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Proof of Rebirth

From: "Blissful Tide"
Subject: Proof of Rebirth
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2011 19:00:45


                               == PROOF OF REBIRTH ==

Note: A new sound file has been uploaded to the blog that address the point of reincarnation wherein one western professor has done extensive research and presented case studies. This shows how specialists in various fields have unknowingly began putting forth the views and ways of Ananda Marga. The sound file is in the upper left corner of this blog. The below letter is also related with this entire topic of rebirth.

As we all know our AM philosophy espouses the notion of rebirth. You must have read about this in our various our scriptures like Idea and Ideology and AM Elementary Philosophy.

In contrast, materialism does not believe in rebirth. That is  why it is such a hollow life approach. They think that consciousness and mind are mere byproducts of the brain - i.e. beyond the brain there is nothing. Without any conception of rebirth, the unit consciousness need not become elevated and strive for moksa. So the concept of the human personality is completely different in materialsm.

                                            THE SCIENCE OF REBIRTH
Here below Baba distinctingly discusses how rebirth is a part and parcel of our AM way of life.

Baba says, "One will have to reap the consequences of one’s past actions until one’s saḿskáras are exhausted. If one’s previous deeds were virtuous, life will be blessed, but if they were wicked, one will be branded as a sinner. Only when all good and bad reactions have been expressed do the bondages of vice and virtue snap open." (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life-9, The Science of Action)

In this next quote, Baba furthermore describes how humans will reborn as animals if they lead a degraded life.

Baba says, "One acquires a physical body according to the nature of one’s samskaras. A human being who behaves like a goat or a dog may be born as a goat or a dog in the next life, because such an animal body is the proper base for the congenial expression of the latent saḿskáras. Hence it is not at all impossible for a human being to be reborn as a hog, a worm, a tree, or even a piece of stone. One’s destiny will be decided according to the nature of one’s karma – this is an infallible law." (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life-7, Form and Formless)

Thus from top to bottom, rebirth is a well-known and accepted concept in our Marga.

                                        WAYS TO VERIFY REBIRTH

The professor in the aforementioned sound file did excellent research in finding highly meaningful case studies related with rebirth. So one should really listen to that file - what the professor is telling is in harmony with our perspective, especially point #2 noted below.

Here are ways to verify one's rebirth:

1. Before 1990, Baba would often do demonstrations and reveal a sadhaka's past life. In particular, Baba often used Ac Dasarathji as a medium in these demonstrations. This is a famous and well-known aspect of our AM history. This alone is enough to prove one's past life as Baba is all-knowing. So there is no question of one needing further evidence.

2. When a person dies and gets reborn as a human being on the same planet in a similar locale and time, then it is relatively easy to identify one's rebirth. These are the types of cases the professor puts forth in his study. The main thing is that time, space, and jiiva must be similar.

For instance, if one's prior birth was on a far distant planet or if one's prior birth was 1000 years ago or if one's prior birth was as an animal, then trying to verify their past-life stories is basically impossible for us. Whereas when all those factors are similar, it is much easier to put the pieces together and verify those accounts.

3. Actually in India, claims of rebirth are quite common as the general populace firmly believes in reincarnation and are therefore more attuned to this. In the US it is much lesson common but this professor did indeed come across some very convincing cases.

4. In India, many try to enhance their prestige by claiming to be the reincarnation of Shiva or Arjuna etc. This is extremely common as it is easier to try to become great by being an incarnation of a great soul from the past than to lead a great life right now. So in India there are a lot of false claims. That of course does not mean that the philosophy of reincarnation is defective, it just means that some self-serving people use it to satisfy their own agenda.

5. Baba has told how in the future when people's minds are more developed they will easily remember and understand their past life and they will meet and greet people on the street who were their relations (family, friends etc) in prior births.

6. In this present juncture, people primarily remember their past lives in just the first few years of their current birth. Here below Baba explains this science:

Baba says, "After death the disembodied mind floats in the vast space with its unexpressed saḿskáras. Later on, with the cooperation of the mutative principle, the disembodied mind finds a suitable physical base. The memory of its past life remains awake for approximately the first five years of its new life. Although the child remains in a new physical environment, mentally it continues to live the joys and sorrows of its previous life. That is why children sometimes laugh and cry in their sleep, and their mothers often think they are talking with God. In colloquial Bengali this is called deola kathá. In actual fact this laughter and crying is nothing but the reappearance of past memories. To re-experience past events one does not need the cooperation of the old brain. The newly-born mind has not yet had time to build a close relationship with the new brain. The revival of experiences of past lives is what we call “extra-cerebral memory”, and is principally the task of the causal mind. The child’s mind being unacquainted with the outside world and the new-born brain being inexperienced, his crude mind does not function much." (Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell-4, Cerebral and Extra-Cerebral Memory)

                          CASE RESEARCH BY WESTERN PROFESSOR

One western university professor is talking about this subject. It is good that our AM ideas are being discussed in various circles. Do listen to his sound file in the upper left corner of our blogsite. The interview is quite interesting and matches will with our AM philosophy.


Note:                                      MORE ABOUT DEATH

For those who wish to read more about death and how one can realise Baba in this very life itself. They can check out this below letter.


                                       PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"Toma'y khunje khunje priyo, din je ket'e ja'y..."  (P.S. 3982)


  Baba, my most adorable One, with deep longing in search of You my days are passing in vain. In the absence of getting You my whole life is gradually getting wasted. O' my dearmost, where have I not looked for You. I have wandered around and searched in the seven oceans, on the mountain peaks, as well as on the earth, and also in the caves-- in every nook and corner of this world, but alas I could not get You.  
   Baba, day and night, secretly I also searched You in the flower garden and in various holy lands and tiirthas-- all done in hopes of getting a glance at You. Baba I searched everywhere with the hope that one day I will find You. But, in the end, all my efforts were for naught.  
   Baba, with deep longing in my heart, I have also searched You in the galaxies, meteors, nebulae, and in the stars-- all around & everywhere. Also I searched for You in the dark, black coloured clouds on the rainy days, in the scorching heat of the summer season, as well as in the shade of the tree in springtime. Baba, I have searched for You with a deep yearning and longing in my heart; I have looked for You everywhere.
  Baba, by Your grace on one colourful golden dawn saturated in the effulgence & aroma of a newly blossoming flower, You have taken advent in my heart. Your grand arrival came after a long, deep, dark, & painful night of searching for You. But in the end You graced me and came in my mind. Baba, You are so gracious...

                              To Solve the Problem

Baba says, "All the urges and longings should be channelised and directed towards the Supreme. If this is done indomitable psychic force and invincible spiritual energy will grow from within. This will enable people to solve all the world's problems--economic, social, cultural, big and small. Unless one develops oneself in this way, as an ideal human being, one will not be able to solve any problem, no matter how madly one beats one's chest or how loudly one shouts slogans." (AMI-10, p.758)

Note: In the above quote Baba guides us that spirituality is an indispensable quality to solve the world's social problems, become a Prout leader. That means only with the great force of true spirituality and by serving others can one be an ideal Proutist and lead the society along the golden road of welfare.    

However on & off again a few persons start thinking that non-spiritually oriented activists can be ideal Proutists. They get duped into thinking that any atheistic so-called social leader who shouts aloud their battle cry for public welfare in the street has all the requisite qualifications to be a Prout leader.

But Baba gives the reply to those harboring such an imbalanced idea by guiding us  that devoid of spirituality a service mentality does not sprout in the mind.

Two Types of Wts

From: "Dinesh Deva"
Subject: Two Types of Wts
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 21:01:28 +0000


                          == TWO TYPES OF WTS ==
We all know how important it is to have a strong cadre of Wts. This everyone in Ananda Marga values highly. And Baba has embedded the secret to this in His special guidelines and conduct rules.

In particular, Baba has graciously given this rule:

Baba says, "While observing the above rules (i.e. Avadhuta Conduct Rule #1 - #31), if any contravention of a rule occurs within a year from the start of the training, then the trainee shall have to undergo training for one more year from the day of the contravention of the rules." (Rule #32 of 32 Avadhuta Rules).

