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Proof of Bangalisation...

To: AM-GLOBAL From: "Phoenix Chapman" Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2008 23:29:36 -0700 Subject: Proof of Bangalisation... Baba "Keu a'lokei mishe ja'y, keu ha'ra'y va' a'ndha're..." (1278) Purport: Baba, Your divine creation is very colorful. All kinds of people are there. Some get human life, do sadhana, and ultimately become one with divinity. And some people do various misdeeds and move along the path of negative pratisaincara until finally they get lost in oblivion-- cimmerian darkness. Some want only You; while others do not want You, instead they want some boon or some gift from You. So this world is colorful. Baba, some are rushing towards the allurements of glittering objects, shining stars, or superficial worldly attractions. And some are absorbed in crying over their old outdated memories, deserted flower gardens, and skeletons of the past. In that way they waste their time. While those who are great devotees have accepted You as the Supreme quintessence and they want only You. Some are busy in intellectualizing about Your karuna and grace-- and they never get the real sweetness. Just they are jinanis involved in their own extravaganza. And some are dancing in the joy and happiness. Such devotees cannot be satiated by anything except You. You are everything for them. Those who surrendered at Your lotus feet they are the ones who pass their whole life dancing in the ecstasy of Your divine love. Baba, Your entire creation has so many types of people and various colours. Only the life of the devotee is filled with happiness and bliss...
Namaskar, Recently one of the teams is raising their own banner and gloating how they are the ones to bring Baba's discourses into book form. Their latest claim is that Ananda Vacanamrtam 11 & 12 is ready to go-- thanks to them. However, what they fail to clarify is that their entire approach is wrong. Their faulty method is to first translate everything into Bangla, irregardless of the original language in which Baba has spoken. And then they will translate that so-called original Bangla into other languages-- even into the original language in which Baba spoke. For example, if Baba originally delivered a discourse in English, then this grand Publications team will translate that English discourse into Bengali and then re-translate that Bengali into English. This zig-zag strategy creates a whole pile of errors, because, in result, their printed English version no longer matches the English which Baba originally spoke. All because of their improper approach-- their desire to put Bengali on top. So the whole project becomes ruined, spoiled. Because the real import of printing any AM book is to accurately depict what Baba has said. Yet what the Kolkata team is going against this very dictum. Their books do not resemble Baba's original spoken discourse. But do not just take my word for it; here is the proof how their wrong method severely changes & alters Baba's original discourses.
Attached, please find an "as is" transcription of Baba's discourse, 'Parama Purus'a-- The Primordial Cause'. The attached document is a word by word transcription of what Baba actually spoke in English. So it is an exact replica of what Baba said, as the discourse was originally given by Baba in English on 12 April 1979 in Kolkata. And it is now in your hands.
And this same discourse, 'Parama Purus'a-- The Primordial Cause', has also been printed by the Kolkata faction's Publication team in Ananda Vacanamrtam: Parts 9 & 10 (2007). It is chapter 19 on page 117. And what they printed in their book is filled with gross errors and mistakes-- it does not accurately depict what Baba has given. Why? Because Baba spoke in English when He delivered the discourse, 'Parama Purus'a-- The Primordial Cause'. But the Kolkata team, led by Sarvatmananda & Kirit Dave, translated Baba's original English into Bengali, and then re-translated that Bengali into English. By this convoluted process, the printed English no longer matches the English which Baba originally spoke. Thus their entire methodology is defective. Yet they continue to make their books in this way because their chief intent is to put Bengali on top-- not give an accurate rendering of Baba's spoken discourse.
For proof of all this, all you have to do is compare the attached authentic English transcription with their printed English transcription in AV 9 & 10. Then you will see for yourself just how many errors, word changes, and deletions they do.
Tragically this is an on-going issue. Because we are giving you only one example of a faulty discourse from AV 9 & 10, and now the Kolkata team is announcing that they have just finished printing AV 11 & 12. And soon they are going to be printing AV 13 & 14. Plus so many other books. Hence, there are dozens if not hundred of discourses which they are rendering in a faulty and flawed manner. Why are they doing like this? Why are they printing the books at this pace? Because they want to make money and establish the discourses in their own Bangalised way. That is their only motive. If their motive was to accurately present Baba's discourses to the margii public, then they would not follow their skewed system of putting everything into Bengali. So we should act fast and not allow them to continue. AV 12 is filled with English discourses-- i.e. discourses which Baba has originally given in English-- yet when Sarvatmananda & Co apply their faulty method, they will alter each and every one of Baba's original discourses. This is the tragedy that is going on. This is what is at stake. And not just the English discourses, they are also ruining the hundreds of discourses which Baba has given originally in Hindi. Those are also being permanently damaged by these Bengali teamsters, as they will translate the original Hindi into Bengali and then re-translate it into Hindi. This is their hell-bent manner of printing Baba's discourses.
