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A Little Courage Needed

From: "Marc Pele"
Subject: A Little Courage Needed
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2010 12:11:36 +0000


                == A LITTLE COURAGE NEEDED ==

Note: The divine and auspicious advent of Taraka Brahma onto the planet is
one holy and magnificent event. In the entire world population, only Ananda
Margiis are aware about His great arrival. As His disciples, we are then
responsible for referring to Baba in the proper way-- using the proper name
according to our AM system. And by this way the entire globe will learn
correctly what to do. This below letter revolves around this key point
regarding reverence to Guru.

When anybody opens the book of our Prout series, then we see Baba's photo
there. And if one looks carefully at that photo, they will notice Baba's
signature is in the Bangla language. And it is clearly written, -- "Shrii
Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar". This is Baba's pristine example. By this way anyone
can understand that Baba is the writer, and His full name is Shrii Prabhat
Ranjan Sarkar. Not just 'P.R. Sarkar'.

However, those who are totally ignorant may not know these things. Their
undesirable position is somewhat understandable-- since in their blind
ignorance they do not know what to write.

Whereas those who suffer do not have adoration or reverence for Guru, or
those don't care about Guru's teaching, their despicable condition far, far,
worse-- intolerable. Because they know the proper way but to follow their
own dogmatic beliefs and mundane styles, they fail to follow Baba's prescribed

On and off again a few "top" AM writers fall into this negative and dirty category.


As we know our Baba - Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji - is not only Bhagawan,
but furthermore He is Taraka Brahma.

While explaining the term Bhagawan, Baba has told that the Personality who has
bhaga is called Bhagawan. And the term Bhaga means the collection of six
attributes. These attributes are: (1) Aeshvara, (2) Viryam, (3) Yasa, (4) Shrii,
(5) Jinanam, and (6) Vairagya. In 'Jaeva Dharma and Bhagavata Dharma' reveals this fact.

Baba says, "The meaning of the word Bhaga is 'Aeshvarayamca samagram
viiryamca yashasah shriyah Jinana-vaergyamca sanaam bhagaiti smrta'. Bhaga is
the collection of six attributes." (SS part 21)

We can see then that bhaga is just the collection of six attributes or qualities.
And one of the qualities is 'Shrii'. Indeed, 'Shrii' is the 4th attribution of
the Lord. And the meaning of Shrii is "attraction" or "charm".

That is why we have always seen that Baba uses the term 'Shrii' before His name.
Two times. While writing His name He writes Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, not
just Anandamurtiji or Shrii Anandamurtiji. He prefers Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji.
Or double 'Shrii' before His name.

And it is our duty as disciples to follow His guideline-- to follow Baba's example.

Thus we must emulate His given system and use the preface Baba's names with 'Shrii":
Such as Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji or Shrii PR Sarkar, whichever is needed.


Plus we all should put at least one Shrii before our own name.

Baba says, "Those, who want to make themselves the attraction or the ideal of the world,
add a "Shrii" before their names." (SS part 19)

Certainly, in so-called modern society, it may be uncommon to use 'Shrii' before the
name, but because this is AM culture that is why we should use it.


As we have seen in the past that when Sanskrit names were introduced into
our AM society, then in the beginning many were feeling uncomfortable or
reluctant to use their Sanskrit names in public. And some still today in
their day to day worldly dealings do not like to use their Sanskrit name.
I think all this happened because of a weakness of the mind and lack of
proper moral strength. In Subhasita Samgraha part 3, Baba explains that
those who suffer from such a weakness of mind due to materialism or other
negative philosophies get such psychic complexes.

Baba says, "Those who are reared in the cradle of materialistic ideologies,
feel shy or ashamed at first to sit in meditation in the presence of others."
(SS pt 3, p.86)

Likewise, those who do not like to use their own Sanskrit name are not
doing something great or praiseworthy etc. Rather their faulty manner is
the expression of a weak mind. It is clear by Baba's above guideline.

Pseudo-culture is such a prevalent thing, and using non-Sanskrit name
is a "gift" of pseudo-culture. In current times pseudo-culture permeates
nearly every aspect of life, so sometimes it is hard to recognize easily.



