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Baba Story: Margii Invited to Drink & Dance

From: "Pradiip
Subject: Baba Story: Margii Invited to Drink & Dance
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2012 1:47:51 +0000



SUMMARY: This is the account of one devoted margii and what happens to him when he refuses to drink wine in celebration of a contractual agreement with the Russian Embassy. Read how Handaji's office loses that lucrative contract, and then got much more, as he experiences first-hand how dharma itself saves him. Dharma always protects those who uphold dharma.

In the early days of Ananda Marga, one very devoted margii, L.P. Ha'nda', was a sales manager for a private company in India. Handaji's whole family was deeply involved in Ananda Marga: His wife was a university professor in the Hindi Dept and she worked on translating Namami Krsnasundaram from Bengali into Hindi, and Baba assigned her other translation duties as well. So the whole family was very active and they would come every Sunday for Baba's darshan. Handaji himself hailed from Rajasthan and then relocated to Kolkata. And it was there that he worked as a sales manager.

Through his hard work and good fortune, he arranged a large contract for his company with the Russian embassy in India. This was a very lucrative and profitable job for his firm. After much trial and negotiation, all the paperwork was completed between the two parties - i.e. Handaji's company and the Russian embassy.

Upon completion, various representatives from the Russian embassy wanted to celebrate the contractual agreement. In their "festive" - and somewhat debauched - mood, those Russian embassy agents requested Shrii Handa to drink vodka and dance with them. This was their normal style of celebration and they wanted Handaji to partake in their "party".

Handaji replied, "With all due respect, thank you kindly, but I never touch wine so please excuse me - I must decline your offer. I lead a disciplined life and do not drink alcohol. However I will gladly take fruit or juice."

Hearing this, the Russians became furious. They were shocked that Handji refused their offer of wine and dance. They then threatened to tear up the contract if he did not drink with them.

Handaji remained steadfast in his approach; he did not compromise one inch. He again respectfully declined their offer.

In their fury, the Russians then ripped up the contract and voided the agreement with Handa's company. So the company for which Handa worked had suddenly and unexpectedly lost a big contract.

Handaji was just mentally surrendering to Baba Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. He was thinking, "Baba, I am merely following the principles You graciously taught. You are managing everything; by Your grace, I know you are taking care."

Handaji now had to be the bearer of bad news and report back to his boss.

Naturally, Handaji's boss was extremely disappointed and frustrated by losing the contract.


News of the contract dissolution rose to even higher echelons. The Russian trade commissioner to India came to hear about the case. He was curious to know more about what transpired. In true sense, it was all Baba's grace because otherwise it was extremely rare for a commissioner to take interest and examine the deals made by lower level offices.

So the Russian commissioner asked what happened and Handaji replied how he had certain life principles and could not accept their request of drinking wine and dance.

Normally, under such circumstances, a trade commissioner will give 100% support to their subordinates in order to keep their loyalty.

But in this case it was not like that. The trade commissioner did not take sides with his colleagues at the embassy. Instead, the Russian trade commissioner was quite moved and impressed with Handaji's non-compromising attitude and strictness in his ideals. So when the commissioner saw Handaji's firm moral resolve, he held him in deep regard and concluded that this is a trusted person. He was inspired by how Handaji stood by his principles.

With great concern, the commissioner then inquired, "Have you lost your job with the company?"

Handaji replied that his boss had understood and that he still had his job.

Still worried about what had transpired, the trade commissioner offered his heart-felt apology to Handaji for the whole ordeal. Then the Russian trade commissioner not only approved the contract, but doubled the size of it. The trade commissioner had developed a great respect for Handaji's honourable way of living. So the commissioner began referring more and more lucrative jobs to Handaji's firm - jobs that were far bigger than the original deal with the Russian embassy. Why? Because he trusted Handaji's manner and ethic.

Ever since, the Russian trade commissioner and Handaji fostered a long and fruitful friendship. In personal life, they were close friends and visiting each others residence; and, in professional life, the commissioner continued to refer big jobs to Handaji's company.


