing that God's grace is something. And they were also not believing that without the direct involvement of Lord Krsna. Or without the taking up of weapons, the sinners will be destroyed. But to teach this very thing, that- God's grace is enough. Lord Krsna took vow not to take up weapon. His physical presence is enough. And after the Mahabharat this tendency was developed. In the common society, devotees started thinking that God's presence is in the physical sense. That's why different types of epics and poems and everything is written in such a way, that God physically came and did the work. And now, common Indian society believes this very thing -- that God physically came and did the work. And with the inner force gained by this belief, they are moving forward. But now, Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji wants to create and give one step furthermore teaching. -- "The physical presence of Mahasambhuti is not needed. His grace is enough. He is present everywhere. Each and every person must have to realize this."
I am coming to the point, to analyse the situation of our AMPS organization. Baba created Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha to propagate and establish His ideology, Ananda Marga. Ananda Marga is dharmic. Hypocrisy, duplicity has no room here. This is the kingdom of BABA. Whoever did anything wrong, right away they became turned upside down. They fell on the ground, and the chair was on them. It means, their chair got tilted and their chair sat on them. So the post which they were holding, the very post boomeranged on them and became the force behind their own exposure. And that post became the force to make them reap the consequences of their own negative actions. So the Ananda Marg chair is so peculiar. For example, Dada Sarvatmanandji became unquestioned king in 1991. And the wheel of dharma just moved a little, and he was thrown away into a chasm, nowhere. And the same thing is going to happen to H group, because they are indulging in another type of tyranny and injustice. And with every other front as well such as Third Front, or EC etc
In the concluding part of my letter, I want to write here that Baba planned that this very time, His physical presence is not needed to establish dharma. As He did in the Mahabharat battle. In the Mahabharat, although Lord Krsna did not take up arms, but He was present there in the battle field. This time, Baba wants to teach the whole society that the grace of Parama Purusa is everything. He is physically there or not, but His grace is always there. By the different events, and when gradually in the society this thing will be more and more clear, that God's grace is everything. In invisible way. The unseen force is working behind. And with this force, dharma is getting established. Unfortunately these things society was not believing up to now. That the invisible force of Parama Purusa, is everything. When we analyse the last 19 years' history of Ananda Marga it is getting clear. That Baba's force is doing everything. And it will be more clear, gradually. That Baba is not gone. In His invisible form, He is sitting within our mind. And His vibration, His grace is working in the entire universe. And the whole physical, psychic and spiritual field of all the living and non-living flora and fauna are getting metamorphosed gradually, in the rhythm of AM ideology. And negative forces are getting annihilated. Nobody can save them. Dharmic people are not helpless anymore. Those who still do not have faith on this, they will see. That by this metamorphosis, in the entire society Ananda Marga philosophy is going to be established. In the very near future. Let alone inside Ananda Marga. And those who are spreading the nuisance of groupism, they may be Hindi group or Bengali group, Baba will throw them out. Now it may not be clear, what way they will be thrown out. Same way it was not clear when Dada Sarvatmanandji was in power in 1992-3. Everyone was thinking that he will rule Ananda Marga up to the end. With vanity he was busy in curtailing Margii rights, and doing distortion of Baba's many discourses. As H group is following the path of Sarvatmanand - and in the name of party interest, many things are going on - then they will meet a similar fate. It is sure dharma will not allow this to continue. Baba is taking care. As changes have come in the past, in the same way with His force, everything will be alright. This Ananda Marg is made by Baba, and He is taking care. Negative persons or groupist people will not have any place in Ananda Marg, in the near future. So with this following Baba's teaching, I am concluding the letter. "In order to annihilate evil doers and restore dharma, Parama Purusa showers His especial grace and compassion. This special effort is necessary because the place of dharma is above all else. Its importance is greater than that of anything else. For those who put dharma above everything else, their victory is assured." (AVM 22 Hindi) At His lotus feet, Raganii Vijayan
Baba says, "Lord Krs'n'a was the first to attempt to build a strong and healthy society, but due to the Maha'bha'rata war, much of His time was lost. As He did not find enough time to build a society, a human society could not come into existence. Similarly, Lord Sada'shiva, the original provider of Tantra, had to devote much of His time to building a strong foundation for spirituality, and despite His immense desire, He could not build a strong social order. Today, the combined power of both will help in building a healthy human society." (PNS-21, 'The Responsibility of Society') Devotees of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti understand that in the above quote Baba is indirectly stating that due to His divine advent, dharma will reign on this earth in all the spheres of life and a new social order will be born. Logicians will say that this is due to Lord Shiva and Lords Krsna but bhaktas understand that Baba is graciously doing everything, and that by His grace all credit will go to those devotees who work tirelessly to implement His teachings. In our hearts we should know that Baba has done and is doing everything. implement
******************************************** - Some Secret -
Sadguru Baba says, "Man can do nothing. Living beings cannot do anything without His support: that is, when a human's desire and His desire coincide, then only does the human desire become fruitful, otherwise it is a sure failure. When the jiiva's desire coincides with the desire of Parama Purusa, then it is successful, otherwise not." (10 September '78)

Myths of Jinanis About AM Discourses

To: AM-GLOBAL Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009 22:38:07 -0000 From: NJK Majumdar Subject: Myths of Jinanis About AM Discourses Baba "Eso tumi a'ma'r ghare, baso hiya'r a'sane..." (P.S. 906) Purport: O' my dearmost Baba, please come to my humble abode and sit in the inner core of my heart. For ages and ages, I have been longing for You. Baba, in one lonely place in my mind I have prepared a thousand petal lotus for You to sit-- and I have decorated it with the love of my heart. Baba, by Your grace for such a long time I have been coming and going onto this dusty earth. In Your system of brahmacakra there is no leisure time for taking rest-- because those who have come they will have to go, and those who have gone they will have to come. So there is no period of rest in Your ongoing cycle of brahmacakra. Always one is either coming or going. Baba, by Your grace, in one golden dawn, my spiritual journey started-- in my mind, in my mind. Baba, while moving towards You on this spiritual path, from time to time I go astray and I lose the way. I am incapable of walking properly, & that is why I go off the path. Please forgive me; and please bless me by showering a wee-bit of Your cosmic grace & bring me back onto the right path. Baba, please come in my heart. In my Guru cakra I have prepared a one-thousand petal lotus for You in my mind. Please grace me by coming...
