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Guideline of a Blind Person

From: "Pradiipa Deva"
Subject: Guideline of a Blind Person
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 22:52:47 +0100


"An'ur vyatha', etadine bujhale priyo, anuma'ne..."  (P.S. 4593)


 Baba, O' my Dearest, now by Your guessing You have understood the
feeling of this unit being. How You do not have time to come close to
me; rather, You remain sitting on the divine throne of Your devotees. On
that throne which is studded with jewels. So You do not have time to
look towards this little being.   People are demanding me that, 'Why do
you go on crying and why do you call that divine Entity who will not
come and who will never pay heed to your calling'. People also told,
'Don't you know, His heart is very hard like a stone. He does not care.
He knows all the scriptures all the shlokas all the mantras and bhajans,
there is no need to tell anything to Him. He will not pay heed'. In
spite of peoples' suggestions, I never get frustrated or hopeless.
Because by Your grace I know that I must get You. I know for certain
that at some point in this life of mine, up to my death even-- I know
that You will come to me. O' Baba, I am hopeful that You will grace me
and that You will come in the lotus of my heart and that You will make
my life successful...


To best understand this letter here is one important and unique story from the Acarya Diary.

In the section titled Pran'ava Dhvani, one demonstration is narrated. Baba calls a number of sadhakas into the room. Per His instruction, they close all the windows to eliminate any outside noise. Baba then explains that soon they will hear the divine sound, pran'ava dhvani.

At different intervals throughout this demonstration, Baba instructs those present to open their eyes and look at Him - ideate on Him. Then they are told to close their eyes and focus on a particular cakra. Almost immediately the margiis start to hear the eternal sound. At one juncture, Baba again guides the sadhakas to open their eyes and look at Him. They do so - concentrating intently on His form. Then they are told to close their eyes and fix the mind at a particular point. This time the sadhakas hear an even more melodious aspect of the divine sound. On each occasion, that Baba wants them to go deeper within, He requests them to look at Him.

In this demonstration, Baba guides us that by ideating directly on Him - on His form - the mind becomes pinnacled and one can reach the highest spiritual realisation. That is the key point to keep in mind as you read the below letter.

Those who have access to an acarya or avadhuta can ask and get the full account of this above story. All Dadas familiar with the Acarya Diary will be able to tell you.


Recently one margii put forth his own "guideline". Here it is for your review:

"We must not worship the Form of Guru" (one margii emailer)

Now we have to think whether this person has the correct idea about Baba's teaching or if he is in a state of delirium.

Please contemplate the below and share your opinion. Do you agree with the margii emailer or not.


Once again, the emailer has attempted an email about the spiritual philosophy and spiritual approach of Ananda Marga; and here is the key line that this emailer has put forth.

"We must not worship the Form of Guru" (one margii emailer)

Thus he is making a critical claim: As Ananda Margiis we are not to ideate on Guru's form. That means we are not to do Guru dhyana or Guru sakash etc. We are not to see Baba in dhyana. That is the claim he is making.

If this emailer had merely said that this was his own personal opinion, then that would have been fine. But he writes as if he is putting forth Baba's ideas. In that case he is bound to create confusion. For this reason a response is highly needed.

The best way to clarify and resolve this matter is to study and adhere to Baba's divine teaching.


In the first part of this letter, we shall address the emailer's chief claim that we are not to "worship Guru's form."

As we all know, as sadhakas, we progress on the path by establishing a personal link with Parama Purusa. By telling Him our problems, concerns, and difficulties, and by asking His grace in sadhana, a distinct closeness develops. Specifically, we make a personal relation with Him, by His grace. This is of utmost importance and stands as a unique aspect of AM spirituality.

Baba says, "All are advancing towards Him and while advancing towards Him they establish some sort of relationship with Him. That relationship is internal. It is purely personal. One may love Him as a mother loves her son, a wife her husband, a servant his master, or as the love between friends. This relationship is internal. It is purely personal." (Namami Krsnasundaram, Disc: 26)

As per Baba's guideline, developing a personal relationship with Parama Purusa is an integral ingredient of spiritual progress. And this relationship develops by communicating directly with Him. For that, a form is needed.