Here the point is that since Shrii Handa held firm to dharma, he ultimately became victorious, by Baba's grace. Handaji maintained his principled life - even though it created clash - and in the end gained victory.

Baba says, "The dynamicity of dharma functions mainly in the subtle sphere. With the increasing development of the power of reflection, dharmic people realize that dharma is always with them in a very subtle way. They further realize that their dharma and their beloved Parama Puruśa are one and inseparable. So Shiva clearly observed, Dharmasya súkśmá gatih [“The ways of dharma are very subtle”]." (Namah Shiva Shantaya, Shiva's Teachings – 1)

Baba says, "Dharmasya súkśmá gatih kálasya kut́ilá gatih – What happens and how things happen is beyond people’s comprehension. One may be at the height of one’s glory today. But how and when they will be a fallen angel, sunk in the depths of total oblivion, nobody can guess. That is why it is said that kálasya kut́ilá gatih. But regarding dharma it is said: Dharmasya súkśmá gatih – “Dharma walks a straight and simple path, but a very subtle one.”" (Discourses on the Giita, Spiritual Lessons of the Giitá – 2)

So although it looked like that by following dharma, Handaji would lose his professional stature; actually, by sticking to dharma, Handaji gained a far heightened position in the workplace. Whereas if he had compromised with his ethics and drunk wine, then Handa would have lost dharma as well as the opportunity of greater company contracts.


By the above story we can easily understand that by the grace of Baba Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, those who follow dharma gain victory in each and every sphere of life and move ever onwards toward their cherished Goal.

Baba says" Ácárańát dharmah, that is, “Dharma is the assemblage of all your conduct” – the way you eat, the way you speak, the way you perform sádhaná. If your conduct is good, dharma is with you; if your conduct is not good, dharma is not with you." (Subhasita Samgraha, part 21)

Baba says, "Dharma rakśati rakśitah – “One who protects dharma is protected by dharma.” Dharma saves the dhármika [the upholder of dharma] in the material sphere, in the subtle sphere and in the causal sphere. When dharma saves people in the material sphere, they experience it before their very eyes, they hear it with their ears, they feel it with the tenderness of touch. When dharma helps them in the causal sphere, they experience it by loving Parama Puruśa with all the sweetness of their hearts. This feeling has no external expression. When dharma saves people in the subtle sphere, they experience it through deep reflection." (Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc: 11)

Baba says, "Human beings must live like human beings and human beings must die like human beings – not like undeveloped entities such as plants and animals. In no way should people surrender at the altar of animal dharma or plant dharma, but should stick to mánava dharma, to Bhágavata dharma, even if that results in death." (Ánanda Vacanámrtam Part 16, 28 November 1979 morning, Pune)

Pradiip Deva


Here are more of Baba's related teachings on this topic.

Baba says, "Your ideal is represented by your conduct. Your learning, your social or economic status have nothing to do with your ideal." (Ananda Vanii #13)

Baba says, "Ananda Marga is a man-making mission." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 31)

Baba says, "Where the question of benevolence and malevolence is concerned we will not deviate an inch from our ideology." (Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc: 14)


"A'mi toma'y khunjechi girigucha'y, khunjechi an'ute an'ute..." (P.S. 2250)


Baba, I have searched You in the caves of the mountains and in the nooks and corners of this entire universe. I have been searching You from this holy place to that holy place-- from this tiirtha to that tiirtha. In this way my time got wasted. And after a lot of searching now I am completely fatigued and tired. I did not get You anywhere; because of this my heart remains dry. You continue to remain distant from me.  

Baba, all my longings will be quenched, my whole heart will be satisfied, only when I will receive You in the deep core of my mind and heart, with my full existence, with full realisation.  

Baba, I do not know the reason why are You hiding Yourself. Why do You make me cry; and why do You not like to understand my yearning and longing. In spite of this irony of Your not caring, I will go on searching You and I must get You. You must get held and that will only happen when You will grace me...

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