After reviewing this, a few Wts began wondering about the meaning of this. Because they see on a day-to-day level that some of our senior workers are not careful in following the given Wt codes of conduct. In that case a few workers think that although such rules exist, nobody follows them.

At the same time we all know that Baba's each and every guideline provides us the perfect manner to advance on the path and embody His teachings. Those who wish to become true Wts should view the aforementioned rule in the following manner.

                                    SELF-DISCIPLINE IS THE KEY

First off we have to be clear that Baba's conduct rules for Wts are a form of self-discipline. No one can possibly force anyone else to follow these rules. The desire must come from within. One must feel that, "Guru has given these rules for my welfare and by following this rule I will become a true avadhuta". This type of inner feeling is the key point.

For example here are a few of those rules:

"No relationship should exist with worldly family." (Rule no. 9)

"Avadhuta (WT) shall not touch food by a mean-minded person. He will also not take food in a hotel or a restaurant. Even sattvika food taken in a restaurant will be treated as tamasik." (Rule no. 20)

"Under no circumstances should the purity of the body and mind be polluted." (Rule no. 30)

And there are many more rules - all of which one should inculcate from within.

If one is thinking that I only need follow such rules when others are around then they will never be able to enjoy the sweetness and richness of Wt life. In that case such rules will only be seen as a headache and a burden - and ultimately such Wts will degrade and fall into problem or they will leave their Wt-ship entirely.

So again the key point is that the inspiration must come from within. If one feels that Baba has beautifully given all the do's and don'ts to live the life of a true sadhu / Wt, then one will readily embrace all the conduct rules. And indeed one will become a true wholetimer of Ananda Marga.

And it all starts from within - with inner inspiration and self-discipline. Without that one will not be able to follow.

                                      WHO IS BABA TALKING TO

Now that it is clear that these rules are codes of self-discipline, the next question is who is Baba addressing in this particular rule.

Baba says, "...The trainee shall have to undergo training for one year more from the day of the contravention of the rules."

Specifically here, Baba is addressing all those who yearn to be ideal workers. That includes those in WT training centers, brahamacaris / brahmacarinis, and any and all acaryas who are not yet avadhutas, as well as all avadhutas & avadhutikas etc. Why? Because truly speaking all are trainees until they get moksa.

All who have a sincere desire to live the life of a true WT, that is whom Baba is addressing. By incorporating those conduct rules into their mode of living and daily practice, such aspirants will easily manage the duties and responsibilities of avadhuta diiksa. They will easily adjust to avadhuta life and have their mind ready for kapalika sadhana and all related spiritual practices. And those who know and practice kapalika sadhana, then their meditation will be proper, otherwise they will not be able to concentrate.

Indeed, such persons will truly enjoy and savor every living moment as a WT and they will discharge their duties effortlessly while their mind remains ensconced in Him. That is the great benefit of strictly adhering to Baba's stated conduct rules. One's entire personality becomes one with their WT life. There is no question of any distraction nor any frustration.

That is why it is so critical for all those in training and all those in uniform to strictly adhere to Baba's above stated rule.

If one is unable to incorporate the WT conduct rules before becoming WT then they will certainly not be able to incorporate them upon becoming avadhuta. Or at the very least it will be extremely difficult.

But with the right effort one will get success. The entire application of those rules comes from an inner urge, not any imposed law etc. And what is that desire? To please Guru and manifest all Baba's given codes of conduct in all spheres of life. That is the only way to become mature as a worker. That inner desire is key.

So it is a self-contained program for success.

                                                THE OTHER OUTCOME

The other outcome is rather unfortunate. In this instance, various persons become Wts without ever incorporating those rules into their manner of living. In that case they will be living dangerously and inviting their downfall at any moment. Each and every day will be a sheer struggle.

On the one side they have all kinds of baser propensities and hidden desires that keep them from following Baba's stated guidelines. And on the other side, they are walking around in that uniform and will have to adhere to at least some of the rules on certain occasions, such as during reporting or when surrounded by margiis and other workers. One cannot cheat on the rules in those times. In that case those rules will be nothing more than a burden. If one does them in a half-baked manner or just for show or due to pressure of circumstance, then those rules just become a headache, not blissful.

Ultimately such type of fake Wts will suffer from mental anguish and leave their wtship, or they will continue to remain in their saffron dress yet indulge in all kinds of petty and nonsense behaviours. They will increase the numbers of fallen Wts.

Being a Wt is a way of life; and it is based on strictly adhering to Baba's stated conduct rules. That is why Baba has ordered that if one is not following the rules properly then they should extend their training one more year. So again this rule is for those preparing to become an avadhuta and as well as those already in WT dress who wish to be mature and ideal workers.

If one is already a Wt and not following the conduct rules, then they are bound to do something wrong. In which case they will harm themselves and those around them. It is essentially assumed that by the time one receives avadhuta diiksa, they are already well-grounded in these rules. That is the intention. At that point the rules are merely a reminder.

Whereas when one is aiming to become a mature Wt, that is the critical period to implement those points and develop right living practices.

Failing to follow those conduct rules will only make WT life a waste of time. It will be torture and torment for that so-called worker, and it will create scandals in the society.


Once again, the operating factor here is that one have the requisite desire and discipline from within to follow Baba's divine rules. This is how one inculcates all those Wt rules.

This inner inspiration relates to each and every endeavour in life. Imposition from without will never drive a person to success. If one wants to an artist, a parent, a lawyer, a chef, a mechanic or anything in this world, the inspiration must come from within. Then one will easily be able to assess the situation and do the needful in order to get success.

Whenever anyone does anything due to external pressure alone then failure is certain. Because when that external pressure is in absentia one will proceed in a different direction.

So whether one's desire to become a Wt, or a student-athlete, or a businessman, the feeling and drive must be from within.


                            SECRET TO PROPER WT LIFE

In conclusion, we should all be aware that Baba's Wts rules are indeed meant to be followed. Those rules are the baseline for having a joyous and productive existence as an avadhuta. So everyone wishing to become a true Wt must cultivate the yearning and develop that inner urge, by His grace. Then one will be a grand asset to society.

Tragically, those walking around in saffron and skimping on those rules are nothing but fakes. They should stand naked in front of the mirror seriously consider their existence. Such introspection is needed. A life of hypocrisy is no life at all.

Best is to bring all those points within the domain of one's mind and lead an ideal life.

                                          FINAL SUMMARY

Amongst our Wt cadres there are two groups: Some who are real and some who are fake.

The fake people only follow the conduct rules in the presence of others - otherwise not. They think these conduct rules are a headache.

Real Wts follow these rules always - everywhere. They think, "It is my bounden duty to please Baba and that since Baba is everywhere then I should always follow His stated rules."

Fake Wts do not follow the conduct rules on a regular basis so when they are forced to follow, they do not enjoy as those rules are not their way of life; rather such rules are a burden. That is why they hate those rules.

In contrast, those who are ideal workers, their life becomes one with those rules. It becomes their nature. Their life is smooth and natural and they never veer from those rules - neither when alone nor with the collective. For them such codes of conduct are the golden rules. If someone says not to follow they will not appreciate that - rather they enjoy following.

Those who are fake Wts should start thinking that these rules are for their benefit and growth. They should give up their hypocrisy and try to follow the conduct rules strictly - whether alone or in the collective. They should ask for Baba's grace, and aim to be a real Wt. When Baba is gracious then and they will realise that these rules are not a burden but rather a meaningful tool for transforming themselves from animal life to human life to divine life.

