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NY Plot: Important Letter to Kinshuk - Plse Fwd

From: "maheshvar"
Subject: NY Plot: Important Letter to Kinshuk - Plse Fwd
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2011 13:11:48 +0000



All around there is much euphoria in the wake of the recent "unity" meeting in Kolkata. People are very optimistic; they think that under Ac Kinshuk ji's reign, the administration will welcome the golden era into our Marga wherein all factions are united.

I also noticed that Tiirthananda was given the post: SS of NY sector. That was very surprising to see. Why is it that Ac Kinshuk ji totally ignored the situation in NY sector.

In short, why has Ac Kinshuk given the post of Sectorial Secretary to Tiirthananda when Tiirthananda himself has nothing to do with the Kolkata unity. All of Tiirthananda's actions lead in a different direction.

By reading this letter anyone can understand well.

                                           THE CRUX OF THE MATTER

Here is the key matter: Why would the new, so-called Unity AM Kolkata team make Dada Tiirthananda SS of NY Sector when they (Kolkata & Co.) are not stipulating changing back the bylaws of NY Sector.

As everyone knows, a few years back NY sector wrongly changed the legal by-laws of AMPS in NY. Since the beginning, all the sectors including NY were to be controlled by AMPS HQ in India. That is the system.

When Tiirthananda had the by-laws changed, he actually still wanted to be part of AMPS Central and included in the Ranchi DMS & functions. At that time, AMPS was working with him to update the by-laws. The reason given for changing the by-laws at that time was to protect the sector from a Tiljala takeover. But Tiirthananda & his NY followers deceptively changed the NY sector by-laws such that they need not follow any Central administration of AM. Now NY sector is 100% totally independent and autonomous.

By this example one can see that Tiirthananda comes close to created "trust" and then he betrays that trust. So no one should ever put an ounce of faith in him. Tiirthananda engages in backstabbing actions again and again. That is his regular pattern.

Essentially, AM Inc (i.e. Tiirthananda's breakaway organisation in NY) has turned Baba's mission into a capitalist real estate agency

Of course all of this is completely against Baba's given organisational codes and policies. Baba created the AMPS organisation with a central headquarters in India. And that central administration is to control and oversee all offices and all sectors around the globe.

But Tiirthananda hijacked NY sector and made his own separate organisation where he has crowned himself as king of those margiis. In this way, NY has become a totally independent entity separate from the main structure, AMPS. Tiirthananda controls the by-laws and registry in NY. The name is Ananda Marga but it has nothing to do with our central office in India.

So why did the so-called Unity AM Kolkata team allow Tiirthananda to rule NY under such conditions - where NY is totally separate and independent and he is SS, i.e. top post. Could the new Unity AM administration be so weak they cannot make the requisite decisions to strengthen their administration?

                                         OUR FOLLOW-UP QUERIES

A few of us approached some Tiljala Dadas about why they would appoint an SS like Tiirthananda who has set-up his own organisation for the past 6 years legally separate from India.

The answer they gave was that he looked sincere and attended many meetings. What a convoluted answer that was - a total run-around.

We were also told that the senior Dadas are not blind. Just they would rather wait until the legal case is over to deal with the by-law issue.

However, common sense tells us:
1. The legal case could take years;
2. Tiirthananda has built a sector that is psychologically separate from India despite his parlaying the post and some senior NYS margiis going with him to the March meeting.

Furthermore, Vishvadeva (a longtime NY ACB member and an adherent of Tiirthananda) announced in Kolkata that they have no intention of changing the bylaws back.
There is also the question about the role AM North America, the organization set up to let Tiljala function in NYS after Tiirthananda blocked all immigration and access to retreats etc. Of course now Tiirthananda become executive of their board and takes over the St Louis property. Indeed, just over a year ago, NY OS Rainjitananda (a Tiirthananda cadre) contacted AM North America (i.e. Tiljala's organisational front in NY) threatening them with legal action for using the name Ananda Marga.

So what is in it for Unity AM to have Tiirthananda as a SS? What is the payoff for India?

                                 TIIRTHANANDA AND MOVES MADE IN NY

Tiirthananda is known as a compulsive liar and politician. He will play both sides. He also is not stating his full support of the new merger. The board members of AM Inc, an independent body separate from Centre, feel they are owners now of NY sector properties.

Vinay Hemmelgarn moved into the Denver unit and no Tiljala or Ranchi Wt can come into the jagriti. The margiis are upset about this as they have known Dharmapremananda a long time. But Vinay rules that he is the landlord & owner and there is some "tantric principle" that makes the other groups not allowed to be near his son. So they are not welcome.
Tiirthananda margiis are tutored at retreats to be blatantly anti-Tiljala and anti-Ranchi with Tiirthananda being the new moral leadership. Where is all this going?

