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Abortion & Acarya Diary

Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 22:41:08 -0400 To: From: Miguel Subject: Abortion & Acarya Diary Baba "A'san pa'ta' a'che a'j toma' la'gi, ma'la' ga'ntha' a'che a'j a'chi ja'gi..." - P.S. 257 Purport: Baba, please grace me and come in my dhyana. I have prepared a seat for You in my Guru cakra-- I have decorated a dais for You there. Baba, when You come, after doing sastaunga pranam, I will do arati* for You. This will all happen at the time of Your reception. O' my Lord please grace me by coming. Baba, I have threaded a garland, and I am ever-awake, looking towards the path of Your arrival. Please come in my Guru Cakra, on the thousand-petaled lotus. Please come softly in my mental temple, in my dhyana. Baba, I have already decorated the lamp, and since lighting it, I have been waiting for You. I am waiting for You and will perform arati for You in my mental lotus. Baba,m please come, smiling, softly. Baba, I am asking Your grace. Please be gracious and come in my heart... *Arati= Ceremonial reception for the Lord.
Namaskar, In our Ananda Marga, human life is regarded as something sacred and precious. That is why when, around the globe, unborn babes are aborted each and every day, then as Ananda Margiis we should have our definite stance. We should know Baba's viewpoint and follow it, lest we fall into the pseudo-philosophies & quagmires of the day.
Although this issue of abortion is a hot topic, we should approach it with equanimity and rationality. Any margii doctor who may have performed abortions, and any Ananda Margii who may have chosen, directly or indirectly, to abort an unborn child, should distance themselves from their own views and actions, and grab onto Baba's lotus feet and adopt His guideline. What is expressed in this letter is not my opinion. I am neither part of the so-called progressive, 'pro-choice' community, nor am I a member of the dogmatic religious 'right-to-life' constituency. Just I am an Ananda Margii trying to understand Guru's teaching-- and follow it.
In Ananda Marga, murder is looked upon as a most dastardly deed; it is sinful. Under no conditions are we to murder anyone, especially not an innocent, defenseless babe. We should never knowingly terminate the life of any living being. We are to adopt the theorem, 'Live and let live'. The right to life is a cardinal human value-- the courts or prevailing governing bodies cannot override this. Regardless of what the laws may say, to knowingly and intentionally destroy the life of a living being is nothing short of murder-- and therefore a sin. The question with abortion then is, when does human life begin: (a) When a baby is developing in the mother's womb or (b) when a baby emerges from the birth canal. Here below in Acarya Diary, Baba directly states the answer.
In the 'Pranayama' chapter of our Acarya Diary, Baba describes the process of breathing and how it relates with life and death. Baba tells how death occurs on the exhale and life begins on an inhale. Now here comes the critical point: Baba tells that when an old person dies upon their final exhalation, then their next inhalation occurs when their next life begins as an embryo in the mother's womb. That is Baba's direct guideline. The key point then is that Baba is clearly defining that life begins inside the mothers womb. That developing embryo, that unborn babe, is indeed alive. That human embryo is a living, breathing being. In that case, we have no right to curtail or destroy the life of that unborn child, irregardless of the circumstances. So every abortion is a direct contravention of Baba's divine teaching.
No matter what the doctors may say, no matter what the social workers may say, no matter what the judges in the court may say, each and every abortion is a violation of cardinal human values. To abort a baby is to commit a sin. Baba says, "If the violation is in the spiritual code, rather the religious code, it is termed as 'sin'. If the violation is against the legal code it is known as 'crime'." (AFPS-6) If one breaks the law, one may be able to hide from the sheriff, the police, and the courts etc, but when one commits a sin, a distinct samskara is formed, and one can never escape. It is impossible. Baba says, "You are free to act, but you are bound to undergo the reaction. The moment you do an act you acquire the possibility of its reaction. Simultaneously with the performance of an act is being done, the seed for its reaction is also sown and its consequences have to be undergone. There is no escape from it. It is not within your right to get rid of it or to escape its fruits and consequences." (SS-1, 'Yajina and Karmaphala') So there is no escape for those who are involved in aborting babes. The termination of that human life carries a dark samskara. It is the equivalent of murder and one will have to undergo that reaction. There is no alternative.
In our modern society, abortions are performed on a daily basis-- everywhere. And so-called progressives have embraced this policy. Because the church is mostly looked upon as being dogmatic, then one becomes a "progressive" simply by going against the mandates of the church. But this fake definition of progressive plays no role in the life of an Ananda Margii. Our view of progressive means to follow Baba's teachings of Prout and Neo-humanism, i.e. to follow AM ideology. And when AM ideology directly states that human life begins in the mother's womb, then we should not get confused by or lost in the garble of so-called progressives who think that following the church is archaic and therefore the policy of abortion should be embraced. No Ananda Margii should fall prey to that false logic.
Nor should any Ananda Margii destroy their future by involving in the heinous and deplorable act of abortion. Because, regardless of who you are, whether a doctor, an expecting mother, or the biological father, in all cases to choose the dark ways of abortion is to invite a serious black cloud in the future. Because every action begets a reaction. Harming and killing an unborn babe is the equivalent of murder (unpardonable sin) and one will have to undergo that samskara. By being aware of Baba's guideline on abortion, we can save ourselves from such heinous reactions in the future. So all should be aware-- make the right choices in life-- and stay clear from abortion. By that way one can ensure that their future remains bright. That is the policy of Ananda Marga. To go against it by aborting babies is to invite all kinds of problems and suffering.
Here Baba guides that to be a true sadhaka we must respect the rights of all living beings-- even the those of the unborn child. Everyone want to survive and live their life; no one should put an end to this inherent desire by aborting unborn babies. Baba says, "Have mercy on all living beings."
Pra'n'a'h yatha'tmano...
"Just as your life is extremely dear to you, similarly the lives of others are equally dear to them. A person who thinks thus and shows mercy on other creatures is really a sa'dhu, or virtuous person." (Yoga Psychology, 'Instinct & Devotion) Namaskar, Mantreshvar
Doing an abortion is sinful. In many places it is not illegal, but according to the view of Ananda Marga, it is certainly sinful. Because each and every human being has the right to live, and to prematurely end that life, irregardless of the stage of pregnancy, is most definitely a sin.
******************************************** Fish Eating People
Baba says, "Fish eat all kinds of things. Because of this, the positive qualities of those foods which they eat they may or may not get; but, certainly they get the negative qualities or defects of those foods which they eat. In addition, fish quarrel so much among themselves; they are quarrel mongers. They eat each other; they feel jealous towards one another; and also they have the tendency to wander around aimlessly in an indisciplined, disorderly manner. Because of these negative qualities of fish, since ages there has been the feeling amongst the general public that those who are fish eaters, they get contaminated by these same defects." (SC-20, Bangla, Disc #156) Note: Amongst all of India, the most densely populated fish-eating area is Bengal. Indeed, Baba says that the main population of Bengal are kaevarta (fisherman community). In total there are a huge number of lakes, ponds, rivers, and water sources in Bengal; that is why fish flourish there. Thus in Bengal fish are known as water fruit. Except for very strict devoted margiis, most of them like to eat fish.

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