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Role of Family People in Ananda Marga

Date: 10 Apr 2011 19:46:13 -0000
From: "G Bhaskaran Deva"
Subject: Role of Family People in Ananda Marga


                      = ROLE OF FAMILY PEOPLE IN ANANDA MARGA ==

Note: An audio file - Role of Family People & Wts in Ananda Marga - has been uploaded to the AM-GLOBAL blogsite in association with this topic.

The following paragraph is a summary of Baba's special teaching on the roles of both family people and wholetimers in our Ananda Marga.

Baba says, "What is the objective adjustment of sannyasis [AM Wts]? To help family people in their all-round development. And what is the subjective approach of the sannyasis? To do more sadhana [in comparison to ghriis]. Sannyasi means one should immerse oneself only in the thought and service of Parama Purusa. These two have to follow their duties. Sannyasis should follow their duties; and, family people should follow their duties. If you adopt this approach, you will be able to make one ideal human society. I see that the role of family people is very significant in Ananda Marga. There is a great need of LFT's. Because of their family responsibility those who cannot dedicate themselves fully can do part-time service and become LPT. In that case they should dedicate at least 5 minutes every day for service. Only engaging in subjective approach [one's own sadhana] or only  engaging in objective adjustment [one's own family life] is not good." (Summary of Baba's Teaching)

Note: Baba spoke the above originally in Bengali and the original audio file has been posted to the AM-GLOBAL blogsite.

                              IN AM FAMILY PEOPLE HAVE THEIR PLACE

AM society is comprised of both family people and sannyasis, i.e. Wts. And Baba has given a unique role for each to play. These roles are very revolutionary and unlike any of the dogmatic religions. In all of the religions, family people are basically 2nd class citizens. They have hardly any role at all. All the power is with the priest class. Family people just obey the orders of the clergy like sheep or slaves. Our Ananda Marga is totally different. In Ananda Marga, Baba has given family people their rightful place in the running of AM society.

                                       STUNG BY IMPOSED SAMSKARA

The question arises then, when family people have been given a distinct role in our AM way of life, why is it that family people always take a backseat to Wts in running the organisation.

Here is the reply.

In AM philosophy, Baba describes different kinds of samskaras, one of which is an imposed samskara. And it is that type of samskara that is hurting us right now. An imposed samskara is when we get indoctrinated into the dogmas and trends of the greater general society. That is what has happened in AM with regards to the relationship between Wts and family margiis.

Since almost all the religions suffering from priestocracy etc, that same dogma is in AM in most parts of the world. Neither does the priest class want to empower the family people, nor do family people feel comfortable having any role.

It is just like if you ask one so-called Harijan in the remote village to sit on an equal chair, then bound by their inferiority comples they will say that, "I am comfortable on the ground." Here below Baba further describes this type of mentality.

Baba says, "The headmaster of a Harijan school once asked a student to fetch him some drinking water, but the boy did not move. Instead he asked a non-Harijan friend in a low voice to do as the headmaster requested. But the headmaster intervened and asked the boy why he would not comply with the request. The student replied, “Sir, I am an untouchable by caste. How can you drink water touched by me?” This is an example of how repression can bring about a change in the psychic structure." (Prout Nutshell-17)

In a similar manner, some or most of the family people in our Marga suffer from the same type of inferiority complex as those hairjans. Family people feel unworthy of a proper role in AM. That is the dogma or imposed samskara that has been dragged into AM.

                                    BABA HAS GIVEN DISTINCT ROLES

By Baba's grace He has cleared up that situation and everyone should be aware of Baba's stand.

Baba has given each a role to play: Family people and sannyasis. The duty of each has been allotted. We do not have any option. What Guru says we should follow.

Sannyasis have only one family (i.e. the greater universal family) they have to do more sadhana and help others in their development / 16 Pts. They should not drown in all kinds of vices including self-indulgence.

And family people have two families (unit and cosmic) and must participate in organisational life and serve the society. That is their dharma.

                                      BEWARE: DO NOT BE LIKE ANIMALS

If either family margiis or Wts do not pay heed to Baba's aforementioned guideline, then they may be no better than animals.

For instance, the status of those family margiis totally indulged in their unit family life is like that of an animal. Why? Because even wild animals, especially mammals, have their own family and attend to their responsibilities. So if one family person does like this and neglects the greater universal family, they are not human.

Likewise if a sannyasi is engrossed in their own luxuries, material wealth, and selfishness, they are also like a beast.

                                          BABA'S BLESSING

Baba has made it very clear what our duties are. We are to follow our allotted duty and fulfill our human dharma.


                                       PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"(A'mi) krpa'-kanika' ceyechiluma, Tumi karun'a'dha'ra' d'helecho... (1355)


Baba, You are ever gracious. I was asking for an iota of Your divine grace and You have showered me with the endless flow of Your infinite karuna [1]. Living in this world, in the ocean of sorrow, everything is transitory; it cannot give us eternal happiness. Baba, I wanted You to bless me with a wee-bit of Your divine grace and a'nandam. And You have showered me in the causeless compassion of Your varabhaya mudra. Baba, You have completely flooded my entire being. Your infinite grace is boundless.

With the passage of time, so many jiivas come and go in this srsti (creation). In this panoramic cycle of life and death, so many jiivas come and go. They are unable to remember you constantly. O' Baba, You keep careful watch over one and all - unit and vast. You witness everything. Everything occurs under Your divine witnesship. Baba, You care for everyone via your ota and prota yoga.

O' Parama Puruas, You are the ocean of love. By Your grace You have removed all cimmerian darkness and negative samskaras. You have graciously removed the bondages and showered me with Your effulgence. With the warm, loving touch of Your heart, with the flow of nectar, You have showered Your grace and this whole universe became dhanya [2]. Baba, You blessed all with Your infinite grace.

Baba, I surrender to Your lotus feet...

Notes for Prabhat Samgiita #1355:

[1] Karuna': (Literally: 'Divine Compassion'); When Parama Purus'a sees the suffering of devotees, then He feels pained by how they are unable to move ahead on the spiritual path due to getting caught up in various problems and difficulties. In such circumstances, Parama Purusa cannot bear to watch His bhaktas go through so much struggle and strife. So in their helpless condition, when devotees are trying hard to progress but their pathway is completely obstructed and they cannot advance in their sadhana or spiritual life-- and again and again they are overcome by various complexes, bondages, and obstacles-- then by seeing His devotees beleaguered in this way, Parama Purus'a Himself comes and graces them. With His immense feeling of karuna' (divine compassion), Parama Purusa blesses His devotees and relieves them of their pain and suffering. This special grace is nothing but His divine karuna': Wherein Parama Purus'a graces the devotees and removes their troubles and hindrances so that once again they can move ahead freely on the path of spiritual salvation.

[2] Dhanya: This means successful in the spiritual sphere in the form of reaching your Goal, reaching your Destination, attaining Parama Puruaa. Baba blesses us with this idea at the conclusion of all His devotional discourses. It is His special blessing for spiritual victory and reaching Him.

Baba says, "He is with you – He will give you proper direction so that with His gospels for the salvation of the universal creation, you will reach your goal without much difficulty. He will do what is necessary. You just go on obeying Him, just go on doing His work and adhere to what He says with all your energy. Let the speed of His introversial thinking be accelerated by your noble actions and by your spiritual pursuits. Let that golden day come at the earliest and make your life effulgent." (SS-18)

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