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Present Crisis Will Lead To...

Date: 04 Mar 2010 07:28:10 -0000 From: "G Bhaskaran Reddy" To: Subject: Present Crisis Will Lead To... Baba "Tumi prabhu ele ye rauna d'ha'lile ta'ha'r a'di-anta na'hi pa'i..." (PS 4857) Purport: Baba You came and You coloured everything in the divine color of effulgence and ideology. There is no beginning and end of that; You coloured everything. You Yourself ignited the fire of ideology in the sleeping and frustrated hearts of the people. And You filled those sunken & hopeless hearts with divine love. In this entire universe there is no comparison of what You did and of what You have done-- How You poured Your grace unto one and all. Baba, You brought a basket full of heavenly blessings along with You to distribute. And You showered and saturated the animate and inanimate worlds with that divine grace. You gave the direction to all: Live and let live. And You gave the teaching how one can grow physically, psychically, and spiritually. You fulfilled all the requirements to the highest capacity, done in such a way that even in the future nobody will say that they need anything more. Baba, since eternity You have been residing in the core of everyone's heart and mind. And You are living and You will go on living with everyone up to infinite time through Your ota and prota yoga. The serpentine noose of maya will be ripped to shreds with Your divine liila, "dharma moves secretly and does everything". And it will lead me to the divine Goal, You. Baba You came and saturated everything with Your infinite grace. You have filled everyone's heart...
Namaskar, Nowadays in our AMPS organisation, various types of group clashes are going on. So the question comes that what is the way to view this present scene and how will we be able to move ahead in future.
As you may know, in collective life there is a definitive system regarding movement and motion. Specifically there are two theories: One is linear movement and the other is systaltic or pulsative. If the movement is linear then the future is dark; whereas when the movement is pulsative then that is the path of proper development and true progress.
Furthermore within the path of pulsative movement there are two distinct phases: speed and pause. Where the phase of pause itself means preparation for the next phase of speed. For instance, if a strong and able-bodied person is taking rest and sleeping, then at that time his strength is not completely gone or lost entirely. Rather during those precious resting hours of the night, his body is getting rejuvenated and gaining more energy. That is the state of pause. And then the period of speed will again take effect because the next day with double the strength and vigour he will be able to execute his task in a better way. Likewise each and every period of pause brings about a new period of speed. It is just like when you bring your car to the shop to get it fixed. After getting it tuned-up and adding new oil and filling it with more fuel, then the car drives more smoothly and faster than before. Or take the case when we are breathing. Then the exhalation, or period of pause, enables the body to prepare for the next in-take of air or inhalation, period of speed. So in this way the whole body gets oxygenated and energized in cyclic fashion: speed-pause, speed then pause. Similarly when anyone goes running then they cannot run constantly without ever stopping. Rather every so often they need to take rest. So rest does not mean rest but rather gaining more energy. Hence in all these cases the period of pause is not a waste of time. Rather it is a needed and necessary step for bringing new vitality and great speed into the life. And this process goes on and on. And in each and every corner of the globe it is working like this: speed & pause, speed & pause.
Throughout the entire history of thousands of years, in various societies and civilisations this was going on. And during the period of pause invariably people wonder what is wrong and they get confused thinking everything is negative. But ultimately that period of pause laid the groundwork for a more sustained period of speed. This is the way all societies develop and grow. So although it is not visible, these days also our AM society is moving ahead. When in any society there is speed then people appreciate this because they can easily see its positivity. And also they enjoy. But when society is going through the stage of pause, then common lay people think that this is negative and that everything is dark and there is no future. But this type of notion or feeling is improper. Because today our AM society is in a state of pause. And according to Baba in the very near future it is going to manifest with a thousand-fold more energy. The reason is that in any society the base of ideology is needed. Earlier before 1990 Baba had to give a lot of plans and programs and ideological points. But people were so concentrated on the work they were not thinking that what is neo-humanism, what is groupism, what is right, what is wrong, what is Baba's teaching, what does He guide. People had no time to think-- just they were very strongly involved in various types of work.