It is not possible to make a personal relationship with a shapeless, formless entity. One cannot speak with air, water, or electricity and say, "Mr. Electricity, please grace me, etc. That does not work. That does not harbor a sense of connection. One will not feel cared for nor loved. Nobody likes to talk with sound, energy, or electricity etc.

Rather sadhakas need someone with Whom they can communicate directly. To create that personal relationship, a form is needed. In Ananda Marga, we term that form as Baba. It is this form of Baba that we use in our dhyana and in our spiritual approach. By this way one can love Him and go close. By this way one can form a deeply personal relationship with Him: Through Guru dhyana, i.e. ideating on Baba's form. 

Thus when one emailer has declared, "We must not worship the Form of Guru", then we have to be critically alert. Because it is by ideating on this very form of Guru in dhyana that we develop a link with Him, by His grace. Yet this emailer is telling us not to do like that.


Here is another important way of looking at this matter. And here again the main theme is that by ideating on His form or image, the bhakta establishes a personal relationship with Parama Purusa. When this is not done - when people do not ideate on His form - then sadhakas cannot progress on the path. That is the key point and that Baba is revealing in His below teachings.

In His below teaching, Baba points out that jinaniis suffer because they are unable to make a personal connection with Parama Purusa.

Baba says, "For the jiṋániis, the intellectuals, the Goal is merely theoretical and impersonal. How can they expect a theoretical and impersonal entity to help them – and how can the jiṋániis even approach Him when for them His very existence is impersonal? So the jiṋániis, although they have recognized the importance of jiṋána or knowledge, have no future. They simply waste their valuable time, which is a very short span of hardly one hundred years." (SS-11, "The Essence of Spiritual Progress")

According to Baba, jinaniis only have a theoretical conception of God - not a personal closeness. They cannot speak with Parama Purusa. Theoretically they understand that there is a God, but practically they do not feel Him in their heart. Due to this major defect, they are unable to progress on the path - rather all their time is wasted. Such is their unfortunate fate.

Hence when one emailer states that - "we must not worship the Form of Guru" - then we should be extremely careful. Because without ideating on the form of Guru, then one cannot establish a personal connection with Him. Indeed, this emailer's claim seems to be identical to the stance of those lost jinaniis. Theoretically they acknowledge that God exists, but on the practical plane they have no such feeling in their heart. So their path is useless and fruitless.



Here again the main theme is that jinaniis do not have a personal connection with Parama Purusa in their heart. Theoretically they think there is a God but internally they do not feel Him. In their concept, God is just some type of energy like air so they do not have an internal link with Him. Their entire understanding is only theoretical.

By this following story it will be more clear.

Two females were quarreling over one newly born infant - each claiming that the baby is theirs. It became a big commotion in the village and ultimately the case reached to the court. The central issue was, "Who is the real mother."

After hearing both of the women express their claim that, "I am the real mother", the judge looked at them both and said, "You both have given very convincing arguments, how about if this newly born infant is divided in half? You will each receive 50% of the baby."

Hearing this, one of the women's face had an expression of delight, and she said, "That would be fine."  Side by side, the other woman began crying loudly in despair.

Seeing this, the judge understood exactly who is who. The judge declared that the one crying was the real mother and he then ruled that she alone should get the young infant. The judge remarked, "This is the true mother because she has an inner connection with the baby of love and compassion. Her connection and love for the baby is very practical. This other woman has no real love for the baby - she is a fake - her approach is totally theoretical."

With that the judge furthermore ordered that the fake mother should be thrown in jail. And indeed she was arrested in the courtroom itself and brought to the local prison.

Jinaniis are like the fake mother. They think that, "God is around me and God exists", but they do not have that practical inner feeling of love and warmth in their heart.

Their manner is like someone eating a sweet made of clay.

Only a dry jinanii can do like this. They only have theoretical knowledge. They cannot practically feel the sweetness of Parama Purusa.