I close with those follow teaching from Baba

Baba says, "Acárańát páthayati yah sah ácáryah – “One who teaches through one’s conduct is an ácárya.” If one’s conduct is not exemplary, he or she is not an ácárya/á." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 23)


                               PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"Lukiye tumi ka'j kare ja'o pratya'sha' kichu rekhe..."   (P.S. 2618)


  Baba, You are the Doer of all the work being done in this vast universe.
Secretly You go on doing and executing everything. Nobody can see You-- but
You are doing everything. And You do not harbour any desire to receive
anything in return. Just You are deeply involved in managing all the work
secretly, O' my Parama Purusa. And when You notice that somebody is
searching You, then that time You move ahead in Your grand liila of hide
and seek.   Baba, You decorate the effulgence in darkness; and simultaneously You
flood the cimmerian darkness with the showering of Your divine effulgence.
Baba, You are the bridge between life and death; You are the crossing
point. Yet all the while You Yourself remain hidden behind the scenes.
   Baba, You are the great hope of the hopeless hearts. In the end of the
night You are the colourful dawn. Baba, You show the direction to those who
have lost the path. And You spread Your divine love in all the ten
directions.  Baba, You go on doing all the work of this entire universe secretly--
never desiring anything in return. Just You continue playing hide & seek.
Baba, Your liila is unfathomable...

                    Special Formula of Tandava

Baba says, "Tandava: As long as a dancer remains above the ground, he
derives much benefit; when he touches the ground, then those benefits are
assimilated by the body. That is why in the tandava dance there is much
jumping, because jumping requires the practitioner to remain off the ground
for a fairly long period of time." (NSS, p. 23)


Subject: Alarm
Date: Fri Apr 29 12:38:09 +0500 (IST)
From: Ram Sahay Deva


                                     == ALARM ==

A health report (noted below) clearly indicates that Ac Kinshukji is suffering from a heart condition.

The thing is - no matter how much you try and hide it - it is very clear that Kinshukji is under huge stress. It is very unfortunate.

Why stress? Because he is forced to do adharmic things which he does not wish to do. That is why he is in such an uncomfortable situation. And now we see the outcome: Serious heart complications.

Kinshukji was OK before being PP - he was managing fine. But now that B group wants that Kinshuk should give his stamp of approval to every notorious activity B group does. So Kinshuk is under terrible strain. The problem is that Kinshuk has no option but to give his approval because B group keeps him under threat. In that sense, Kinshuk's situation is pitiful.

Tragically, we may hear one day that Kinshuk has suffered a major heart attack. I even hate to say or think that, but the current conditions are leading in that direction.

                                SIMILAR TO LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI

Indeed that exact thing happend to the then prime minister of India - Lal Bahadur Shastri. Shastriji died after signing the treaty of Tashkent (former USSR city, now the capital of Uzbekistan). At that point Shastri was already under huge mental stress and experiencing heart problems - just like Kinshuk is today. And then at the treaty of Tashkent, Shastri signed an agreement wherein India would have to forgo all its military gains against Pakistan in the Kashmir region. After signing the treaty, Shastri suffered terrible strain thinking that he had done injustice and undermined his entire country. As history shows, Shastriji never even returned from Tashkent. That night he died of a massive heart attack.

Similarly, surrounded by Bengali Dadas and Kinfusk feels threatened to do things which undermine our Marga. Let us all pray Kinshuk does not meet a similar fate.

                                        FURTHER REFLECTION

This is not a new phenomena. Those involved in uncomfortable & distressing situations, where they are forced to do the things they do not want to do, suffer from grave heart problems.

It is very very obvious that Kinshuk is pressured by B group to do things against his will. So his health is severely compromised.

As human beings and as Ananda Margiis, it is our personal and collective duty to relieve Kinshuk of such circumstantial pressure.

The fact that his heart conditions have gotten worse reveals the fact that B group is unnecessarily giving Kinshuk serious psychic tension, i.e. forcing him to do the things he does not want to do under the force of threat.

It is very obvious; this is not rocket science. Talk to any heart specialist about this.

I remember when my neighbor's wife threatened him to kill if him; in that case the guy was hospitalised the next day for a heart condition. Because it was a very real threat. If you want to know more I will tell the whole story.

Similar is the case of Kinshuk. Some serious pressure has been created and it is unfortunate. Under such conditions, Kinshuk may not survive for a long time. That will be most ghastly - may God (Baba) forbid such a situation.

Ram Sahay

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: amps central news <>
Date: Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 9:29 AM
Subject: The United Ananda Marga
To: amps central news

About  Purodha Pramukh Dada’s health.

On 26th April 2011, afternoon time, PP dada was feeling uneasiness and was taken to doctor. It was found that his BP is high and as such he was advised for thorough check up with some tests and complete rest.  The next day  the tests are done.  ECG appears to have some complexities....

Ac. Kalyaneshvarananda Avadhuta
Public Relations Secretary,
AMPS Central

Mahaprayan of a Ranchi Margii

Date: 27 Apr 2011 06:24:10 -0000
From: "Gurucharan  Deva"
Subject: Mahaprayan of a Ranchi Margii

                  == MAHAPRAYAN OF A RANCHI MARGII ==

It is with great sadness that we report the mahaprayan(*) of Ac Kinshukji's biological brother. So it is that the eldest son of RL Dutta has passed and ungone his mahaprayan. The shraddha ceremony was observed today itself in Ranchi as our dear brother's mahaprayan took place just a few days ago. In his final days he was suffering from jaundice among other ailments.

We are also very sorry to announce these two mahaprayans which failed to be noted at the right time:

1. Dr Vidya Jain: Our respected elder sister underwent her mahaprayan a few years ago. As many may recall, Dr Vidya Jain was Baba's personal doctor and in 1989-90, Dr Jain lived full-time in Tiljala to attend to Baba's medical conditions everyday. Dr Jain was a very great devotee in many respects. She dedicated her whole life to the work of Ananda Marga. The tales of her activism and devotion are vast. Baba Himself called her an "ideal person". So there is much to tell about her blessed life. Those who wish to know more should write us.

2. Khub Lal Jee of Bettiah (Bihar): The mahaprayan of our dear brother occurred a few years ago. He was a great bhakta and on numerous occasions he personally treated Baba with homeopathy. He as a very great devotee. Tragically he died a few years back but we could not announce his mahaprayan.

So we pay our humblest respects to our respected brothers and sisters who underwent their mahaprayan. If you know of any margii or acarya whose mahaprayan we have failed to report, kindly write us. We wish to give due respect to all who leave this earth and reach their eternal shelter on Baba's lap.


* Mahaprayan (Death):  Many are aware that mahaprayan (death) is the
common term used in India and especially in Bengal to describe the death
of an honoured or even ordinary person. In that way the newspapers of
Bengal are regularly citing the mahaprayan (death) of various persons of
society who died or passed away.

Some may get confused and wrongly think that the word 'mahaprayan'
(death) is one extraordinarily devotional term to be used in association
with Parama Purusa. But that is not at all the case. Rather to do so is
only to undermine the eternal presence of Parama Purusa. That is why no
devotees ever use the word 'mahaprayan' in reference to Lord Shiva or
Lord Krsna. Because Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna exist eternally. Then
there is no question of Their mahaprayan (death).

Those who think that Baba is a mortal human being celebrate Mahaprayan on a
particular day of the year related with Baba, but in the true sense Baba is Parama Purusa so He is eternal and there is no question of His mahaprayan.

And for those who need still more technical proof then all this can
be clarified quite readily by referencing the dictionary. Specifically
in the Samsad Bengali-English dictionary on page 742. Checking there it
will be confirmed that the word 'mahaprayan' means death. Which is why
it used to refer to the passing away of even common citizens.

Baba Story About Serious Injustice

Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 19:38:27 -0000
Subject: Baba Story About Serious Injustice
From: "Ishvara"


                    == BABA STORY ABOUT SERIOUS INJUSTICE ==

Here is one key event from the 2011 DMS at Ananda Nagar (January) that we should collectively review. It is deeply related with one Baba story. First let's tell the Baba story and then we will narrate the critical happening from the January 2011 DMS.

                                               BABA STORY:

                         PRIZES WRONGLY AWARDED AT DMC

As per the custom, with pomp and show, prizes were awarded at the January 1983 DMC at Ananda Nagar. A committee comprised of Wts convened and selected the winners; and, accordingly those recipients received the award at DMC.