We must not forget that this same Sarvatmananda who is now the Central Publication Secretary (Tiljala) is the same Sarvatmananda who wrongly inserted 'Translated from the Original Bengali' onto the title page of so many AM books published in the early 1990's. This wrong phrase was pasted into so many AM books on Sarvatmananda's order. And now Sarvatmananda has invented a new way of Bangalisation that permanently changes Baba's original discourses. Plus this is the same Sarvatmananda who deleted the paragraph about margii rights from Baba's historic AM Revolution discourse. And this is the same Sarvatmananda who created the Fake BP Manual (1997), Fake Ananda Vaniis, and the dogmatic Mahaprayan program. And this is the same Sarvatmananda who expelled and victimised so many innocent margiis. So we must not think that what is happening now is just a simple mistake. Rather it is part and parcel of his ongoing poisonous approach. It is part of a long string of manipulative tactics. We must not forget his past misdeeds which he has yet to rectify or ask for punishment for. Sarvatmananda has not repaired not even one of his crimes, nor has he apologised or asked for punishment. Just he goes one forging ahead in his devious ways. And not only that, he has entangled others like Kiritji of California in his mischievous acts.
Our sacred duty as disciples of Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is to present His divine and sublime teachings to the world in a pure and pristine manner. What Baba has spoken, that we should print. That is the first step. Thus the printing of His books should always neatly mirror what He has originally spoken. This is our special task and it is the direct or indirect responsibility of each and every Ananda Margii to ensure this is properly done. Tragically, the Kolkata Publications team-- which includes some select margiis in USA like Kirit-- is undermining the sanctity of Baba's discourses by applying their naughty techniques of Bangalisation. We must not allow them to continue in this faulty fashion. They are doing this for money, for fame, to get their name in the book, and for the sake of placing Bangla on top etc. Our duty to Guru is to not sit still watching. We must stand up and pressurise them to stop this faulty method and we should get His discourses printed in the proper manner, "as is", without giving special treatment to any language.
Baba's guideline is that all the languages of the world have equal value and importance. No language takes precedence over another. Baba says, "The human race has numerous languages. Each language is our language, the language of all of us." (POD, #20) Thus we are to embrace all the languages of the world and print Baba's discourses in the very language in which He has chosen to speak. If Hindi, then the discourse should first be transcribed into Hindi; if Tamil, then the discourse should first be transcribed into Tamil; if German, then the discourse should first be transcribed into German; if English, then the discourse should first be transcribed into English. Etc. etc. That is our way. But to automatically translate each and every discourse in Bengali and then use that as the "master version", that is sheer lunacy and against Baba's mandate. Yet that is what the Bengali / Tiljala faction is doing. Here Baba shows how their outlook that 'My Bengali language is #1' is totally faulty. Baba says, "Sentiments such as, 'My language; your language' or, 'indigenous language; foreign language' are extremely defective." (POD, #20) When through sadhana and universalism we are able to embrace the beauty of every language, then things like Bangalisation will be totally outdated. Unfortunately, Sarvatmananda and Co have not reached this mind-set yet. Hence, whenever they get opportunity they try and put Bengali on top, and distort His discourses in that fashion. Now is the time for us to put an end to their sentimental shenanigans. Baba's discourses should be printed "as is" and reflect the authenticity and originality of the language in which Baba spoke.
Please compare the attached original English version of Baba's discourse, 'Parama Purusa-- The Primordial Cause', with the defective English version which the Tiljala camp inserted into their printed edition of AV 9 & 10. Then you will see for yourself just how many gross errors they are making by wrongly rendering everything into Bengali-- thousands and thousands.
By Baba's grace, soon all the AM books that get published will reflect His word, exactly. Baba says, "The scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be totally flawless." (NSS, Disc: 14) Namaskar, Phanindra

