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Expulsion & A'tma Sukha Tattva

Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 23:57:11 -0000 Subject: Expulsion & A'tma Sukha Tattva To: From: Satiish K Bhatia" Baba "Toma'y kabhu ka'che pa'i na'i, gun' shuniya'chi lok mukhe..." (PS 2934) Purport: Baba, You are the most charming One. O' my dearmost, I long for You day and night. Baba, I do Your sadhana and spiritual practices always, but I do not ever get You close. Baba, I try hard to see You in dhyana but I do not get You. I do not have that first-hand experience of You in sadhana. Just I have heard people talk about Your glories. Baba, the devotees say that You are gracious and that You shower Your divine love. Baba, I have heard so much about Your greatness and glory but I myself do not have any practical realisation or direct experience of You and Your sweetness. Baba, I do not have any personal realisation of You. O' my dearmost, why don't You come to me; why are You not listening to my call; why don't You call my name and telling me that 'I love You'. O' Lord, in my practices I long for You and call You with my mantra but neither do You listen to my call nor do You come close. Baba, You do not respond at all to my calling of Your name, my chanting in Kiirtan, or my longing for You in sadhana. Baba, please grace me by coming close. Baba, You are the Polestar in the dark night. You give inspiration to those who lose the path. If anyone does not know what to do and what not to do, then by Your grace You show them the pathway to move ahead. You show them how to get You. Baba, in the hopeless heart, You are full of hope. You graciously reassure those who have lost all hope. You shower Your grace on those who have been abandoned by everyone in the society. Nobody cares about them and they live a life of gloom. Baba, on all such people You shower Your grace and bless them with Your varabhaya mudra. Baba, You shower Your effulgence in the helpless citta; Baba, I do not have any practical realisation of You; I am not a realised soul. Even then my heart feels trust and love for You-- and I feel that You are my Saviour. Baba, my heart longs to surrender at Your alter. O' my dearmost when anyone's citta-- mental sphere-- is full of gloom and despair, You give them hope, light, and inspiration. By Your grace You also give them the path. By that way they feel their life is not worthless. Baba, because of Your infinite compassion I surrender my everything at Your alter-- even though I do not have any practical realisation of You in my life. But just I have heard so much about You from others. Baba, You are infinite. You are beyond all perception. You are beyond language, and beyond the ideation of song. Baba You remain ever-present in the eternal memory. O' my dearmost, Your greatness cannot be expressed in words. All poems and prose fail to express Your grandeur. O' Parama Purusa, Your glory cannot be sung and You are always established in the world of divinity. Baba, You go on dancing in the flow of the rhythm. Baba, You are expressing Your grandeur of sweetness in all the directions. Baba, Your greatness is emanating everywhere. Baba, wherever one looks they can see You present in Your most charming and sweet form.* O' Baba, please come and manifest Yourself so I can see You sitting eternally in my heart. Baba, make my entire existence effulgent in Your effulgence...
* "Bha'sa'r atiite bha'ver giitite...": The whole idea of this stanza is expressed in this below excerpt from one of His discourses. Baba says, "His radiance is beyond the power of your sensual comprehension. You cannot conceive of His radiance...It is not an easy task to apprehend his extreme radiance. For this, vigorous sa'dhana' is indispensable. Imagine how wonderfully radiant He must be, before whom the moon, the stars, the lightning, the fire - all become pale. If you cannot see even the sun with your bare eyes, imagine what a tremendous amount of sa'dhana' is necessary to see Him." "It is with His radiance that every object is radiant. None of the objects has any radiance of its own. The moon is bright with the sun's brightness, and the sun is bright with His. The sun is not jyotisvarupa (characteristically self-effulgent), it is He alone who is jyotisvarupa. In His radiance there is depth but no severity, there is sweetness but no harshness. Observe His calm brilliance in the firmament of your heart. Shunning all inferiority complexes, move on the path of sa'dhana'. The only purpose of your being a human being is to do sa'dhana'. The life of one who does not do it passes in vain like a tree struck by lightning." (AMIWL-5)
Namaskar, Expulsion is a divisive and rancid dogma that has no place in our AM way of life, none whatsoever. This fact most everyone understands. However, all the various groups-- B, H, & EC, etc-- have their own unique feeling about expulsion. Such groupist WT leaders cherish this hatchet of expulsion, as long as this deadly weapon satisfies their own interest. And when the fateful moment arrives that an "expulsion order" goes against their personal desire, then they cry out loudly for all to hear. This is the hypocritical way the groupist mentality works on this crude formula of expulsion. So the divine teachings of our AM ideology unequivocally state that there is no such thing as expulsion in our Marga. And the various dogmatic groupists murmur, 'Expulsion is okay-- so long as I am the wielder of this tool'. Now let us see how all this is playing out these days on the groupist battlefield.
