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Spiritual Vibration & Touch

Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 22:46:19 -0000
From: Manomohan Deva
Subject: Spiritual Vibration & Touch


"A'ka'she a'loke bhese ja'y tava mahima'ri katha'..." (PS 3287)


 Baba, You are the most magnificent One. The tale of Your glory and
grandeur is floating and permeating throughout each and every molecule of
the vast, blue sky and in the effulgence-- everywhere. Baba, Your story,
the story of the ever-present, Ancient One, is glittering in all the
realms: in both bhuloka and duloka-- in the physical and spiritual worlds.
Baba, You are so gracious.
 O' Ancient, Divine One, You are eternally, ever-new. Baba, by Your grace
You are always, intrinsically with everyone-- just like their vital force,
just like their pra'na. Baba, You always remain present in my feeling,
ideation, and intuition. For that reason this eternal longing of my heart
is for You and You alone.  
   Baba, by Your grace with the flow of effulgence You color my mind and
You are sitting in the depths of my ideation playing Your divine flute in
the deep core of my heart. Baba You are so compassionate: You do not
neglect or overlook anyone. You graciously goad everyone towards divinity,
You show everyone the path which leads to immortality.  
   Baba, please shower Your causeless grace; I surrender at Your lotus feet...

                == SPIRITUAL VIBRATION & TOUCH ==

As Ananda Margiis we openly recognise that spirituality is the highest
thing in life. That is the greatest endeavour: spiritual attainment. And to
reach to that highest stance and come in contact with Parama Purusa we all
do sadhana.

Side by side, we readily accept that in the spiritual realm His grace is
everything. That is the be-all and end-all. Nothing more is needed than
that; this much we all know and feel: That Baba's causeless grace is

Yet at the same time in this panoramic liila of Parama Purusa, as human
beings our assigned duty is to do sadhana. That is, we are to put forth our
best effort and  follow the path which He has graciously given. We have to
please Him by following His teachings.

So when Guru has given the system of intuitional practice, our duty is to
follow that path. In that case, sadhana has to be done-- there is no other

Here following then are a few points related with spiritual vibration and
how to best retain that special feeling which we all get by doing His
sadhana. Everyone is also welcome and very much encouraged to write in with
their own thoughts and experiences.


In His magnificent manner, it is well accepted that Baba being the Parama
Purusa can grace us in innumerable ways. We can feel His grace by attending
and seeing His divine darshan. Plus when doing His dhyana, we can come in
contact with His divine presence and feel His closeness-- His grace. In
dream also He bathes us in His divine effulgence. So there are multiple
ways in which we feel His grace. Or more specifically, He has innumerable
ways to shower His infinite grace.

And sure enough one of the most visible ways to receive His grace is by His
physical touch. We all know that while in physical form, Baba would touch
sadhakas as a way to bless and grace them. This we have all seen or heard
about on countless occasions. Where by His mere touch Baba was able to put
aspirants into samadhi and or cure their ailments etc. By His touch
sadhakas could feel His grace. In countless demonstrations Baba has shown

After all who has not heard about how Baba would regularly direct various
persons like Dasarthji to grab onto His toe and by doing so Dasarthji would
then be able to see past, present, and future-- by Baba's grace. This Baba
has demonstrated oh so many times-- too many to count.

Here the whole point we can understand that physical touch has the capacity
to carry spiritual vibrations. By physical touch spiritual wavelengths are


For this reason, while in physical form, all were madly running after Baba.
Because by coming in His physical contact one could feel His spiritual
vibration, His divine grace, His boundless love.

At the same time in His divine liila, Baba was not openly allowing
disciples to touch Him. This is also a well known fact. Physically touching
His feet was not allowed when doing sastaunga pranam. And if done, then in
His divine play and dramatic way Baba would become visibly furious and
angry. So this was His liila': Sadhakas were deeply attracted to His
physical form and side by side Baba was not allowing people to rush up and
touch Him.

                    "I AM THE NUCLEUS OF CHARM" -- BABA

To control the situation-- to keep sadhakas from running up and touching
Him-- Baba Himself formed the cadre of VSS: 'Volunteers for Social
Service'. Since those days the first and foremost duty of VSS was to keep a
tranquil and clear pathway for Baba, wherever He would go. To allow Him to
move around in peace without being barraged by the many margiis and wts who
wanted to have His physical touch.

