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Where Are We

Date: 09 Aug 2012 22:28:39 -0000
From: "Indradeva" imps@portp.mail
Subject: Where Are We


"Toma'r raune raun mishiye cale, yete ca'i sumukhe..."  (P.S. 2368)


Baba, by surrendering all the colours of my mind - all the attractions and attachments of my mind - by surrendering everything unto You, I want to move on and on, by Your grace. Baba, I want to offer all my colours, vrttis, and longings at Your alter. My only desire is to move on the path, dancing according to Your rhythm, Your melody. But somehow always I am losing the
Baba, by Your grace, I am holding Your flag in my hand. You have given me the one-pointed desire, energy, and duty to follow and spread Your ideology, Your teachings. You have instilled within me the feeling that even if no one else is coming along, still I will go on marching ahead on Your path. Baba Your grace is ever-showering on my entire existence. Baba, You are always
along with me. And You are always giving me strength in my heart to march forward. By Your grace, You have filled my heart with Your inspiration and grace. For this reason, obstacles and hindrances are meaningless - they never obstruct my forward movement. 

Baba, I was never alone in the past nor will I be alone in the future. By Your grace You are always along with me. And when You are along with me, then there is no question of fear. Baba, by doing Your work and singing Your song, I will go on moving on Your path of effulgence - keeping You in my heart. Baba You are always with me, You are eternally sweet and gracious...



Baba says, "Common domestic animals are individualistic by nature. They are very self-centered. One animal does not usually come to the aid of another. Domestic animals are neither sincere nor devoted to their masters. In fact, they do not have the least sympathy for their masters' interests. Wherever they are, they live only for themselves." (PNS-15, p.42)

There are some who suffer from this dogma - thinking that their pets are quite dedicated to them. Hence these persons are not aware of the above fact. The truth is that pets will attach themselves with whoever feeds them. You can test this theory anytime by observing any pet.

Baba's above teaching is related not only with domestic animals but with all animals.

Actually, what to say about animals, unfortunately, these days under the negative influence of capitalism, human beings have degenerated to the level of such animals in that they are equally self-centered, living only for themselves, and not caring about others.

In (a) capitalist countries and (b) metropolitan cities around the globe, such types of people are commonly available. They are so self-centered that they never care about others - not even their own off-spring. Such crude and selfish people are worse than animals because they have been blessed with human life, but they are not living like human beings.

This entire scene is the negative outcome of capitalism - which itself converts humans into beggers of self-gratification. Capitalist-minded people are the epitome of that yet in this present era they may be regarded as common citizens. Such is the standard of society nowadays. This selfish mentality is the root cause of all the problems.  

By Baba's divine grace the tide is turning. He has infused this world with His divine vibration and quickly people are waking up and seeking to move toward the spiritual plane. This is nothing but Baba's blessing upon humanity.    


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