First and foremost is Baba's divine decree that the neo-humanistic laws of our Marga stand far above the lowly and dogmatic ways of expulsion. Baba says, "A'nanda Ma'rga has formed a society which frames its laws on the basis of common ideals in order to develop the idea of one-ness of all humanity. This society is radically different from any existing society, for it provides a society with a common bond where there is no distinction between class or sex, where no one is declared an outcast..." (AFPS-7, p.6) So according to Baba's above teachings there is absolutely no scope for any type of expulsion in our Marga. Because in the words of Baba, ours is a society "where no one is declared an outcast". So the nasty weapon of expulsion is not at all permitted; it is contrary to the just laws and dharmic policies of AM.
The golden dictates of Baba's above teaching are enough for anyone to clearly and conclusively understand that there is no place for expulsion in AM. What more is needed than this. However groupists have their own type of outlook that is shaded by their own narrow agenda. That is why they hedge and haw on this issue of expulsion. Sometimes they are shamelessly basking in the heinous power of expulsion and other times they are bitterly crying when that same lethal weapon of expulsion is used against them.
Since 1990 and still today, various groups have been in power and all have taken recourse to fire the weapon of expulsion at their chosen enemies, if not innocent margiis. This is the way it works when those in power are churning their exploitative machinery. They attack anyone in whatever way they like. B, H, and EC have all done like this. Who can forget that it was the B group bandits led by Sarvatmananda who first brought forth the expulsion term in AMPS. Before that it was never used because Baba shuns the crooked theory of expulsion. But starting in 1990 Sarvatmananda and his B group empire took to expulsion right away: It was one of their most favourite pieces of artillery. Because those days B group was viciously ruling AM by grabbing more and more power, victimising margiis, slashing BP rights, distorting Baba's original discourses. All these heinous things they were doing. And when somebody spoke out about their wrongdoings, these B group leaders would fire their canon of expulsion. This was their chosen method. So history itself bears witness to the fact that it is Sarvatmananda and his B group commandos who are the cruel inventors of expulsion in our Marga. Of course thereafter when other groups like the H team came in power they also drooled over the firepower of expulsion. Because they saw first-hand what a gruesome effect it has and how it scares people out of their skin. So expulsion is a great weapon of exploitative leaders. That is why when Rudrananda climbed to the top of the hill then he too has mercilessly wielded this expulsion tool. And he does not just do it in ones and twos, but rather by the bucket full. This is his outrageous strategy. And side by side the EC cronies like Citananda and Citkrsnananda were lovers of expulsion when they were working under the giants like Sarvatmananda and Rudrananda. In that moment, they are thought it was great and were giddy with excitement watching it happen. In that period, none of the current EC'ers were speaking out against expulsion; rather they were smiling. Thus the common theme pervades throughout that those groupist exploitative leaders cherish the weapon of expulsion when they are in power and running the show. This we have all seen.