After finishing the program, Baba made His exit from the pandal and returned back to the BQ (Baba's Quarters). Baba then called the various in-charges and questioned them about the prizes. Baba then appointed a team to further investigate the matter. The investigative team quickly reported back to Baba and confirmed that the selection process had been biased and that the prizes had been given to undeserving and unworthy candidates.

Baba immediately called all the workers to His room and He harshly scolded those Dadas on the selection committee for their partiality and favouritism. Baba told them that the work of a judge is an honourable duty yet they had denigrated the position by their sour dealings. What they had done was shameful and deplorable. Baba then ordered those guilty Dadas to get down on the ground and press their nose into the floor. They were then told to rub their nose across the carpet for 10 ft. This act was punishment to humiliate them so they could understand their sinful behaviour; there was no injury or physical pain involved as the carpet was soft. As those guilty committee members did like this, the rest of the Wts present chanted, "Shame, Shame...Shame, Shame." Then those guilty Dadas promised those present that they would never commit such sin in the future.

The next day in the DMC pandal, it was announced to everyone that the prizes had been wrongly awarded. The selection committee had been partial. They had failed miserably in carrying out their duty as judge. Theirs was a kangaroo committee. Baba then made those guilty Dadas come up on the stage and beg apology and ask for forgiveness from all those assembled in the DMC pandal.

Baba said to all, "Should they be pardoned?". All present that day approved.

But that was not the end of the situation.

Baba then rebuked those undeserving recipients for accepting the award. Baba demanded that such persons should never have accepted those prizes. Rather they should have stood up and said, "I am not worthy of this award." In this manner Baba strongly blamed both parties involved: The selection committee and the recipients. Baba blamed both parties; all were culprits.

Baba went on to explain in front of everyone that this is not the way to build a healthy human society. The duty of a judge should be carried out responsibly; partiality has no place in our social life. In addition, incompetent persons should never be commended or awarded prizes. Rather deserving people should always be recognised.

In closing, Baba fully ensured that all those prizes were redistributed to worthy candidates.

Everyone who attended that DMC got a big lesson: In our Marga there is no place for partiality and favouritism. All prizes must be awarded in a conscientious manner to deserving people - otherwise both parties are to be blamed: Both the selection committee and the recipients. That is what we should all take away from this story.


Now let's take a look at what occurred at the January 2011 DMS. At that DMS prizes were awarded by PP Dada Vishvadevananda. In particular, someone received the prize as "The Best Bhukti Pradhan". Usually such prizes are given to those BP's who have done great work such as extraordinary pracara or unparalleled social service etc. Otherwise how can they be named as the best bhukti pradhan in the world.

But here in this case, one margii who never attends DC, is slack in 16 Points, and involves in caste marriages was given the prize of best bhukti pradhan. In addition, this margii neither practices sadhana nor asanas regularly, and he indulges in poor food habits. The only qualification he has is money; he is rich. Because of this, he was able to purchase the 2011 January DMS prize: "The Best Bhukti Pradhan" of the entire planet.

Here is the story about that BP.

To keep control of the Hyderabad unit, Dada Savitananda has repeatedly requested Sanjay Goenkaji to serve as the BP of Hyderabad. No election takes place; just he is granted the position outrightly.

At the same time, if you ask Sanjay Goenka if he attends DC at the jagrti in Hyderabad, then he will reply negatively. Indeed it is commonly known that Sanjay Goenka does not regularly attend dharmacakra at the jagrti - plus many are aware that Sanjay Goenka is quite lax in 16 Pts and he follows casteism. All the marriages in his family are arranged within his own caste, i.e. the marwarai business community of India. One should not forget that this community is notorious for sucking the blood of others.

The question comes: Why is Goenkaji automatically granted the post of BP by Savitananda? Answer: Because Sanjay Goenka is a moneyed man. He has money and he gives big money to certain Dadas in the organisation. For that reason he is given the BP post year after year after year.

Now we come to the real issue.

At the January 2011 Ananda Nagar DMS, PP Dada (i.e. Vishvadevananda) awarded Sanjay Goenka the prize of "The Best Bhukti Pradhan" of the entire world - and Goenkaji accepted.

Yet we all know that Baba says that every bhukti pradhan must be very diligent in 16 Points. The BP must be sincere in sadhana, and follow all the personal points like asanas, fasting, use of water and much more. And the BP of course must attend dharmacakra and oppose dogmas like the caste system. Across Delhi sector and throughout the globe we have countless BP's who are very sincere in attending to all of Sixteen Points; indeed there are so many deserving and qualified candidates. Yet "The Best Bhukti Pradhan" prize was awarded to Sanjay Goenka of Hyderabad, someone who does not even regularly attend the weekly dharmacakra at the jagrti.

Is this not shameful.

According to the teaching from the above Baba story, both the selection committee and the recipient should be rebuked harshly. They should be punished and made to rub their nose on the ground in front of all at dharmacakra and the next DMS. Otherwise they will have to face consequences for their sinful dealing life after life. If anyone is not punished for their adharmic misdeeds, they cannot escape from the Cosmic Operative Principle. So the selection committee must atone for their sin and beg apology in front of all and Goenka should stand up and say that he is not deserving of this prize. Then and only then will things be righted.

Unfortunately, the selection committee was partial and unjust, and the recipient was unworthy. It is as simple as that. It is tragic that those involved failed to learn from Baba's divine example.

                                  THE REAL DETERMINING FACTOR

Here Baba guides us that proper conduct - i.e. strict adherence to 16 Points - is the requisite factor for determining one's worth. Then one is deserving of receiving a top prize like "Best Bhukti Pradhan" - otherwise not.

Baba says, "Your ideal is represented by your conduct. Your learning, your social or economic status have nothing to do with your ideal." (Ananda Vanii #13)

Thus money and social status have nothing to do with being worthy of a prize. It must be based purely on one's dharmic conduct. Yet Sanjay Goenka received the prize exclusively because of his financial wealth. There is no other reason.


Why did this terrible injustice happen with the "Best BP "prize? Here following is the reason given by Baba.

Baba says, "Capitalism will never go against the priesthood nor will priests go against capitalism." (PNS-15, Talks on Prout)

As Baba explains above there is a black pact between capitalists (Sanjay Goenka) and the priest class (our Acaryas etc). Here we should all remember that the term priest means acarya, avadhuta, and those attending to religious / dharmic duties.

Baba furthermore describes this problem.

Baba says, "Religious exploiters maintain an unholy alliance with the capitalistic exploiters. With hands upraised, a religious preceptor blesses the wealthy merchants for their future prosperity but refuses to see the faces of his poor disciples who fail to provide handsome prańámii (a fee for the priest’s blessing)." (AMIWL-7)

Similarly, PP Dada & Co were quick to recognise Sanjay Goenka because of his wealth while all those sincere margiis were skipped over by the prize committee.

                      HOW TO PREVENT THIS IN THE FUTURE

Those judges who select the recipients of the prizes are the main culprits as they plunged themselves into partiality. Here then Baba provides us with the key way to prevent such serious injustices in the future. Baba wants that judges should be ideal as noted below.

Baba says, "Judges should be carefully selected from among those whose strength of character is irrefutable." (HS-1)

When this is done - when our judges are of sterling character - then we will not witness such sinful events like PP Dada bestowing a prestigious prize upon a totally undeserving candidate like Sanjay Goenka.


Note:                 PLEASE FORWARD TO SANJAY GOENKA                              

Please send this letter to Sanjay Goenka and if you do not know his email address then send this letter to his relation, SS Goenka. This will help Sanjay Goenka to mend his ways and get the requital of his sins. Finally, if anyone has Sanjay Goenka's email address please send that to me so I can serve him also.