It seems the emailer is also in this same boat.


Finally, Baba describes the situation of bhaktas.

Baba says, "The future is with the devotees and with no one else." (SS-11, "The Essence of Spiritual Progress")

Thus Baba clearly states that bhaktas are on the proper path and in this next teaching Baba explains why.

Baba says, "In the realm of devotion He is purely a personal Entity. He is mine, He is my Father, He is my closest relative. He is my bigger self. He is not a second entity; that is, the relationship is purely a personal one. There cannot be any love with an impersonal entity. One cannot be in love with an impersonal entity. Love requires a personal entity." (Ananda Vacanamrtam-12, A Purely Personal Entity)

Thus, the success of the bhakta lies purely in creating a personal relationship with Parama Purusa, by His grace. And this personal relationship stems from ideating on Him - i.e. on His form - in dhyana and thinking about Him throughout the day. That is the blessed approach of the bhakta. They feel that, "Parama Purusa is mine and I have a very close and personal link with Him." This is their approach.

Unfortunately, this deeply devotional approach is totally lost on this emailer. The emailer has no idea how one makes a personal relationship with Parama Purusa. That is why he writes, "we must not worship the Form of Guru." No one should get misguided. All should know that ideating on Baba's form leads to liberation - there should not be any doubt or confusion about this.


Here below Baba points out why people like this emailer should not try and explain the dharmic and devotional teachings of Ananda Marga.

   Baba says, "The scriptures should always be interpreted by qualified scholars, competent philosophers, and penetrating thinkers. If one tries to interpret a profound scripture with superficial knowledge, the interpreter appears ridiculous and the audience is confused."     
   "There are some people who are neither scholars, nor philosophers, nor penetrating thinkers, but merely wander about interpreting scriptures...They utterly fail to present the proper matter in the correct perspective before the audience...[and] do more harm than good to the society."
   "[They] interpret the scriptures just to exhibit their intellect--to procure for themselves a certificate of erudition. They remain far from the living spirit of the scriptures." (Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc: 14)


Here we have to conclude that this person is not speaking on behalf of AM but rather speaking on behalf of dogmas which he collected from his neighbors, pastor, parents, Semitic religion etc. This e-mailer does not understand Ananda Marga ideals yet he is promoting himself as a great preacher of AM philosophy. For this reason, his claims are totally off the mark.

This type of problem comes when a person does not know the subject at hand yet decides to say something anyway. Why? Because of their huge ego: "I know this, I know that, I can preach about this." That is the main problem and that is what has happened in the above circumstance.

We should all take a lesson from this: Until one has truly read and studied the entirety of AM philosophy - and practiced sadhana sincerely - then commenting on Baba's teachings is not easy. Most end up going astray and doing harm. And that is just what this emailer did. He veered far from Baba's divine teachings.

The other tragedy is that new margiis often follow such pseudo-intellectuals & half-baked jinaniis, thinking them to be masters. That is most appalling and unfortunate. We should not allow this to happen.

Baba has written very clearly about this deeply devotional topic in countless spiritual discourses of Subhasita Samgraha. Baba's teaching is that in our regular sadhana practice we are do dhyana of Guru - we should ideate on Him. That is Baba's expressed teaching which He has repeated again and again in so many discourses.

On this matter, the e-mailer is holding an opposite opinion from Baba. This person is terribly confused and says that the worship of Guru's form is blasphemy. So his approach is directly opposite that of Baba. For this reason we can say that this emailer is merely expressing his delirium - nothing more.


By Baba's grace He given the pathway for how to create a very personal and intimate relationship with Him. Every Ananda Margiis has this capacity, by His grace. By ideating on His image in our spiritual practices like Guru sakash and Guru dhyana, and thinking about Him always, then naturally a closeness forms.

There is only one simple reason then why this emailer is misunderstanding the situation. It must be that he is not doing proper dhyana - otherwise what could be the explanation.