And it is also part and parcel of the formula that all of the above groupist bandits cry out when the expulsion formula is turned against them. When they are on the receiving end of expulsion then they do not like it at all. Then they immediately cry out about how they should not have been expelled. Indeed all day long they lament about the foul play involved. This is the case with B group personnel, EC players, and all the groups. None like it when they are pricked by the devious ways of expulsion. Then all of a sudden they become quite "righteous" in their expression. And they cry out and accuse that, 'How could anyone allow this injustice to happen'. This is their plea. But what they fail to proclaim is that the tool of expulsion is itself unjust; this they never say. Only they lament that it is unfair that they were expelled. So they show no remorse or repentance for how they expelled innumerable innocent people in the past, nor do they tell that expulsion itself is unideological. Only they cry out that it is not fair that they got expelled. This is their shady dealing.
All in all, the way the various groupists like B and EC complain about expulsion is quite similar to another phenomenon playing out in the mundane society. Nowadays around the globe, there are various fake people lamenting about the state of the environment and how the animals have no place to live. Such persons speak out how there should be a balance in nature etc. This much they tell. But what they fail to say is that the only reason they want those animals "protected" is so that they themselves can go out during the season and hunt and kill those very animals. This is their heinous sport of choice and that is why they hypocritically tell that they do not want the animals removed from their habitat. The only reasons being that they themselves want the crude thrill of mercilessly hunting and slaughtering those animals. Likewise, in their own way the groupist exploiters in AMPS today are no different. Guided by their selfish interest, they lament about things being out of balance, but they do not voice that expulsion itself is wrong. Because they long for the day when they can climb back into power and use their favoured weapon of expulsion in an act of revenge. So just as those hunters are not really concerned about animal rights, rather their only desire is to hunt and kill those animals whenever they desire. Similarly the groupist teams like B and EC are not deeply concerned about true justice in AMPS. They will not state that expulsion is not allowed. Only out of their self-interest they cry out for some support so they can rise up and expel whomever they wish. And of course nowadays the ruling H group subfaction is keeping mum on expulsion, just they keep their finger on the trigger-- ready to fire any time.
That is why so many margiis are telling that on this point of expulsion and all other such issues, the various groupist wt heads are motivated by selfishness-- they are just governed by the narrow ideals of atma-sukha tattva, nothing more. Baba says, "Whatever human beings do motivated by atma-sukha tattva is for the sake of pleasure. This principle of selfish pleasure rests on dogma...Human beings yield to this dogma with the sole intention of attaining selfish pleasures; even educated people knowingly submit to dogma. They know that they are surrendering their intellect to dogma, and that the outcome will be undesirable; they know and understand everything-- why, even then, do they knowingly submit to it? They are all deliberate sinners and intentionally accept dogmas as truth. They observe that these dogmas are based on atma-sukha tattva; but they think, 'I don't care whether it does good or harm to others, because at least I have got some pleasure out of it!' Being motivated by this idea, they enslave themselves to dogmas." (NH-LOI: Disc 6) In Baba's above teaching He clearly tells that people indulge in various dogmas like expulsion because it gives them some type of crude selfish pleasure. In their heart of hearts they may know it is wrong, but that gets all get overrun by their pleasure instinct-- their selfish lust for power etc. Likewise on this issue of expulsion, the various factional heads are just sunk and submerged in the lowly state of atma sukha tattva-- nothing higher than that. That is why H, B and EC all are in favour of expulsion. That is their stand on the issue. Only they become upset when it is used against them. But when they get to use it then there is not a tear on their face-- just a smile. Then the world is rosy as can be. This is their standard of mind: Just guided by the principle of selfish pleasure.