To further explain this grand phenomenon, on various special occasions Baba
has graciously revealed His unique plan behind the formation of VSS.

"I am the nucleus of the charm, all get attracted to Me, people grab Me, so
for that reason I had to make VSS."

By His grace on select circumstances Baba has revealed that this unique
truth: That He is the embodiment of spiritual charm and for this reason
sadhakas are deeply attracted to His physical presence and to keep control
of the situation it was necessary for Him to form the VSS cadre.


By all this we can easily realise that spiritual waves pass through
physical touch.

With this in mind, in order to direct human beings along the proper path,
Baba has given various guidelines to help people advance. Because
maintaining a spiritual vibration while living in this mundane world is not
an easy job. We need help wherever we can get it. So to maintain our
spiritual flow, one point Baba advises us is to minimize our physical
contact or touching with the common public-- with others.

Baba says, "Do not shake hands with anyone." (CC-1, chap 7)

Baba says, "Unrelated men and women should not, as far as is possible,
touch each other." (CC-I, 95 Edn, p.49)

So as far as we can understand His liila, we can see that this point of
touching others-- or not touching others-- has meaning. It is not just a
physical or psychic or social expression. By touch, spiritual energy is
also transferred-- i.e. it can be lost.

                          IN OUR OWN LIVES

So in our own practical life we should try to follow the word and spirit of
Baba's above guidelines-- as far as possible. This is something for us all
to experiment with and gain an inner understanding of. Along these lines
here are some points for everyone's consideration.              

As sadhakas to whatever degree possible after doing sadhana one should not
touch others right away. Of course in our family lives we have small
children etc, but to whatever extent we can, we should try not to come in
physical contact with others immediately after doing sadhana.

In addition, sadhana should not be done with a cat or dog in our lap. Nor
should we hold our small babies in our arms when doing sadhana. Best is to
be alone when doing sadhana, and not touching others.

And if we all think further on this there are probably numerous other
approaches regarding physical touch and sadhana etc.

Overall, the above are but a few of the many ways to increase one's sadhana
and spiritual flow as they help to retain one's devotional vibration.

Whereas if we do sadhana and then randomly go around touching everyone then
that subtle energy just drains out.


So this point of touching is an attainable reality not just a mere fantasy.
However some in our Marga do not understand or accept this. In that case we
have to think how far they are different from those atheists who think that
God is just a mere figment of one's imagination. In their psycho-spiritual
poverty such atheists cannot conceive of or feel His divine presence and
love. Similarly a few lower type of sadhakas senselessly disregard this
point of touching, thinking it is utterly meaningless. Whereas those with a
balanced outlook understand its inherent value and are willing to
experiment with and understand this point of touching.

Actually many advanced sadhakas in our Marg advise that less or minimal
touching helps one to progress in the higher realms. And indeed this is
Baba's guideline as well. So we should all see for ourselves and try to
realise this eternal truth.

Once again all are encouraged to write in and share their experiences.

                          BABA'S BLESSING

By His grace here Baba shows us that as we progress in sadhana we can feel
His physical touch-- His divine touch-- more and more, thereby submerging
our entire existence in His bliss.

Baba says, "When the sa'dhaka clearly feels the thrill of divine existence
around him at the time of sa'dhana', the state of bliss as experienced by
the sa'dhaka is described as dasha'. When the sa'dhaka feels the existence
of the divine world around him, as also the source from which the divine
existence comes, the state of bliss the sa'dhaka experiences at the time of
sa'dhana' is bha'va. Again, when the sa'dhaka feels the closest proximity
of Parama Purus'a, even within his embrace, that bha'va is called

"At the time of dasha', the sa'dhaka feels bliss within and falls down, and
during bha'va, the sa'dhaka feels proximity to God, feels great bliss and
falls down."

"At the time of maha'bha'va, the sa'dhaka feels the tactual presence of
Parama Purus'a and falls down. At that time, every nerve-cell, every
nerve-fibre and every pore of the human body feels the divine touch." (AV-33)


            Multiple Health Benefits of Black Pepper

 Baba says, "Black pepper stimulates the secretion of saliva, increases
hunger, and helps to enhance digestion. Plus it makes the nerve fibers
alert. Furthermore it is a medicine and remedy for lethargy and melancholia."
 "If you make a paste by mixing the top layer of milk with black pepper
and apply it to the face it prevent acne." (SC-8)

Note: People should also be aware that black pepper, especially coarse
grain black pepper, should not be applied directly on the food when one is
eating. Rather it should be prepared with the food. That way in the cooking
process the black pepper will mix with the water and get distributed evenly
throughout the dish. Whereas if one eats raw black pepper directly on their
food then it enters the body in a very concentrated form which the body
cannot digest. If the black pepper is extremely fine like dust, then one
can eat it directly but best is to hydrate it in water first and then let
it sit for a while in a container and then sparingly put that sauce (i.e.
pepper water) on your food.                      