By ideating on Baba's image - or His form - we are able to develop a very personal relationship with Him. By that avenue we realise that Brahma and the Guru are one.



As we all know, Taraka Brahma is Parama Purusa's divine advent onto this earth wherein He assumes a human form. And it is this form - His appearance as Taraka Brahma - that is so unique and important for every sadhaka.

Here is Baba's special teaching about Taraka Brahma from Ananda Sutram.

                          1-25 Bhávah bhávátiitayoh setuh Tárakabrahma.

[The bridge between Nirguńa Brahma and Saguńa Brahma is called Táraka (Liberating) Brahma.]

"Purport: The common point bridging together the empirical state of Saguńa and the metempirical state of Nirguńa is called Táraka Brahma. Táraka Brahma appears in saguńa [embodied] form as Mahásambhúti." (Ananda Sutram, Chapter 1, Sutra 1-25)

So in Ananda Sutram Baba is guiding us that by ideating on His name and form as Taraka Brahma, one can will attain liberation. That is His great boon upon every seeker.

Here below Baba furthermore expresses the special quality of Taraka Brahma.

Baba says, "Táraka Brahma is the middle point and can fulfil the function of both [Saguna and Nirguna Brahma]. He guides, loves and favours His affectionate sons and daughters. His children say that He cannot live without loving them and address Him, “O our great Father, our affectionate Mother, our All, we remember Thee, we adore Thee. O Witnessing Entity, we offer our homage to Thee, Thou art the only rescue in this crude worldly ocean, so to Thee we surrender ourselves.” This complete surrender is the summum bonum of all spiritual sádhaná." (Idea and Ideology, Átman, Paramátman and Sádhaná)

Clearly, by Baba's above teaching, it is most beneficial and indeed absolutely needed for every sadhaka to ideate on the form of Guru. By ideating on His form we are able to attain moksa. Without His blessed form, salvation remains but a dream.

Thus when on emailer writes, "we must not worship the Form of Guru", we can all easily understand that this emailer is blind as he is going directly against Baba's divine teaching.


The emailer referred to in the above letter is brother Prakash Laufer of NY Sector. In his letter of Sunday, 10 April, 2011 titled, "Ananda Sutram, Carya Carya, Dharma and Dogma", he clearly wrote and argued that, "we must not worship the Form of Guru". So everyone can decide for themselves about Prakashji's standard. Or best is that we should all communicate directly with him ( and offer to help bring him on the path of devotion.

Only Remedy

Baba says, "It is the duty of all human beings and especially those who are devotees, it is their mandatory duty to always think that, 'I am a  machine and the controller is Parama Purusa. He is the machine man and I  have to work according to His desire. I have to fulfill His desire. This  body of mine is a machine and it belongs to Him. This is His machine and  this machine has to do His work.' If one constantly thinks in this way
then the vanity of action will never sprout. This is the only path to  save oneself from vanity. One has to think 'I am just one machine; I am  a tool and according to His desire I have to work'."  (SS-16 (H), p. 81, DMC Agra 19 Feb 84)

Re: Stupid King of Blind Cabinet

From: Carson Deva
Subject: Re: Stupid King of Blind Cabinet
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 17:08:17 -0400



Note: This letter is in reply to one group's false allegations.

I totally agree: It is both shameful and sinful to give a higher place to PP Dada than to our Revered Baba during any DMS program.

On the DMS stage, PP Dada can be 1/2 foot high but in that case Revered Baba's place must be 5 feet high. Baba's place must be clearly above and unparalleled.
Unfortunately, at the recent 2011 Ananda Purnima DMS, the organisers did not do like this. Rather, they placed PP Dada on a pedestal higher than our Beloved Guru Baba.

It is also true that various top Dadas see PP merely as a political pawn to put forth their own agenda. That is why they prop up the status of PP. That has been going on since 1990.

But as stated in the original letter of this thread (link appended below), the post of PP is social not spiritual. Yet some Dadas, with - an ulterior motive in mind - have designated PP Dada as the spiritual head. But that just is not so - Purodha Pramukha is a social post. All the reasons posted about this earlier are appended at the bottom of this email.