Many are aware that Tiirthananda has ideas to lure Georgetown Sector and Berlin Sector into partnership with NYS and form a separate Ananda Marga. I don't think this plan has been abandoned. NY is now a separate organisation and he wants to include other sectors in this organisation. That is Tiirthananda's grand vision along with his EC cohorts.

                                                 LIST OF KEY ISSUES

Here follows a list of critical issues related with the NY Sector by-law matter. Please know that AM Inc is the alternate organisation of NY Sector created by Tiirthananda and his NY ACB followers like Vishvadeva and Vinay etc. Senior margiis of NY such as Pashupati (of North Carolina), Cirasmita (of Vermont), and Vishvamitra (of North Carolina) all go along with the EC program.

1) The existing NYS AM Inc board does not recognize any authority from India administrations, neither Kolkata nor Ranchi. Even then he got the post of SS in the wake of of the recent Tiljala unity meeting.

2) Tiirthananda is not legally answerable to the Tiljala Unity AM GS unless he so chooses. Of course the new GS, Dada Bhaveshananda, is the ex Tiljala president and friendly with tiirthananda. Here it should be noted that Tiirthananda used to go visit Tiljala and the Tiljala WTs did not want him in the building. It made a lot of clash and he would be blocked from entering. The last trip, just over 2 years ago, Tiirthananda only went to visit the then president of Kolkata faction Bhaveshananda, whom he has some connection with (due to geo-sentiment of both being from South). And now Bhaveshananda is GS of Tiljala.

3) AM Inc still has control over immigration policies in NYS, not Unity AM. That means AM Inc controls (and sponsors) which outside workers are able to legally enter NYS as a wholetime worker of Ananda Marga - and not just as a regular tourist. After all anyone can enter a country with permission of the local government but to enter as a missionary worker, i.e. Wt, it needs the sponsorship of the organisation. And now Tiirthananda has complete control over this for NY sector.

After 9-11, then President Bush put immigration into the jurisdiction of the homeland security. Homeland Security functions without having to have permission from congress for enforcing the laws of the land. Religious workers are now scrutinized carefully and R1 visas (religious worker visa) are worth their weight in gold. Some workers come in on business visas to circumvent Tiirthananda's block, but technically a religious worker needs an R1. No religious nonprofit, especially foreign, can afford attention from immigration for having a visa in the wrong category.

Note: Here it should be understood by all that AM Inc is an incorporated, independent organisation that is self-ruled and free of all connections with India.

4) Tiirthananda maintains his independent status yet also holds a Tiljala / Unity AM SS post as a worker. This is a split loyalty.

5) AM Inc does not have to give disclosure of sectorial funds.

6) AMURT under AM Inc does not have to disclose accounting, fund sources, or dispersal of relief funds. NYS AMURT is not under Unity AM nor does Unity AM have access.

7) All AM Inc properties are not part of Unity AM. They are considered owned and lorded over by the NYS board members according to the bylaws. Jagrities and master units have their own boards, but SS can circumvent the board and control the property as he wishes.

8) AM Inc board chooses their own NYS SS, not the Tiljala Unity AM. The by-laws were changed to state that New York sector can approve or select their own SS independent of the GS. This has caused much criticism of the anti organizational stand of Tiirthananda.

Indeed, in the future people will understand the history, and Tiirthananda will be treated as the #1 problem creator for achieving real unity. He has done enormous harm to the organisational structure which Baba planned and made. Tiirthananda is the greatest traitor. Baba wanted to unite one and all and Tiirthananda made independent NY sector independent. This is the horrific example he set. It is just like the cheat who started mixing papaya seeds in with black pepper. This created one negative trend. By that definition Tiirthananda is great sinner. Others will copy him and all lands will be "independent". That is the possibility. Unfortunately right now people are not realising this.

9) It is very surprising that the Tiljala team has given Tiirthananda the post of SS without demanding a formal apology for his anti Bengali campaigns since 2005. It is well known that  Tiirthananda was harassing Tiljala workers, withholding relief funds from Tiljala workers, blocking access to units and retreats, and denying immigration status for workers, and has not rectified these issues in the sector.

10) Workers of AM inc report to Tiirthananda, not SS of Unity AM. The non posted workers (personal friends of Tiirthananda) and EC related workers are independents and do not support the PP or the merger. The regular workers hold posts still with Ranchi. Many independents are erratic in their duties and discipline protocols.

11) Any work with AM of North America, set up for the Tiljala administration to function after being blocked and discriminated against, does not overlap into AM, Inc. Tiirthananda takes control of AM North America assets and property, but offers nothing in return to the Tiljala administration.