That is why when B group or EC or whichever type of groupist takes to the streets and grabs a megaphone and preaches about how they were unjustly expelled, then no one should get duped by their selfish message. Those groupist pleas have nothing to do with human welfare and dharma. Their concern is purely selfish. So none should think B or EC etc are great fighters of justice. It is not like that. Rather such groupists fall right into the ranks of religious traders. And Baba warns us that we should be wary of such persons. Baba says, "Such people end up pretending to be moralists externally but internally become immoralists. This is the height of hypocrisy in the society... Those who put on a show of being moralists from the rostrum or pulpit... are actually misguided fools, however intelligent they may think themselves to be. Inflated with the vanity of pedantry they lose all their common sense and behave like lunatics. And the worst thing about them is that to fulfill their petty narrow interests they hoodwink the innocent, simple, unwary, gullible masses. Internally they wish to become ministers to serve their selfish interests, outwardly they say they want to serve the society in the interest of the common people. Their one intention is to fill their pockets with money, [post, and power etc] but they publicly pronounce that they want to follow the gospels of dharma. Oh human beings, beware of these impostors. Try to apply your power of discrimination to know who are your friends and who are your foes. You should never allow yourselves to fall victim to these political and religious traders." (AMIWL-6) Thus when various groupists openly lament about how they were unjustly expelled, then on the outside it may look like they are true Wts who are lovers and justice and against the heinous ways of expulsion. But it is not at all like that. That is Baba's warning. Just such groupist persons come in the category of duplicitous & selfish religious traders. If it not like that, then why can't the groupists of today realise that expulsion is not allowed in AM and that expulsion is against the tenets of one human society. This they do not say-- for reasons best known to them. According to Baba though, such groupists and such fakes of dharma are nothing but lowly religious traders.
Here Baba guides us that our minds should rise above the dirt of selfishness and move into the realm of social equality and welfare. Baba says, "We must totally reject all those hypocritical ideas which are contrary to this sama-samaja tattva (principle of social equality), and we must welcome all those ideas which will help human beings to be established in it. All opposing theories must be removed mercilessly, just like thorns from our path." (NH-LOI, '87 Edn, p.38) So Baba's teaching is for the roots of groupism to be pulled out immediately and for all to adopt the ways of social welfare. And indeed the vast majority of margiis and field workers are seamlessly moving in this flow of sama-samaj tattva. Margiis and most common wts are advancing on the path of proto-psycho spirituality and beyond. Whereas the groupist leaders are far, far below, stuck in their own selfishness-- bound up in the crude and degenerative ways of atma-sukha tattva. That is why they are unwilling and unable to state that expulsion itself is unjust and not allowed in our Marga. This they will not say. That is why the standard of margiis and regular wts is much higher. Because in one voice all are saying that, 'Under no condition is expulsion to take place in our Marga-- Expulsion is forbidden in AM'. This is the rally of all rational people guided by the ways of sama-samaj tattva.
By Baba's grace our Marga, nay the entire human society, will move in unison as one singular human family. That era is on the rise. Baba says, "You will have to carry the collectivity with you, because the collectivity is yours. The collectivity is not outside you-- your future is inseparably linked with the collective fortune. You must take the entire collectivity with you and move towards the sweetest radiance of the new crimson dawn, beyond the veil of the darkest night." (NH-LOI, '82 Edn, p.90) Namaskar, Satiish
From 1955 to 1990 there were no expulsions done in AMPS. In that 35 year period with Guru at the organisational helm, no one was expelled-- zero. And those days there were thousands of wts who came into the organisation. But now in the comparatively short span of time from 1991-2009, so many people have been expelled. And day by day the number increases until soon it will reach the century mark-- 100. So see the difference between then and now, between dharma and groupism.
Here below Baba points out how the exploiters one day suffer at the fate of the same injustices which they meted out to others. Baba says, "The wicked persons at the helm of affairs, who are now out to liquidate others, will one day themselves be liquidated and erased from history by their own followers. Sinful persons, by following the crooked path, contaminate the atmosphere of the universe, but ultimately that sinful conduct, in a similar crooked way, will recoil like a boomerang on the sinners themselves." (NSS: Disc 10) So just as the fathers of expulsion-- i.e. B group-- threw out so many people from our Marga, now they are undergoing that same trick which they did to others. That is how adharmic people always get struck by their own weapon. This is how boomerangs work. Thus the power hungry Rudrananda should also take note-- he should see what is staring him in the face.