                                          PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"A'laker saurrathe saba'y nite tumi esecho..."  - P.S. 1089


Baba, You have come with the shining chariot of divine effulgence. You
have come to take everyone to the divine realm.
You do not differentiate between who is great, who is meagre, & who is
small etc. You listen to everyone's tales-- to everyone's feeling of the
 Baba, even without seeing You, I have loved You. I am always feeling
close & loving towards You. And even when I have not heard about You, I
have been attracted by Your divinity.   Baba, You are so gracious. You
do not make judgements based on one's merits or demerits. You love all,
unconditionally. And I understand that You are always present-- across
all time and space.
 O' my dearmost, You have done so much for me, and in return You do
not want anything. In spite of knowing about hundreds of defects in me,
You have made me Yours and accepted me as Your own.
 Baba, You have showered Your causeless grace on me. You have come here
on this dusty earth to take everyone onto the path of divinity. Baba,
You are so gracious...

                        Physical Food and Future

Baba says, "Future generations will spend more of their time and energy on subtle psychic and psycho-spiritual activities, so their demand for physical food will decrease." (PNS-13, p.47)

Story: When Baba was 12 Yrs Old

From: "Shantatma Deva"
Subject: Story: When Baba was 12 Yrs Old
Date: Sun 24 Apr 2011 14:33:02 +0530


          == STORY: WHEN BABA WAS 12 YEARS OLD ==

One day when Baba was around 12 years old, He was sitting in front of
His house
when one middle-aged man appeared on the road. The man was standing
silently on one leg with his palms together.

(Note: This is one-legged stance is a particular body posture or mudra
used by so-called brahmins to show deep reverence when they pray to
their god. However, this person in the road was not a "brahmin", but
rather a so-called harijan or untouchable. The man was standing in this
position to show his own lowly status and express great respect to the

The place where Baba was sitting was slightly higher than the level of
the road, as the front yard of the house and entryway were raised up.

The man looked at Baba and said, "Where is the respected master of the
house?". The man was referring to Baba's esteemed father.

The young Baba eagerly called to the man and asked why he was standing
in the road.

Baba then graciously invited the man to come up and sit next to Him on a
mat that had been placed on the ground.

The man replied, "That higher ground is not my place. I am a harijan so
I cannot sit up there - on a mat on higher ground."

Baba politely responded, "I am inviting you. As long as I am here there
is no problem. You are welcome to come sit here. Please come."

The man became very scared and said, "I am not going to do that."

Baba gently pleaded, "What is going to happen (wrong) if you come and
sit here - it is my request."

The man replied, "If I sit there I will be beaten."

Baba kept insisting and pleading for the man to come up and take a seat
and He promised that He would not allow any harm to come to the man.

Baba said that my father will be back in one hour and you are welcome to
wait here with me.

Ultimately, the man refused and left the scene.

                    BABA TAKES THE VOW

The young Baba was unhappy seeing how this aged man was totally bound
and shackled by caste dogma. The caste system had made the man believe
that he was sub-human, inferior, low, and worthless.

It was on that day that Baba took the strong vow to remedy the situation
and create a human society based on universality where all are treated
as equal human beings. That moment Baba decided to eradicate all caste

                  HORRORS OF CASTE SYSTEM

As we all know there are so many horrors, injustices, and humiliating
aspects of the caste system that have been entrenched in Indian society
for thousands of years. Today, by Baba's grace, things have improved a lot.

But in that pre-World War II era when Baba was still a boy, most caste
distinctions were thriving.

Baba says, "The evils of the caste are nowhere better known than in
India." (AFPS-7)

Note: We all know that similar evils exist in the form of racism,
communalism, and overall hatred in all parts of the globe, whether it be
genocide in Africa, gang rapes in Los Angeles, or street violence in
France etc.

Some examples of caste denigration in India include:

So-called low caste people would wear a degrading cow-bell around their
neck so as to warn others that an "untouchable" was coming down the
street. Then general citizens would be sure not to touch that low caste
being and not even let their shadow touch them.

So-called low caste people were also made to wear a broom attached to
their backside so that the dirt or mud road would not be polluted by the
feet of those so-called untouchables.

And here Baba points out other horrors about the caste system:

(A) In this below quote, the so-called low caste people were brutally
punished and tortured if they heard vedic chants.

Baba says, "The Antyaja Shu'dras, if they even heard the Vedic chants,
or the controlling Vedic mantra aum, or the Savitr Rk mantra, would be
committing a great sin and molten lead would be poured into their ears
so that their hearing would be destroyed forever." (NSS, Disc: 5)

It goes without saying that it was absolutely forbidden for such
so-called lower caste people to go to any temple and worship etc.

(B) Here Baba points out how the caste system deemed shudras to be the
lowest of the low.

Baba says, "Even the Supreme Entity, that formless omnipresent Parama
Brahma who equally belongs to all, who is the light of all light, the
dearest and nearest One, is also denied. It has been said in the above
shloka that the Vipras [Brahmans, intellectuals] have been born out of
the mouth of Brahma' [the Creator]; the valorous Ks'atriyas [warriors]
have emerged out of His hands; the Vaeshyas [capitalists] out of His
thighs; and the Shuudras [labourers] out of His feet." (APH-5)

(C) In this below paragraph, it is shown how low caste people were not
even allowed to get their own water from the well if they were thirsty,
for fear that they would pollute the water. They had to wait and hope to
be given water by others.

Baba says, "The prince alighted from his horse and, saluting him, asked,
“O Brother! Are you in difficulty”? Before the man could answer, the
prince understood from his countenance that he was thirsty and, as he
had not drawn water even though he has a bucket and rope by his side, he
must be a so-called “untouchable”. So that prince himself raised a
bucket of water and said to him, “Methinks you are thirsty. Drink this
water and then tell me of your needs”. The man drank water to his
heart’s content." (GL)

(D) Here below Baba further points out the humiliation thrust upon the
so-called lower caste people.

Baba says, "Hundreds of dogma were imposed on people: “Do not do this,
it is prohibited. If you do it you will go to hell.” The effect of such
a statement was to inject a fear complex into people’s minds. According
to mythology, the so-called upper castes were born from the mouth of
god. It was stated that the so-called low caste people were not entitled
to wear shoes on their feet or carry umbrellas over their heads in upper
caste neighbourhoods." (APH-5)

More about cast distinctions have been cited in the notes after the
signature. Suffice to say here that casteism struck deep into the psyche
of the people.

Baba says, "For centuries so-called low caste people have lived a life
of humiliation and insult, and consequently their minds have become
inert. Tragically, they accept this condition as the result of their
fate." (PNS-17)

By Baba's grace He has taken the vow to remove all caste distinctions,
and this has been a tremendous boon for our human society.


As one might recall, the first PA in Ananda Marga was PK Chatterjee and
he was a brahmin by birth. Those days Baba was still living in his
mother's house and when PK Chatterjee would arrive then all the members
of the house would come and touch PA's feet, because he was born of
higher caste than Baba's loakik family.

Then in secret, in that same house, PK Chatterjee would massage Baba's
feet, recognising Baba as the Sadguru. Such is the liila of Parama Purusa.

Here the point is that casteism touched all aspects of Indian society,
even within Baba's own house.

Then that fateful day Baba told His mother that casteism was totally
unjust and that He would wipe it out entirely.

She replied, "Oh my son, in the past so many people have made similar
declarations but nobody could change it. In that case what can You
really do."

Baba's mother was not aware of Who He is, so that was another part of
the liila.

As Ananda Margiis we understand well who Baba is and how He has
graciously set the wheels in motion to eliminate casteism and so many
harmful isms from this earth.


Baba step by step tore down the caste system through two distinct
methods: His practical programs and by illuminating this world with His
spiritual vibration.

On the practical side, here are a few things Baba has done.

1. He gave tantric diiksa (spiritual initiation) to all people,
irrespective of their birth etc, and made acaryas out of both so-called
untouchables and so-called brahmins. Our acarya culture is a mix of all
peoples, wherein even so-called untouchables who became acarya receive
pranam from others.

2. Baba insisted that no one (i.e. so-called brahmins) entering AM could
keep their sacred thread and sacred hair. Those things had to be cut off.

3. Baba instituted inter-caste and inter-race marriages, i.e.
revolutionary marriages. This was a huge change because in India even
the Muslims adhered to the caste system, whereas throughout the Islamic
world caste system is not followed.

