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Re: News: Punching & Hair Pulling by VSS Didi

Subject: Re: News: Punching & Hair Pulling by VSS Didi
Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 20:12:12 GMT
From: Viplava




Yes, shocking.
Please see this quote from Baba about what happens when one Ananda Margii hits or harms another Ananda Margii: They they incur the wrath of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji.

Baba says, "If an Ananda Margii engages in harming another Ananda Margii he or she remains under the condemnation of Ánandamúrtijii till his/her conduct is reformed." (Caryacarya, Part 2, Society pt# 14)

According to Baba's warning, any margii or acarya who harms any other margii or acarya is then under His condemnation.

Yes, it will most likely happen again in the future.

I recall back in the summer of 1997 when some Dadas & their stooges in Washington DC physically beat and threw out Dr. Avinash (bhukti pradhan of Washington DC) from the jagriti because of his opposition to the exploitation of margiis and workers, and his stand against the imposition of various dogmas in the Marga. See my note below.

So this type of abuse and victimisation has happened, is happening, and it will continue to happen until we can figure out how to deter it. Perhaps, we are not seeing us connected to each other to BABA? Or maybe, our sadhana is not be properly practiced, because if it were, we would only have loving feelings towards each other as we are meditating on our Beloved Baba, who is LOVE personified.

Brotherly Yours.


Here are some of the key points that Dr. Avinash opposed those days:

1. Groupism
2. Curtailment of Margii Rights
3. Elimination of Bhukti Pradhan Rights
4. Scriptural Distortion
5. Fake Ananda Vanii
6. Tiirtha Dogma
7. Bangalisation Dogma: Treating Baba's discourses given in other languages like English as being originally from Bengali, as if Baba only spoke in Bengali.
8. Various other dogmas like mahaprayan.

Because of this stand against these wrongdoings and dogmas, Dr Avinash was forcibly removed from his post as bhukti pradhan, physically evicted from the jagrti, and subjected to all kinds harassment and victimisation.


"A'mi prabha'te toma're ca'hiya'chi a'sile na' keno sa'ra'dine..." (PS 4791)


Baba, since the dawn I have been longing for You. The whole day has passed. Why did You not come; why did You remain distant. Baba, for Your reception I prepared a full basket of flowers and arranged a garland. I wanted to place it at Your lotus feet - but that could not happen; that did not happen. Instead, the sweet fragrance of the flowers, and the longing of my mind, were just waiting for Your arrival.

I lit the lamp of the love and composed a song for You. Every moment I was thinking about the tales of Your love. But unfortunately, in waiting, the fragrance of the flowers disappeared. The flowers withered away and lost all their aroma. The melody of the song that I prepared for You continued in vain.

O' my dearmost Baba, why You did not come. Now evening is passing and my hope has turned into hopelessness. It is going to be a pitch-dark night. Even then I am a deep longing that in the morning - in the crimson rays of tomorrow's dawn - then You will come to me.

Baba, since morning I have been waiting & waiting for You. My whole day has passed in this way, but You did not come. Baba please come...

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Re: News: Punching & Hair Pulling by VSS Didi

Subject: Re: News: Punching & Hair Pulling by VSS Didi
Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 16:30:23 +1000



(Note: This following letter is in response to yesterday's report. Part of that report is appended below after the signature. There is also a link to the original report in its entirety. - AM-GLOBAL Moderators)


Shocking incident, you say.

I don't think that this is shocking at all. Many senior margiis and senior acarya's behavior is disgraceful / distasteful and we are getting so immune to this animalistic behaviour.  Nowadays, it's becoming the norm in AM culture and then talk of the art of concealing this behavior from the rest of the AM family or blame the victim of such a crime - this is the nature of domestic violence (DV) which our Baba condemns out of our lives forever as in CaryaCarya-I.
So in short, there should be some counselling for the child and the Didiji who were attacked and there should be some DV (domestic violence) counselling for the attacker Didi but our AM structure has not fully flourished to offer this service.
So now it has passed; but it's not too late - it's time to address this large-scale issue that sucks the life blood out of our society and daunts children and women and men in some cases. DV (domestic violence) has to stop and AM Central really needs to implement some concrete measure to address this issue by setting up MU's all over the world with boot camps run by experienced psychologists within the marg who understand and have insight into the mentality of such violators and their impact on their family.  It's quite easy to pick out families within the marg who have DV (domestic violence) interwoven in them who portray a life of surrealism.  I'm sure close family acaryas would know what I am talking about.  All acaryas should undergo training regarding this ahimsa [1] in thought, word and action, and really be given the psychological tools for addressing / practicing these principles in daily life and also be educated on how to disperse and share that info diplomatically to the offenders. Acaryas should not hide behind the fact that it is a family matter and they shall not interfere.  Women and children need a voice as well and they need to be heard.

For this Didi to hurt the second Didi, she must have experienced this type of violence on herself and was a victim as well.  We need to break this cycle by better education and reprogramming the brain to react to situations in a choice mode and not in an automatic mode (the way we were grown up) - Baba Nam. It is VITAL that we, as a large community, identify that if VSS central Didi is carrying on like this then we have to better elect and educate those Didi's in higher positions of the way we would like to be treated by others - and we ourselves need to behave in that manner - it is very difficult for offenders of violence to change without proper psychological expert guidance.

This animalistic instinct / samskaras are ripened during our practices and need to be dealt with proper care when in the objective world by doing lots of service but not everyone is able to realise that.
In summary and in all seriousness,
1.  Awareness or Peace Camps
2.  Service / sadavrata (not forgetting that lovely kiirtan we drown in and bliss out)
This is very important and needs high priority even in this tumultuous state of the organisation.  It would be a good starting point for sharing the love.
from one AM victim to thousands out there.
In Him
Your Sis

[1] Ahimsa: "Ahiḿsá means not inflicting pain or hurt on anybody by thought, word or action... one will have to guide one’s conduct carefully to ensure that one’s thought or actions cause pain to nobody and are unjust to none. Any thought or action with the intention of causing harm to someone else amounts to hiḿsá." (A Guide to Human Conduct, Ahimsa) 

On 05/20/2012 10:21 PM, AM-GLOBAL wrote:

"One day during the camp, young girl [Adiiti 4 1/2 yrs old] was hungry. Because this was a new place for her, the young child wandered around looking for some food, and entered into the room of one global VSS Didi. VSS Didi was not in her room. Someone saw this little girl there and gave her something to eat. Within a short time, VSS Didi returned back to her room and saw the child eating the sweets, which she (VSS Didi) had secretly been keeping under her cot. In her fury, VSS Didi immediately slapped the child, and then angrily abused and scolded her harshly. The young girl burst into tears - sobbing and sobbing - completely upset and shaken by what had happened.

Immediately, DSL Didi came running and found her home girl in tears. DSL Didi consoled the child and put her on her lap. She calmed her down and gently said, "You know that when you need something you should ask me. Why did you enter that room and eat there. Let me know and I will help you." DSL Didi was very nurturing and reassured the young girl. The young girl started to feel better.

But VSS Didi overheard what DSL didi was saying and then mightily attacked DSL Didi. VSS Didi grabbed Didi's hair and started punching her. It was a vicious attack, but DSL Didi did not fight back. She absorbed the blows set on her by VSS Didi. It was a brutal and torturous scene.

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