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Just Like Mafia Truce

Date: Thu 10 Dec 2009 07:28:16 -0000 To: From: Subject: Just Like Mafia Truce Baba Nam Kevalam "Toma'r madhur ha'si niye eseche..." (P.S. 328) Purport: Baba, Your sweet smile has such a strong attraction that it has attracted everything of this created world close to You. Everyone is rushing towards You. Your sweet smile has incomparable charm. It has filled nectar in everything-- from the throbbing sensation of the heart up to the existence of each and every entity of this created world. Everything You have filled with Your divine nectar. Baba, please come with the rhythm and melody of song and dance. You have filled all the sweet memories with Your divine nectar. Everything is so beautiful. Baba please come in my Guru cakra in dhyana with Your sweet, attractive, & charming form. Your love saturated eyes have filled my heart with full content. Baba, Your sweet, attractive, & charming form has attracted everything close to You...
Namaskar, The group scene in AMPS seems to have taken its course in a new direction. For some months the group leaders were making "some adjustments" and transitioning. Now it is quite clear they have solidified their plans and fully embarked on their new way of doing business. By reading the below report about the recently held sadhana shivir programs in Mumbai / Alibag, as well as events leading up to it, everything has become quite clear.
Before going into the details of the latest groupist developments, let's first turn out eyes in this direction as there seems to be some relevance. When two mafia groups make their "peace" with one another, then they delineate boundaries, claim territories, and agree not to interrupt or intrude upon each other's way of doing business. That means that the "peace" or truce has nothing to do with stopping criminal activity etc. Only it means that those mafia families will not openly clash with each other; each will be allowed their to have their operation run smoothly, unhindered. By this way both mafia groups can conserve their resources (money, guns, personnel, protection etc) and fully focus on the task at hand: Exploiting the common people. This is the common type of truce that happens amongst the mafioso. Read the below and see for yourself how far today's groups in AMPS have adopted a similar type of truce.
Here is a step-wise history and review of events spanning the last few days & months. The entire thread is linked together. [#1] Last weekend, there were two sadhana shivir programs held in Mumbai on the same date: 4 - 5 - 6th of December 2009. One was organized by Rudrananda's group along with their margii supporters. And the other was held by certain sponsors featuring EC and Kolkata group WTs and their margii supporters. [#2] At the Ranchi camp's program, the main trainers were Savita'nanda and Priyatosa'nanda.When margiis asked that why they organized sadhana shivir on the same date as EC and B group, then Savita'nanda's unabashedly replied, "To see which margiis are on our side and which are on their side." Savita'nanda further tried to impose the notion upon margiis that Puroda Pramukha is the spiritual head of the organisation. So no one should raise any questions about PP. The sadhana shivir was used to protect / upgrade the weak position of Vishvadeva'nanda. How far they were successful it was not clear. But of course all margiis know that the post of Purodha Pramukha is a social one not a spiritual one. [#3] Here are some of the other main players from the other sadhana shivir program. Mantreshvara'nanda, Kalyaneshvara'nanda, Pranava'tmaka'nanda were present from Kolkata. Tiirtha'nanda, Parmeshvara'nanda, Vandana'nanda, and Artaprema'nanda were from EC or third front. Giita' Didi was there with her followers.
[#4] At Alibag sadhana shivirs, i.e. the ones hosted by EC and B group, in the past such as in September '09, the last day was spent in meetings with senior margiis in hopes of creating unity and addressing other problems in the organisation. So naturally, during last week's sadhana shivir in Alibag, all attendees were thinking that once again such a meeting would be held amongst margiis and Wts. But this time, on the last day at 1 pm, the main sponsors and organizers left and when some senior margiis started to ask about ideological issues and unity points, then they were told that there will be not any meeting. So margiis left the place. [#5] But, this was not the end of the sadha shivir. After margiis left, senior WTs of both Kolkata and EC / third front sat together. So just as they previously organized a big meeting on last day to address organizational issues, they did it again this time, but they did not invite margiis to the meeting. They did not want the margiis there - that is why they told margiis to leave and they lied about the fact that they were indeed having a meeting. [#6] When margiis got the news about the meeting then many were surprised that they were not included. Margiis began wondering why now all the WT camps (Ranchi, Kolkata, & EC) ousted margiis from their discussions and organized meetings amongst themselves on organizational issues. This was the main topic of concern raised by margiis.
[#7] After marathon discussions and careful investigation, it is now clear to all margiis why this happened. Now all understand why both groups ousted margiis and did not invite margiis in their meetings - neither at the recent sadhana shivir not at other locations. Now everything is crystal clear. [#8] As everybody knows, the dominating mentality of all the groups is that they all are against margii leadership in the organization. Their aim is to keep the margiis at bay, i.e. as followers not leaders. All the main groups want to keep margiis as 2nd class citizens. Their deceiving strategy the last few years has been to "collaborate" with margiis in order to increase their own group power - not out of true feelings of equality or respect for margiis. Because of the intensity of the group fight, each camp tried in the past to align themselves with margiis to increase their own factional influence and resources. That's all. They were merely using margiis for their own groupist benefit. So this is the reason why margiis were invited in the past, and now we are going to read why all the various groups have changed their policy.