So by the above programs and more, Baba graced this earth by undoing
thousands of years of caste distinctions and injustices. And with His
neo-humanism, He has set the stage to wipe out similar injustices all
over the globe. Because each and every land has their own issues of
hatred and exploitation.

Of course the brahmin priests were furious with Baba as they felt He was
making attacks on their Hindu way of life. They felt severely
threatened, yet Baba did not yield. By His grace He has spread the ways
of manav dharma and one human society to all.

Thus both through His practical programs and all encompassing grace, He
has cleared the pathway to wipe out casteism and all isms and hatred
from this earth entirely.

And it all began on the fateful day when the simple man stood out in
front of Baba's house. That was the way Baba chose to unfold His liila.

                        BABA'S BLESSING

By Baba's grace our Ananda Marga is based on the universal sentiment of
one human society where are all treated with equal love and respect.
This grand idea is reaching every aspect of human life, by His grace.

Baba says, "In our Ananda Marga, the entire human race is considered one
family, bound by the common bonds of love. In A'nanda Ma'rga, one
introduces oneself as a mere living being, so here it is impossible to
establish anything but a caste-less society." (TK-2)



Baba's below example graphically displays how caste distinctions seep
deep into the mind and ruin the human intellect.

Baba says, "Repression directly affects the subconscious mind. Gradually
the psychic structure is severely damaged, and finally the mind is
totally changed. The result is that people are inflicted with a
defeatist psychology and an inferiority complex. Let me give you an
example. The headmaster of a Harijan school once asked a student to
fetch him some drinking water, but the boy did not move. Instead he
asked a non-Harijan friend in a low voice to do as the headmaster
requested. But the headmaster intervened and asked the boy why he would
not comply with the request. The student replied, “Sir, I am an
untouchable by caste. How can you drink water touched by me?” This is an
example of how repression can bring about a change in the psychic
structure." (PNS-17)


Here Baba is showing how even the great Shankaracarya was prone to caste
distinctions as he did not want to be touched or polluted by a so-called

Baba says, "Lord Shankaracharya was an erudite scholar. He has
over-thrown Buddhism and revived Brahmanya religion, but there was a
lack of full harmony between his principles and practices. Once after
having a dip in the Ganges at Kashii, he was returning towards the road
and he saw an untouchable walking with a number of dogs. For fear of his
body being touched he attempted to bypass them. Then the untouchable
said: “O Lord! Is this the result of your principle that there is only
Brahma and nothing else? You are known by the name Brahmajina'ni. The
feeling of differentiation is developed even by treating a pariah as
mean." (SS-1)

            Note 3: DISRESPECT TO SENIORS

In this below example, even small kids were indoctrinated into the
superiority of the caste system and older people were forced to bow down.

Baba says, "Even a five- or six-year-old boy from the so-called upper
caste would extend his feet to accept pran'a'm from an eighty-year-old
man of a lower caste. Those young boys did not feel the slightest prick
of conscience or humanity. This was the ill result of caste
distinctions. But today that opportunistic structure of casteism has
already been destroyed, it can collapse at any moment." (SC-11)

                      PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"Ke ghumiye a'che tumi ja'n, d'a'k diye ya'o..." (P.S. 2179)


Baba, as the Savior and Controller of the whole universe, You are well
aware about who is sleepy and drowsy, and who has lost the path of divine
effulgence. Baba, You know everything.
Those who have lost the Goal, You always call them and show them the
right path. Those who are crying bitterly after facing their defeat, with
Your divine compassion You graciously show them the proper path for their
forward journey-- and help them move ahead. Baba, You are the Sadguru.
Hence those who remain forgetful about You as well as those who are
always calling You with deep adoration full of longing and tears, with both
these two opposite types of people, You shower Your divine grace on all--
without any differentiation.
Baba, Your grace is for everyone. But crude people are not realising that
You are gracious on them also. Whereas devotees realise. That is the
difference. Baba, You grace everyone; Your greatness & glory is beyond

                      About the Wealthy

Baba says, "It must always be remembered that the value of money lies in
its proper use. If more money is accumulated than what is necessary, it
becomes valueless for want of use. To the extent that you keep idle and
valueless money with you, to that extent you become responsible for the
injustices done to the hungry and the naked. Your valueless hoard will
have to be made valuable by providing opportunities for use by others.
Those who do not know the right use of money on the basis of the
exchange of mundane resources are in fact the enemies of society."
(HS-1, p.41)

When Road Signs Are Wrong

From: "Shantatma Deva"
Subject: When Road Signs Are Wrong
Date: 23 Apr 2011 20:33:11


             == WHEN ROAD SIGNS ARE WRONG ==

"“I am that Vireshvijay Vasumallik,” he replied. Saying this, he threw
himself into the water. The rapids flung his body around violently and
carried him off towards a deep cavern. After that his body sank and
disappeared from sight. A sudden strong gust of wind blew at my back
from the direction of the forest. Then the gust of wind started blowing
towards the mountain in front of me. All around me I could hear the
sound; son, son, son. If someone else had been there they would not have
heard anything else, but in the middle of this son-son sound I could
hear Vireshvijay’s last words ma'-ma'-ma' go [mother, mother, oh my dear
mother]. With steadfast eyes I looked at the rapids. Unknowingly, my
eyes lighted on a few drops of water. In all directions one could hear
the hills reverberating with the sound – ma'-ma'-ma' go." (SC-1, Disc: 4)

The above is the concluding paragraph of Baba's dramatic story about the
great revolutionary Vireshvijay Vasumallik in Shabda Cayanika part 1.
Baba, being the supreme storyteller extraordinaire, narrates this
history about Vireshvijay's epic confrontation with the British invaders
in riveting fashion.

Anyone not familiar with the story should certainly take time to read it.

                    "SON, SON, SON"

Unfortunately there is one serious mistake in the translation and
publication of this story, and in particular in the last paragraph,
noted above.

At one point, Baba is describing how the wind is blowing.

The publishers wrote: "A sudden strong gust of wind blew at my back from
the direction of the forest. Then the gust of wind started blowing
towards the mountain in front of me."

Baba narrates the scene further.

And the publishers wrote, "All around me I could hear the sound; son,
son, son."

According to this translation, it appears to the reader that the sound
or word reverberating in the wind is "son, son, son", which of course
would refer to the male child of a mother or the cherished son of one's

And since Vireshvijay is the courageous native son of that land, and
since Vireshvijay is about to meet his tragic death, and since in that
final moment Vireshvijay himself calls out, ma'-ma'-ma' [mother, mother,
oh my dear mother], then it certainly seems like someone or something is
crying out for her son - whether it be some type of spirit, a ghost or
goddess of that land, or mother nature; and in response, our tragic hero
is replying back: Mother, mother, oh my dear mother. It might even seem
to the reader that Vireshvijay leaped to his death in response to the
call of some ghostly or ethereal motherly figure. That is the way the
story reads.

But that is not at all what is going on. Due to a critical error in
translation / publication, the entire meaning is skewed, altered and the
reader is led astray.

                     WHAT IT REALLY MEANS

In that culminating scene of this most dramatic story, Baba is artfully
describing the sound of the wind.

The publishers wrote: "A sudden strong gust of wind blew at my back from
the direction of the forest. Then the gust of wind started blowing
towards the mountain in front of me."

That part is ok.

But then the publishers wrote: "All around me I could hear the sound;
son, son, son."

This is where the problem lies.

When the publishers wrote, "son, son, son," it seems that a ghost or
mother nature or some ethereal mother is calling out to her native son,
Vireshvijay. That is the impression that any reader would get based on
what the publishers printed.

But in reality, something entirely different is going on.

In His colourful manner of narration, Baba is making and describing the
sound of the wind itself.

In Hindi or Bengali, the phonetic spelling of the sound a large gust of
wind makes when it is rushing through the mountains or forest is: shon',
shon', shon' (with a nasal "n" at the end).

