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Dying: Meaningful or Meaningless

Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2009 23:51:22 -0000 From: "Motilal Pandey" Subject: Dying: Meaningful or Meaningless To: Baba "Sakal duya'r khule dile prabhu, Va'ta'yan-pathe a'lo elo..." {P.S. 2429} Purport: Baba, by Your grace You have come and opened all the doors and windows, and from that a huge effulgence has started pouring in. From the eastern horizon the crimson dawn is visible. The darkness is fast fading away. Baba, in the past there was a domination of dogma and groupism all around. Countless superstitions and negative samskaras were dancing their naked dance. But now, with the presence of Your divine effulgence, in the blink of an eye those dogmas and negative things have disappeared. And the beings of darkness have dissolved into thin air. I do not know where they have gone-- just they disappeared. Baba, with Your love and punishment You are keeping everyone in Your shelter. O' Baba, You are caring for everyone...
Namaskar, Right now there is so much political-cum-socio brainwashing going on in the various countries. Most every government partakes in such escapades with the US being near the top of the list. Here is a brief review of common ways that the public gets deceived and duped by their leaders.
One of the big farces in the American political war machine is that the US propagandists put forth terms like "Dying For the Country", and " Dying for the Cause of Freedom" etc. With these cheap slogans, young men and women enlist in the armed forces (i.e. military) and common Americans join the bandwagon that "this invasion" is for the welfare of the country. That is the latest and greatest public relations schema with regards to the troop build up in Afghanistan. The main idea is that the political leaders exploit the simple sentiments of the people wherein the citizens think that something good is going to happen - something that is meaningful to die for. Yet in the case of young soldiers who signed-up for Iraq, often times they arrived there and were utterly shocked to see what was going on. Their dreams of "establishing democracy", "restoring peace", and "protecting the country" were totally shattered by the chaos and destruction. Yet all along those political leaders hid behind the charade of "For the Cause of Freedom" when in fact their real interest was in oil, strategic military positioning, and other natural resources. Then of course the other fact remains that a large aspect of the US economy is based on the selling of arms - either to US forces or to local militants. So if the US can go to war (and convince others to join in), then the hope is that the economy will recover. So all these issues and political strategies are at play and the common people get duped into thinking that the US is merely trying to protect American citizens and that such causes are worthy to die for. Certainly other countries, sects, and religions are also involved in this type of chicanery, and that will be raised further down in this email.
One other point of note to discuss regarding the US military is the term, "Defense". The US has a "Defense Department", a "Secretary of Defense", a "Defense Budget", and so many things related with defense. But the entire military strategy of the US is based on "Offense", not "Defense". The operating budget of the US military is more than every other nation combined, and it is only the US that has military bases in nearly every country of the world. Plus the US forces are constantly being sent on the offensive in distant lands. Hence, none should think that this is about "Defense". Tragically, common Americans fall prey to that trap and they think that the US is trying to do good around the globe and that it is meaningful to die for such causes. Even after the mess in Iraq, the common Americans still have hope and faith in the cause of "Defense". That is because the US government and media go to great lengths to cover up covert political and economic interests.
This strategy of convincing and duping followers to die for a narrow-minded cause is not limited to the US. We see such things going on in the Islamic world as well as in various nations. The Pakistani government has convinced its people about the need to destroy India. In all such cases, the people get caught up in the frenzy of saving or dying for their land, culture, or religion when in fact the leaders are just involved in geo-political or geo-religious causes. Time and again such conflicts are born on this earth and they are becoming more and more prevalent in this present era.
One may think that this is only going on outside the Marga - but unfortunately it is occurring in our backyard as well. Of course in our Marga, there is an established history of doing and dying for dharma. And hopefully someone will write more about this very soon as Dadhicii Divas is approaching (March 5). So in our Marga there has been the sacrifice of human life for ideology and neo-humanism. Baba says, "Fight for your Ideology. Be one with your Ideology. Live for your Ideology. Die for your Ideology." (A'nanda Va'nii #14) Baba says, "Life represents Ideology. Life should be sacrificed for Ideology." (A'nanda Va'nii #15) But these days ideology has been swapped out for groupism. Conniving leaders convince sentimental margiis and wts to do and die for causes that are merely groupist affairs. So this dogma is alive and thriving in our Marga as well. We have committed whole-time workers and margiis living under the canopy of groupism thinking that they are doing and dying for ideology.
We are now living in the era when grossly duplicitous leaders are pushing their group, political, religious interest on the heads of the common people. The ploys being put forth by the US government are similar to the schemes delivered by factional heads in AMPS. Such strategies are rampant everywhere. And the common people end up innocently giving their lives to such narrow-minded strategies. Now is the time for consciousness raising where people can escape from the glare of dogma and sentiment - and not lose their life to those political and groupist schemes - and instead embrace the path of rationality. Namaskar, Motilal
****************************************** Method to Make Ideal Human Beings
Baba says, "Some people may ask: Why does A'nanda Ma'rga run many kindergarten schools and not many high schools, degree colleges and universities? A kindergarten school is something basic and the mission of making human beings is accomplished here. If one has already become a thief or a criminal, in that case university education for such a person is of no avail. One is to be moulded in one's childhood. If one receives the fundamentals of education in the formative period of one's life, one will keep oneself alright in the teeth of the greatest trials and tribulations in life. A bamboo, when green, can be shaped or bent in any way you like. Once it ripens, any attempt to reshape it will break it. This is why more stress is to be laid on kindergarten schools. Such schools are the first phase of making human beings." (PNS-18 p.37)

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