[#9] As we know, in Delhi National margii committee meeting both EC and Kolkata dadas were invited. After Abhiprema'nanda's murder by Kolkata group inn 2003, this was one of the first times that Kolkata group got the chance to engage with the greater margii society. Then the leaders of national margiis committee enthusiastically announced and requested Kolkata group to help organize the national margii committee meeting in Kolkata. But it never happened. Why? Because as a basic policy, Kolkata is blatantly against this type of margii committee and margii leadership. That has been their approach since 1990 and it has not changed. B group's main practice is: "Keep the margiis subdued and under control." And now all the groups (Ranchi, B, & EC) have firmly adopted this same policy as they have come together behind the scenes and created one black pact like some mafioso truce. They basically decided that as a policy we - the respective groups - should no longer attack one another. We should instead grab our own booty and no longer expose each other's defects in public. That way we all win and we can focus on exploiting margiis rather than clobbering each other and ruining our prestige in front of everyone. This was the black peace they made. And in this way the margiis have been rendered as dispensable, just mere pawns to exploit. Here is more about it - keep reading for lots of details.
[#10] On the 30th of August, Nigama'nanda and Vimala'nanda of Ranchi group, and Mantreshvarananda, Bhaveshananda from Kolkata met together in Ananda Nagar and also they met with Parmeshvara'nanda of EC and others on 1st of Sept. Then again on 26th of Oct in Ranchi, Nigama'nanda met Parmeshvara'nanda. This unique sequence of meetings set the stage for their newly adopted policy: We should live together, respect each other's territory, not expose each others' defects or scandalous behaviour, and not quarrel in any way. Just we should rule over our various margii kingdoms and enjoy the benefits. Of course, publicly they told that this series of meetings were done to try and create peace and unity and get our Marga back on the right path. But the reality was something totally different.
Through all these WT groupist meetings and talks, they basically formulated the following agenda. They realised they benefit more from creating a static peace with one another than from openly fighting in front of the margiis. Here then are the major and minor tenets of their agreement. By reading the below, we can easily see how such ruling WTs are not interested in upholding ideology but rather maintaining their own groupist power schema. They want to keep the status quo not set our Marga on the path of dharmic revolution. For this reason they have no need to meet with margiis in Alibag etc, instead the Wt groups meet among themselves, outlining the following strategy. (a) They will not file new court cases against each other. Going to court has proven too costly and is a big drain on their resources in terms of money, time and energy. Plus it dirties their own public image. So they will not longer embark on costly new court cases to settle group differences. (b) They will not write mails about each other because too many Dadas are losing their prestige among margiis. Whatever they have to say about each other will be something good or neutral - or nothing at all. But exposing each other's sins and wrongdoing is no longer permitted. That is the essence of their truce. (c) They will not turn margiis against the other faction. Whichever group has that margii is going to be respected. (d) They will not highlight the characterlessness or looting scandals of each other. Thus far this has taken a huge toll on the prestige and reputation of all the groups. They realised that this is not in their best interests. So whatever nonsense any group does will NOT be reported by any other group. They figure this is the way to keep their prestige in the eyes of the margiis. (e) They - the various groups - will not invite margiis to act as mediators or problem solving agents or leaders. The groupist Wts feel that by inviting margiis to come forward then it will take away from their own value. It was a PR strategy they were willing to try for a short while, but no longer. They do not want margiis coming within 1000 kiloketers of any leadership role or position. They feel that just hurts the standing of all the Wt groups. It is like admitting a weakness. (f) They will not allow margiis to raise their voice on the issues of scriptural distortion, the dogma of MPD, the Fake BP manual, Fake Ananda Vanii or any other ideological issue and concern related with Baba's teachings and margii rights. (g) They will keep margiis exclusively as followers, not leaders. (h) Unity meetings or any meetings about present crisis will be organized among senior WTs only. Margiis will not be invited. And these talks will only focus on how all the groups can maintain their present power. It will be off limits to criticise any group per se. (i) All group leaders agreed that b/c of margiis involvement in organizational issues they have suffered a big loss to their own prestige and power. If margiis become leaders then who will we rule?