In His 'Exploitation and Pseudo-Culture' chapter of Neo-Humanism, Baba
explains that via the medium of theatre & cinema, rich people impose
their low and degraded styles of art and dance on other societies. And
because of their inferiority complex, innocent people start copying that
and fall into pseudo-culture. Unfortunately they adopt it quickly. And
even worse is that they feel honored. It is such a pity that they leave
their beautiful customs and culture and adopt pseudo-culture and feel
glorified by that. This problem is rampant these days.

This very stage is very detrimental. Those whose backbone is broken by
the heavy weight of pseudo-culture are a burden and cannot do anything.

Baba says, "If their cultural backbone is broken, then all their struggles
will end in nothing--like offering clarified butter to a sacrificial fire
which has been reduced to ashes. If one's spine is shattered, it is
impossible to hold one's head erect. Can those whose necks and backs are
crushed under the weight of pseudoculture, be expected to hold their
heads high in any sphere of life?" (NH-LOI)

Unfortunately some in our AM have fallen into this position.

Here we should remember that Baba has taught us that in our AM culture
we are to use 'Shrii' before the name. This is the given system.

Unfortunately, some of are obsessed with various dogma and with that psychic
disease they don't want to leave that dirty, negative path or tradition
which is going on in outdated local social ethics. Because of this, in our
European countries, usually a few people don't understand the value of
the term "Shrii" writing before the name.


Similarly, in India religious dogmatic people are attached with the dogma of
'Holy Land'. And in which environment people are reared, they are negatively
affected by those local dogmatic beliefs of their areas. And that becomes
their ingrained habit. And they don't like to leave those outdated ideas and
mend their path. That is why the India population is swayed toward crude
dogmatic tiirthas etc.

But true Ananda Margiis are not like that.

Likewise, respect and reverence to Guru is not very common in present crude
society. That's why certain imbalanced margiis, they don't like to give reverence
to Guru in their writing. They fail to preface Baba's name with Shrii etc. Just
in casual way, they refer to Baba as "P.R. Sarkar". That is highly disrespectful.


Also, 40-50 years ago in European countries, meditation or yoga asanas were
looked upon as something very negative, like witchcraft. The general people
were scared to practice-- or at the very least embarrassed. But with the efforts
of courageous people it became common and now Yoga is well respected-- indeed it
is the latest rage; everyone is doing it. And all capitalist companies show people
doing meditation in their advertisements. Similarly if we start using 'Shrii'
before the name, then without any delay, it will become common and well-respected.

Just like we are follow many Sanskrit terms in our general talking style,
and we are using those as we have become habituated to them. Such as the term
jagrti, we do not call it a temple, mosque or church. Likewise we use the
term Dharmacakra; we do not call it prayer or namaj or yajina.

And, we do not call AM a religion, rather we use the word dharma. Also we use
'namaskar' and not "Hi" or "hello" or namaste or Salaam Vale Kum. Or Ram Ram.
Rather we use namaskar as our salutation--with folded hands not shaking hands.

All these dharmic approaches have been incorporated into AM life.


Similarly it is our duty as Ananda Margiis to not fall prey to pseudo-culture.
The whole society is waiting for our guideline. Baba has given everything. Our
 duty is to first practice in our life, and then help to guide others and
bring them in the proper path. Due to a lack of proper guidelines and due to
faulty theories the whole society is moving in a confused state, misguided
direction. We should not allow this to continue-- nor introduce any negative ways.

                     BACK TO THE ORIGINAL POINT

Back to the original point about using the word 'Shrii'. A few AM "writers"
should remove the inferiority complex from their mind. And they should throw
away their affinity towards pseudo-culture and instead follow Baba's guideline --
and use the word 'Shrii' before Baba's name. That will be very helpful for
them and the entire society.

It is Baba's system that He prefers that His name should prefixed with Shrii.
That's why He signs in this way. So what way He prefers, we should address
Him like that.

