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News #3: Some Examples of Hypocrisy of B Group

Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2008 14:27:30 -0000 To: From: Subject: News #3: Some Examples of Hypocrisy of B Group Baba
Namaskar, 1) B group leaders are telling that they want united PP b/c Shraddha'nandajii was their PP too. But it is just hypocrisy of B group. If Shraddha'nandajii was their PP then how could Bhavesha'nanda became President. In AM Only PP can select President. President can't be elected. Without approval of PP B group had has their own GS CC, CEC etc. But now they are singing hypocritical song of united PP. Then why not united GS, united CC, united CEC , United Purodha' board etc. Unity song by B group is just like anti terrorism speech by Bin laden. 2) B group is telling that there should be 94 purodhas called for PP election. Actually B group has declared almost 50 purodhas after 2003. They are telling to call all of them as purodhas. Point is that how could they become purodha without approval of PP Shraddha'nandajii to whom B group is also telling their PP. The so called Purodha board of B group declared purodha Board without approval of PP. so this is just illegal and anti organisation. 3) One margii of my area made joke that if approval of PP is not needed to make purodhas and anyone can declare purodha like B group then he (that margii) can also make 120 purodhas and they all should be called for any election. Namaskar, Virendra

News #2: Scene of Fish Market in Ranchi HQ

Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2008 14:22:39 -0000 To: From: Subject: News #2: Scene of Fish Market in Ranchi HQ Baba
Namaskar, Here is more news.... (1) Shambhushiva'nandajii first wrote mail about unity and united PP etc. But when he came to Ranchi then he took U turn. He voted for PP and now he is praising new PP. Before 3rd front was waiting for Shambhushiva'nanda's arrival in India as the panacea of all problems is coming. But now all are abusing him. Shambhushiva'nandajii has a high profile b/c of his Phd degree etc. But now b/c of his U turn people know that he is a immoralist with fickle and unbalance mind. 2 News is moving in the air that there was election for PP and Vishvadeva'nandajii got 15 votes. Out of 27 purodhas who were called for the election 22 persons casted their vote and vishvadeva'nanda got 15. People are telling that other candidates were Keshva'nandajii and Svarupa'nandajii. 3) Ranchi administration has done some transfer posting. Now Rakesha'nandajii is PA to PP, Svarupa'nandajii is Eraws sect. means he will act like acting GS b/c GS Dhruva'nanda jii is incapable.Rudra'nanda who was PRS is now GTS. And Nigama'nanda who has dispute with Rudra'nanda b/c of CWWs post is now holding GFS and PRS post. 4) By this transfer posting Rudra'nanda has gained many things. Experts are telling that one committee of 4 persons do transfer posting of general workers. That is President, GS, OS and GTS. Now see, Vishvadeva'nanda is president who is made by Rudra'nanda. GS is incapable so acting GS Svarupa'nada who is renouned man of Rudra'nanda will be 2nd member of the committee. Citsvarupa'nandajii who is initiated by Rudra'nandajii himself is OS and now the fourth member of the committee is Rudra'nandajii himself. so transfer posting is totally controlled by Rudra'nanda. And by this way he can control all workers including purodhas. 5) By becoming GTS Rudra'nanda has tried to give false message that he is not a power monger. Other side Nigama'nanda was going out of track so Rudra'nanda has given him PRS post. to make Nigama' nanda happy. And also one more trick is there. Now Nigama'nanda has to give all replies to people about PP election. Remember when our org. lost Ta'ndava case in the supreme court 3 bench That time Rudra'nanda was legal sect. But just after that he gave that post to one other dada. and when question was asked about Ta'ndava case he told that he is not the legal sect. In same way Rudra'nanda is trying to go behind the curtain. He has put Nigama'nanda on the front that by this way Nigama]nanda can't go out of track. this is one old tells that make thief your security guard and your house will be safe. 6 )When Shraddha'nandajii passed away then many senior margiis told Parmeshvara'nanda and Vandana'nanda to go to court for united PP election like they went for CC election. But 3rd front leaders gave diplomatic answers. Actually Nigama'nanda had met Parmeshvara'nanda in october first week in Delhi. And then 3rd front were hoping their welcome in the Ranchi administration. Parmeshvara'nanda was waiting in AN for invitation and finally he went to BQ Ranchi. Only then 3rd front knew that they were befooled. Rudra'nanda had already solved problems with Nigama'nanda by giving him power. Namaskar, Virendra

