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Blissful Times in the Piskamor Office

Date: 20 APR 2009 23:27:05 -0000 From: "Pramod Dev" To: Subject: Blissful Times in the Piskamor Office Baba PS Intro: This following Prabhat Samgiita is for non-margii devotees who have devotion for Lord Krsna. So we Ananda Margiis should learn this and teach them. "A'ma'r ka'n'u kotha' gelo, kotha'y luka'l, khunjiya' hayechi sa'ra'..." (P.S. 4113) Purport: Where has my Lord Krsna gone. Where is He hiding? I have been searching Him all day long. And now it is evening-- so since morning to evening. In His longing my eyes are showering tears. I am wandering around in search of Him. In longing for Him, my eyes are raining tears. My beloved Lord Krsna is neither in Vrindaban, nor Gokul, nor is He in Mathura. Where has He gone? From which divine world is He playing His flute and herding his cows. What type of bond of love am I tied up in. My heart is aching. I am completely restless in His love. Where is my dear-most Lord Krsna. What type of love is this. He has taken away my heart, my mind. And He has given nothing. What type of liila is this. In a flash I lost everything. I will not care about any types obstacles. I will go on searching Him non-stop. I will go on searching my dear most Lord Krsna-- my Life of the life, my Polestar...
Namaskar, Those days at the Piskamor Central Office*, one special type of kiirtan was going on. Kiirtan itself had just been started. Means that was the time when kiirtan was first given by Baba. So then that time Baba's cot was placed in the lawn of the Central office, especially in the evening hours. And then Wts and margiis were dancing around Him singing kiirtan. The whole scene was blissful and charged with devotional feeling. It was completely His grace. All the devotees were ecstatically dancing around Baba while He was graciously sitting in lalit mudra. Baba's cot was in the nucleus and we were all making a circle around the Him, singing Baba Nam Kevalam. In addition, the cot itself was placed on the ground directly; there wasn't any dais. And, of course we were also dancing on ground. So we were all on the same level and Baba was sitting in the nucleus just three feet away from the periphery-- so very close. Because the radius of the kiirtan circle was only three feet. And He was looking so attractive and we were moving closely around Him chanting His holy name. So those were really blissful days. Even today when I think about that devotional scene then I feel goose bumps all over my body and a strong devotional pull in my heart. The memories bring on one spiritual surge.
Because the whole flow of that kiirtan was so charming. Baba was in lalit mudra-- sitting with one leg crossed over the other with His one knee just a little bit raised above the other leg. So that one knee was about 2 feet above the cot and Baba had both His hands on His knee. All the time looking so attractive. Many may also remember how in DMC Baba used to also sit in that mudra. Of course sometimes He was also sitting in siddhasana and sometimes in easy posture; but many times He was in that lalit mudra. So it was Baba's style to occasionally sit in like that. And when sitting in that pose during those kiirtan sessions, then always Baba had a very calm and peaceful look on His face. Just He was sitting there quietly, closing His eyes. Indeed He looked so beautiful in that pose and during those kiirtan sessions the whole environment was saturated with His divine love. Now when I think about that beauty, then I can feel that as if some heaven descended on the Earth. Thinking about this gives a lot of vibration even now.