                         BABA'S BLESSING

Here below Baba is guiding us that all sadhakas of the Marga ensconced in
Supreme Benevolence are sure to build up that pristine, unified human society.

Baba says, "Moving together with the people they will continue to sing their
marching song-- they will go on filling the human mind with the sweet nectar of
eternal life." (Prout-10, p. 5)


Note 1:              THE PHOTO IN THE PROUT BOOKS

In this photo in our Prout PNS series Baba is young looking. Although the photo
has been placed there in the Prout series in 1987, but Baba's photo is from the
50's. The reason is, that revolutionary cadres like to see their preceptors or
nucleus leader to be young looking. So that's why this photo of Baba has been
kept in the social philosophy book in Prout in a Nutshell.

Note 2:                   DON'T DISPLEASE BABA

Casual and crude way of referring to Sadguru is not only objectionable but absolutely
abominable. Nobody should do such sin. In the scripture it is said, "Shive rusto..."
The meaning is that if Guru is displeased, then nobody can save that person.
Reverence and pleasing Guru is very important. To do this, Baba taught us many
things including how to address Parama Purusa, Mahasambhuti, Taraka Brahma.

To teach us Baba has given very clear example while writing the books about
Shiva and Krsna. The names of these two books themselves are very honorable
and respectful.

For example Lord Shiva's book is "Namah Shivaya Shantaya". And the meaning is,
"Salutations to Lord Shiva who is the Ever-Tranquil Divine Entity." And similar
way about Lord Krsna Baba has titled the book as "Namami Krsna Sundaram". That
is, "Salutations to Lord Krsna Who is the Ever Beautiful and Charming Divine Entity".

By this way Baba has given one glorious example. And the motive was only to
teach us, how we should address Guru. He does not address Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna
in a casual manner.

So when we refer to Baba it should be done in the most reverential and respectful terms.


                        MUST USE "SHRII" OR "SHRII SHRII"

The mention of PR Sarkar without putting "Shrii" in front is most disrespect to our
Guru Baba, who is Taraka Brahma.

Even then due to their extreme naiveté or foolishness, some persons may be imagining in
their brains that this is just a "small thing".  So for those who may be thinking in
this misguided fashion, please consider these following examples:

Suppose, for instance, if one is walking in a dry, dirty area, and gets covered with
dust. That may not be bothersome to the person. But if one tiny grain of dust gets
in the eye. Then it will be a big problem. So something small may create chaos.
Depending upon how critical it is.

Suppose someone puts their shoes on their head instead of on their feet. It may seem
like a small mistake, but it will create a big problem.

Suppose a person tries to walk upside down, with their head on the ground. This may seem
like a simple thing, but it will create huge difficulties.

Or suppose if someone cuts off their nose. The nose may be something small, but cutting
off the nose will derange their entire face.

So by these above examples it becomes clear that "small things" can create huge
errors and much harm. And as such one can hardly call those things as small,
inconsequential errors. Rather they become serious problems which need to be
addressed and corrected.

Because on the top, we all are aware about Lord Shiva's teachings on the
'Secrets of Success'. And two of those secrets are:

       (1) Shraddha' (deep reverence for the Goal (Ista); and                  
       (2) Guru Puja, (respectful offering and surrender to the Guru).

So these are two of the Secrets of Success which Baba Himself highlights in so
many discourses. So see then how essential it is to have deep respect for the Guru.
And to express that properly. And in AM that is our way-- to give maximum respect to
BABA, Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, the Granter of salvation.

So consider that something supposedly small like putting "Shrii" before Baba's
name, it has tremendous importance. And not doing so creates huge negativity by
its being most extremely disrespectful to that divine Entity.


Unfortunately some of our most "prolific" writers in AM nowadays ahve fallen into
the extremely negative habit of just writing 'PR Sarkar'-- and in some cases
they just write 'Sarkar'. By quickly surveying the books, articles, and emails
of "writers" then we can see this unfortunate form of expression.

And overall this has a negative effect across the entire society.

Because then non-margii writers adopt this same ungainly approach and they just
write 'PR Sarkar'. Whereas if such mundane writers were aware that our "top"
writers and margiis always respectfully refer to Revered Baba as 'Shrii
Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar' or 'Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji' then they would get
a good teaching and follow our example.