Or there may be a better way to write it, perhaps shoun', but the sense
is that Baba is actually making the sound of the wind as one would do in
Hindi or Bengali. That is what is meant and indeed stated.

In which case the translators / publishers should have written:
"Whoosshh, whoooshh, whooshh", or some other term or phrasing in English
that would denote that Baba is describing or emulating the sound of the
wind as it rushes through the forest. And then the word could be
italicised as well, further indicating that Baba is describing an actual

But the translators missed this point entirely. They misunderstood
Baba's divine way of storytelling. And they took it literally that the
wind was speaking the English word "son, son, son", as in the case of a
male child of one mother.

Thus any reader will be terribly confused and led astray.

Because again, in reality, Baba is describing the way the fast blowing
wind is howling through the forest landscape, rustling all the leaves.
We have all heard such sounds before. And the phonetic way of writing
that sound in Hindi would be something like: shon', shon', shon', with
nasal sounding "n" at the end.

So that sound is not at all the English word "son", as in "son" or
"daughter" or "male offspring".

Unfortunately, our publishers - albeit their intentions were innocent in
contrast to certain blatant and manipulated distortions that have been
made in the past - could not properly nor accurately depict
what Baba was telling.

In result, this great story from Shabda Cayanika about the revolutionary
hero Vireshvijay is tainted and ends in confusion as if some ghost or
other-worldly being is crying out for her lost native son to commit
suicide etc. And that Baba is glorifying such acts.

Such is the extent of the misportrayal of the current English edition of
this book, Shabda Cayanika part 1.

A truly dharmic and unique history has been severely tainted.

                       CORRECTING THE WRONG

Needless to say, this error in translation or publication should be
corrected at the earliest. If those publishers wait for the publication
of the next edition of Shabda Cayanika part 1 in order to correct the
error, then that may take decades and over that time the correction will
ultimately be forgotten. And the book will be reprinted in its current
faulty state - leading readers astray.

Best then is if an errata page is made today itself and a formal
statement issued by the Publications Dept in order to clarify the error.
Then everyone will be properly informed and there will no longer be
confusion about this wonderful passage.


We must remember that our AM sha'stra or scripture is like a divine road
sign, clearly indicating to us where to go and how to proceed in life.

In our AM books, Baba tells us so many things: How to take a bath, what
food to eat, the cycle of brahmacakra, what is sin and what is virtue,
the history of so many lands, and yes, so many beautiful stories like
that of the great ideological revolutionary Vireshvijay.

In turn, we believe and follow those divine precepts: Paragraph by
paragraph, sentence by sentence, and word by word, thinking them to be
true to Baba's spoken discourse.

His printed teachings - the books of A'nanda Ma'rga - are our road sign
in life. By following the word and spirit of His every teaching we are
able to progress.

Baba says, "Do this, don’t do this – to prescribe these dos and don’ts
of life is the duty of sha'stra. And why does the sha'stra prescribe
those things? For salvation and liberation sha'stras prescribe these dos
and don’ts of life." (SS-21)

It is Baba's boundless grace on us that He has given us the pathway to
success in the form of a written scripture. Now it is the duty of those
at the helm to ensure our AM publications are done properly. Because
when our AM books are not proper, then our entire Marga society will get
the wrong road sign in life and be led astray, even harmed.

In the notes below the signature are further examples where those in
charge have wrongly printed our AM scripture, thereby misguiding readers
and sadhakas alike.

                         BABA'S BLESSING

By Baba's grace He has beautifully recounted the life and history of the
spirited revolutionary Vireshvijaya. That epic story is told with so
much passion and force - the reader can tangibly feel the efforts,
trials, and courage of this great young man who bravely gave his life
for ideology. It is a great story for us all.

Yet it is undermined by the fact that in the culminating last paragraph,
the story is wrongly printed thereby sending a confusing if not
misguiding message to the reader. This mistake must be corrected at the

Baba says, "The scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be
totally flawless." (NSS, Disc: 14)



Each and every AM discourse must be perfectly transcribed from the
original audio file into the original language and from there translated
into other languages. So a discourse originally delivered by Baba in
Hindi should be perfectly transcribed into Hindi directly and then from
that source document be translated into other languages.

At present, often times the English edition is looked upon as source
material for translation work. And that is fine when the original
discourse has been given by Baba in English. But when when the original
is in Hindi, Bengali, Telgu, or Spanish, then English should not be used
as the source. But it happens. This might be because no one is able to
translate directly from Hindi to Japanese or Swahili etc. Thus the
English edition is used as a stepping stone. So the English edition has
a big role to play at present. Unfortunately, when the English version
is incorrect, distorted or wrong, then that error will be transferred to
so many other editions. That is a major problem.

Again, the ideal manner is to have every book translated directly from
the original language. That should be our aim. Otherwise when there are
mistakes in translation into English, then those mistakes will multiply
and grow when other translations are made from the English text.


Tragically, there are countless publication mistakes and errors in our
AM books. The above problem with the last paragraph about the story of
Vireshvijay is not at isolated incident. Here are other grave problems
to be aware of:


1) Baba has clearly stated in English that AM is the first time that the
philosophy of yoga has been given. But this historic proclamation was
deleted from the printed discoruse.

                      FALSE CLAIMS OF WAR

2) Baba has clearly guided us that we are to be involved in all kinds of
noble deeds and high-minded work, yet the Publication department wrongly
printed that we are to be engaged in war, not work.

4) And like this there are dozens and dozens, or more correctly,
hundreds and hundreds, of critical errors in our AM scripture. Proper
effort needs to be made to catalog these errors and then those in
Publications must sincerely work to correct them, not falsely justify
their wrongdoing as in the case of the AM Revolution discourse.

                        PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"Sakal bha'ver a'dha'r tumi, toma'r na'me ja'i go mete..." - P.S. no. 787


 Baba, You are the base of all ideations. By Your grace I am divinely
intoxicated in Your name and song. Within my lonely eyelids I have an
incessant desire to get You.
 Baba, the whole universe is filled with Your form. My mind is
resonating in Your tune and melody. In fact, all the rhythms and
all the songs have come on this earth to sing Your glory.
 Baba, the whole sky is filled with Your effulgence. Your august arrival
has changed darkness into effulgence. And the iron door of the jail is
pulverized into dust. All the dogma has disappeared. The whole universe
is filled with Your divine effulgence.
 Baba, everyone is ensconced in singing Your name...

             Unique Quality of Human Beings

Baba says, "The human mind has two functions--thinking and memorizing.
The more the thinking capacity increases the more the power of memory
develops. The nerve cells also change, leading to a corresponding change
in the nerve fibres. These changes create a stir and a revolution in the
world of thought." (PNS-8, p.17)

Baba's Flying Messenger

Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 08:37:23 -0000
Subject: Baba's Flying Messenger
From: RB_DEVA@ecectronic...


             == BABA'S FLYING MESSENGER ==

As Ananda Margiis, the best memories and most beautiful experiences in
our life revolve around being with Baba-- either through our dreams, in
our sadhana, or being in His physical proximity. All these remembrances
bring a wave of sweetness and bliss. And truly we are blessed to have
His personal touch in this life. That is nothing but His divine grace.

One of the greatest things about Baba is that everything He does is
aimed towards bringing us closer to Him. His teachings, His stories, His
affection, His scolding, His directives, and His humour are all done for
one special reason: So that we may be drawn closer to Him and realise
His infinite love.

In that way, everything He does is for our betterment and growth and
this following story leads in this very same direction.

                   "A FLYING BUFFALO HAS TOLD ME..."

We have all heard the line, 'A flying buffalo or camel or lizard or
various other types of animals have come and whispered in my ear'. This
extremely humorous explanation was Baba's way of telling us that He is
aware about each and every thing and that He is always with us-- caring
and watching.


One time at DMC in April in Daltonganj, all the margiis and acaryas had
assembled and were excitedly waiting for Baba's divine arrival into the
Pandal. The year was 1984. There was so much anticipation and so much
electricity in the air and our Marga was on the rise. Everyday Baba was
giving new teachings and every week more and more devotees were coming
from around the globe to be with Baba. The days of Emergency were now
long behind us and everything in AM was thriving. New people were
swarming into the Marga.