[#11] Actually nowadays margiis are awakened to the organizational and ideological issues and we now got the fact that all three group leaders are power mongers, problem creators, and a terrible burden on Ananda Marga. So we margiis are chasing all groups leaders. All groups are feeling problem because of this awakening amongst margiis. 5 years ago Ranchi still had EC in their fold and they were turning margiis against Kolkata. That anti-sentiment worked for the short-term. But after sometime the Ranchi group also became an issue and the cause of so many problems. So after all these years, margiis have seen that all the Wt groups are the same. All the groups disregard margii rights and blatantly go against Baba's divine teachings and mandates. All the groups want power and control. Kolkata is not in power, but still the Ranchi camp is not fixing the distorted AM Revolution discourse which grants margii rights nor is Ranchi doing anything to restore BP rights or fix the problems with Fake BP Manual or Fake Ananda Vanii, nor any other ideological issue or concern. Same thing is with third front. They are also not doing anything to repair the curtailments of margiis rights. These things are not even in their agenda. For all these reasons and more, margiis nowadays know the fact and the real face of each group. All the groups just want their own power and wish to preserve the status quo by keeping the margiis in bondage and indulging in their groupist ways.
[#12] This was the cause behind the secret meeting of both EC and Kolkata group dadas at the recently held sadhana shivir in Mumabi / Aligbag. That was why no margiis were invited because now all the groups are teaming up against margiis. In that case, what is the need to waste their time by talking with margiis. Because of that so-called unity meeting, EC did not file any case against the boards election of Ranchi group, although it was illegal.
This whole drama is going to continue at New Year's DMS and beyond. For the time being, gone are the days of open righting, of court cases, of paying for police and protection, of including margiis in talks etc. The groups are now preserving their own resources and maintaining their own power. They understand the best way to do this is create a black peace. Then they can live large and minimize their struggles.
So what the groups are doing nowadays is not different from a truce called between two warring mafia families. They are not calling a truce in order to come clean and abide by the laws of the land. They are calling that truce because their war has been too taxing on them financially and has hurt their image. So they made a pact. You do what you do in your area without bothering me and I will do what I do in my area without bothering you. I gamble, you gamble; I extort, you extort; I rob and cheat; you rob and cheat; I do prostitution, you do prostitution. All these things are fine and through it all we will not cross each other. Indeed the groups in AM are behaving no differently. The only peace they have made is to no longer expose each other's ills and keep all the margiis under their control by respecting the boundaries and territories of all the groups. Their common theme is WT superiority at all cost. By this negative pact, margiis are pushed in the trash and Baba's divine teachings are utterly ignored. Such is the way things are rolling nowadays under the latest groupist policy.
Of course, Baba Himself strongly opposes all types of crude peace deals. Baba says, "Wherever and as long as avidya' remains victorious in this fight, there, also, a special type of peace prevails which may be called ta'masikii sha'nti [static peace]." (POD #15) Baba says, "Static peace is definitely not desirable. Suppose a particular group of people [H, B, EC] belonging to a particular region oppress or attack another group of people [family margiis] of the same region or of some other region. In such circumstances, if all others [Wt groups] simply remain mute spectators or resort to the path of negotiation, compromise or mutual settlement as the only solution, it should be clearly understood that they are encouraging static peace." (POD #15) By Baba's above words is it not clear what the groups are now doing? Their crude strategy is plain as day. They are indulged in dirty pacts for their own prestige and power, without regard for any ideological or moral precepts. By this way, real peace will never be made in AM, rather things will only get worse. Because there is absolutely no redeeming quality to black peace - never. If any group indulges in casteism, polygamy, sex scandals, meat-eating, alcohol consumption, destruction of Marga scriptures etc, all of that is OK. All the groups can do what they like so long as they do not cross any other group. It is not that ideology should be upheld. The treaty is that all dogmas and problems should be kept hidden and left unaddressed. If scriptures are polluted - fine. Do not raise any issues of margii rights. Just keep everything under the covers. Let immorality and dogma grow, so long as it serves our purpose and keeps us in power. That is what all the groups are doing - bar none. By so doing, all the factions are cheating margiis and coming under the condemnation of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji.
By Baba's grace, Ananda Margiis and good Wts are ready to stand up and steer the true course and bring AM back onto the path of ideology. The scene at Alibag sadhana shivr was just one more example of how the groups are only interested in their group agenda - nothing more. They do not care about the welfare of margiis not the sanctity of Ananda Marga. Baba says, "In this fight, your goal is not the sin or the sinner, your goal is the Supreme Consciousness. Anything that comes in the way of this has to be removed mercilessly. When clouds collect around the pole-star and cover it, your duty will be to remove the clouds and follow the pole-star without caring to see where the clouds have gone." (PNS-18) Namaskar, Virendra
*************************************** Fate of Egotistical People
Baba says, "It is only when the human beings, become puffed up with vanity and misuse the power granted to them by Parama Purus'a, that He steals everything from them. Hence, He is called Darpaha'rii - the stealer of vanity...Vain people suffer a similar fate when their vanity is destroyed as the balloon faces when its air is let out. But, does Parama Purus'a snatch away everything from everyone? No, He takes away only when the unit beings try to create obstructions in the flow of His creation." (APH-4, p.247)

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