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Purodhas or...

Date: 13 Jun 2008 23:27:53 -0000 From: "Chandramohan Jha" To: Subject: Purodhas or... Baba "Path ceye base chinu dhare, ele a'ji ghan varasa'y..." (P.S. 3226) Purport: Baba since ages I was sitting on the path of Your arrival waiting to have Your darshan. All the good days passed by, yet now, Baba, in the pouring rain You have come to me after taking a lot of trouble. In this rainy season, the misty pollen fragrance of my ketakii* flower is floating away all around. Its aroma is permeating all over in this misty rainy season. With deep yearning in my heart, in the effulgence of the day, I have searched for You. I have looked for You also in the pitch dark night in the stars, planets, nebulae, everywhere. Baba I have searched You in each and every nook and corner of the deep blue sky-- in which unknown place were You hiding. I could not get You anywhere. My hot days* of summer have passed away. In calling and longing of You the tired night passed away and dawn* advented. And You have come. Baba, in the course of waiting for You, in that long span, the garland which I prepared for You has become dry and withered away-- now only the thread is in my hand. Baba, O' my dearmost One, now in this situation how will I receive and honor You. Now in this pouring rain You have advented next to me. Baba, You have done infinite grace by coming close to me. I surrender at Your lotus feet... Asterisk Notes: * Ketakii flower= The screw-pine flower or tree. Part of the Pandanaceae family or genus Pandanus. This tree has dagger-like leaves and is commonly found throughout SE Asia. This flower is known for its charming fragrance. It flower especially in the rainy season and the strong aroma permeates the air for miles around. In addition the plant contains many thorns. * Tapt divas= Literally meaning hot days and the inner sense is the terrible and difficult days of my life. * Bhor= After a long span of life, when much time has passed then finally the awaited moment arrives. Hence the literal meaning is early morning or dawn, but the poetic idea is having passed a long time in waiting for the time to come.
== PURODHAS OR... ==
Namsakar, This whole email and below story is related with our AMPS administration-- i.e. the way things have been going since 1990
- Story -
When India first got its freedom and the initial government was formed by PT Jawaharlal Nehru, that very time there were many Members of Parliament (MPs) in his ministry who were not even aware that they were elected as members of the Indian Parliament. Now some may ask how can that be so. After all they were MPs (Members of Indian Parliament) yet they were not aware about their elected post. How this is possible? Were they not voting sometimes or speaking in the Parliament sometimes. How can this all be. Well here's how. Those MPs (Members of Parliament) were voting but not speaking. Sometimes they were going there just to vote, raise their hand. Nothing more. It was a peculiar thing. So you may want to know further what way this was all working. Especially how these MPs were unaware about their positions. Here is the full incident. Nehru made the rule of reserved post of MPs so that so-called lower caste very, very, very simple and naive and ignorant people were elected as MP of certain backward areas of rural India. Indeed they were such simple and illiterate people who were not aware about anything what is going on around. In their life they had never even seen motor vehicles. Yet the Nehru Congress party brought these simple villages to Delhi to work as peons, cooks, house cleaners, sweepers, tea servers, attendants etc. They were told that you will get a job there in Delhi. And you will get some money and some sheltered place to live. And actually, many of them were living in Nehru's own Bungalow to look after different domestic services. In the night time they were happily sleeping on the bare ground in the cleaning closet because they were 24 hr ready-made free servants. And very rarely when some crucial bill was moved in the Parliament and there was need to show the 2/3 majority of members, then in order to pass the bill that very time those servants (MPs) were brought to Parliament under the protection of some guards. And actually because of their fear complex those servants (MPs) did not even like to go out of the Bungalow grounds, scared of losing the path. Really they were so so simple. Indeed only after several hours of training to prepare for the meeting, then only could these MPs (servants) learn that they should always be looking toward Jawaharlal Nehru's face. And when he will raise his hand, then all those servants (MPs) quickly they should also raise their hand. That is how it was going to work when they arrived in Parliament. This was their main training: 'Be ready, and when Nehru is raising the hand then you raise the hand. When he brings the hand down, then you do the same. That's all'. And then after the voting in Parliament was over, then again all those "MPs" re-joined their domestic duties and attended to their household activities. In that case they were more comfortable as they understood everything and just remained regularly involved in their domestic duties. And very, very, rarely once in a year, or once in two years, during some crucial time these MPs were brought to Parliament under special guardianship in order to vote on a particularly crucial bill. Nowadays the facts of this story have become unearthed because the children of those simple villagers became educated and they understood the situation. So they exposed all the negative things that were going on that time during the period of Nehru's regime.
- Conclusion -
Unfortunately, nowadays & since 1990 the scene in AMPS is hardly any different. The Purodhas are basically puppets; PP is useless-- out of the picture. And Rudranandaji has become the kingpin by emulating all the negative strategies and weapons which Sarvatmanandaji used to keep so readily in his pocket. So that is how it is all going on these days. In that case what is the practical difference between our present day Administration and Nehru's political regime. By Baba's grace a new era of socio-political justice based on the solid foundation of spirituality is ushering a new mode of operating in our AMPS. That day is coming near. Namaskar, Chandramohan
*************************************** Ideal Life
Baba says, "Human beings come onto this earth for a very short period, and within this short period they are required to complete everything. So there is a great deal of work to be done, but the time is very short. Thus intelligent people make the best use of every moment of their time - wasting one's time is the height of foolishness. Why? Because no human being will remain on this earth for long, and the very goal of human life is to attain Parama Purusa, the Supreme Stance. Human beings, while moving forward towards that Goal which is fixed before their minds, will have to perform many worldly duties. That is why it is said, 'Keep one hand on the feet of Parama Purus'a, and with the other hand do your mundane duties'." (AFPS-4)

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