Namaskar, These days there are a few prevalent myths surrounding the printing and misprinting of Baba's discourses. Generally, such myths are started by certain jinanis who have their own self-serving agenda in mind. Such incidents happened in the past also in all the major religions-- causing them to become steeped in dogma. Priests, monks, dalai lamas, and various other religious heads committed such wrong doings-- leading the followers astray. Our Marga should not fall prey to this type of debacle as well. Thus, as a Marga community, step by step, all these myths & falsehoods about the (mis)printing of our AM scriptures shall be addressed and clarified so we can fulfill our blessed duty of properly preserving all of Baba's divine discourses. That will be the only way to ensure His dharmic guidelines live on and on.
Some fateful jinanis are putting forth the false notion that not all of Baba's words are meant to be printed, even if the discourse was recorded in full. This is one common excuse they are giving to justify why the printed discourses do not match the original cassette. They even say that Baba Himself would edit those recorded discourses and select what should be printed. But it is not at all like that. When Baba Himself ordered or allowed for the discourse to be recorded-- as was the case with the annual DMC discourses printed in Subhsita Samgraha and the general darshans printed in Ananda Vacanamrtam etc-- then His wish was for each and every word to be made public and put in printed form. What He spoke on those occasions was for one and all, to be saved and preserved for the whole humanity. Proof being that He would scold and punish the various Dadas if His recorded discourses were not quickly being printed. Their job was to immediately transcribe and print those talks-- or face severe punishment. Baba was quite adamant and serious on this point. Plus, in those open-aired venues like DMC etc, Baba was projecting His voice through loudspeakers for everyone to hear-- even those who could not get a gate pass for the event. Baba had the loudspeakers set-up that even those in the street could listen. And those days people were curious about what Baba was saying because AM was very controversial, so people wanted to know what the Marga Guru was telling. Plus the CBI and local police were present recording every word also. And Baba had full knowledge about this. Here the point is that those open-aired discourses where Baba was granting permission or ordering for the discourse to be recorded, then it is quite obvious that He wanted each and every word properly preserved. It was not that various paragraphs or words He was going to later delete, after so many people in the audience had already recorded their own personal copy of what He spoke. Plus in the case of the recorded Hindi discourse 'Sambhuti & Mahasambhuti', Baba is telling on the cassette itself that He gave this same discourse a few days ago but since it could not get recorded properly He was going to address the matter again so that it should be recorded in full. Hence, there are so many indicators, points of logic, and proofs that all point to the fact that if Baba allowed or ordered for a discourse to be recorded ahead of time, then it was certain that He intended for every word to be published. About this there should not be any question or misunderstanding. Thus in all these cases, the printed discourse should match the original audio recording-- word for word.
Unfortunately, nowadays various jinanis put forth the convoluted and loose reply that not all the words and sentences which Baba recorded in those discourses should be printed. In general they say this for three reasons: (1) Because these days many are listening to Baba's original audio recordings and realising that the printed version often does not match up at all. So various senior jinanis and top Dadas tell 'not all of Baba's words were supposed to get printed'. And they say like this because they do not like to admit their mistake and error prone ways. So telling that 'not all the words and paragraphs were meant to be printed' is just their silly alibi nothing more, in order to cover up their wrongdoing. (2) The second reason they tell like that is because since 1990 they wanted to print the books quickly in order to promoted sales and make money. For that end, any sloppy or error-filled rendition of the discourse was accepted. The basic trend was just to print it fast, irregardless of the accuracy and quality, in order to make a buck-- in order to earn a dollar. (3) And the third major reason why some top Dadas and jinanis are telling that 'Baba did not want every recorded word printed' is because they want to be able to control the situation and print or not print what best suits their interest. But this way they could and can best manipulate things for their own agenda. This has come up in any number of ways. That is why they deleted lines such as where Baba tells that 'The yoga philosophy was first propounded by Ananda Marga'. Specifically, in His morning general darshan delivered in English on 26 September 1979 in Caracas, Venezuela, Baba clearly says this, but later on when this discourse, 'Be Free From All Complexes', was printed in the book Ananda Vacanamrtam part 34, that very special sentence was not printed. If you check on page 79 you will see that it is missing. For reasons best known to them, this line was carefully deleted from the printed discourse. So these above are the three major reasons why jinanis like to justify that not all Baba's recorded words should be published or printed. But none should be tricked or duped by their false logic.