Here are some statements from the B group factional party about expulsion when it happened to them. Suddenly they no longer like expulsion. "They [EC] never condemned gross injustice done to us [B group]- like expulsion of 46 WTs etc. There are many such issues where EC is either silent or has hesitation...But in my opinion, we should now concentrate more on condemning this new wave of expulsions of senior workers." - (Dada K, B group PRS) So see the hypocrisy. The expelled B group spokesman wants his own wave of expulsions to be reviewed by one and all, but all the expulsions which B group committed when Sarvatmananda was at the helm are part of history and need not be reviewed. Those we need not concentrate on. Just he is concerned about the "gross injustice done to us [B group]". This is how he and all the B group and EC cronies are guided by atma sukha tattva. Now here is another statement from a B group loyalist. "The mass expulsion [of B group workers] took place in 2003. So just three years ago. Many of those whose name were in the list of that illegal mass expulsion had anything to do with the formation of NGB...Their only mistake was that they were Bengalis and did not want to submit to the whims of Ranchi caucus. And I think it will be shocking to you to know that, they were not served with any explanation sheets or charge sheets. No procedures were followed." (B group loyalist) What the above B group advocate fails to remember is that when B groups was in power they ruthlessly expelled so many people and they only sneered that on such occasions. Never was a charge-sheet given. Just they went on with their unholy and sinister ways of expulsion.
So from top to bottom all the groups-- B, H, EC etc-- are infested with the crude desire to rule and expel others. But about themselves, they never want to be expelled. Thus their cries have nothing to do with dharma. Just they want to be able to have their cake and eat it too.
By Baba's divine grace, it is sure that soon the era of spirituality is coming where all will love as one united human family. Baba says, "Spiritual philosophy does not recognize any distinctions and differentiations unnaturally made between one human being and another, and stands for universal fraternity." (APH-2, p.128)
****************************************** LONGEVITY
Baba says, "Spiritual practice makes the mind calm and quiet, and maintains the nerves in a state of equipoise; and thus spiritual practice increases longevity. Those Vaishnavites who are vegetarians, who regularly sing spiritual songs, do meditation, perform virtuous deeds and think pure thoughts, live longer than ninety years." (AVM-33, p.113) Note: By following the devotional cult of AM and abiding by general health rules every sadhaka is ensured a long and healthy life. That is Baba's guarantee.

So-Called Jamalpur DMS News

Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 17:54:13 +0530 To: AM-GLOBAL From: Subject: So-Called Jamalpur DMS News Baba
Namaskar, Here is news from the So-Called Jamalpur DMS held 21 / 22 March, 2009.
Just this weekend, the Ranchi camp, led by Rudra'nanda and Nigama'nanda, organised and held a DMS on 21-22 March 09. It was named Jamalpur DMS but really the DMS is held in Munger (Monghyr). That is why many now call it the so-called Jamalpur DMS. The hidden tactic behind Ranchi group calling it Jamalpur DMS is that this is psychological way of cheating and luring the margiis. By promoting Jamalpur as a tiirtha site and supposedly holding DMS there, the Ranchi team is infusing geo-religious sentiment in hopes of attracting more people to attend this groupist function. When in fact the gathering is held in Monghyr. So calling it Jamalpur DMS is just a ploy, nothing more.
All in all, the crowd was quite small, a mere 950 people attended the DMS, according to most estimations. Why was the attendance so small? Margiis are not interested in attending groupist functions and side by side margiis understand that it is totally dogma to think that Jamalpur is some type of religious tiirtha site. No margiis believes this dogma. For these reasons and more, many were not inspired to attend.
All know that Vishvadeva'nandaji is the selected PP of Ranchi faction. But since the Court of India has banned him to function as PP, Vishvadeva'nandaji was not announced as PP... ...Instead he was introduced as Senior Purodha'. But during the DMS gathering, he gave speeches as if he were the PP.