And side by side many glorious reporting sessions were also going on at His Piskamor office those days. And while on the outside in superficial way it was looking like Baba was very angry and being very harsh, but all along everyone present felt His divine sweetness. And how everything that was going on was just His grace. Because those days Baba was giving huge pressure for work and He was taking report while sitting on His rotating chair. And the air was electrified with His divine grace. Because even though scolding was going on, but internally everyone was feeling blissful and that their burdens of samskaras had been removed. Full feeling of freshness was there. So it was just His grace. But on the outside it was looking very strict and serious. Because Baba was giving huge work targets, which were impossible to attain like-- doing pracar in several thousand villages in just one week's time. And side by side maximum pressure was there to satisfy those demands. And when Baba was taking report and seeing that all the work was not completed then all sorts of dramas were done and huge punishments was given. Because that time Baba Himself was playing His drama and beating us with stick and if that was not enough then HE ordered for us to 10,000 tik-tik. And as most know, Tik tik is a code word & the full meaning is to catch both your ear lobes (lower part) with your opposite hand and sit down and stand up and sit down and stand up. And Baba would order us to go on doing 10,000 times like this. So this was all His loving drama. And all the devotees were enjoying and fulfilling their punishment by doing one tik-tik & counting out 50 or 100. And by this was their number would reach to 1000, 2000, and some 3000 etc. And then in grand fashion Baba would call out that everyone who finished 3000, they had fulfilled their quota. Because Baba being the Parama Purusa knew exactly what was going on. So it was just His divine liila and we always we felt how this punishment was all given with His great compassion. Because at the time while all this was going on, then each then every devotee could feel Baba's divine love radiating in their heart-- even though on the outside His behavior was looking very tough. And later on, by His grace, we realised that by giving us huge pressure of work, Baba was actually goading our minds unto the path of beatitude. Because this world is full of allurements and it is so easy for the mind to go astray. But when everyone had huge work demands on their head, then their was no scope to get caught up in the negative ways of maya. Rather by paying heed to Baba's pressure for work, and concentrating in that way, then the mind remained in a completely positive stance. Always thinking and planning to do more and more selfless service for the humanity. So like this those heavy work demands which were impossible to complete, that was Baba's special way of watching for our welfare and bringing us closer to Him. Because that pressure of forced us to keep our minds focused in His direction. So it is His blessing. Hence all along, those days in the Piskmor office were ensconced in His blissful flow. Everyone felt cared for and loved. His grace was tangibly felt by one and all-- whether by getting scolded or punished and feeling their samskaras peel away such that their whole body was feeling light and energized. Or devotees were feeling His grace by singing His name in kiirtan. So in all the ways being in Baba's presence meant being ensconced in the blissful showering of His causeless grace.
Here are some guidelines that are highly related with the special, unique ways of Baba, the Sadguru. Baba says, "Only to love is not the work of the Guru. One who only loves you is your enemy, and one who only punishes you is also your enemy. But the one who both loves and punishes in a balanced way is the real Guru." (YP, 98, p. 174) Baba says, "Nigraha'nugrahe shakto guruityabhidhiiyate-- 'the guru must possess the capacity both to punish and to love, or bless, his disciples'. Punishment alone without love is not good. Love and punishment should go together, and the degree of punishment should never exceed the degree of love. Then only can one be called a real spiritual guru." (15 March 1981)
Here following are some especially inspiring words that show how He is eternally linked with one and all. Baba says, "Now, the entity by whose grace one comes into contact with sat (sat, the non-changeable entity, the non-changeable stance, the non-changeable nuclear entity around which so many electrons move) - that entity, or rather, that framework through which Parama Purus'a is working or Ta'raka Brahma is functioning, is the Sadguru, `Sadgurum' tvam' nama'mi' - `I do my namah before You, at Your altar'." (AV part 3, p.48) Namaskar Pramod *Baba's office in Piskamor Ranchi was in one rented house approximately 1/2 kilometer from the old jagrti. Note 1: Those days most everyone was feeling how Baba's every action was blissful. But a few unfortunate people could never get adjusted. So due to lack of devotion, or poor samskara, or whatever the case, due to these things they ran from the scene. Means some persons like Dada Nirmalanandaji Avt, Ac. Tadgatanandaji Avt, Ac. Prakashanandaji Avt., Ac Prashantanandaji Avt., Ac. Prajinanandaji Avt, they all left. So those who left are in the small, small minority. And their future is mostly dark till they rectify themselves. In contrast, devotees never have such problems because due to strong love for Baba they have implicit faith that what Guru does, that is based in supreme welfare motive.
*************************************************** Brave Persons
Baba says, "Do not remain worried about your individual problems at all. Be prepared to carry your own burden and be prepared also to carry the burdens of others. Then alone are you brave. Be dagdhabiija. Everyone has his or her own individual problems. Do not try to pass them on to others. On the contrary, bear the burdens of others. No one is your enemy. Be ready to bear the burdens of others." (AV-30, p.4)

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