In their heart of hearts, such jinanis know that the only way to make Baba's discourses truly proper is to have them mirror exactly the recorded discourse. This they know well and understand. That is why the Bengali version of Namami Krsnasundaram has been printed three times. Each time it more closely resembles Baba's original recording. And the last Bengali edition of this book was published after 1990 and it is nearly perfect in its rendition of Baba's historic discourses about Lord Krsna and His teachings. So when those jinanis like to make something proper they follow the approach of printing all of Baba's recorded words, yet at the same time they also like to keep the phrase-- 'not all His recorded words should be printed'-- in their pocket to use when they like, either to hide their laziness or selfishness. Thus by this example of the Bengali version of Namami Krsnasundaram, such fateful jinanis are caught in their own net of hypocrisy. They know all the words should be printed and they follow this on some occasions yet also they like the 'freedom' of telling, not all recorded words should be printed. This is a clear-cut case of hypocrisy and selfish convenience.
Then of course there were select instances when Baba's every word was not meant to be printed, but this only applies to those discourses that were NOT recorded and NOT given in a large open-air, public forum like DMC. So on those occasions where Baba has particular disciples around Him such as in reporting etc, and when He was talking behind closed doors and ordered that no one should record, then those discourses were printed in a totally different manner-- from notes of those present based on what things Baba wanted published. Here we are not talking about those early publications like Ananda Sutram which was done way before recoding devices were available. Instead, this applies to discourses in the 1980's. Books like Prout Nutshell Series, Neo-Humanism: Liberation of Intellect (NH-LOI), Shabda Cayanika, Varna Victra, and Varna Vijiana were done in this way. Why? In the case of certain Prout discourses and NH-LOI, Baba was clearly saying many controversial points about the various rulers and leaders of day, and He did not want everything printed. The reasons were obvious and on the top it was His expressed desire. So those books were made from various notes by those in attendance. And with regards to Shabda Cayanika, Varna Vijinana, & Varna Vicitra, these were all given in the style of a grammar class, so printing them word for word would be tedious for the reader-- and without any flow. So for this reason, Baba did not allow those sessions to be recorded and instead the books were made based on the notes. Of course, in all such circumstances, Baba had His designated way of checking and approving these publications. So it is only those discourses that Baba purposely did not want recorded that His every word might not get printed. Whereas if in a public venue He told that recording should be done then it is quite clear that every word was to appear in print.
Unfortunately a few top Dadas are not adhering to Baba's ideal and are just printing certain sections of Baba's recorded discourses. And in this way many important teachings get left behind. In the past, various Dalai Lamas and Buddhist priests doctored Buddha's original teaching such that while Buddha himself was doing sadhana and meditation, now around the globe the followers of Buddha are doing idol worship. This is all due to priests and Dalai Lamas not properly presenting Buddha's teachings to the people. We must not allow such things to happen in AM.
So we have to be careful because there is not just one myth floating around about the (mis)printing of Baba's discourses-- there are many. Here then is very brief synopsis of some other myths that need to be addressed. I hereby request others to come forward and elaborate on these below issues. Some give the false claim that all Baba's discourses should be printed from the "Original Bengali" when Baba Himself ordered for Hindi and English discourses to be printed as is. This happened innumerable times. Only in the case of SS-2 where the subject matter was so abstruse and Baba did not want to explain such highly intellectual topics to the villagers present, only in that circumstance did Baba later fill in the gaps via talks with certain Dadas and then order for the book (SS-2) to be printed from those Bengali notes. Besides this sole example-- where Baba Himself openly talks about this technique-- all other occasions Baba wants His discourses to be printed as is in the language in which they were given. Then there are others who put forth the myth that Baba did not want to openly criticise Hindusim or Rama etc. And therefore those things should not be printed. But this is also empty talk. Because in so many books like Namah Shiva Shantaya and AV-11 and so many discourses Baba openly exposes the ills of Hinduism and Vedic dogmas etc. Thus none should pay heed to the myth that Baba does not want to openly publish the pitfalls of Hinduism. Furthermore, Baba openly told and put in print that Rama is not real-- just an imaginary character. So who can say that we are not to print Baba's views on Rama either. So these are but some of the many myths circulating around these days regarding the (mis)printing of Baba's discourses. And certainly, as other members of the Marga come forward, all these other myths will be addressed and corrected in detail. I kindly ask others to elaborate on these above points.
