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The Reason Behind...

From: "Ratan Manjhi" To: Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 22:12:30 -0500 Subject: The Reason Behind... Baba "Andh tamasa' sariya' giya'che, Arun' prabha't, ha'se... " (PS# 2340) Purport: The crimson dawn is smiling. The cimmerian darkness has vanished. Human society is getting awakened. Everyone's heart is getting exalted. His eternal love is spreading in each and everyone's mind. By His grace I feel in my heart that everyone is mine-- no one is alien. All are close-- all are my own. Indeed this entire expressed and unexpressed universe, mobile and immobile, animals and plants, all living beings, everyone is my own. I feel I have a close, personal relation with everyone. All are my own family members. Within everyone I searched my beloved Baba. He is hiding in all. In the remote corner of my mind, His love is saturating. His attraction is so great that it is not possible for me to keep myself separate from Him. I have only one desire: To merge into Him. The crimson dawn has reached. The staticity of darkness is evaporating away by His grace...
Namaskar As oil prices skyrocket, as home foreclosures abound, as the price of food soars, as people can no longer afford their daily needs, and as CEO's take in tens of millions, the entire economy is in extreme crisis-- and mounting. Some intellectuals are blaming the political leaders for our present economic crisis around the globe. In this way, it seems they are going off the track so it is very important to put forth Baba's teaching. Otherwise some may be getting confused because of their wrong conclusion. No doubt the Bushes & Cheneys and the rest are not innocent, but neither are they the direct cause either. Let's explain further by some analogy. You might have seen the puppet dance. Well by seeing that, simple persons believe that 'oh these wooden toys are dancing independently'. But those who have some idea, they understand that 'No, some thread is behind and one person is holding them'. So puppets are just puppets. Whether they dance or not, everything depends on the puppeteer. Similar is the case in political sphere also. These political leaders of the capitalistic era are just puppets or tools in the hands of those capitalists who are sitting behind the scene and controlling everything. And with the virtue or strength of money those capitalists have purchased the brain of the vipras and the valor of the ks'attriyas. And they made them as their puppets-- where they like, they use. So the current political leaders are all puppets; they are slaves in hands of those vaeshyas. They can't move without the order of vaeshayas. Each and every aspect of their activities is well monitored. In this case how we can sat that these political leaders are the cause. Because the main culprit is sitting behind the curtain & they are vaeshyas. And there here are two reasons or proofs of this: One thing, any intelligent person in their day to day life has experienced this catastrophe that is going on-- i.e. how vaeshyas are sitting behind and sucking the blood of everyone. They have purchased the brain of the vipras and the physical might of the ksattriyas and deployed them in their exploitative machinery. And the second reason is that these following Baba's teachings are enough evidence which lead to that very conclusion that blood sucking vaeshyas are responsible for the fallen misery. In the Human Society book-- Baba says, "The vaeshyas' financial power carries more weight than the power of speech and intellectual power of the vipras, not to mention the physical power of the ks'attriyas; therefore the vaeshyas have no trouble buying the vipras' brains and the ks'attriyas' brawn with their money. Among those who possess knowledge, intellect, great courage or physical strength, there is hardly anyone who has the courage, or sometimes even the intelligence, needed to take the financial risks necessary to earn money. The vaeshyas understand this weakness of the vipras and the ks'attriyas. They lull their discrimination to sleep by praising the ks'attriyas' valour and the vipras' intellect. Then afterwards they can easily buy them off. In a vaeshya state, poets, scientists, litterateurs and great heroes are awarded prizes, medals and titles for this very reason. By participating in all this, the vipras and the ks'attriyas surrender all their endowments at the feet of the vaeshyas for a little money or some name and fame; and at the same time feel they are fortunate. They fail to realize that they are digging their own graves." (HS) When political leaders are not obeying the command of the blood sucking vaeshyas then those vaeshyas play their own nasty trick of 'divide and rule' and they push away those rebellious politicians to the dust. And the vaeshyas create their own new round of political leaders-- people that they create. So the political leaders are just puppets of those ruling vaeshyas. Baba says, "After the popular acceptance of the vaeshya-evolved social order, it is noticed that whenever the vipras tried to shake off the Vaeshyan domination and exploitation, the Vaeshyas forthwith brought popular support on the strength of their money. They replaced the rebel Vipras, after having reduced to dust all their intelligence and intellectuality, by another group of boot-licking Vipras." (HS) These political leaders are just busy executing the task which are given by their Master-- those blood-sucking vaeshyas. Baba says, "The learned vipras are nothing but the planners of projects and intellectual servants appointed for giving practical shape to those plans and projects." (HS) By all this it is quite clear that the present hypocritical political leaders are only somewhat responsible for public misery because the bigger reality is that they are primarily tools of those blood sucking vaeshyas. But capitalism will not last long-- the world is changing quickly and top of all Baba's grace is infinite. Baba says, "The spirit to fight to against all odds-- that alone can solve the problems confronting human beings. March ahead and wage a war against all difficulties, every impediment. Victory is sure to embrace you." (PNS-7, p.6) Namaskar, Ratan
************************************************* One Should Know Who Is Responsible
Baba says, "In the Mahabharata period, it was the rule that the country head was held responsible if a person died of starvation. Not merely this, if there was an early death, if a child of five or so died, people regarded it as a flaw in the ruling structure. Today you have to create Mahavishva-- The Great Universe." (G.D. Ranchi, 03 Dec 1967, Hindi) Note: In the above quote Baba is revealing the fact that leaders are directly responsible all the existing problems in society. And nowadays our AMPS is riddled with all sorts of problems. On the one side margii rights have been curtailed or wiped out entirely and the Bhukti Pradhan system has been dismantled. And on the other side groupism is rampant amongst our WTs. So negativity is there all around. And the chief responsible party is B group boss Sarvatmanandaji because he incited and introduced all these horrific problems and secondly fault lies also with Rudranandaji because nowadays he is running the show but he is failing to correct any of these on-going issues. Just he is keeping mum. So in that way these two power-hungry leaders are at fault. Thus we cannot say that all WT's are to blame. That is not the thing. Rather the responsibility lies with those at the helm-- those groupist leaders like Sarvatmanandaji. And not only that but one other unique point is also there. Namely that, not only are such misguided leaders responsible for their own misdeeds like derailing margii rights etc, but in the above quote Baba is revealing the fact that degraded leaders are also the direct cause of various types of natural calamities like tornadoes and earthquakes etc. Due to the sins committed by these exploitative leaders, that is the reason why all kinds of terrible disasters happen-- thereby causing untold harm and misery to the innocent masses. Thus there is no escape-- those at the helm are to blame for all the problems and tragedies. And each and every member of society must fully understand that nasty, groupist leaders are directly responsible for the hell created in our organisation and in the society.

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