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Baba's Mandate on Margii & Wt Sadhana

Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2012 21:38:44 -0000
To: am-global
From: Ram Sahay Deva
Subject: Baba's Mandate on Margii & Wt Sadhana



We all know Baba places great emphasis on our sadhana practice as it is only by properly doing sadhana that we can grow from crude animality to a human being, and from an ordinary human being to an ideal person, and from an ideal person to a divine being.

Just as an illiterate person can become a doctor, professor, or a lawyer through proper schooling and education, similarly...

...sadhana wholly transforms one's mind and body, making an ordinary person an extraordinary one. The whole personality gets changed by proper sadhana. That is why our Guru has placed a tremendous importance on doing sadhana.

Unfortunately some haven't been able to realise this basic fact in their practical life. As long as one has not realised the depth of sadhana, they should go on doing meditation with utmost sincerity. Let us not forget that sadhana is a scientific process and by right effort a result must come.

And not only must we practice sadhana, but we must tell those who are obsessed with materialism as well. They must understand that matter is not everything. Their eyes should be opened to the realm of spirituality. This truth must be understood by all.

For all these reasons, sadhana is very important and here is Baba's Procedural Order for all workers and margiis on sadhana.



"(A) 4 Times Sadhana: Doing sadhana 4 times daily is compulsory for all wholetime workers. It will be the duty of all wt workers to maintain the record of their 4 time sadhana routine in their compulsory daily diary. All trade heads are also hereby instructed to see very particularly the sadhana routine of each and every individual worker of their concerning trade. Trade heads must check whether their workers do sadhana 4 times a day or not. DPS will be directly responsible for implementing this system very strictly. DPS is also to create his own method for collecting information every month regarding workers of different trades who do not or did not perform sadhana as per system in a particular month. Such names are to be recorded and immediate steps to be taken by the DPS against the concerning workers and the supervisory worker of that trade. A monthly statement regarding the irregularities in 4 times sadhana by the workers of different trades and disciplinary steps taken by the DPS against the worker must be submitted to the higher authority every month."

"For General Margiis: Doing sadhana 2 times daily is compulsory for all margiis in general. DPS is to keep candour eye through his RDPS and DDPS on each and every margii regarding their performance of individual sadhana 2 times a day. Any slackness in this respect is to be pointed out by the concerning RDPS and DDPS to the margiis concerned and the margii is to be made to understand that by not doing sadhana he is committing sin and that he must be very very strict in 2 times sadhana. RPDS and DDPS are to keep a regular record of the margiis of their respective areas regarding two times sadhana. DPS must keep a regular watch on the records."

"B) Asana and Ekadashii: In order to help in regularity and improvement in sadhana, every worker will have to follow very strictly the rules of asanas (daily compulsory) and ekadashii and they will maintain this record in their daily diary. The DPS will keep very close watch on this and necessary steps must be immediately taken."

"C) In order to improve the sadhana of the WT workers and increase their attachment to it, the 7th lesson (Sahaj Pranayama) may be made available for practice to maximum wt workers. This will immediately increase their inclination towards sadhana."

(Procedural Order on Sadhana as given by Baba)


Most senior Wts have this above Procedural Order but they do not like to share with their junior wts and margiis, otherwise those seniors themselves will be pointed out for not following this order. Or what could be the reason why this order is not made more widely available.


Baba has graciously blessed us with this great sadhana practice of Ananda Marga and we should realise this quest in our daily life.

Baba says, "The worship of Brahma should be done scrupulously, or else you will later regret and bemoan the futility of your life with the last drop of your tears at your last hour. You should make your life worthwhile through your sa'dhana'. How much can your worldly friends and relations do for you? After your death your relatives may perhaps ask, “How much money has he left behind?” Your friends may go to the crematorium and indulge in flattering reminiscences about you. Your husband or wife may cry for you for about ten or twelve days and then regain their normal composure. Your lot will be only a profound sigh – a record of the futility and frustration of your life. So do not waste your time lest you later have to repent...That is why I say that you will have to dedicate yourselves to His feet wholly and unreservedly. You will earn godliness in proportion to the extent that you surrender yourselves, and finally, after merging that acquired godliness of yours in His Entity, you will attain eternal bliss." (Subhasita Samgraha - 3)

Ram Sahay Deva


"Tumi a'ndha'r ghare jva'lo a'lo, vyatha'hate ba'so bha'lo..."  (2018)


Baba, You grace everyone. You shower Your divine effulgence even in the deep, dark abode (1) and make it resplendent. Those who are stricken with grief, You love them and remove their misery. Baba, with Your two hands, You wipe away (2) the stains of sin from the body(3). 

Baba, in this mortal world, except for You nobody has anyone else. Worldly relations are transitory - today they are and tomorrow they vanish. Because of this, everyone looks towards You for Your eternal shelter and divine grace. Baba, by Your infinite grace, I am always in Your shelter. My life is always revolving around You. And You eternally shower Your love.
Baba, nobody is ever alone or weak, never - always Your varabhaya mudra is present. Baba, by the divine blessing of Your varabhaya mudra, the impossible becomes possible. Even the highest mountains bow (4) their heads. In the deep, black cimmerian darkness (5), the colorful panorama and grandeur of the light (6) can happen in a flash. 