Our duty is to keep Baba's given teachings in proper form and that includes printing each and every word of His recorded discourses. None should be led to believe otherwise. Doing so means falling into dogma. What Baba spoke and what He ordered to be recorded should be printed as is. There is no doubt about this; the point is crystal clear. And this should be our way, lest we invite a whole truckload of dogma to be infested into our AM scriptures. Baba says, "There must be an excellent and all-embracing philosophy, in which there should be no loophole in any sphere of mind as far as possible." (NSS '95 ed., p.196)
By Baba's grace the day will soon come when our Publications Department will print and publish all Baba's discourses properly and that will be one very special endeavour that will guide the humanity now and forever into the future. Baba says, "Go forward...Advancement and progress must come your way. Victory shall be yours." (AV-23, p.11) Namaskar, Nagendra
In this era of extreme groupism, then we must not let the powers that be change even one word of Guru's discourses. First the original must be printed as is. And then, thereafter, if some intelligent and dharmic oriented people want to improve on the punctuation, phrasing, and word choice, then that is a possibility. But not without there first being an original by which we may all confer. If we allow changes from the outset then groupists will continue to jump into the soup & ruin things according to their own selfish liking. That is why in this present era, Baba's discourses should be printed as is-- as He spoke.
Here in this following guideline Baba is emphasizing the importance of scripture. Baba says, "The scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be totally flawless." (NSS, Disc 14)
************************************** Health Guideline
Baba says, "Everyone may perform the practices below if they wish." "Utksepa Mudra: This Mudra should be practised in bed immediately upon waking. While lying on the back, one should flex both the arms and legs, bringing them over the chest, and then return them immediately to the extended position. After doing this three or four times, sit up in bed and drink a glass of cold water without allowing the water to touch the teeth. After this you should expose the navel area to the air, and walk up and down in this way for some time in the open air." (CC-3, 'Different Yoga Practices', Point #1)

Comparing Firefly with the Sun

From: "R&Lucielle Pucillo" To: Subject: Comparing Firefly with the Sun Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 22:24:28 +0000 Baba "Tumi na' bale esechile, a'j na' bale cale gele..." (P.S. 1327) Purport: Baba, without saying anything You came and appeared in my dhya'na, and now today without telling You just left-- disappeared. Baba, I was lying in the dust on the path, but You just lifted me up and put me on Your lap. It is Your grace, O' Parama Purus'a. Baba, my dwelling was old and tattered-- broken down. And not only that, I was also without intellect and conscience. Indeed, my condition was so pitiful that I did not have even one morsel to put into my mouth. But, by Your grace, You bestowed everything upon me and You taught me all the things. Baba, I was not understanding the dharma of human life-- what human beings should do, what are the do's and don'ts-- about all these things I was not at all aware. To get You I did not do any sadhana. But even then by Your grace You have taught me sadhana and You have blessed me with perfection to move ahead on the path. O' my dearmost Baba, previously in my life I was not even getting the status of a human being. All the teachings I had been given were full of dogma. Baba, by Your grace You have poured the sweetness and given me a voice and lifted me onto Your Divine lap. Baba, You have done everything. Secretly You came and secretly You left-- even then You have arranged everything for me. Baba, Your grace is unforgettable...
This letter is a must-read on this important topic: Namaskar, Every Ananda Margii knows in their heart that Baba's divine treasure of Prabhat Samgiita is one special, unique, unparalleled creation. Even then one person has taken it upon themselves to make one comparison-- foolishly attempting to cast it under someone else's lesser shadow. Nowadays one margii singer is selfishly proclaiming that Prabhat Samgiita should follow in the footsteps of Rabindranath Tagore as if this would bring Prabhat Samgiita to its glory. When in fact it is commonly known that Ravindra Samgiita has its own inherent loopholes and furthermore that Ravindra Samgiita has gotten horribly degenerated due to numerous defects in presentation and lack of foresight. Even then one supposed singer is advocating that a comparison be done-- most likely due to her own negative agenda. And that too will be discussed. Here following though are some of the facts and figures behind the defective comparison between Prabhat Samgiita and Ravindra Samgiita.
Baba's holy collection of Prabhat Samgiita are completely unique and beyond comparison-- in all the ways. For example, when Baba was writing any song then first He used to compose the raga, or special tune. Because when making a new song Baba would always begin by humming the new melody line. Means creating the enchanting tune was the first step. And in next phase Baba would write the words or poetry to fit the style of the raga (tune). So Baba's approach of composing the raga first is completely unique-- nobody else does like that. In comparison Rabindranath's attempt is much less. Means he did not give any melody. Means no tune, melody, or raga was given at all. Just he composed the poem and then later on all sorts of filmy singer singers were allowed to perform Ravindra's songs according to their own choice and style. And in that way such C grade musicians and the corrupt film industry dragged his collection through the mud. In contrast Baba is not only Composer -- He has done everything. First He has created the tune, and then the words. And then He has designed it in such a way that it will always remain blemishless and pure.