Now I wish to bring up my new point.


Here today I also wish to give a reply to Ranchi's false justification of 20 June 2011 which is appended below. Apparently they did not like the first posting on this topic, but since they had no logic and reasoning to stand on they came up with one bogus allegation.

They called the photo of PP Dada at DMS "fabricated" and "confusing". Yet what they failed to state is that this is the very photo which Ranchi themselves distributed across the entire globe. This is the photo which is featured on their own sponsored website. No one altered this photo in any way. This is their photo. They are the ones who took the picture of PP Dada Vishvadevananda sitting above Baba on the DMS stage. No one else took this photo and no one fabricated it in any way.

As proof of all this, please see the attached screenshot which details how this photo was published on their official Ananda Parivara website newsletter. Ananda Parivara is the official NY newsletter from the Ranchi front. In addition we have attached a jpg version of that same picture. But again, they are the ones who brought this photo to fore. It is their work from start to finish. Thus they are in no position to accuse anyone of "fabricating" the photo.

Indeed team Ranchi could not logically reply to any of the substantive points raised:
(a) PP was seated in a higher and more respectful place than Baba;
(b) PP is social post not a spiritual one;
(c) top Dadas manipulated PP for their selfish gain;
(d) and more.

Since they had no reply to any of the above, Ranchi had to scramble for some other allegation. So they came up with their false accusation that "someone fabricated the photo".

This was their false and utterly ridiculous attempt. They accused "someone" of posting a deceptive photo of PP on the DMS stage. But that is entirely wrong because they were the ones who took this photo of PP Dada sitting on a higher level than Revered Baba. And they uploaded it to the internet for all to see. Yet they levied an accusation against someone else.


And that is exactly what Baba says people do when they are devoid of logic and reasoning - they make bogus allegations.

Baba says, "Where reasoning fails, vilification becomes the sole stock-in-trade. When you hear abuses from these frogs-in-the-well, you can take for granted that the grey matter in their frenzied brains have no functional residues left and that they have come to you only to convince you of their helpless and fey [crazy] condition." (Subhasita Samgraha, Part 3, Shreya & Preya)

Thus team Ranchi put forth their false allegation because they had no legs to stand on.


Even then - still to this day - those at the helm of Ranchi may say that "it was the camera angle" or "it was the side from where it was taken" or any other ludicrous justification they might give. But you know that?

There is no way for them to escape this truth. The stage was small and it was all plain as day what happened. There is no question that a camera angle ruined the scene. The photo was undignified simply because the reality of the way things were set-up on the DMS stage was totally improper. Guru must be given a far higher place than PP. The fact that PP's seat was higher than Baba's is their fault, not the fault of those circulating the photo. Only in-charges suffering from a low-minded outlook could have set-up the stage in this way. That was the misfortune, not anything else.


The following are some concluding points to keep in mind.

The ideal way for the DMS stage to be set up is to have Baba's photo elevated at least 5 feet off the ground. Then there is no doubt or hairline measurements about who has the highest seat and who is the Revered One. Then PP can sit on some sort of cushion if he wishes, whereby he is a few inches off the ground or 1/2 foot if needed.

Many of the general margiis and field workers in attendance did indeed feel uncomfortable and devotionally wounded by seeing PP's seat above that of Baba. So it is not just a photo that is wrong. The entire ambiance and aura of the DMS was negatively affected by this. Just ask those rational-minded margiis and Wts who attended.


Let us all contemplate this below teaching. By this way it is sure no such mistake will occur on our DMS stage again.

Baba says, "Trtiiyaḿ Gurupújanam. I must have reverence for the Guru. What is the Guru? “Gu” means “darkness”, that is, darkness in the psycho-spiritual sphere. And “Ru” means “dispelling agent.” That is, he who dispels darkness from my psychic and spiritual body is the Guru. “Gu” means “darkness”, “Ru” means “dispeller”. “Trtiiyaḿ Gurupújanam.” That is, you must have respect for the Guru." (Ananda Vacanamrtam-12, Shiva's Seven Secrets)



Here below are two section of the earlier letter on this topic.


