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Actual Progress

Date: 15 Jan 2008 23:48:37 -0000 From: "Gurucharan Yadav" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Actual Progress Baba "Pita' ma'ta' bandhu sakha' a'ndha're a'lokavarttika'..." (P.S. 218) Purport: Baba, You are my most intimate and loving One; by Your grace You are so close. Baba, You are my father and You are my mother; You are my friend as well as my eternal companion. Baba, You are my everything-- my One and only. By Your infinite grace You are that divine lamp of effulgence, always guiding me along the proper path in life. Baba You are everywhere. By Your grace no one is ever alone or helpless. You are ever-present carefully watching over everyone. Baba, by Your grace You are always residing in my heart. Baba, with Your infinite compassion, no matter how difficult the circumstances are, You are always present to provide a gentle touch. Amongst the thorns & tears You are the soothing balm of the lotus flower which relieves all pains and sorrows; and in scorching heat of the burning fire You are that refreshing, calm, cool sandalwood. Baba, You are the ultimate Savior. When one has lost everything then in that bleak hour You are the only shelter. You are that divine jewel which makes everything else into a shining jewel as well. By Your touch, unit beings become divine. That is Your causeless grace. Baba, You are the best of everything. In the beautiful rose garden where all the flowers are aromatic and fragrant, You are the most gorgeous-- You are the most beautiful. Baba, You are the most effulgent Entity in this vast universe. Baba, You are the Cause of everything. You are the Source and You are the Origin. Baba, because You are, I am. You are the breath of my very life. Without You my whole existence is meaningless. Baba, You are my dearmost, You are my everything. You alone are the eternal lamp of my heart. Baba, please grace me by keeping me in Your divine shelter...
Namaskar, We all know that the singular, one-pointed goal of human life is to advance towards that Cosmic Hub. This is the great endeavour of human existence. And this is commonly known to each and every A'nanda Ma'rgii. For this reason Baba guides us that actual progress can only occur in the spiritual stratum-- i.e. when by dint of one's sadhana and by His grace the radius or distance between the sadhaka and Parama Purusa is decreased. So coming closer to Parama Purusa is the only progress.
Nowadays in the general society it is the common belief that purchasing a bigger house, or getting job promotion, or having one's name printed in the newspaper etc-- people generally think that this is a sign of progress. But Baba says no. Indeed even becoming a professor in Sanskrit is not a sign of progress. Because Baba's explicit guideline is that progress can only occur in the spiritual sphere. So whatever "advancements" one makes in the physical and mental spheres do not count as true progress. For example, if one gets a big job promotion that is only a sign of worldly change with respect to time, place, and person. Such a promotion in and of itself does not bring one any closer to Parama Purusa. Indeed it may even create a huge amount of vanity where one begins to forget Parama Purusa. So what to speak of progress-- that job promotion may be anti, if the result is that one moves further away from Parama Purusa.
So Baba's entire teaching is that actual progress means moving towards the Supreme Nucleus-- towards Baba. And that can only be done in the spiritual realm. Baba says, "Actual development, actual progress, cannot be in the realm of physicality or in the psychic world. Actual progress is where the proximity to Parama Purus'a is increasing -- that is, going closer to Parama Purus'a. That is progress. But while moving in this way, if the mind remains in that position, if the a'tma', spirit, remains in that position, only man invents new dress, and television, or radio, or so many teleprinters, and so many newer vehicles, is it progress? No. Progress is -- what? When he comes near this point. That is the only progress." "So there can be progress only in the spiritual sphere. In physical and psychic spheres there cannot be any progress. You will be where you were. Only when your spirit, your a'tman, your soul, comes closer to the starting point, that is the only progress, that's why there can be progress only in the spiritual stratum. Do you follow?" "...Spirituality means that which helps you in moving towards that goal from where you started your long journey. To go back to the original home after passing through so many lives, is the spiritual practice and spiritual progress." (AV-14) Here again is Baba's guideline on the point of true progress. Baba says, "We must remember that actual progress can be made only in the spiritual stratum. There cannot be any progress in the physical stratum, or the physico-psychic stratum, or even in the psychic stratum. Whatever is known as progress is actually change of place and nothing more." "Always remember, human life is very meaningful, and human beings can make it more meaningful through their own efforts. You have got human life. By dint of your actions and your sa'dhana' you will increase the value of your human life. Why should you live like ordinary humans? Become extraordinary! Extraordinary people ultimately raise themselves to divinity. That is, humans become devata's [gods], and devata's become Parama Brahma." "As you have got a human body, utilize it at every moment. Let there be maximum utilization of your very existence. Make your existence great by dint of your extraordinary action. Your life will become more and more meaningful if you do more and more work and more and more meditation." (SS-24, p.110) Namaskar, Gurucharan
****************************************** Blind Man's Understanding
Baba says, "In order to enable human beings to remove the mundane afflictions while keeping the Goal firmly in front of their eyes, PROUT philosophy has been formulated. There was no other alternative than to formulate PROUT." "Had it not been done, human misery would have lingered on for centuries and the opportunist and mean-minded people would have continued mercilessly exploiting the innocent." (AV-6, p. 52) Note: As explained above, Prout philosophy has been formulated by Baba for two distinct fundamental reasons: (a) To keep the mind fixed towards the Goal-- Parama Purusa. (b) To solve all the problems in human society. The overall idea being that any theory that does not have a divine Goal and only focuses on solving society's problems will not only render itself useless but will prove to be disastrous also. History has shown this. Here following is further explanation. In the first paragraph of Baba's above cited message, He is giving His special guideline that Prout is spiritually based, and that it 'keeps the Goal firmly in front of one's eyes'. And by this divine ideal, Baba has given Prout to alleviate the problems in all the sphere's of life. And in the second paragraph of the above quotation, Baba is telling us that materialistic approaches like communism utterly fail to properly guide the society. Communism attempted to cure the social ills by redistributing the wealth etc. But without a proper goal, communism only wreaked havoc on the people; communism just created more problems and worse destruction. So any socio-economic theory must be spiritually based-- this is Baba's teaching in Prout (Ref: PNS-6, p.27). Unfortunately these days, some so-called Proutist leaders in superficially advanced countries are busy misguiding others by claiming that certain non-margiis are also top-grade Proutists. Such so-called leaders wrongly think that spirituality is not needed for being a Proutist. So such leaders' understanding is comparable to one blind person's evaluation of an elephant. Blind people conclude that an elephant is like a rope or a pillar, depending upon what part they touch. So their understanding is devoid of any real sense. Similar then is the understanding of those so-called Prout leaders who think that Prout can be led by non-margiis. Their level of understanding is no better than that of one blind man.

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