In perfect fashion Baba has given the dharmic guidelines whereby Prabhat Samgiita will remain in its pristine state. 1. Baba has insisted that the singing style of His Prabhat Samgiita be fixed. Means it is not up to some cheap singer's low-grade interpretation how it should be sung. Already Baba has given the straight guidelines about this. 2. Baba has given the rule not to play His songs to the non-margii public. By that way non-sadhakas will not get opportunity to manipulate Prabhat Samgiita. 3. In accordance with point #2, Baba has made the strong dharmic rule that not to play His divine Prabhat Samgiita on the radio or in those crude films. 4. Baba has told not to sell it in pseudo-culture markets. So these are some of the examples how Baba has done perfectly. Whereas Rabindranath is operating from a deficit or is a no-show on all the above points. Even then that is not all. Here below is another point for our list.
5. Baba firmly told on the public platform during DMC that no poetic translations should ever be done of Prabhat Samgiita into other languages. Never do like this. So this is yet one more golden rule by which to preserve the sanctity of Prabhat Samgiita. Whereas Ravindra Samgiita is not like this because he never made rule not to make poetic translations or sing the songs in a translated way. Rabindranath never warned about this. So like this and in so many other points Ravindra Samgiita falls far short of the mark. Even then one female singer is scratching on our door again & again-- whining that this type of negative poetic translation should be done. When we all know that Baba Himself never condones this. And He harshly rebuked and scolded anyone if did like this, such as when HE pointed out Cidghananandji for doing this and then after nobody did--..... until now.
If Guru is furious then nobody can save. Baba has warned us that no poetic translation should be done and sung. Even then by taking the name of Ravindra Samgiita one so-called devotional singer is doing this with Prabhat Samgiita. She is going against Guru-- outrightly.
Our duty is to follow Baba's guideline in all the sphere but especially in the devotional field. Because if in devotional field one does not follow Baba, and they instead go against, then what will be the fate. 'Guru Krpa Hi kevalam'= Without the grace of Guru nothing is possible. So we must please Baba what way He wants; that is our only duty.
We are not to not the follow negative ways of Ravindra Samgiita / Tagore. Rather as Ananda Margiis we are to follow Baba ways and directives. He is the Taraka Brahma and it is our moral duty to follow His command. Even then one singer could not manage to follow.
Baba says, "So ours is the age of Neohumanism-- humanism supplying elixir to all, one and all. We are for all, and with everything existent we are to build up a new society, a Neohumanistic many epoch-making events, so many annals of history, are to be created by you boys and you girls." (NHNS-1, '99, p. 73-4) Namaskar, Liila This letter is a must-read on this important topic: Note 1: Prabhat Samgiita is unique and stands Baba's special creation, but Jyotsna (originally of New Zealand) is negatively telling that it should be done in the footsteps of Ravindra Samgiita. Because on the back of her "Reddish Blossom" CD, where she is wrongly doing Prabhat Samgiita in this very same manner, Jyotsna wrote: "Just as the poems of the Nobel Prize Winner, Rabindranath Tagore from India, were brought to an English speaking audience..." So clearly then she wrote this negative advice because she herself wanted to do like this. I.e, go against Baba's guidelines when necessary. And in fact on this very CD, she went against Baba and made her own poetic translation of Prabhat Samgiita into English. And she sung them. And she is negatively propagating that more be done like this by giving the false justification of Rabindranath. When Baba Himself is adamantly against such things. So this is one very black act. Note 2: Inside and out the whole intention behind this affair is rotten from the inner core. Because Jyotsna has one negative desire in the mind to follow her own adharmic and despicable program of ruining Prabhat Samgiita by translating them into English and singing them to fill her pockets and get praise and other selfish reasons. So in that course, to justify this narrow misguided thing she created her own negative theory and analysis. Namely that we should do like Rabindranath and follow that as if this is the way. When she herself knows it is wrong. So all sorts of ad hoc nonsense and cock and bull theories she devised and convinced herself of in order to justify her anti-Guru activities. And now she started printing that same nonsense on the back of her CD in order to convince & befool simple margiis and the ignorant public. And now these CD's are flying all around the globe spreading her dogmatic and unholy act to translate Prabhat Samgiita into other languages and sing them in her crude movie-style way. Means her fauly way is dragging down the sancity of Baba's Prabhat Samgiita. But no matter what her black strategy may be-- no Ananda Margii will appreciate this nor allow it to continue. Never, because Margiis always support the Baba.
Beforehand Baba has always warned us about negative activities. So just as Baba has warned us not to make negative poetic translations of HIS Prabhat Samgiita. In the same way Baba has warned us ahead of time about these other dogmatic and hurtful things: - No idol worship - No importance to tiirtha or to birthplace of Krsna and Shiva (i.e. do not tie up Parama Purusa) - So many do's and don'ts - So he warned before hand not to do negative things But those giving more importance to the post and money, such persons threw away Baba's teachings. They went against due to selfishness etc.