It is just like how mundane or non-British reporters always refer to 'Prince
Charles' using the reference of 'Prince'. Never do they just write 'Charles'
or 'Charlie'. And if they did then the public would object. Because everyone has
become taught and trained that 'Prince Charles' is the proper way.

Although we are not trying to emulate the British monarchy etc, but this
particular point is meaningful. The idea being that if we ourselves are
perfectly consistent in always giving proper reference to Baba as 'Shrii
PR Sarkar' or 'Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji' then people of the general
society will also follow suit. It will become natural for them. And that
will be the proper way to introduce non-sadhakas to Baba as well as the
proper way for Ananda Margiis to refer to the social  and spiritual names--
Shrii PR Sarkar & Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, respectively-- of our Revered Guru.

                                    PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"A'mi pather hadish pa'i ni, ta'i toma'r pa'ne cali ni..."    (PS 1338)


   Baba, in the past I did not get the direction of the proper path. Because of
that I could not come close to You. Your and my relation was hidden in dark.
I was not aware about You. In that past I could not get Your introduction.
And I could not link up in our close intimate relation which, in reality,
has been going on since a very long time.   
   In my misunderstanding, I was thinking that nobody is mine, and that to feel
love and affection is not my fate.  I was thinking that my life does not have
any value. That I will not get respect in my life, just it will be filled
with disrespect and neglect.
   Baba, today You have blessed me and changed everything. Now I feel that
my life has become meaningful, because You are mine. My heart is filled with
Your love. Baba, by Your grace I surrender at Your lotus feet, O' Baba...


Baba says, "Whatever a man is to do in his spiritual life he is to do--
why? Because he is in love with the Supreme Entity. Love is the first word,
love is the starting point, and love is the last point." (AV-12, p. 13)

Note: Baba's above guideline is very beneficial for sadhana. However these
days some innocent or simple people just do meditation for "mental peace".
And ever worse some wts do sadhana for show-- to pose themselves as someone
great. Such workers do hardly an ounce of sadhana when they are alone; but
when they go to margiis' houses then in Hollywood style they sit in meditation
for a long time. All done in order to put themselves on display and create
one show that they are highly elevated sadhakas. Certain margiis do a similar
thing when they attend retreats. But by looking at the on-going conduct of
such margiis one can understand how far they are really doing sadhana or not.
It is just like if you are approaching one animal at night. At first you may
think that it is a tiger or a lion, but when that animal makes its weird
'Huan, Huan' sound, then you know that it is just a jackal. Same is the case
when being around those types of few margiis and wts who put on a show of
sadhana. By their conduct and dealing they just expose themselves etc.

Re: DMS News #3: Holding Hands Women & Men Danced

Date: 24 Jan 2011 23:04:46 -0000
From: "Pramod  Dev"
Subject: Re: DMS News #3: Holding Hands Women & Men Danced



Yes, I read this posting about the cultural program at the January DMS and what was written is accurate. Not only that, but we should ask that Dada (mentioned below) to share the video with us. Dadaji captured the program on video as he apparently likes romantic events.

As described in the posting, the cultural programs at this January DMS 2011 at Ananda Nagar was "off-colour" and set a poor example. In those programs, young women were up on the stage dancing and shaking themselves according to the direction of Sri Mrinal Pathak of Ranchi. For more about this refer to DMS news posting #3 cited below.

But what is not commonly known is that Dadaji - i.e. Citsvarupananda - filmed those girls while they were dancing on stage during that cultural program. Many report that Dada has deep interest in watching those videos during his leisure period.

When I see one of our avadhutas doing like this I feel ashamed for what is going on in his mind.

Pramod Dev

MODERATOR'S NOTE: If any reader is interested to know more about Citsvarupananda Dada's conduct, feel free to read these following postings.

On 01/14/2011 08:46 PM, AM-GLOBAL wrote:
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2010 23:48:11
Subject: DMS News #3: Holding Hands Women & Men Danced

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