Ya eko’varńo bahudháshaktiyogát varńánanekán nihitártho dadháti, Vi caeti cánte vishvamádao sadevah sa no buddhyá shubhayá saḿyunaktu.

Parama Purus'a- The Primordial Cause

Morning General Darshan, 12 April 1979, Kolkata

In one particular hymn it is said that the Supreme cognitive entity is singular entity. And He is colorless. He is avaran'a .

It is said that, eko varan'o bahudha' shakti yoga't. Bahudha' means, 'multifarious'. Bahudha' -“bahu” means, 'many'. Now, that singular entity who is colorless, and who is above all fetters or pa'shas, He creates so many entities, He is a singular entity but His creation is not a singular one. There are so many expressions, so many vibrations, so many colors and so many lives. And He is doing all these things with the help of so many faculties of binding principles.

So many faculties of binding principles. - Bahudha' shakti yoga't.

But whenever He is doing anything, or He does anything, He does with the help of the Operative Principle, with the help of the binding principle, with the help of the dexterous hand of the creative faculty.

What is the meaning of 'dexterous? You say.

[PA then also asked. “What is the meaning of dexterous?”. In reply one margii sister answered, 'flexible', 'capable'.]

'Skillful'. Not 'capable'. 'Skillful', 'artistic'”. [Baba corrected.]

Noun is 'dexterity'. 'Dexterity' means 'plasticity' also. Another meaning of dexterity is, 'plasticity'. 'Plasticity' means, the faculty that can create many a thing.

[Then the same three lines were spoken in Bengali] [Laughter]

Bahudha' shakti yoga't. With the help of so many faculties and and so many expressions of the creative principle. In Samskrt, the Samskrt term for the operative principle is prakrti. And the Samskrt term for the creative faculty is ma'ya'. Bahudha' shakti yoga't.

Varn'a'na aneka'n nihita'rtho dadha'ti”. With the help of the creative faculty He creates so many colors.“Varn'a'n aneka'n” - so many colors. Now you know, wherever anything is created, or whenever any work is done, or whenever there is any existential evidence, there are vibrations; And these vibrations are associated with so many inferences. Do you follow? Do you follow, or not?

Yes Baba. [Margiis replied]

They are associated with so many inferences. What is the Bengali for this sentence? What will be the Bengali translation of “These vibrations are associated with so many inferences.”

[Baba gave this discourse in Kolkata, that is why He is asking about Bengali. Most of the margiis present were from a Bengali-speaking area.]

[Baba asked a few wts, and when they could not reply properly, then Baba Himself translated into Bengali.]

So, wherever there is vibration, there is sound, there is taste. And there are so many experiences of, what? Sensory and motor organs. Now, color is one of such inferences. With the help of these dexterous hands of the creative faculty, so many colors are created, so many varn'as are created. But He Himself is above the bondage of all inferences. --Acoustic, or tactual, or in smell.

Varn'a'na aneka'n nihita'rtho dadha'ti”. And why does He create so many inferential expressions. Why so many inferential expressions are emanated from His divine body? From His divine nucleus? What's the reply? What for does He create this world of taste and light and colors. What's the reply? Say.

[Then one person replied, “He wants to become many”.]

He wants to become many. Yes, that's the inner sense. But, it is also your guess.

[Many margiis started giving replies, and some said “Enjoyment”]

For His enjoyment. Yes, you may say like this.

Because, wherever or whenever anything is done, that is done for the enjoyment of the doer. For the enjoyment of the doer or for the enjoyment of the done?