So in that anxious moment when all were waiting for Baba's august
presence, the pandal was filled with the devotional chanting of kiirtan.
And after every round as the kiirtan was sung, we are were sure that at
this moment Baba would make His arrival. But alas it was not to be. And
again the devotional longing would mount in kiirtan until the thought of
Him still not coming was unbearable. We were all lost in His thought and
His rhythm.

Then just as it seemed that the kiirtan would go on forever, there was a
massive call from the front of the pandal, 'Parama Pita Baba Ki!' and we
all shouted 'Jai!".

Still there was no physical sign of Baba's arrival but we could feel
that any second He would come forth. Then again came the call 'Parama
Pita Baba Ki' and in unison everyone responded 'Jai!'. This went on for
4 or 5 more rounds until the sound reached its peak and every cell of
everyone's existence was totally focused on His coming.

                         BABA'S DIVINE ARRIVAL

And in that electrifying moment, Baba emerged from behind the stage and
did His folded hand blessing to all. A wave of bliss spread through the
mass of devotees who had gathered. And in a majestic way Baba walked
across the stage, using His cane in the most regal manner. Cries of,
'Baba, Baba, Baba' filled the air. And all the while there were Dadas
surrounding Him watching His each and every step.

When Baba reached the dais and turned to sit down, then immediately PA
Dada came forward and removed Baba's shoes and helped get Baba
comfortably situated on His seat. Pillows were arranged and everything
was made neat and clean. A glass of water was offered to Baba and He
sipped gently from the glass taking a small amount of water.

Little by little, the sound in the Pandal began to lessen as all eyes
became fixed on Baba. Everyone was watching Him intently to see what
would happen next. Then in a joyful mood, Baba asked, 'How is everyone?
Have you had enough to eat? Are you alright?'. And everyone responded,
'Yes Baba'.


Then came the call for brothers kaoshikii. Still at that time, kaoshikii
was relatively new, and everyone was learning to improve their rhythm
and form. So in that spirit, a kaoshikii competition wa to be done in
front of Baba. So many brothers participated and Baba gently nodded
approvingly as they did their dance.

At that time, many of the margii sisters were thinking to themselves
that they would not have to dance kaoshikii today as they were not prepared.

So after the brothers finished their dance, then Baba look around and
everyone was waiting for the inevitable-- for Him to request the sisters
to dance kaoshikii. But it did not happen. Baba delayed and the room was

And then in the next moment, in Hindi Baba said, 'A flying camel has
come and told me that the girls do not want to participate in the
kaoshikii competition'.

After saying this, then Baba was smiling and looking all around the
pandal and in response everyone started smiling and laughing.

Seeing this whole scene, then the sisters quickly came forward and said,
'We want to participate in the kaoshikii competition'.

Then Baba replied, 'As you like'.

And accordingly those sisters did their competition in kaoshikii and
Baba gave His approval.


So during reporting and dharma samiiksa etc, and in various
circumstances, Baba would tell that, 'A flying buffalo has told me...'.
This was His charming & sweet way of telling us that He is always with us.
In countless reportings He did like this.

By this expression, we are to understand that we are not alone and that
we cannot do anything in hidden or secret. We should always think that
He is watching. Through this approach, then the sadhaka will become pure
and sanctified as one will not indulge in negative things because they
will think that Baba is always watching.

And certainly, if one cultivates this habit and thinks that Baba is
always watching, then their real spiritual life starts. Furthermore,
when they start thinking in this manner all the 24 hrs, then they are
established in Brahmahood. In that stage they cannot do anything wrong.

Verily this entire process is one practical way of doing second lesson.
This process is also used in dhyana as well. Because a devotee serves
Parama Purusa then they should feel that He is watching.

                 WATCH OUT FOR AVIDYA MAYA

We know that human life is for sadhana but obstacles invariably come
from avidya maya. One or another trick of maya keeps the sadhaka blinded
and gives them the feeling that materialism is everything. And another
form of avidya maya pulls them away still further by giving them the
false notion that spirituality is meaningless and garbage. Indeed we all
have to be very careful about these two negative forms of avidya maya.

                          BABA'S BLESSING

By Baba's grace when a sadhaka moves one step closer to Parama Purusa,
then one feels the presence of vidyamaya and inspiration comes in the
mind that, 'human life is very short and my goal is Parama Purusa and I
want Him'.

When this feeling comes then the sadhaka rushes headlong to Parama
Purusa and in a very short span reaches Him. Then only does human life
become successful. In this entire approach, Guru's grace is everything
so we should always beg for His grace. O' Lord please be gracious.

Baba says, "The greatest human treasure is devotional sentiment,
devotional wonts. This devotional wealth must be preserved; otherwise
humanity will lose its most valuable possession. The people of the
present-day world have made considerable progress, so now they must not
permit this highest human treasure to be destroyed. Whenever we see that
the pressure of external circumstances threatens this life essence, we
should pray to the Supreme: 'O Lord, please be kind enough to protect
our inner vitality from total destruction. Save us from the agony of
total loss'." (NH-LOI)



First and foremost, it is the unquestioned truth that Parama Purusa knows everything.

And sure enough, there was one way for Baba to come forward and say, 'I
know everything'. But this He did not like to do as it sounds a bit
arrogant in this present era. In the past however, Lord Krsna did
proclaim as such because the society was ready to listen. But in this
present era, Baba chose not to say like this.

Instead, Baba opted for a more indirect approach. So He employed the use
of one 'messenger' who would tell Him everything. Sometimes that
messenger was a flying camel, or a flying buffalo, or a flying lizard
etc. There were so many animals who 'came to Baba as messengers'. This
was Baba's chosen style.

Yet internally we all know that Baba knows everything and no one really
believes that the messenger-- such as a flying camel-- is something
real. So this is not something to take literally. It is just Baba's
sweet way of telling us that He knows everything.

In the past however, people have taken things literally such as when
Veda Vyasa Deo told his stories and in turn the common people built
statues based on those tales. Obviously, this type of misunderstanding
should not occur in this present era. We should clarify the point now
that Baba was just joking and those flying camel messengers were not
real. Otherwise in the future people will take it seriously and make
statues of those flying buffaloes etc. So this dogma should not be
allowed to happen.

And it won't so long as we all know and propagate that those flying
animals were not real, just it was Baba's sweet way of telling us that
He knows everything and that always He is watching for our welfare.

                           PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"Sukhe dukhe a'mi toma'y bha'loba'si, toma'r tare ka'ndi ha'si..."
(P.S. 2679)


Baba, in both my pleasure and pain I love You. I cry as well as laugh
for You. My entire existence is revolving around You. You are my
everything. You are the jewel of my heart-- the most precious and
attractive thing. In my mental sky You are the only shining Entity, like
the full moon. You are my everything.
 Baba, I do not know since which hoary past You came in my life. And
when You made everything effulgent. You created this world and since the
dawn of this creation You are. Since that time the divine effulgence is
still shining as it is--unchanged. It did not become faint. It does not
obey the time factor. It is eternal.
 Baba, You are One but You are expressing Yourself in infinite ways.
You are that Singular Entity but also You have created many. This whole
creation is also Your form. So You are always playing Your divine liila
with this world which You have created. This divine liila is a mix of
darkness and effulgence. By this way and with the attraction of Your
love, sometimes You keep me close and sometimes You keep Yourself at a
 Baba I am singing Your name and keeping Your warm feeling in my
heart-- all the time, day and night. 24hrs. It is Your grace...

               Definition of "Real Discipline"

Lord says, "And what is discipline? The Sam'skrta term for `discipline'
is 'anusha'sanam'. And what is anusha'sanam? `Hita'rthe sha'sanam
ityarthe anusha'sanam.' When the code of discipline is imposed with the
spirit of welfare, with the spirit of development, it is called
'anusha'sanam' in Sam'skrta. There is no corresponding English word."
(AV-3 p.30)

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