But now when we are aware that Baba has given all those philosophies, then certainly those things need study. And now people are very much alert that what is groupism. Means since 1990 there have been a lot of lessons and a lot of teaching and learning is going on. That is the positive point. And now people are more aware now than in the past about evaluating the real standard of other margiis and WTs. Who is proper and who is improper. All the picture has come and by that way people have a stronger understanding of all the ideological issues. So during pause people receive something and people get educated and trained during the period of pause and that is the beauty of the pause state. So now AM is in pause and tomorrow it will be speed.
The questions is that in this period of pause what should individuals do. The pause period is about gaining energy. Just as in the night we all gain energy for better work tomorrow. And we all know that we have three spheres in our life: physical, psychic, and spiritual. So during this period of pause in AM society, then our duty is to build up our inner personality in the three fields by strictly following 16 points. So from points 1 to 16, each and every point should be looked upon carefully and practiced.
This same thing Baba told at the time of emergency / martial law also, when margiis came to visit Him in jail. We should not forget that that was also a period of pause. And it was just after Emergency when our AM society leaped ahead with tremendous progress and it spread throughout this whole globe. Likewise, a similar type of propulsion is going to happen after this current period of pause. And those who follow 16 Points sincerely will get all sorts of guidelines from Baba directly for leading the AM society ahead.
So in preparation of this, today the study of more ideological points is the need of the hour such as: Neo-Humanism, what is right and what is wrong, margii rights, BP rights, and so many more things like Prout etc. So a study period is needed to know these things and by learning AM philosophy then we will be able to teach the whole society. And that is our duty-- To practice and teach. Both the ways are needed: To develop inner strength with sadhana and study etc and then practice those points in the practical life. With this view if anybody will move on the path then there will not be any question of staticity or frustration. Rather the whole existence will be meaningful and charming. And above all else, Baba's grace is everything. Thus in the current scenario only there is the need to strengthen one's existence in all the three spheres: physical, psychic, and spiritual. Plus we should understand AM ideology more deeply and practice those things in our personal life. That means, for example, to become more sincere on the physical sphere such as in asanas, sentient food, etc. And in psychic sphere we are to study more about AM philosophy such that we can understand who is who, recognise exploitation, and see things in a balanced way. And in spiritual sphere dong more kiirtan and sadhana is the need of the day. By this way the present situation will change very quickly because those who are involved in this very point will become equipped with all the needed knowledge and abilities. And top of all, Baba will shower His grace and in that way those sadhakas will have more capacity to solve all those problems. Not just those things within the organisation, but also the entire society-- all human beings living on this earth-- are facing various problems and Baba has given all the solutions. So by that way we will not only solve our own organisational problems but we will be able to give the light to the entire human society. So our future is glorious.
Here following is Baba's explanation, guideline, and blessing on this entire point: Baba says, "This speed and pause will continue. Pause means the gathering of momentum for speed in the subsequent phase. If one closely watches the effect of speed on a particular community or the entire humanity, one sees that generally people eulogize the period of speed. However we cannot afford to ignore the state of pause, because by judging what the previous state of pause was like, we can discern the speed of the next phase." (PNS-7, p.67) Baba's guideline continues: Baba says, "There are some people who are pessimistic. They say that the society around us is very bleak, that it has no expression of vitality and that is seems that everyone is in deep slumber. Pessimists say this because they have never made any detailed study of human history, nor do they care to. Had they done so, they would certainly be optimistic, because if they had looked carefully at the symptoms of pause, they would have realise that significant preparations were being made for the subsequent phase of speed. So under no circumstances should human beings be pessimistic. That is why I am always an incorrigible optimist, because I know that optimism is life." (PNS-7, p.67) Namaskar, Bhaskaran
******************************************** Health Guideline
Baba says, "A'pashcavishvabhes'ajii-- that is 'water is medicine for all diseases'. Truly, all types of disease can be relieved if one knows how to use water properly. To maintain the internal functions of the body without hindrance and to maintain the internal liquid balance, everyone should drink a sufficient quantity of water every day. A healthy person can consume three or four seers of water a day, a sick person four or five seers, and a person suffering from skin disease, five or six seers. These amounts of water help cure disease to a great extent." "Drinking water is good, but water with a little lemon and a little salt is still better." "Drinking a lot of water at a time is harmful, especially for heart patients." (YT, '96, p. 93) Note: During meals if people drink water or juice etc then the saliva gets diluted thus adversely affecting digestion and inviting many diseases.

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