For the first time in history Baba has described devotional things with very intimate relations with Parama Purusa. So that needs proper introduction and explanation otherwise (new) people will take it in the wrong way. It should not get displayed in crude way. All purports distinctly telling that given for God-hood not any other way-for mundane crude attraction. But J did not like that so she violated the code and she took those songs and put them in other way. Not one word about Parama Purusa, or God, or divine Entity, or Brahma or Supreme Consciousness. Nothing. Then what are non-sadhakas going to think when they hear those songs-- they will think of their crude relation etc. So see what terrible confusion sister J is inviting by her selfish ways. Intention itself is bad, just like Christians and Islam have many crude things, then we should also, but this is all nonsense. But J thinks like that and in other depraving ways also. Note 6: Ravindra Samgiita is Ravindra Samgiita-- it is just some thing created by one human being; but Prabhat Samgiita is something Divine, given by the Parama Purusa Himself. Thus the first is laced with defects and got more degenerated over time. Whereas the latter is Perfect and protected in such a way as to never lose its Supreme status. Hence these two entities-- Ravindra Samgiita and Prabhat Samgiita-- cannot be compared. Or at least only a borderline so-so or someone with hardly any devotion would do that.
******************************************** What is Our Mission
Baba says, "Human life is a mission; life itself is a mission; one's very existence is a mission. A'tmamoks'a'rtham' jagaddhita'ya ca: 'Whatever one is to do, one is to do for a'tmamoks'a-- for their own liberation-- and for the elevation of the entire world, elevation of the entire human society'. One is to do both of these things; that is, these two things are one's mission." (AV-30, p. 28)

Mahaprayan of Ac Narendraji

Date: Fri 20 Feb 2009 11:05:45 -0000 (GMT) From: Singh_Manindra Subject: Mahaprayan of Ac Narendraji To: AM-GLOBAL Baba
Namaskar, By now most are aware of the recent mahaprayan of Family Acarya Narendraji. This is a terrible loss for our Marga as respected Ac Narendraji was a senior member of our AM society who contributed in many ways. Everyone realises that his mahaprayan (death) is a terrible loss for us all. Specifically, Acaryaji's mahaprayan (death) occurred at 19 February 2009) at 2.00 am. He had reached the ripe age of 86 years. Acaryaji came into the Marga during the Jamalpur days and maintained his link with AM till the very end. Ac Narendraji lived life fully and had great energy. All are aware of his bountiful efforts in establishing Chattisgarh samaj as well as a plethora of Wts. Ac Narendraji single-handedly created so many Wts. And it is not lost on us that Baba praised Narendraji for his outturn. That is why the mahaprayan (death) of Ac Narendra is a sorrowful day for one and all. Along with Acaryaji's many contributions there are some slightly controversial aspects to his working style that someone else might like to discuss in the future. These aspects revolve around his treatment of Wts, dealing of samaj finances etc. Money, as we all know, is a sensitive matter, so when one person suddenly becomes rich then others wonder from where those funds came. Such was the case with our dear Acaryaji and his management of samaj financial resources. Here, however, in this present moment of his mahaprayan (death), let us remember Ac Narendra as our dear elder brother and respected Acarya who remained an active member of AM till his last. On the untimely occasion of his mahaprayan, it is with much sadness that we bid adieu to our dear respected Acaryaji, yet also we can all take solace in the fact that he has reached his final destination unto Baba's lap. Baba has taken it upon Himself to save Dadaji and grant him salvation. With deepest respects, Yours brotherly, Manindra * Mahaprayan (Death): Many are aware that mahaprayan (death) is the common term used in India and especially in Bengal to describe the death of an honoured or even ordinary person. In that way the newspapers of Bengal are regularly citing the mahaprayan (death) of various persons of society who died or passed away. Some may get confused and wrongly think that the word 'mahaprayan' (death) is one extraordinarily devotional term to be used in association with Parama Purusa. But that is not at all the case. Rather to do so is only to undermine the eternal presence of Parama Purusa. That is why no devotees ever use the word 'mahaprayan' in reference to Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna. Because Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna exist eternally. Then there is no question of Their mahaprayan (death). And for those who need still more technical proof then all this can be clarified quite readily by referencing the dictionary. Specifically in the Samsad Bengali-English dictionary on page 742. Checking there it will be confirmed that the word 'mahaprayan' means death. Which is why it used to refer to the passing away of even common citizens.

Not Mania, But Phobia & More

Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 22:17:04 -0000 To: From: V. Rajpurhit Subject: Not Mania, But Phobia & More Baba "Toma'r ka'che ca'ite giye lajja' peye ela'm phire..." (P.S. 652) Purport: With so many worldly desires in my mind, when I came close to You I was thinking to request You to grant me boons. But without asking anything I returned in shyness. Because I saw that You know better about all my needs and requirements than I. What I have or not, that it is all within Your mind. Whatever little I know and however little I know You, about me You know far more than that. What You desire, You go on doing without my asking. Baba, You are my eternal Bandhu. You have saturated my heart with Your colourful charming attraction. Everything will be changed in this universe, but the garland of love which has been made, means the bond between You and I, that will never perish. Baba, You are most loving...
