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Magic of Positive Microvita

Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 22:49:08 -0700 To: From: Reynolds_HT Subject: Magic of Positive Microvita Baba "Tumi balo a'ma're, balo a'ma're kii diye tus'ibo toma're..." - P.S. 1235 Purport: O' Baba, You are my Dearmost; please tell me how I can satisfy You. O' Parama Purusa Baba-- the Creator of this great universe-- whatever jewels, gold, emeralds, pearls, and gems that are accumulated in this universe, You Yourself are the Creator of those treasures. Then what offering can I make that will satisfy You. Indeed what can anybody give to You when You are the Supreme Controller of this entire creation. Baba, whatever intellect, intuition, knowledge, & whatever thinking capacity I have, all these things also are tied up on Your doorstep. All these things are within Your easy reach. Then in what way can I satisfy You when You are the Controller of everything. Beyond, this what else is there. Baba, in this world I am completely empty-- then how can I serve You, please tell me. Baba, only I am surrendering unto You; please tell me what way I can satisfy You...
Namaskar, Baba has graciously appeared on this earth to undo all the harms and injustices of old and by His divine presence and the ensuing spread of positive microvita, so many ills and crimes are being rectified. By His grace, the day is sure to come when the era of white peace will descend on this earth.
As evidence of the turnaround that is taking place, let us take a look at these recent events. A few days ago, the Australian government issued a formal apology in recognition of the wrongs committed to its tribal and native communities. Over centuries, the Euro-Australians have wielded untold injustices upon the aborigines. And for the first time ever, there is an admittance by the government that this has occurred. And indeed this is not an isolated trend or something related only with a particular continent. Such mass mistreatment and abuse to native populations has occurred throughout North & Central America, Africa, Asia-- on nearly each and every land mass throughout the world. In sum, a dominant culture often comes and ruthlessly subjects a weaker, native community to torture, slavery, and all sorts of repressive tactics. And for centuries this was permissible-- even glorified. But now, in this present era, such injustices are no longer being tolerated. History is being rewritten and governments are being asked to atone for their sins. More and more then the question arises, how to undo all of this injustice? Is issuing a simple apology, as the Australian government has done, sufficient in wake of the wrongs committed. It is a start no doubt, but does that alone set everything straight. Shall we as a global people accept the Australian government's apology as a fair and just conclusion-- or are further steps warranted.
In His Prout philosophy, Baba has issued three cardinal socio-political principles which apply quite clearly to the case of Australia's long term abuse of native populations, as well as to the tragedies that have happened to the Eskimos of Alaska, the indigenous tribes of Mexico, and so many other native cultures etc. Here are those three principles: Baba says, "There are three cardinal socio-political principles which should never be violated. First, people should not be retrenched from their occupations unless alternative employment has been arranged for them. Secondly, people should not be forcibly converted from one religion to another. Thirdly, no mother tongue should be suppressed. Occupation, spiritual practice and mother tongue are very important to human beings. If the sentiments associated with them are hurt, human beings will be deeply affected. So, you should never violate these cardinal socio-political principles." (PNS-16) Thus according to our Prout perspective, (1) the right to work, (2) freedom of religion, and (3) linguistic freedom must be honored always. There is no time when any of these cardinal socio-political principles may be disregarded. Unfortunately, on this earth, there are no shortage of cases where these three cardinal principles have been transgressed. Baba says, "There are many instances where these three cardinal principles have been violated, causing much suffering and disturbance in individual and collective life." (PNS-16)
In Australia-- as well as in the US, France, Vietnam, Morocco, South Africa, etc-- a dominant culture has done irreparable harm to the native peoples. In particular, in Australia, one of the main techniques for breaking the aborigines was to take their children. "Thousands of Aboriginal children were forcibly taken from their parents and given to white families or institutions to raise between 1915 and 1969. The policy was aimed at forcing assimilation between Aboriginal and white communities." (AP News) "Moving children into a foreign culture had devastating effects. 'They lost their link to their culture. They lost their kinship ties to their families, their link to the aboriginal spirituality, like a link to the land,'. " (World News) Thus such a wretched policy of forcibly taking the indigenous children yielded horrific results and clearly goes against the cardinal socio-political principles of Prout. Plus so many other wrongs were done such as depriving native peoples of their livlihood as well as many other awful crimes. And again, Australia stands as but one place of many where such tragedies and injustices have occurred. The reason this letter focuses more on Australia is simply because the Australian government has recently come forward to issue an apology. But unlike the Canadian government which gave billions of dollars in aid to their native peoples along with their apology, the Australian government has made no such motion. Just they are merely issuing an oral apology for those past injustices, suppressive tactics, and crimes. So although, the overall climate for the treatment of native cultures is getting better, there is still room for much improvement. And that is sure to come as due to Baba's grace our human society is on the mend.
