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Baba Story: When I Ate Onion & Garlic

From: "Vinay Deva"
Subject: When I Ate Onion & Garlic
Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2012 20:44:39 +1000


"Sukhe dukhe a'mi toma'y bha'loba'si, toma'r tare ka'ndi ha'si..." (Prabhat Samgiita 2679)


Baba, in both my pleasure and pain I love You. I cry as well as laugh for You. My entire existence is revolving around You. You are my everything. You are the jewel of my heart-- the most precious and attractive thing. In my mental sky You are the only shining Entity, like the full moon. You are my everything.

Baba, I do not know since which hoary past You came in my life. And when You made everything effulgent. You created this world and since the dawn of this creation You are. Since that time the divine effulgence is still shining as it is--unchanged. It did not become faint. It does not obey the time factor. It is eternal.

Baba, You are One but You are expressing Yourself in infinite ways. You are that Singular Entity but also You have created many. This whole creation is also Your form. So You are always playing Your divine liila with this world which You have created. This divine liila is a mix of darkness and effulgence. By this way and with the attraction of Your love, sometimes You keep me close and sometimes You keep Yourself at a distance.

Baba I am singing Your name and keeping Your warm feeling in my heart-- all the time, day and night. 24hrs. It is Your grace...


Note: The following is a first-hand account as told by Sri Tarachand Jain, a very senior Ananda Margii, PU BP, of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Tarachand Dada worked in the Transportation Dept, Rajasthan State Roadways, as an Asst. General Manager.

Here it should be noted that Tarachand ji always followed a sentient diet. He was quite strict with his food choices. Only in challenging situations, like the story below, was it difficult for him.

Those days my government job was to guard against corruption. My duty was to perform surprise checks and inspections of transport vehicles to ensure all monies were accounted for.

Actually I was a member of the anti-corruption flying/floating squad. In that role, during the very early hours and other odd times in remote locations, we would do impromptu stops and check the buses to review their accounts.

The job was totally unpredictable. Sometimes we headed north, other times south, or any other direction. There was a lot of traveling to do and the schedule was always topsy-turvy. Plus we were often in desolate areas. So it was difficult to get proper sentient food and keep one's diet in order.


One time I was extremely hungry and on assignment in a very remote area. At the local market / hotel, there was onion and garlic in the food - and nothing else to eat anywhere.

I told my staff, "No, I will not eat that food. It is not sattvika; it has onion and garlic."

Then my staff replied, "If you do not eat then you will die of starvation; there is nothing else around here to eat."

I told them, "My guru is watching. You may or may not understand, but He is watching and He knows what I am doing."

I was in a real quandary about what to do. On the one hand I wanted to follow a sentient diet and on the other I was very hungry with no options. In that dire situation, I decided I should eat something. So I ate and ingested that food containing onion and garlic. Mentally I told Baba also. 

It was just because I was extremely hungry and felt there was no other way. I did not tell anyone in AM - not a single person. I knew eating onions and garlic was not appreciated so I did not tell any margii. Nobody knew.

Intellectually I understood that Parama Purusa is always watching, so He knew. Even then I made a breach of the rules.

In the course of doing my job, over the years, there were a few other times where I compromised on AM ideals and went against a sattvika diet by eating onions and/or garlic.


In 1980, during Dharma Samiiksa, Baba called me in front of Him and promptly recounted the entire episode of when I was all alone and ate non-sentient food. Baba described the entire scene.

Not just that point. Baba recounted so many other unknown incidents - wrongdoings from my past - and punished me for those as well.

In total Baba gave me 14 canings. He hit me 12 times for various wrongdoings and twice for when I broke the rules by eating onion and garlic.

Internally I could feel His bliss and love as He was punishing me. Externally it looked like I was being hit, but internally my whole existence was infused with His sweet touch. After all, in my life I experienced that Baba is the most loving One for me. He loves me more than anyone - I felt no one loved me the way Baba loves me.

Baba lovingly scolded me, "Animal why did you eat onion and garlic. You are a sadhaka and you are not careful about what to eat. you must have control on your eating habits."

In front of Him, I accepted my mistakes and told, "I committed sin by going against 16 Points."

I said, "Baba, I will be strict from today forward and only take sentient food."


Then something very beautiful happened.

Baba told me, "All this punishment is just one excuse for exhausting all your unrequited samskaras from so many past lives. Today you have become burden-free so you can now serve the society with a pure mind."

Baba's expression was so beautiful and so loving. That day I understood in the depths of my heart that Baba looks after me in all kinds of ways. I felt so blessed.

Another development from dharma samiiksa, was that thereafter I became completely healthy. For years I had suffered from various stomach disorders and now suddenly all those problems were gone.


By this entire experience as told by Tarachand Dada, it is quite clear that as soon as anyone thinks anything then at that moment it is known to Parama Purusa as well. We really do reside within Him. There is nothing that you can think that He does not know. He is aware - always.

Although Baba not is physically present now, even then do not think that one can go against Sixteen Points without Baba knowing. He is watching carefully.

When Baba was physically present sadhakas got comparatively very little punishment by Baba Himself and their samskaras were exhausted. Now the situation is different. Now to met out punishment, Baba has given the duty to the Cosmic Operative Principle.

If one is repentant they will get a little punishment and their samskaras will be exhausted. If however one is not repentant, then nature addresses the matter with a firm hand and that is harsh.

Baba does everything for our welfare and best is to follow Sixteen Points always.


WT Conduct Rule: 360 Degrees

Baba says, "Always remain united and organised. Solve all problems big and small in a united way. Advise every Ananda Margii to remain united at all times."
(Point #31 of '32 Rules for Avadhu'tas')

Note: Alas where are those workers whose mind is saturated with this Baba's golden teaching. They exist, but are in a minority. Because of such margiis and Wts the earth is saved.

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