Namaskar, If nothing else, our duty is to safeguard Baba's teachings and present them in a complete and pristine manner to the world. This sacred duty Baba has bestowed upon us. Of course it is everyone's dream to also implement His divine teachings as well. And certainly we are all working towards that lofty goal. Yet, it has to be recognised that the first and foremost step is to keep all His teachings in a proper order-- in their original condition. Because if we fail to do this then for generations and generations the wrong guidelines will be in vogue. And not only that, at present also when we read Baba's discourses then we expect that those printed words are the actual words which Baba Himself spoke. This is our expectation-- and understandably so. Unfortunately, in our printed publications, at present, there are piles and piles of mistakes: Some due to blatant distortion and some due to poor working style. Whatever the reason these types of errors are rampant in all of our AM books. Such alterations are everywhere and the problem is only spreading as more wrong faulty editions are printed. So we need to reverse this faulty trend so that ultimately there discourses are finally corrected. Otherwise the phrase-- Baba's books-- will be a namesake only, as His books do not contain His true words but rather carry thousands of errors made by our Publications Department. Here are but a few examples for your review and assessment.
In this following paragraph from the discourse 'Faculty of Knowledge-3', one critical mistake has occurred. THE PUBLISHERS WROTE: "Various psychic diseases may arise if there is any defect in the process of the objectivization of mind. Remember that psychic disease and brain disease are not the same thing; they are quite different. Brain disease occurs due to some disorder in a part of the brain, or due to a congenital defect, or perhaps due to hereditary causes which hamper the proper formation of the brain. Mental disease is different. It arises due to a disorder in the objectivated mind, in the first stage in the process of subjectivization. Many people who, while creating thoughts in their objectivated minds, repeatedly form the same image out of weakness or fear, suffer from a mental disease called mania." (YP, '98 Edn, p.56) So in this historic discourse Baba is introducing His revolutionary concept about mental diseases, a.k.a. psychic diseases. Yet in last line of the above noted paragraph about this important topic, the wrong name of the mental disease has been given. That mental disease which Baba is describing above is known as a "phobia"-- not a "mania". Yet in so many printings and reprintings the Publishers have written "mania" when in fact, per Baba's definition, that type of irrational fear complex is known as a "phobia". But the Publishers wrongly wrote "mania". By this way readers may think Baba is classifying all such fear syndromes as manias. But that is not true. According Baba such conditions are known as "phobias". But the Publishers could not catch this point.
Some may think that this was a mere typo-- but please take a further look. In the book "Yoga Psychology" alone, this so-called typo has occurred in not less than five printings. The 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2005 edition of the "Yoga Psychology" books all carry this wrong terminology. Once again here we are talking about the discourse 'Faculty of Knowledge-3' which was originally given in Bengali. And in all the English printings of the discourse the publishers and translators wrote the wrong word. And not only that, on the 2005 edition of the "Yoga Psychology" book, that very faulty paragraph has been specially highlighted on the glossy back cover of the book-- but even then the publishers could not realise their blunder. Plus this discourse-- 'Faculty of Knowledge-3'-- was also wrongly printed in the book "Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell" part 5 and also "A Few Problems Solved" part 7. In all these discourses the wrong printing of the discourse has occurred. That means, at minimum, this discourse has been wrongly printed seven times. There is no publishing house in the world that would create such a mess like this, yet that is happening with our AM Publications Department. So the problem is systemic in that it occurs again and again. First B group made the mistake and then in the later editions it was H group who made the error. And the chief problem behind it all is that the publishers have no interest in such matters. Otherwise before printing a new book they would review and correct the printings of Baba's discourses. But this they never do. Just they want to get a new printing out to make more money. When in fact the discourse has neither been reviewed nor corrected. For that reason and because of their inherent laziness and disinterest, they keep printing those old, error-filled discourses. This is the on-going problem. In that case who can claim it is just a typo. Rather by this type of repeated mistake it is clear that this is a systemic problem that will multiply more in the future with each and every faulty publication. Until finally the errors are just too numerous to fix. And the people just accept those wrong things. That is the fear; and that we should not allow to happen.
Everyone knows that Ananda Sutram is known as our philosophical treatise-- yet tragically this text also has been spoiled in so many places. Wherever the Published got scope to commit a wrong it was committed. For example see how they defined this below sutra.