12) AM, Inc does not acknowledge Kinshuk as legal PP as they claim PPs are selected illegally. Yet 3 members of the board senior margiis traveled to Tiljala last week with Tiirthananda saying they support the merger and PP. Some even want positions as global advisors to PP.

13) Tiirthananda has not made the statement that he is part of Unity AM and that he will change back the bylaws as a gesture of support. He says he has no intention of doing this. Indeed, Tiirthananda is still part and parcel of EC overseas workers and claims himself as a non-supporter of third front India.

14) Under AM, Inc, there are no consistent TP, RDS, or financial policies.

15) In the case of Ranchi winning the indiscipline legal case, they legally take over NYS properties and assets. They are asking for recoup of all sectorial funds spent since Tiirthananda left Ranchi. For more about this see Note #4 below.

                                               THE KEY QUESTION

In essence, what is the Tiljala Unity AM getting from NY sector via Tiirthananda? Why has the OS Dada not been changed to have a conduit to Unity AM in case of fraudulence by Tiirthananda?

If on this very matter, Kinshukji is incapable of doing anything then that will be proof of his lack of courage and strength. The saddest thing will be that the current level euphoria in AM will be very short-lived. It will be like the euphoria of a newly married couple that gets married only to file a divorce a week later.

Please write in with your thoughts. Plus kindly forward this important letter about the situation in NY to Kinshukji.


Note 1:                      TIIRTHANANDA'S DEALINGS IN MEXICO

Let's all hope that the Tiljala / Unity AM insists that Tiirthananda stop harassing AM Mexico to change their bylaws to come under AM Inc and take personal control of the bank account left to AM Mexico by the ex vice-president Gagan. This has set up an unworkable situation where the president will not comply with Tiirthananda; hence he is targeted by Tiirthananda Wts so much, and he will no longer work with any EC acarya.

It is beyond necessity to use acaryas (Didi Ananda Usa and the present RS Dada Aardvhendhu) to turn a man's wife and children against him in hopes of breaking him down to get the AM bank account. The retreats are held to seduce the margiis with the goal of turning them against the president and breaking up his board, thereby making way to set up a board chosen by Tiirthananda. This should stop immediately. This is not a sector that is neo humanistic or following any form of benevolence to the margiis who still care enough to support it. 

Note 2:                                 TALK OF THE TOWN

Tiirthananda has more ties with EC overseas. Citkrsnananda will not involve himself with the merger and still thinks Kolkata is illegitimate admin. I believe Citkrsnananda will move into the leadership position of the overseas EC.

Except for Maheshvarananda (PROUT) and Tiirthanananda (SS NYS), no other EC personnel recognizes the admin or Kinshuk. Didi Giita also did not come in on the merger. So there are more groups sprouting up instead of going in the direction of a monolithic AM society as it was before 1990.


The Tiirthananda gang sees nothing wrong with the way they are operating. Tiirthananda and his crew give the logic that they are saving NY sector from certain top Dadas of India. For this reason Tiirthananda & Co have separated themselves. That is their justification.

However, this is nothing but their bogus logic.

Their situation is akin to one nanny cutting off the head of a baby and saving the head. Then when the police come to arrest her, the nanny gives the justification that she chopped off the baby's head to save that baby from parental abuse.

Similarly, in the name of saving NY sector from those Dadas in India, Tiirthananda has cut the organisation into pieces and separated NY completely. That is his faulty approach.

As for Tiirthananda's relationship with the the NY board, the situation is quite clear. They get power and think they are running the sector, while Tiirthananda gets to stay as SS. And now with Tiljala appointing him as SS, he is back legit with the organization.

But all remember that Tiirthananda is a defector. The EC Dadas not posted with Ranchi all are all in this category. They are all just using the organization without being part of it any more. This is the breakdown of the system more than anything Rrudrananda and Nigamananda have done.

If you want to know more about Tiirthananda's nefarious activities, just write and we will reply with further details and facts about his dealings.


See how Tiirthananda has lassoed margiis of NY sector to cover the costs of the big lawsuit in NY with the Ranchi faction. The entire board, 4 margiis and 4 WTers, filed the lawsuit saying they are legitimate administration by their laws. It is obvious they will cover the lawyer costs. The WTs will technically not pay as they are sannyasii with no income. So Tiirthananda has used the bank accounts from the units in US even though he has the Swiss bank account and probably his own bank accounts too. This is also why he wants the AM Mexico account. To adjunct and spread out the financial liability, he has put most of the US units on as plaintiffs along with the board. This puts their boards, margiis who have had nothing to do with the bylaw changes, in line to pay a percentage of the legal costs.
Many feel that WTs and board members should pay all the costs since they wanted the bylaws changed and profit from it.

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