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DMS News: Fastest Way to Moksa

Date: Thu 10 Jun 2010 05:50:29 -0000 To: From: "Hariish Dev" Subject: DMS News: Fastest Way to Moksa Baba "A'mi toma'kei ja'ni, shudhu toma'kei ja'ni..." (PS 907) Purport: Baba, by Your grace I only know You; only You I know. I was with You, I am with You, and I know I will remain with You. This eternal truth I accept in the deep core of my heart. I accept, I accept. Even then, I start running after the degrading attractions of maya. In this mad dash for mundane pleasures, I get swept off my feet by the river crude attractions-- going towards who knows where. But by Your grace, in the corner of my mind, always I am singing Your songs. And now today, I am rowing my boat with a strong hand on the path of dharma. Baba, Your ideological teachings are my fuel for moving towards the Goal...
Namaskar As everyone knows, the Ananda Purnima / summer DMS was recently held in Ananda Nagar. As has been the style of late, the two main factional camps held their own version of DMS on different dates. Before going over the numbers and other aspects, here is an overview of the lecture which headlined the main DMS.
The topic of so-called PP Dada's (i.e. Vishvadevananda's) talk was Jiiva aor Shiva Ka' Maha'milan, or the Great Union of Jiiva and Shiva. Vishvadevananda proclaimed that this physical land is the place where jiivas from around the globe gather in order to make their union with the Lord. Dadaji further told that all sins from the last 6 months will be eradicated by attending this DMS, i.e the one administered by Ranchi as this is the "original DMS". All one has to do is attend this DMS in order to rid themselves of sin. He also told that if one dies here then salvation is sure. All of this adds up to his conceived notion that this is a holy place. Even though as Ananda Margiis we do not believe in the dogmatic holy land belief - as it runs 100% contrary to Baba's teachings - Dadaji made this the central theme of his talk. Here are a few of Baba's divine teachings about the tiirtha (i.e. dogmatic holy land) theory.
A'tmatiirtham' na ja'nanti katham' moks'a vara'nane
Baba says, "Such people move from one place to another in search of tiirtham. A'tmatiirtham' na ja'nanti – “they do not know that the actual tiirtham lies within the a'tman”…katham' moks'a vara'nane – “They can never attain salvation.”" (AV-6) Baba says, "They are all persons dominated by the static principle, whose wandering from one holy place to another is simply of no use. All this wandering results in a waste of money and energy." (AV-23) Baba says, "When the final goal, the Supreme Desideratum is metamorphosed into the Supreme knowing Entity, the Supreme “I” that is the best Tiirtha, rather, the only Tiirtha, that lies covered within your “I” feeling. Each and every man has the feeling that “I exist”. This feeling of “I exist” is the final form of the expressed world. Behind that final form of the expressed world, there lies covered the Supreme Consciousness, the a'tma'. So, a'tma' is the best tiirtha. A'tma' is the Supreme Tiirtha. Rather a'tma' is the only tiirtha." (AFPS-4) Hence, in clear-cut language Baba guides us that the true tiirtha lies within and that all those external tiirthas - i.e. dogmatic holy lands - are of no use. Never will one get moks'a by visiting such places. Every true Ananda Margii is fully aware about this point of dharma. So this may sound surprising to you, that the so-called PP Dada focused his entire lecture on making the land of DMS into one tiirtha wherein by visiting one will be purged of all sins and be granted salvation. This may sound surprising, but then again, Vishvadevananda has a habit of making such dogmatic proclamations. You might remember how at the recent Jamalpur DMS, Dadaji specifically also named Jamalpur as a tiirtha (pilgrimage site) - as if by reaching there also then salvation is sure. So it is a tragedy - nay an embarrassment - that the so-called PP Dada is following in the footsteps of dogmatic religious priests and pulling AM in that fateful direction. By this way our dharmic AM is getting painted in the dogma of religion. He follows their crude blueprint exactly: 1. First such dogmatic priests impose the belief upon their followers that: "You are all are sinners" and then such priests issue