4-4. Dvitiiya' sakale prathamodgame Bhaeravii Bhaerava'shrita'.
dvitiiya' = second; sakale = having a soft sound; prathama = first; udgame (7th case) = sprouting forth; Bhaeravii = name of Prakrti in the second phase (fem. of Bhaerava); Bhaerava = name of Purus´a in the second phase; a'shrita' = sheltered On their own the publishers inserted the above word by word translation. But they could not do it properly. Because the second term-- 'sakale' does not mean 'having a soft sound'. Rather the 'sa' prefix means 'with' and the root 'kal' means 'germ' and the ending 'e' is a regular case ending. Thus the proper definition of sakale is 'sprouting or germinating'. And this make perfect sense too. Because see here Baba's original purport of this sutra 4-4. "Purport: With the loss of equipoise of the triangle, the germ of evolution sprouts forth from any of the vertices and moves forward as a straight line as per degrees of the gun'as. This state is really the manifested state of Purus'a and Prakrti. Here Purus´a is sagun'a [qualified], for Prakrti has got the opportunity of expressing Herself. Prakrti the creatress of this state is called Bhaeravii shakti, and the name of the witnessing Purus'a is Bhaerava." In the first line of the above paragraph Baba Himself says "germ" as in the "germ of evolution sprouts forth". And this is all reflected by the term sakale. But in their sloppy definition, the Publishers wrote that sakale means 'having a soft sound'. But that is totally inane and ridiculous to say like that. Anyone with a balanced mind can see that Baba's purport has nothing to do with 'having a soft sound. That idea is not at all present in Baba's discourse. Yet in their untidy and untrusted manner that is what the Publishers wrote. And throughout the Ananda Sutram book there are other such error present.
Now here see this next sutra.
4-7. Sthu'liibhavane nidrita' sa' kun'd'alinii.
And here below is the word by word meaning which the Publishers made: sthu'liibhavane (7th case) = in the process of crudification; nidrita' = sleeping; sa´ = she; kun'd'alinii = coiled serpentine But what they wrote is totally wrong and incorrect. Specifically the first term is completely off base. Because the term 'sthu'li' means 'static', and 'bhavan' means 'house or mansion' and the case ending 'e' means 'in'. And anyone with any understanding reaches the point that full term 'sthu'liibhavane' refers to that mansion or house which is totally crude. Thus the term 'sthu'liibhavane' refers to the muladhara cakra. Because the muladhara cakra is the home of all static energy and it houses the sleeping kulakundalini. Hence the literal word meaning of 'sthu'liibhavane' should be 'crude mansion' and the symbolic meaning is the muladhara cakra. But instead the publishers wrote their own quirky definition which has nothing to do with the literal or inner meaning of this sutra. Here the point is that Baba is just giving another name for the muladhara cakra. That was part of the purpose of this sutra. But this point the Publishers could not grasp that is why they instead wrote their own silly definition. Now see here Baba's original purport for this sutra and the whole matter becomes perfectly clear that He is talking about the muladhara cakra. "Purport: The last expressional point, which is the fringe of the Bhava´nii shakti, is the ultimate state of expression of force - the ultimate state of crudity. In this state of crudity the para´shakti [introversial pervasive force] that is lying in a quiescent state as the jiivabha´va [finite subjectivity], is called the kulakun'd'alinii ["coiled serpentine", or force of fundamental negativity]. Thus by analysing this sutra from top to bottom it is clear that the word by word definition which the publishers gave is totally wrong.
There are a variety of reasons why this problem is going on. And these will be explored further in this next part of this series. Suffice to say here that the disinterest and lethargic approach of the publishers is the main issue. And when informed of the errors they only shrug their shoulders and sigh. No effort is made to update the discourse. That is why to this day the critical paragraph about margii rights is still deleted from the 'Ananda Marga: A Revolution' discourse. Yet as members of AMPS and as disciples of Baba and as students of His philosophy it is our birthright to have His books printed in the proper manner. So it is our responsibility to raise this matter again and again and create sufficient psychic pressure such that those lazy and half-baked publishers start doing their job in a proper way-- or they can give up the task and we will place proper people in their chairs. Otherwise, the words which we read in our AM books will not be Baba's but rather faulty translations and wrong insertions by the publishers. This is the tragedy.
By Baba's grace we will get His scripture updated and shining and make it a reflection of what He actually spoke. Then our AM books really will be divine. Baba says, "Absolute knowledge is the direct message from God...The books in A'nanda Ma'rga philosophy are all absolute knowledge." (PNS-18, p.10) Namaskar, Vidyasagar
**************************************** How Sadguru is Still Present
Baba says, "The entity by whose grace one comes into contact with Sat...that entity, or rather, that framework through which Parama Purusa is working or Ta'raka Brahma is functioning, is the Sadguru." (AV-3, p. 48) Note 1: And here below Baba defines the meaning of 'Sat'. Baba says, "Sat, the non-changeable Entity, the non-changeable stance, the non-changeable Nuclear Entity around which so many electrons move". (AV-3, p. 48) Note 2: That Sadguru still exists and one can see Him through our various spiritual practices. In that way one can have His loving communication and grace-- everything. So the form upon which each and every sadhaka ideates upon Him in sadhana, that form is the Sadguru. And through the medium of that form every disciple gets His blessing. And that is why still today when an acarya initiates anyone they say that your Guru is Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji.

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