Let's begin with a quick review of our tantra tradition.

As we know, we do guru dhyana at the sahasrara cakra. That is the highest point of the human experience. That spot signifies deep regard and reverence. It is the pinnacled point of the human mind. Indeed that is the tradition in tantra: To goad the mind upwards, never lower.

And indeed in all aspects of our spiritual life, Guru's place is the highest and the most revered. Nobody is above or on par with Guru. This is the main teaching of tantra.

Because when Baba is the Guru and He is Taraka Brahma and perfect in all respects, then naturally His status is unparalleled.

Baba says, "The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma (Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living beings – That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has revealed Brahmavidya´ (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the name and form of Anandamu´rtijii. Unit beings must be made to appreciate Its majesty." (Caryacarya, part 2, Sadhana, point #1a)

Yet some for their selfish reasons are trying to prop up PP Dada - i.e. one mere mortal born in bondage and prone to avidya maya - as being the revered one. Indeed this drama has been going on in one way or another since 1990.

So we should investigate why this is being done and clear the air.


First off, we should all understand that the post of Purodha Pramukha is a social one, not a spiritual post. Here are the reasons why:

(A) Caryacarya itself is our social scripture. And CC-1 lays out the social duties of purodha pramukha. PP Dada's duty is to act as head of this worldly organisation AMPS. In this capacity, PP is the "chief of the purodhas".

(B) PP has zero ability to arrange his own mukti & moksa; in that case what can he do for others in this regard. Nothing. PP is himself not liberated and obviously cannot grant that to others. This furthermore shows that his post is purely social, not spiritual.

(C) PP cannot give any new scripture or shastra. Our AM scripture is perfect and complete - all delivered by Guru Himself. If PP wishes to write a story or commentary he may do so. But he is unable to contribute even one syllable to the shastras of Ananda Marga.

(D) Organizational executive decisions related with social affairs must reach to Purodha Pramukha for his discretionary review. This is one of his social duties.

(E) PP's post is lifelong - not longer than that.

(F) In the Purodha Board, PP's single vote has decisive meaning, though his order can be overturned. Hence, PP's order is not final; his decisions are subject to review.

(G) Each of the judiciary decisions also must reach to Purodha Pramukha for his final approval. This again deals with the social sphere.

(H) Purodha Pramukha is chief of the purodhas - which is a social board in our AMPS.

(I) PP Dada has no great spiritual power anointed to him by God. Just he is one purodha selected by his peers to serve as the chief of the board.

(J) Plus PP has so many more social duties and responsibilities.

By all this it is quite clear that the post of Purodha Pramukha is a social post - not a spiritual one - in our Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha.

In our Caryacarya, Baba has given various provisions about the social post of Purodha Pramukha. The post of PP is just one of the many social posts in the organization wherein PP Dada deals with worldly affairs, not spiritual emancipation etc.

The question remains: When the position of purodha pramukha is clearly a social post, then why do some try to turn it into a spiritual one by giving maximum reverence to PP Dada and placing his seat higher than Baba's.


In the section cited below, you will find Ranchi group attempt to deflect the wrongdoing elsewhere by levying a false allegation.

On 06/20/2011 03:05 AM, A'nanda Ma'rga Praca'raka Sam'gha wrote:
A Controversy:

The photograph of DMS stage (Pratikrti of most beloved Baba and Rev. Purodha Pramukh Dada Ac Vishvadevananda Avt) sent by AM global is fabricated and confusing. 
The way photographs has been taken, from the nearest point of Rev. PP dada's stage, it seems that stage is above then the Pratikrti but it is not so. 
If you see another photo it will be more clear. If same photo will be taken from the nearest point of the Baba's Pratikrti, stage of PP dada comes in down level.
So don't get confused as AM global unnecessarily trying to create controversy.

In Him,
Naresh Kumar
AMPS TEAM Reporter

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