[Margiis gave some reply, which was not clearly heard.]

Whenever anything is done, it is done for the enjoyment of the doer or for the enjoyment of the done?

[For the enjoyment of the doer, margiis replied]

Yes, for the enjoyment of the doer. So, this life, this expression, this acoustic expression, these luminous expressions, these tactual experiences are for the enjoyment of the Supreme.

But our logic says that whenever doer does something, it does for its own enjoyment, and not for the enjoyment of the done. But it is our logic. Our logic may or may not be applicable to Him. It is our logic, it is Mr X's logic. But this logic, it may or may not be within the arena of Mr. X's logic. May or may not be.

That's why the rsi has said, “Nihitartho dadha'ti”. He says, the inner spirit or the inner reason is known to the doer. It may be for His enjoyment. It may not be for His enjoyment. The reason is known to the doer. “Nihitartho dadha'ti”. 'Nihita' means, what? - “Secret”. “Coverted”. “Nihitartho dadha'ti”. “Dadha'ti” means “arrangment is being done”. Exact English for “dadha'ti” is, “arrangment is being done”. “Nihitartho dadha'ti”.

Vi caeti cánte vishvamádao sadevah sa no buddhyá shubhayá saḿyunaktu.

Now in the very starting point of creation, or in the primordial phase of expression, we find that Entity. And in the culminating point of all expressions, we find that very Entity. So, we are within the scope of that very entity.

Sa no buddhyá shubhayá saḿyunaktu.”

So what is our prayer, rather, what should be our prayer?

Say one of you.

What should be the only prayer? What is the vaedikii mantra, vaedikii diiksa' ?

Who will say?

[One margii gave the answer, “give me sadbuddhi”.]

Yes, give me sadbuddhi. We want a proper intellect. Our intellect should be properly guided. Our intellect should be properly pointed and pinnacled so that it may touch to the nucleus of the universe.

Sa no buddhaya'” - 'no' means 'our'. 'No' means 'our'. [in Sanskrit] Mama -me - a'vaeh -maeh -asma'kam- nah. 'Nah', that is 'no'. Before a vowel it will be 'na', and before a consonant it will be sometimes 'nah', or 'no'. “Sa no buddha'ya'” He should guide our intellect, “Sa no buddha'ya'”, our intellect. “shubhayá saḿyunaktu”. He should guide our intellect so that our intellect may remain attached to shubha. What is shubha? There are several terms in Samskrt-- shubha, kalya'nam, ks'emam. When the development is in all the three spheres of life-- physical, psychic, and spiritual, it is called shubha. In two spheres it is called 'kalya'nam'. In one sphere it is called ks'emam.

Ks'emam. Bangla' ucca'ran' [pronounciation] 'khemam'. One of the names of Parama Prakrti is ks'emamm'karii.

And that's why our prayer, our Vaedikii prayer is what, we want that by His grace our intellect should move along the path of bliss. In the Sa'vitrii Rk, while explaining the Sa'vitrii Rk, I told you the fundamental spirit of the Rk was “dhiyo yonah pracodaya't”. So that our intellect may move along the path of beatitude. Here also, the spirit is the same. So, the only prayer, rather, the only thing that a vaedikii sa'dhaka is to do, what? He should request the Parama Purusa to guide his intellect unto the path of bliss. This is the vaedikii diiks'a'. And in ta'ntrikii diiks'a' the aspirant is to do physically, do something physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is the path of action, the path of activity. But in Vaedikii diiks'a', it is simply a prayer. And when one gets ta'ntrikii initiation, one need not use the mantra as prescribed, by what? By the Veda.

Morning General Darshan, 12 April 1979

Given originally in English.

********************************************* Best and Worst
Baba says, "Human beings come into this world and attend to so many duties...It is the sense of duty that makes a person great. Of all the bonds, the bond of duty is the strongest and the bond of moha [blind attachment or infatuation] is the worst. Humans will have to break the bonds of moha and increase the bonds of duty." (NKS,'97 Edn, p.111)

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