Unfortunately, Vishvadeva'nandaji fell into the dogmatic trap of behaving like the old PP. See the behaviour of Vishvadeva'nandaji: (1) He did not raise "Parampiita' Ba'ba' kii jai "slogan. (2) He also didn't do collective Kiirtan, (3) Nor did he do dharmacakra, (4) Not collective Pa'ncajanya, (5) He did not sing Prabhat Samgiita, (6) Not collective Guru Puja etc All these things he did not do as he pretended as if he was above all that. Seeing this very negative display by Vishvadeva'nandaji, workers and margiis were disapointed and angry.
So many police agents were called to the DMS site by Ranchi camp. Ranchi Dadas paid huge fees and bribes to bring the police to act in their favour, i.e in favour of H group. Ranchi called these policemen to act as security b/c of the EC group threat. EC group dadas & didis didn't try to enter pandal but they were present in Jamalpur. However, due to groupist tensions, a few fights did occur.
Didi Ananda Giita now has her own NGO and she was also present in Jamalpur to recruit for her new cause. So none should think that what this Didi is doing is proper. She created yet another breakaway faction by forming her own separate organisation and now she is doing politicking to get more members. This however is a very dangerous approach. In the name of a group fight, Didi has made another group and further balkanised our Marga. Soon, by this way, each and every village will be their own Ananda Marga organisation. This is the very negative trend that Didi is setting: When there is a problem then break away and make your own parallel structure. By this way, soon there will be thousands of different AM organisations. In Christianity there are perhaps 250 sects, but our AM will be worse. It will be like the dogmatic pattern set in Hinduism where each and every temple is its own separate entity. Same will be the case in AM. Every jagrti or MU will be their own separate enterprise, i.e. their own breakaway faction. That is the very negative trend created by Didi Ananda Giita and others like her who form their own separate structure and have their own by-laws etc. Gluing the Marga back together again will not be easy - nay impossible - when there are so many factions. All in all, those who do like this are a slur on Ananda Marga. They are outright hypocrites. Every day such acaryas take an oath to save Ananda Marga, yet in that very same day they are splitting and balkanising the Marga. Their negative actions are paramount to taking Ram's name and then eating eggs. Just plain hypocrisy nothing more. Throughout the DMS at Monghyr, Didi Ananda Giita and her cohorts were busy running around trying to convince simple margiis and naive people to join her new group. But again, what she is doing is a slur in the name of Ananda Marga.
Many margiis active in EC group went and tried to enter the pandal but Ranchi's muscle man Ra'jesha'nanda stopped them. Then a fight started yesterday on 21st March in the afternoon. For one hour it was absolute chaos. It was so bad that the police had to interfere to control this fight. It is quite obvious that when each of the groups is doing their own selfish propaganda in hopes of increasing their numbers, then that will lead to more and more fights in the Marga. Tempers will run high and there will be more fights between margiis. That is the very terrible outcome of all this groupism and the pithy competition to make one group bigger than another.
There were not any new cassettes or books available this so-called Jamalpur DMS. Many margiis were disappointed and they were using abusive language about those big Dadas. But we all know the real reason why they stopped selling AM books. Those books preach the gospel of Baba's teachings such as neo-humanism, bhagavata dharma, and as we know in His discourses, Baba is always condemning groupism and dogmatic tiirthas etc. So the Ranchi side does not want to sell these books as they do not want new people to read Baba's words, because then those new margiis will understand that what the Ranchi team is doing is bad. With this fear in mind, Ranchi leaders made sure there were no Baba books for sale. Instead, a few individual Dadas were walking around secretly and selling AM books in private, by themselves.
That is the basic report of this recent DMS of Jamalpur. It is quite evident that groupism is gripping our Marga and eating away at the very fabric of our society. As more and more understand ideology, we will implement Baba's teachings, by His grace. Baba says, "So it is natural for human beings to live together and to make a Great Universe. By not doing so, by mutual fight, all will be destroyed. This is the law of the universe (Prakrti). Thus you will have to remain united; you must create the Great Universe as soon as possible. There will be peace and happiness in the universe, and with one indivisible ideology, humanity will march ahead. Victory be with you!" (Disc MHB) Namaskar, Shivadayal

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