News #1: How the New PP is a Puppet

Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2008 14:18:03 -0000 To: From: Subject: News #1: How the New PP is a Puppet Baba
Namaskar, By reading this below news, it is quite apparent that the "new PP Dada Vishvadevananda" is just one puppet: A simple person blindly following the guidelines of his bosses. Just he is dancing in their direction. 1) On 28th evening Ranchi administration announced Vishvadeva'nandajii as PP in Ranchi BQ. Then many margiis and senior workers started raising slogan of Parampita' Ba'ba' kii jai". They garlanded Vishvadeva'nandajii. Vishvadeva'nandajii did not join to raise slogan of Parampita' Ba'ba' kii jai. He kept smiling with folded hands like previous PP Shraddh'nandajii. 2) Many workers were there in AN for RDS. They had 3 hours kiirtan on the occasion of Diipawalii. When news came that new PP will come to An tonight then Kiirtan time increased for 6 hours. Anyhow new PP did not came that night. He came on 29th morning. Under the leadership of Citsvarupa'nandajii welcome ceremony was organised. Vishvadeva'nandajii was full of garlands. Workers were raising slogan of Parampita' Ba'ba' kii jai. But Vishvadeva'nanda was keeping mum with folded hands. He did not do Parampita' Ba'ba' kii jai. 3) Vishvadeva'nandajii came to ja'grti for reporting. In same way he did not do Parampita' Ba'ba' kii jai. Other persons were doing Parampita' Ba'ba' kii jai and Vishvadeva'nanda was keeping mum as if he is the Ba'ba', or if he is someone who need not say Parampita' Ba'ba' kii jai. Seeing this, it looks the new PP Dada will just be one permanent rubber stamp or wet sponge in the hands of certain factional leaders. What they want, he will do.
4) Ranchi administration called only 27 purodhas for PP election. Some other purodhas like Parmeshvara'nanda who are Purodhas in the eyes of court were not called for the election. So finally they have gone to court. Court heard both sides and have given stay order on PP till 15th of Nov next hearing date. It means Vishvadeva'nanda is illegal PP till decision of the court. He can't function as PP. Legal experts are telling that there may be re-election for PP. Namaskar, Virendra

Mirror of Materialism...

Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2008 23:48:01 -0400 To: From: Melanie Kellogg Subject: Mirror of Materialism... Baba "A'loker utsa're-- kuya'sha'r path dhare, giyechile du're..." (1755) Purport: Baba, You are the most gracious One; You save everybody. Baba, with the emanation of Your divine effulgence, those following the foggy path have returned back to the house. By Your grace, those who fell into sin and staticity have come back onto the path of truth and righteousness; they have come back onto the path of dharma-- their home. Baba, by Your grace they have again come under Your eternal shelter. Baba, because of You, there is truth and dharma. Because You are the effulgence remains. Baba because of You there is life. By Your grace You bring bliss and warmth to all. You shower Your love and affection on everyone. Baba, those who forget You become engulfed in the cimmerian darkness of avidya maya. Those who do not surrender at Your lotus feet and those who neglect to sing Your name, they remain oblivious of the divine truth and plunge themselves in the deep abyss of self-pity and confusion. O' Baba, by Your grace I know only You. Only this truth I know: You are mine and I am Yours. Baba I do not know about the divine world nor about the mortal world. I do not know about heaven or hell; nor do I accept those myths. Baba, I do not know about right and wrong, or virtue and vice. Baba, by Your sweet grace my mind is fully focused on You. Baba, I only know You-- I only accept You and You alone. Baba, You are the ocean of my life. Baba, please be grace by showering Your causeless grace...
Namaskar, As an ideal, our Marga is a microcosm of how society should be in the true sense. And by Baba's grace His pristine example reflects even down to our mode of expression and use of language. However, the same sterling precedent has yet to be set in the common society wherein for their own gain exploitative classes have run rampant and injected innumerable crude themes into the society that got so deeply embedded that it colors the language itself.
In this way it is commonly seen that language is a reflection of the mental standard of any given community. The point being that the status of mind and style of speech are inseparably linked. And in this regard-- even in the general society-- there is a tremendous gap between oriental and occidental expression. As in the current era, the male-dominated capitalism of the west has set its own negative standard.
From morning to night, a string of words and phrases decorate contemporary western life that are wrought with crude innuendoes and / or superficial patterns of speech. Perhaps the worst victims of all this are females, although no doubt many other communities have also been intruded upon. All authored by a suppressive, male-run society operating on debased tendencies. And by this way the language has been totally colored. Of course as Ananda Margiis, knowingly we refrain from indulging in such ways of speaking yet as this disease is spreading uncontrollably from west to east we should also be vigilant not to let it land on the shores of our present AM society. And ultimately we should rid it from the general society. Here following are a few of the many, many terms that are a product of a superficial capitalistic way of thinking and / or a lustful male mind-set. (a) Pig-tail= In order to exploit females and look down upon and create an inferiority complex on them, this word and others like it were carried into the society by debased male leaders. Because by treating females like pigs as if their hair is nothing but pig tails, it helps secure male dominance as they can push down the self-confidence of women. And continue to pave the way for more male domination-- ensuring that females remain as objects of sensual enjoyment. (b) 'Male-female connection'= Here again a crude sexual innuendo is used to refer to inanimate electrical components, or what used to be known as a plug and socket. But in male-capitalistic style just they are dragging down human existence where crude sensual desires run wild and everything is calculated according to sensual experience. (c) 'lady's finger'= This is yet another concocted male term to turn what is an ordinary vegetable known as okra into a crude reminder to one and all that the female body is nothing but something for male consumption. (d) 'meaty'= And in the today's western culture fruits and vegetables are termed as 'meaty'. So instead of using the more fitting term of 'pulp', the degenerated state of mind infuses tamasik oriented terms to describe even sentient things. In a similar way the term 'sweet meats' is used for desserts. (e) 'chicken breast'= Characteristic of lustful thinking so many terms are applied to give "appeal" to something. (f) 'skin'= Just as the meat-eating culture of the west had to get through the skin in order to get to the meat of slain animals, such persons infused the 'skin' term to refer to the peel of the fruit. (g) 'kill two birds with one stone'= This is one of a whole slew of terms that reflect a superficial, uncaring capitalistic attitude that thinks that this whole creation is just something for their own personal enjoyment. So whatever pain or hardship others have to suffer-- whether it be peoples, animals, or plants-- all that is secondary to the self-indulgent pleasure derived by the capitalist. So in their self-centered, superficial thinking such terms are a pervasive such as: 'More than 1 way to skin a cat' etc.. (h) And dozens and hundreds of more examples are there.
And the worst part is that this disease of language is unchecked and spreading around more and more. And we can say that the two-fold root cause of this entire negative convention is: (a) The lustful thinking of a male dominated society that creates words to objectify and exploit females. (b) Superficial capitalist mentality where everything is based on selfish pleasure-- where there is not a trace of any deeper thinking or higher values. Unfortunately both of these outlooks are spreading all around the globe-- from west to east.
In His historic discourse, 'Renaissance In All the Strata of Life', Baba directs us that we are to guide the society and bring a renaissance in all the spheres of existence from language and linguistic expression to politics to economics to culture to spirituality and more. So language is also one key factor that should be purified, refined and made more sentient. So this Renaissance touches all the facets of life. Here following is Baba's call for a total rebirth in all the realms. Baba says, "The scope of the Renaissance movement is vast, and you will have to start your work from this very moment: It brooks no delay." (PNS-9, p.45) Namaskar, Maya Devii
Our AM society is spiritually based and that sentient and effulgent quality should reflect in all our expressions of individual and collective life. And we must not let ourselves get caught up in the use of such crude terminology that has become so pervasive all around the globe.
Note 2: TRAGIC OCCURRENCE (warning: strong language used in this note)
In order to thrust various peoples into lowly categories and subject them to endless humiliation so as to break their spirit and make it easier to exploit them, the ruling class in various countries like the US has invented countless degrading terms. In that way nasty slang expressions and epithets such as 'wet backs', 'niggers', 'bitch' and the like have been injected into the society in order to press down, embarrass, and dishonor various peoples and persons of the society. The whole scene is tragic and sickening to witness how a certain so-called elite sector of society ruthlessly has executed their exploitative tactics. It is horribly unfortunate & unspeakable that so many of our brothers and sisters around the globe are not getting proper respect-- i.e. the respect deserved of a human being. We are all part of the same human family, all worthy of the same dignity and love. Per Baba's order it is our duty to remove such negativity from the society. Baba says, "Each and every member of the human society should enjoy equal rights as members of the same family, but there is disparity and it is the duty of the Renaissance movement to dispel the disparity and bring about equality, equilibrium, and equipoise amongst human beings." (PNS-9, p.43)
Just as the standard of mind affects the quality of language, similarly oral and linguistic expression in all its forms affects the development of mind. Baba says, "Good company, good books, good literature, good songs, kiirtanas (devotional chanting) elevate the mind and the mind becomes sanctified." (MVNS, p.79-80)
******************************************** Excellent Teaching but Difficult to Follow
Baba says, "You love your son; that is alright. But if he dies, you will have immense grief. It is not true? Because a son is a finite entity, he will not remain forever. He is bound to die one day. Leaving you in boundless sorrow. but if you take your son to be a manifestation of Brahma, you need not fear in constant fear of losing him, because Brahma will never be lost. He is ever present surrounding you. This is the spirit of renunciation or vaeragya." (APH-4, p. 265) Note: This above Baba's divine teaching everybody knows, but in practical life how far everyone follows, every person should look within their own heart.

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