the warning that, "You will have to face the consequences"; 2. Thereafter such priests proclaim, "I can solve your problem, so do not worry"; 3. In the past people wanted an easy way to salavation and in this modern day, quick-fix era also, it is tantalizing to offer something fast and easy to the people; 4. Hence, the so-called PP Dada grabbed the style of dogmatic priests and at the recent summer DMS he said, "Come here [to DMS] every six months and all your sins will automatically be washed away - they will vanish"; 5. So just as all the religions preach this such type of dogmatic tiirtha - the Islamic Haz of going to Mecca, the Catholic who go to Rome, the Buddhists who trek to Bodh Gaya, and the Hindus who travel to Varanasi (Benares) & Prayag (Allahbad) etc - now also this same style is being featured in AM. Just as Hindus & others have a very simple process of getting salvation by taking a dip in the water, our so-called PP has his own simple recipe: Just reach DMS. Those unfortunate sould who cannot attend will be in limbo, just like those Hindu, Buddhist, Christian & Islamic followers who fail to reach their favoured pilgrimage site. 6. Thus, by administering the dogmatic tiirtha recipe, AM is getting "religionized". Such is the work of the so-called PP Dada. He is fully involved in submerging our Marga in the creation of dogmatic tiirthas. Otherwise what is the explanation for his recent and ongoing behaviour. All Baba's many dharmic teachings delivered over decades were wiped away by one evening lecture by our so-called PP Dada. This is why Baba warns us that negative people can create so many problems in a very short period. Should we keep quiet and wait?
Here are the numbers for your review. * At the Ranchi group DMS, there were 3500 participants (coming from various locations) and 150 wts. During the DMS talk there were 75 wts inside and the rest were moving around. * At the B group DMS, there are 100 participants (50 of which were local villagers and 50 came from elsewhere) and 250 wts. During DMS itself, 100 workers were inside the pandal and the rest were wandering around. Thus, both DMS gatherings were small, though B group's was very small.
Regardless of the size, the main theme of each DMS was money collection. The group leaders selected a course to collect maximum donations for their court cases, lawyer fees, property disputes etc. Finally, to reserve private rooms at DMS Prout House, the rate is 10,000RS for 2 DMS, winter and summer. The fee is enormous and in return all one gets is a 10x15 room with no facilities, i.e. no heat, no A/C, no food, etc. This is yet another way the organizers are trying to turn this event into a profit-making enterprise.
As you may recall, before the DMS there was a severe water shortage. It did rain some before the DMS - enough to get by. So water was a bit scarce but somewhat manageable. Beyond that the DMS was as usual.
In the coming days there will be full reports about the recent DMS programs including updates about the ETC and WRC camps, RAWA programs, and much, much more. Please tell your experiences.
This time if anyone could not reach there to get moksa then at least in the future one should try, according to so-called PP Dada.
A'tmatiirtham' na ja'nanti katham' moks'a vara'nane
Baba says, "“People of static nature wander about, bathing in places of pilgrimage in the hope of attaining merit.” "Perhaps the places of pilgrimage are full of polluted, murky water, infested with poisonous insects and worms. A dip in that water may cause skin disease. In that case a visit to a place of pilgrimage ultimately causes disease and suffering." "What should be done by those who are virtuous at heart? They should take a holy bath in their own mind and discover the inner Place of pilgrimage, instead of wasting time and energy in bathing in external places of pilgrimage." (AMIWL-10) Namaskar, Hariish
********************************************** "The Only Path for You"
Baba says, "Regardless of what you are at present or what you may possibly become in the future, do not digress from the ideal of the Great in any circumstances: do not stray even a step away from the path of realisation of Absolute Bliss. Ananda Marga or the path to eternal bliss is the only path for you." (SS-3, p. 65)

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