According to Baba, in such cases of extreme mistreatment of native peoples, then special programs must be put in place to bring such communities back on the feet. The upliftment of those entire peoples must be accomplished. That is the proper solution. Baba says, "Special efforts should be made to protect the interests of backward classes. For example, tribal people are among the most deprived of the backward classes...Special steps should be taken immediately to enhance their socio-economic development. Such steps should include the removal of all educational inequalities; the widespread establishment of cottage industries; proper agricultural facilities, especially irrigation water; self-reliance in energy production, such as electricity; increased communication facilities, such as telephones; and better transportation infrastructure, such as railways." (PNS-15) In His above guideline, Baba clearly directs us that numerous economic programs and supportive social structures must be advanced in various spheres of life to ensure the proper growth and development of those downtrodden communities-- like the native peoples-- who have been harmed in the past &n present. So issuing an apology-- as the Australian government has done-- is not enough. But even then it has to be recognised as a start and that positive microvita is seeping into their cranial cavities, because in the past such governments would not even recognise that any wrongs were committed. Hence, such recognition is a good first step and it will not be long before grand programs are in place to help all aboriginal cultures.
Baba wants that we should be forceful and brave in upholding the cardinal socio-political principles because only by this way will we create a bright, new world for all. Baba says, "If any group tries to violate any of these three cardinal socio-political principles, you should immediately oppose them with a thundering voice and sufficient force. Victory will be yours, because you are supporting the collective psychology...So, you should ensure that these three cardinal socio-political principles are not violated. By doing this you will safeguard the welfare of society." (PNS-16)
By Baba's grace He has spread the requisite amount of positive microvita to create a sterling humanity and beautiful universe. Baba says, "We should always try to invite positive microvita for our all-around and integrated development, not merely of a particular human body or a particular living body, but for the all-around development of all existences; that is, all existential faculties are to be benefited by this positive microvitum. Inanimate objects will become animate, carbon atoms sleeping in an inanimate body will get life, will get the stir of vitality in them, and that vitality is slowly to be transmuted into a gigantic living structure like a human being. You should remember that here we are to invite positive microvita for our all-around progress and all-around elevation, and we are to denounce the advancement of negative microvita because it is detrimental to the cause of a sweet and beautiful universe." (MVNS) Namaskar, Harideva
"While aboriginal groups have welcomed the Australian government’s pledge to apologise to the 'stolen generations', they argue that the gesture should be backed up with compensation. But earlier this month, Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin ruled out such a fund for people taken from their families." (News Wire) "Some 230 years have passed since Europeans first established a settlement in Australia. But Australians -- non-indigenous as well as indigenous -- are struggling to come to terms with the past, and therefore, the present." (New Service) "Thousands of Aboriginal children were forcibly taken from their parents and given to white families or institutions to raise between 1915 and 1969. The policy was aimed at forcing assimilation between Aboriginal and white communities." (AP News) "Moving children into a foreign culture had devastating effects. 'They lost their link to their culture. They lost their kinship ties to their families, their link to the aboriginal spirituality, like a link to the land,'. " (World News) "Indigenous campaigners have been seeking a billion-dollar nationwide compensation package for the policy." (AP News)
"Unlike Australia, the Canadian government has agreed to establish a $2 billion compensation fund for indigenous people forcibly separated from their communities as children." (News Service) In the US, there is a well-financed, brand new Native American Museum in Washington DC that aims to enhance people's understanding of the plight of the native tribes in the US. So there is growing awareness around the globe about this problem and it is sure that more and more consciousness and compassion is still to come. Because when Baba has come on this earth to dispel the ills of the past and shower His positive microvita, then it is certain that a brand new humanity is on the rise.
*************************************** Those Who Are True Devotees...
"Top-grade devotees says, 'I want all my actions to give You joy. It's immaterial whether that brings joy or pain to me, it doesn't bother me at all. My only task is to give You joy'. This is called ra'ga'tmika bhakti and is the devotion of the highest category. One should possess this type of devotion. 'I will do those actions which will make Parama Purus'a happy, but which may or may not bring joy to me.' Human beings should act in this way." (Morning General Darshan, 08 Nov 1978)

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