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“Prabhat Samgiita has been written with the ink of the heart.” - Baba

Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012 20:34:46
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Subject: “Prabhat Samgiita has been written with the ink of the heart.” - Baba



~ Part 5 ~

(Note: This is the fifth letter of this series, but all five letters have different titles. The names and links to the prior four postings are appended below. - Eds)

Those were wonderfully, devotional occasions when Baba was graciously explaining and elaborating upon the purports of Prabhat Samgiita. Many understood that this was a most unique and unusual time as Baba was openly speaking about the sweet relation between bhaktas and Parama Purusa.

Before then, everything was in discourse form. So it was more technical and philosophical in nature and did not address how and what devotees should say to Parama Purusa.

With Prabhat Samgiita, Baba lovingly guides us how we should express our inner-heart feelings towards Him. That is the special quality of Prabhat Samgiita, and that is what makes those compositions uniquely different from His divine discourses.

Below Baba Himself contrasts this difference by highlighting the beauty of Prabhat Samgiita.

Here then is the very sweet and devotional scene that took place at morning general darshan on 02 January 1983. At the time, Baba had just completed reviewing the purports of Prabhat Samgiita #42 – #45.

In one of those purports, the following meaning was expressed: “O’ my Dearmost Parama Purusa, You are with me in my pain, pleasure, and misery; You never leave me. By Your exquisite grace, I have gotten You close with love and affection. In my sweet dreams, You are always with me.”

Then Baba asked, “Do you like this description of Prabhat Samgiita?”

The margiis replied, “Yes, Baba.”

Baba said, “Intellectuals write philosophical books in very difficult and literary language. Is Prabhat Samgiita not sweeter than those philosophical books?”

“Yes, Baba, this is far sweeter”, was the reply from the margiis present.

Baba said, “Those who are intellectuals write those philosophical books, but Prabhat Samgiita is the feeling of the heart, and the expression of the heart, and it has been written with the ink of the heart.”

After this, Baba was smiling and looking at everyone.

Then those bhaktas present started laughing.

Then Baba spoke, “Why are My boys and girls laughing? Are they laughing because they like this idea?”

All the margiis responded, “Yes, Baba.”

Then Baba Himself started laughing.

Baba continued, “Let this whole year pass in laughter and enjoyment.”

Note: That day Baba was explaining Prabhat Samgiita purports in all three languages: Hindi, Bengali, and English. However, the above exchange between Baba and those sadhakas occurred exclusively in Hindi.



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"Toma'r ka'che ca'i na' kono ma'n..." (P.S. 825)


Baba, I am not asking for any name, fame, or prestige from You. Those types of desires I do not have. I do not want to plunge myself into the vanity of all those worldly things. By Your grace, I want to keep my mind exclusively focused upon Your lotus feet. This devotional longing I have. It is exclusively Your grace.
Baba, since the crimson rays of the early dawn, You have colored my days with rainbow colours. You have decorated everything - You are so gracious. When evening falls, then I feel Your proximity and Your divine dance. I see Your liila in the form of countless stars shining in the sky. Baba, all the time You are with me - in all the spheres of my life. You make everything charming and colourful.  

Baba, O' my Dearmost, all that You have graciously done for me is more than I could ever ask for. You have granted me everything. By hearing the chirping of the birds, I listen to Your songs. In this way, I feel Your blissful presence. And when the sky is covered with clouds, then with the dance of the peacock You create beauty in my life.     

Baba, everywhere I feel Your sweet touch - Your eternal presence in this divine liila. You are behind each and every expression of this universe. You are in every form. Everywhere I feel Your presence. I am never alone. In my good days and bad times, always You are with me. In this way everything becomes meaningful and joyful. Baba, it is Your grace...

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