Rational for Opposing The Agenda Of...

From: Amriteshwar Deva
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 16:01:17
Subject: Rational for Opposing The Agenda Of...



We know that Gandhian followers like Anna Hazare advocate the Lokpal bill which states that there should be a singular, all-powerful body overseeing the government. They think this is the way to end corruption in the Indian government.

Here below are the stated loopholes of the Lokpal bill from one contributor:

"The draft which has been proposed by Anna Hazare, it is pertinent to note that he along with Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Swami Agnivesh and others have proposed to make Lokpal, an absolute authority on this issue with it’s members having powers to investigate, prosecute and even pass judgements equivalent to a court. Well, in my opinion, that is something which is against the basic tenets of democracy. All these three functions cannot and should not be done by one agency.

Another provision is the nomination of members in the Lokpal committee in which they propose to have one chairperson and ten other members. These ten members will be selected by another committee comprising of members from parliament, two seniormost Chief Justices of High Courts, two seniormost Supreme Court judges, Bharat Ratnas, Nobel Prize winners of Indian origin, two Magsaysay Award winners, CEC, CAG, Chairman NHRC etc. While most of these proposals are quite okay it may be worthwhile debating the composition of this selection panel. For instance, I fail to see the point of having Nobel prize winners of Indian origin who may or may not be residents of India. Also, having a someone like current chairman of NHRC Ex Chief Justice of Supreme Court Balakrishnan on this panel, who himself is a fit case to be investigated for corruption, is a mockery of this institution.

Yet another issue worth debating is their proposal of having an investigating wing within the institution of Lokpal. They’ve also proposed that anti-corruption wing of CBI be under it’s ambit. While on the face of it, this may be a good proposal but it also raises other relevant questions. Is this doable? Also, does CVC, Enforcement Directorate and other investigating agencies continue to be under home ministry or should they also be made answerable to Lokpal only. If not, what is the point of having so many separate investigating agencies? Please note that these are already existing organizations with relevant staff and infrastructure. Just that their mandate is currently dictated by political parties in power. Isn’t there a requirement to look into these aspects as well?

Lastly, the draft bill of Anna Hazare does not want the office of Prime Minister to be included under the ambit of Lokpal. Well, that needs to be debated. Given the number of cases of corruption/ignorance/incompetence on the part of the current incumbent I’d rather keep the office of PM also under it’s purview. Mind you, if you exclude the PM, it’d be quite logical for Chief Ministers to say that they too should not be under the Lokayukta at the state level. Also, what happens when the PM or the Chief Minister is holding an additional charge of another ministry, like home or finance or some other ministry. Does it mean that the additional ministry too will be out of Lokpal’s ambit or not?

The point I’m trying to make is that there has to be a proper debate on what Anna Hazare is proposing. Apart from the issues that I’ve raised there may be many more which you need to discuss threadbare.  Also, you cannot have an all powerful Lokpal answerable to no one but itself. We have to have checks and balances. What Anna Hazare is proposing will eventually become a super monster cop and judge who will be too big for it’s own boots."
(from one contributor)


By reading the above it is clear that Lokpal bill has many weak points. The main defect  being: What is going to stop this "top agency" from falling into corruption. If the government itself can fall prey to corruption then how will this "all-powerful" committee sponsored by the Lokpal bill remain corruption-free. Where is the guarantee?

You must have read this concern in the above article.

We Ananda Margiis also want the government to be corruption free, but Prout is the answer not the Lokpal bill. Ihis is why as Proutists we do not support such a bill.

Indeed, as Ananda Margiis we should not support any movement other than Prout. It is well-proven and firmly established that other philosophies are outdated. Those guided by devotion will surely support Prout 100%.

Some people do not think about this issue in a devotional way. For this reason they support various movements like Anna Hazare, in spite of the above logic and reasoning. They should also think rationally.


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