Baba, You always shower Your causeless grace on one and all. Baba, You are karuna sindhu - the infinite ocean of divine grace...


(1) Abode: Human mind.
(2) Wipe away: The removal of negative samskaras by His grace.
(3) Body: In this case, it means the human mind.
(4) Mountains bow down: By the grace of Baba's varabhaya mudra, nobody can harm that devotee. Even the most arrogant person will bow their head down to the devotee and accept their mistakes.
(5) Darkness: In the sinner's depraved mind.
(6) Light: When one becomes devotional.

Baba's Humorous Joke On Communist Slogan

From: "Chandra Deva"
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2012 08:36:29 +0500
Subject: Baba's Humorous Joke On Communist Slogan



In 1988, in one of Baba's regularly held LFT reporting sessions He focused on how to conduct street corner meetings in A'mara' Bengali (AB) samaj.

Baba advised those Bengali LFTs that it is very important to interweave philosophical teachings with jokes. Baba explained that if you just preach one philosophical point after another, the people will get bored. So the way to be successful in gathering a crowd for a street corner meeting is to get people to laugh.

Baba began, "Everybody knows the communist leaders of Bengal have some favourite slogans, "Those who work in the factory are the owners of the factory and those who plow the field are the owners of the land"."

Then, in His magnificent and charming manner, Baba presented one joke that those LFTs in AB samaj could use for their street corner meetings in Bengal.

With a grand smile, Baba told: "If the worker in the factory is the owner of the factory, and if the farmer who wields the plough is the owner of the land, then the barber who wields the scissors is the owner of head."

So in that unforgettable LFT reporting session Baba, in His divine and unique manner, made the above humorous remark.

Hearing Baba's dramatic delivery and colourful analogy, everyone present immediately erupted into laughter. The room was full of laughter.

After all, if the worker in the factory is the owner of the factory and the farmer who wields the plow is the owner of the land, then the masseuse who gives the massage is the owner of the body, and the chef who prepares the food is the owner of the meal, and the street-sweeper who cleans the street is the owner of the road.

Here again is Baba's marvelous joke: "If the worker in the factory is the owner of the factory, and if the farmer who wields the plow is the owner of the land, then the barber who wields the scissors is the owner of head."

Indeed, just as it is ludicrous to think that the barber owns the person's head whose hair he (the barber) is cutting, similarly Baba is pointing out the ridiculous and hypocritical ways of communism: Working in a factory does not make one the factory owner and plowing the field does not transfer ownership to the farmer. No right-thinking person can think like this.

So that is the humorous joke Baba told to those LFTs doing pracara in Bengal. As everyone knows West Bengal itself is riddled with communism.

The overall idea is that Baba is teaching us that when giving a lecture then we should employ humor that will be easily understood by the local people.

at His lotus feet,
Chandra Deva


Here it should be understood that the above slogans, which are used by communists to rouse the sentiment of the people, are actually diametrically opposed to the philosophy expressed in the Communist Manifesto which states that all the land belongs to the state. The communists use the slogan - "Those who wield the plough are the owners of the land" - in countries where the government is not communist and they want to gain the sympathy of the people; and when in a fully controlled communist country then they resort to the latter slogan of the Communist Manifesto which states that all land belongs to the state. This is their devious & hypocritical manner.


Baba says, "Casteism is a burden on the Hindu society. All the year round they preach casteism but on the polling days they decry it. This is wholly undesirable. It is better to avoid all titles. Titles signify the caste. If casteism is to be wiped out, it is incumbent to discard the titles. It is commendable if everyone adopts uniformity on title – Deva. Persons using a particular word more often will influence their minds with the meaning of that word. People are reluctant to use the word dása because this word signifies slavery. Whenever the so-called low caste people catch an opportunity, they declare themselves as belonging to the so-called elevated caste, etc. It is an ideal to become deva and for this reason Deva title should be adopted."

"Titles of the present society have undergone considerable changes during the past fifty years, the cause being that everyone aspires to pertain to an elevated caste. The so-called Shúdras also use the sacred thread. This is only an effort towards the concealment of one’s identity. By this means, they conceal only their disregarded status. This is to be regretted. It is consequent on social debility that they harbour the desire for changes in their situations. It is out and out purposeless to convene All-India Conferences or particular castes. All of them desire to assert and establish their rights. This is simply misuses of energy and money."

"The consent of those embraced must be sought for before renaming them in Saḿskrta. Language has got nothing to do with religion and as such, there is no reason for anybody depreciating the use of Saḿskrta. In this connection it may be added that the great emperor Aurangzeb used the term sudhárasa (juice of nectar) for mango (original Saḿskrta term for mango is ámra) and saddharma for Islam." (Tattvika Diipika, 5th part, Ánanda Púrńimá 1957)

So many areas of the globe are affected by caste and communal feeling. From the British lords to India's brahmins and so many points in between, and here above Baba gives the perfect antidote and solution to such narrow-minded and harmful thinking.

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