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Really Educated?

Date: Mon 13 Apr 2009 23:30:16 -0700 To: From: Matt Ornbecker Subject: Really Educated? Baba "A'ma'r sakal dukher ma'jhe ele tumi dukhaharan'..." (PS 1421) Purport: O' Baba, You are Dukhaharan'. I was surrounded by sorrows & suffering; I was in big problem; my life was unbearable. I was completely miserable. But now, by Your grace, to save me, You have come with Your gazing eyes, silent footsteps, loving smile, and sweet face. Baba, by Your divine advent You have blessed me and rescued me by wiping away all my troubles and suffering. Baba, completely depending upon You with full surrender, in that very distressed and helpless condition, I was calling You and looking towards You . Raising both my hands in surrender I told, 'Baba, please save me; You are my only shelter. If You will not save me then who will.' Then at that moment You rescued me by showering Your grace. Baba, when I look around I see that because of Your gracious presence this entire universe has become vibrated & charged. The whole sky is enveloped in Your divine effulgence and my mind and heart is drenched in Your love. Baba, holding Your lotus feet, I sing Your glory in my heart and surrender to You...
Namaskar, A young boy walking around town with his friends sees a helpless elderly man and viciously attacks the man for no reason at all. When asked why he did it, the youth replies, 'The old man was the first person I saw'. A teenager sitting in his room is surrounded by a major arsenal of weapons that he is going to use to blow up his school. Police caught the boy suspect beforehand and when questioned why he was going to do it, the young teen explains, 'I got into an argument with a friend'. A top business executive molests a young girl who is the friend of his own 12 year-old daughter. When caught for this despicable act, this well-to-do man has nothing to say other than to hide behind the words of his legal team. And like this there are innumerable cases of senseless crimes and inhumane acts occurring in today's "first-world" nations. Every day such incidents make headlines in the news.
While there may be many root causes to these problems, Baba clearly points to the field of education as being the major source of the issue. The standard of education has become quite degraded over the centuries and now with capitalism at its peak, the educational standard is flailing horribly in supposed first-world nations. Because capitalism begins and ends with selfishness and the 'me-first' principle. In that case all human concerns and sensibilities are left by the wayside. And this leads to the destruction of the human personality. Baba says, "The western education system utterly failed to inculcate a sense of morality, reverence and a high standard of behaviour...That is why in PROUT’s system of education, we stress the need to start “Ashramic Schools”... If this is done, the corrosive tendency...can be checked at an early stage." (PNS-18) So with the sheer decline in the standard of education that has been going on since the time of Lord Krsna, Baba rebukes modern education for its lack of moral value and at the same time imparts our Gurukul system where human values are put at the forefront.
But before getting more involved in the solution, let us look a little more carefully at the problem. Today's system of education has become so off-track that there is a direct correlation between one's education and one's crookedness. For example, the illiterate villagers of Africa, Central America, and India have far more sense of right & wrong than the bulk of today's modern souls who have received high western degrees and fancy diplomas. Because in those supposed first-world systems of education, students are indoctrinated into the belief that they need only care for themselves-- and no one else. Thus with their sharp intellect and talents, they merely pursue their own selfish gains. Baba says, "The main feature of what, in the modern sense, we call education or civility is that one does not have to take on the burden of others’ troubles; one only has to pay lip-service to them. If people actually do something constructive to alleviate the distress of others, this may hurt their own interests." (HS-1) Thus the root cause of so many of today's crisis lies in one's mental outlook. Due to a debased perception of themselves and the world, educated people scramble day and night to deceive, cheat, and harm others. Primarily because they are more concerned for their own interest than others. Never are such persons taught such key principles as: 'Who are you, 'What is your relation with the society', 'from where have you come', 'what is your duty in this world', 'what is the aim of human life'. All these great ideals are totally overlooked in today's western system of education. And instead, young students are taught to prey on the society to capture & satisfy one's own selfish desires. And the higher up one rises in that system of education, the more pronounced this crooked ideal becomes. Until we have top CEO's who merely look upon the world as their own candy store-- where they have come to take what they want and spit out what they do not like. This is the great gift of today's so-called top-tier level of capitalist education in the "first-world" nations. And each and every day we can find more and more instances of the debased behaviour of such educated persons.
So what is to be done. Rather that continuing to fill the jails or granting bail to wealthy perpetrators, we need to build from the ground up. The whole system of education needs to be changed to cultivate higher ideals where craftiness of mind is not the goal, but rather neo-humanistic values. Baba says, "So, what is the need of education? Proper education enables one to stand against the influence of the physical environment and awaken the psychic urge to attain a higher life, that is, the ideological goal. This gives a person much inspiration. We should do our best to impart proper education not only to the entire humanity... We can impart training to...and put them on the path of welfare." (PNS-18) And here below in a more detailed manner, Baba clearly outlines some of the aims and objectives of our AM system of education. Baba says, "The Ananda Marga system of education has been formulated in such a way that the fundamental Pra'n'a Dharma of humanity has been fully recognized. The educational system of our schools is based on the principle of Pra'n'a Dharma. It includes the study of various aspects of modern branches of human knowledge, as well as the development of qualities such as reverence, good manners, humility, dignity of labour, social consciousness, etc. The Western system of education has miserably failed to inculcate these rare qualities in the students minds." (AFPS-6, 'Prana Dharma') By this way-- with the advancement of our neo-humanistic curriculum-- so many of the hate crimes and inhumane acts that are so prevalent today will totally vanish tomorrow. All because our AM aims for the benevolent development of human mind where human values are put at the forefront. All in all, this is a vast topic. Today's social ills are widespread yet the root source of the matter has been identified. If people are given the gift of right education, then humanity will easily be able to advance, leaving behind the raw footprint of today's crude capitalistic system of education.
By Baba's grace, by inculcating the right ideals then human existence will flower on this dusty earth. Baba says, "By propagating spirituality, implementing PROUT and rendering selfless service to suffering humanity, you will be able to elevate the standard of human beings in a very short time." (PNS-18) Namaskar, Mahendra
********************************************* About the Wealthy
Baba says, "It must always be remembered that the value of money lies in its proper use. If more money is accumulated than what is necessary, it becomes valueless for want of use. To the extent that you keep idle and valueless money with you, to that extent you become responsible for the injustices done to the hungry and the naked. Your valueless hoard will have to be made valuable by providing opportunities for use by others. Those who do not know the right use of money on the basis of the exchange of mundane resources are in fact the enemies of society." (HS-1, p.41)

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